Imogen plopped down on the grassy null and Fiona joined her right away; several months ago Fiona wouldn't have been caught dead sitting on the ground of all places, but something about Imogen caused her to be more relaxed, easygoing and humbled.

Fiona couldn't help but giggle as Imogen dug into her food immediately; traces of chocolate smeared onto her face. Fiona, just as excited but more controlled than her girlfriend, ate away at her crepes. Getting lost in the nature, the music and the delicious food, Fiona felt like she was finally settling into a place in life: she had the most wonderful girlfriend anyone could have asked for, she was doing well in school, she felt at home in Toronto and now she was enjoying the more simplistic things in life. She couldn't have been happier and she couldn't help but thank the recent drama for assisting in bringing her to this realization. She finally felt like she mattered; she felt like she could do anything.

Still a little absentminded, Fiona's gaze wandered to the stage and remained there as her thoughts cycled through her mind: herself, her progress, Imogen, their relationship, school, summer and next year. Snapping out of it, she turned her attention to Imogen whose cheeks and mouth region were spotted heavily with chocolate.

"Oops," Imogen said, looking at Fiona with an innocent smile. "I guess I got a little carried away. I couldn't help it though, this fair is the only one that makes it this good."

Fiona laughed, shifting her plate into one hand. With the other, she ran her thumb along one of Imogen's cheeks gently, then sucked off the chocolate from it. "Hm…I can see why you liked it so much. I must say though, I think I'm enjoying the chocolate covered Imogen more than my crepes."

Imogen smirked, shoveling the last bits of her funnel cake into her mouth. Fiona just laughed, shaking her head as she took a couple more bites of her own food, then placed the plate onto the ground.

Suddenly Imogen groaned, causing a caught off guard Fiona to throw a worried look at her girlfriend. Once Imogen realized she got the older girl's attention, she laughed, easing Fiona's unanticipated nerves. "Sorry, I just wish they had that stand there permanently. I've never had anything more perfect than the funnel cake here in my entire life."

A smile on her face, Fiona cocked a brow. "Gee, well sorry I can't be as perfect as some artery-clogging pastry."

"Nonsense," Imogen dismissed, pulling her girlfriend onto her lap. Fiona happily took a seat on her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around the quirky girl's neck. "You're so amazing that even perfect can't describe you. Perfect would be an injustice to your breathtaking ways."

"I can settle for that," Fiona said merrily, kissing her girlfriend's forehead.

"Good. Now, any more rides you want to go on?"

Fiona's eyes grew larger, her head shaking in disapproval. "Neigh. I don't want to lose my food – that'd be embarrassing."

"Hmm…" Imogen hummed for a moment, bringing her index finger up and tapping her chin. "Well what else could we do then? You feeling sick is the last thing I want for you."

"Aw, how considerate." Fiona tightened her grip around Imogen for a moment, holding her in a loving embrace. "We can do anything else, your choice."

"Fiona Coyne Film Day?" Imogen suggested. "Or…rest of the day at least."

Fiona's smile beamed brighter than a white-hot light. "Well well," she sighed happily, grabbing Imogen's chin and pulling her in for a quick, tender kiss, "you are quite the thoughtful person, I'm practically swooning. And I think that Fiona Coyne Film Night is an incredible idea." Fiona quickly rose to her feet, picking up her trash and dumping it, then ran back over and held her hand out for Imogen. Imogen took her hand as she climbed to her feet, kissing the older girl's cheek softly.

"Don't worry though," Fiona continued. "Your kindness is noted. I'll throw a few curveball choices in the mix that you may be pleased with."

"How fair of you, Miss Coyne." Imogen said, twirling the older girl in a circle once. "Look at you willingly compromising."

"Only for you," She informed with a smile.


"Finally we can get back to cuddling," Fiona reveled in the thought of it as they ventured back to the loft.

"But you have to admit," Imogen said. "The fair was really fun."

"Oh absolutely! Plus it was different, definitely refreshing. I'm glad you brought me. I actually didn't mind not cuddling for once." Fiona assured. "Other than all the times I spend wrapped up around you, I can't remember another time where I had more fun!"

Their hands still together and fingers laced, Imogen gently swung their hands back and forth, mumbling, "Maybe when Adam was wrapped up around you." She thought it, not intending to say it out loud. Her face froze as the words slipped out between her lips, clearing her throat loudly in hopes that Fiona hadn't heard her.

Fiona stopped suddenly, causing an unprepared Imogen to jerk backwards. Fiona's eyebrows rose, her eyes wincing a bit. She could feel a lump in her throat; her stomach dropping as her eyes settled on Imogen's. "Excuse me?"

"Fi-" Imogen sighed, her face full of regret. "I am so, so sorry. I didn't mean it." She paused, biting down on her bottom lip gently and let out an awkward, breathy laugh. "Too soon for jokes I suppose?"

Fiona frowned. "That's not something to be joking about."

"You know laughing stuff off helps me deal, Fions."

The socialite's eyebrows furrowed together. "I know I'm in no position to be upset, but I just don't understand how you could say something like that. I thought we were getting better."

