Adam Torres and Becky Baker had just finished celebrating their four-month anniversary. As individuals neither of them would think of celebrating their relationship each and every month, but with all the chaos that almost kept the couple apart, they knew they needed to cherish their luck and each month of bliss.

The two were going stronger than ever and any bystander to the relationship would agree that it was a like an unofficial marriage for a relationship. Adam and Becky literally never fought and since officially dating freely, with both sides of parents being aware of it, they had only had a handful of disagreements and silly spats.

By practice, they also agreed to take their relationship seriously. They knew what they had was rare and that all odds were against them, which only motivated them twice as much to keep fighting through the crap. They weren't looking at this as some high school relationship to add to their dating history, but as something they would continue into the future. They still had hurdles to jump and real world interferences to face, but as long as they were together they knew no problem would stand a chance against the dynamic duo.

"I love Adam" were the last words Becky spoke to her father with him still being blatantly disrespectful of the young man. She eventually returned home that same night after walking out on her father with Adam and partying at Casa Coyne. Upon arrival, both her parents were up and ready, but after rivers of tears and conversation, Mr. and Mrs. Baker concluded that their daughter had been nothing but responsible all her life and trusted that she could make decisions for herself, whether they agreed with those decisions or not. The family hugged out their differences and the next day - which marked the start of their exclusive relationship – Becky informed Adam on the good news. Ever since, both Becky's parents treated Adam as a young man, respected him as a person and based their judgments on how he treated their beloved daughter. Granted, they still believed their daughter wasn't on the correct path in her life and prayed for this ordeal to sort itself out as the Lord would want, but staying true to their Christian roots they did all they could to "love thy neighbor" and believe this was meant to happen for a greater good.

A couple days after their four-month celebration, Adam and Becky were back at school. Their day consisted of the typical holding hands, sitting beside each other in classes, being partners on projects, Adam carrying Becky's books and other school supplies and just being openly adorable in public. Since the stability of their relationship, Becky's grades had actually improved even more: her report card of mostly A's and the occasional B+ here and there have been set aside for straight A's. Adam had been doing better too; the pair would have study dates so they could hang out at the Bakers' home and put their relationship in more positive light, so the mixture of A's, B's and the occasional C+ for Adam transformed into looking like Becky's old report cards.

After suffering through their first few classes, Adam and Becky were beyond ecstatic for lunchtime. They grabbed their usual seat in the cafeteria located somewhere near the center, where all the action usually happened, but a little off to the side since they didn't want to feel all eyes on them constantly. Adam slid their trays onto the table as he snagged his seat directly next to Becky and not too long after, the couple was accompanied by Adam's friends Eli Goldsworthy, Imogen Moreno and Fiona Coyne whom Becky was gradually getting to know better and was very welcoming towards. Although she didn't quite grasp that Imogen and Fiona were a couple, she set aside her judgments to get to know them as people – that included Eli as well, who she finally warmed up to after the whole Romeo and Jules play and actually congratulated him on its success.

Lunch had been extended due to a cancellation of the following class period in order for staff to have more time for their meeting. After finishing some small talk and their lunches, the gang decided to brainstorm on how to spend the next hour or so they had left. Becky nearly jumped out of her seat as an idea popped into mind. "Oh I know! Let's play a friendly game of truth or dare."

In Ms. Baker's mind, truth or dare was a clean game. No sexual favors, touching inappropriately or showing body parts. It also disregarded any sexual talk, personal information that should be kept between couples (such as colorful tattoos, piercings, etc.) or anything else her angelic ears weren't prepared to be jaded with.

Imogen squealed in agreement, nodding her head quickly. "Perfecto! We'll dig up everyone's dirty little secrets." She joked.

Fiona, Eli and Adam all just threw each other a look, nodded and smiled, replying in unison. "Sure, we're in."

Adam of course was always a supporter of whatever Becky wanted to do, so he started them off. "Alright. Hm…Imogen, truth or dare?"

A sly grin crept onto the quirky girl's face as she challenged Adam. "Dare." With that, Adam dared Imogen to stand up and redo the vocals of her WhisperHug audition, loud enough so neighboring tables could hear. She quickly complied and smiled triumphantly as she sat back down, leaving the group to stare at Fiona as she had an amused, yet puzzled look on her face and couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh hush, you love it." Imogen declared, leaning in and pecking her girlfriend on the cheek.

Becky stiffened at the sight, but shook it off quickly and felt at ease again. She was doing really well at opening her mind, and even if she still didn't agree with same-sex couples, Adam was just elated that she didn't feel the need to interfere or verbally assult them.

After a couple more dares thrown around – Eli having to eat ten ketchup packets and Becky having to have a temporary hairdo like Imogen's – plus Fiona having to truthfully answering that the most devious thing she'd ever done was try to separate her twin brother from her now best friend that was off at Yale due to loneliness, the game turned to Adam, leaving Imogen to ask him. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth." Adam laughed, shrugging since he knew he looked like a little bit of a wimp. "I'm sure you guys would've had me do something food related too and I don't feel like puking right now." The dares were a little unoriginal and silly since they were keeping the game so innocent, but Adam knew even with that, he wouldn't want to take his changes.

"Alright," Imogen started. "What was one of your embarrassing moments while attending Degrassi?"

Adam immediately laughed as a thought came into mind, his eyes darting at Fiona. She made a face and too began laughing herself, knowing what he had been thinking about. The moment Adam had been thinking about took place in that very same area, but Eli seemed clueless although he had taken part in the moment as well. He shared his confusion with Becky and Imogen who were now more curious than ever.

"Last year there was the Sweetheart lunch date thing sponsored by the school, during the school day." Adam began. "Eli and Clare were attending it and I was in a good place with a girl I liked at the time…" he paused for a second, looking at Fiona with a smile, "so naturally, I decided to bring her and let her get to know my friends. Turns out…"

"She was wasted!" Eli interrupted, laughing as he thought back. He and Adam both knew Fiona was far from sensitive about the topic anymore, and she actually appreciated joking about it as a method for her to think of the progress she's made since then. The humor from her darker times allowed her to see from the outside how silly she looked and it encouraged her to continue her life of sobriety. "You were super wasted Fiona," Eli continued. "I actually thought you were quite crazy. I honestly could not understand what this guy saw in you. I thought he was mad for putting together all those little dates and special events for you, let alone actually dating you." He smirked, shaking his head. "You seemed cool in drama class, but you were sober then. So when the alcohol was thrown into the mix, I had no clue what to think."

"Gee, thanks Eli." Fiona giggled, shaking her head. "Says the guy that totaled his car in the name of love. I know I was a wreck; that was rough. But hey, at least we have unique memories that we know no one else will share with each other. We'll be eighty in our rocking chairs laughing about it still."

Internally, Becky was having a heart attack. She was surrounded by a suicide attempt, lesbians and an alcoholic. Her mind raced with thoughts but she did her best to shake it off. It's okay, she thought. It was in the past. They're good now. Happy, healthy, productive.

Adam looked at Becky, sensing some discomfort. The rest of the group tensed up a bit and Fiona tried to break the silence. "Adam I appreciate all you did for me and I'm sorry I was such a witch to you."

Adam looked up at her and smiled, shrugging. "It's cool. Everything worked out how it was supposed to." He beamed, looking at Becky as he slid his arm around her waist.

Becky looked at Adam, staring into the most honest eyes she'd ever seen in her life. She felt loved, accepted by the group and comfortable. The group eased, laughing it off until Becky made a puzzled face. "So wait…" she started, looking at Fiona, then back at Adam. "You and her dated? Like, boyfriend and girlfriend?"

Adam had some explaining to do. Imogen had known about Adam and Fiona's relationship and accepted it for what it was since one, Fiona was a lesbian and two, it happened well before Imogen even took a second glance at her now girlfriend.

"Well, yeah…" He started, looking at Fiona. "We dated for a while, it was rocky because of the…alcohol. But it was amazing when we were good. She realized though, that… uh..." He gulped, knowing this would be a test to their relationship. "She realized she was a lesbian."

"Excuse me?" Becky said, her eyes growing wide. "Does that mean I can…will I be… I mean, I know you're a guy Adam but like, she started liking girls after you…"

"Actually I always liked girls. It just took time for me to realize it. I kind of used Adam because I wasn't ready to accept it. I didn't realize I was using him at the time though." Fiona explained.

"Becks you're straight." Adam pressed. "You'll never look at a girl and want to date her. I know you. I didn't really know Fiona, the real her would come in and out." He admitted, but Fiona took no offense to it.

With a couple thinking minutes and Eli and Imogen escaping silently since they had nothing to do with the situation, Becky nodded her head, confirming she comprehended what was going on. Fiona stayed with the couple because she felt an obligation to Adam to help explain everything after using him for so long. Fiona did love Adam as a person and could be in a relationship with his personality, but he just didn't have the right parts. Well, technically.

"Okay, I understand." Becky responded truthfully. "People have to search for who they are, and sometimes get lost along the way. I get it."

Fiona let out a sigh of relief as Becky came to an understanding with the situation, but that didn't mean Adam or Fiona were safe yet.

Becky slowly grew a bit irritated as she looked back and forth between her boyfriend and his ex. Adam had never told her that he had relations with girls at Degrassi and with that, she had no clue how far they could have gone. She was sure Adam was a virgin, for obvious reasons, but she was still unsure of how the LGBTQ community labeled things such as sex, and the thought of Adam even touching Fiona in any lustful way made her sick.

"So you," Becky said, pointing at Adam. "And her." She continued, pointing at Fiona. "Were boyfriend and girlfriend."

All Fiona and Adam could do were nod in silence.

"How serious was it?" Becky interrogated.

"Becky, it was a long…" Adam attempted to explain.

"Adam, you tell me right now." She threatened, giving him a serious stare.

Adam sighed, looking at Becky, then back at Fiona, then down at his lap as his eyebrows furrowed together.

"I was in love with her."