Imogen shrugged her shoulders. "We are better. I know that was uncalled for, and I forgive you for what you did, really I do. It's just tough sometimes…thinking of you….with him. Especially seeing how he treated you."

Fiona groaned, obviously frustrated. She let go of Imogen's hand, letting her own hands lace together in front of her, her fingers nervously twiddling. "I know, I know. It just sucks knowing that it's on your mind like that. I was evidently too optimistic that this whole thing would just wash away from all of our memories."

Imogen nodded. "Yeah. That was a tad bit too much optimism. I'm sorry for saying what I did. I really do want us to move past this."

"As do I."

"I really am sorry. I know my immature comment may not wipe away too rapidly from your memory but I just hope we can end our awesome day with an equally awesome night. Just the two of us." Imogen leaned into Fiona, taking her hand again and kissed her temple.

"Just the two of us," Fiona repeated, her fingers lacing once again with Imogen's. She was still kind of pissed that Imogen had it in her to say something that upsetting, but Fiona knew she'd be the hugest hypocrite to be upset about a comment when she nearly cheated.

The girls began their walk back to the loft once again, their hands swinging gently. Fiona wasn't going to allow herself to hold something so minor against Imogen, especially compared to what she had done. She wanted to just relax, have her head clear so the two could get back on the right path once again of simplicity, happiness and restored faith in their relationship. Filtering through her thoughts Fiona thought back to her times in therapy: bad things happen and we usually can't control what those situations are and when they're thrust upon us but what matters the most if how we react to those circumstances. Holding onto bad feelings was just poisonous to our well-being, and no one suffers from that more than ourselves. And forgiveness was also essential in dark times: it didn't dismiss the wrongdoer or their wrongdoings all the time but it was one of the largest steps to move on in life.

Fiona's breathing slowed, her breaths deep. She could feel her mood lightening and the weight of the world lift off her shoulders some. Finally the girls had made it back to the loft and Fiona swung the door open, letting Imogen enter in first then followed closely behind. She felt okay again as she made her way to her collection of movies to put together their lineup for the night. She hummed a light tune as she went through the films, grabbing mostly mutual and more modern movies that they could both enjoy, yet they did sway more towards Fiona's taste: 50 First Dates, The Adjustment Bureau, Titanic, and Les Miserables. She opened up the first case and put the movie into the television, placing the rest of the cases onto the coffee table. She ran and jumped on the couch beside Imogen who was giving her a smile and nod of approval.

"Nice choices, Fi, Let the cuddle-a-thon begin!" Imogen laughed, grabbing Fiona from around her waist and pulled her down on the couch with her.

Fiona giggled, falling on top of Imogen and playfully hit her shoulder. "Immy! You didn't even give me a chance to grab snacks."

"Who needs snacks when I've got you?"

"Hush. Give me just a second." Fiona smiled, getting up from the couch and started her way to the kitchen when abruptly, she halted. All expression from her face dropped, her heart stopped, and she spun around to face Imogen.

"What's wrong?" Imogen asked, catching sight of her girlfriend and sitting up.

"I need to tell you something…" Fiona said, her face shifting into one of discomfort.

"Oh boy," Imogen sighed. "What is it this time?"

Fiona nervously licked her lips, walking hesitantly back over to the couch, her body facing away from Imogen as she took a seat. "Please don't get mad."

"I'm hating how this is starting…"

Fiona blinked hard before looking over at Imogen. "At the fair…when I went to get us food, I ran into Adam."

Imogen's eyes immediately widened, her teeth gritting, her body cringing. "And?"

"He was hurt Imogen, his arm's bleeding through the bandage. He's sick…like mentally. I completely spaced and forgot that I invited him over tonight to keep an eye on him. He told me everything; he nearly killed himself," Fiona's eyes got watery. "I know how you feel about him and I'm so sorry but I felt so bad, he looked alone."

"Fiona that's not your problem, he did this to himself!"

"Immy you should've seen him. Just stay here tonight and we'll put him on the couch and all will be okay. I swear if he weren't sick I would have never even replied to him but after him keeping me from walking away and telling me the story I definitely couldn't pretend like nothing was going on. Let him redeem himself," she pleaded.

"Why should I?!" Imogen yelled, rising onto her feet. "He did things with you, and he nearly emotionally scarred you. Why would I want him around?"

"Okay, okay," Fiona choked, standing up; she didn't want to fight with Imogen, especially after her more than generous forgiveness of the older girl's selfish acts. "I'll text him and tell him not to come. I just wanted to help."

"That's your problem, you let people toy with your emotions." Imogen let out a sigh of irritation, her hand resting on her forehead as her voice lowered. "This is probably some manipulative, sick game of his-"

"It's not, I can tell. I could see it in his eyes that he was scared. Please don't be upset with me," she said, tears running along her cheeks. "I was just trying to do the right thing."

"Fiona you are not a psychiatrist, you are in no position to be watching over him like that. He needs professional help, not you."

Fiona frowned, her hands going up and wiping away her tears. She sniffled, nodding slowly. "You're right…but I'd feel awful telling him to not come, or making it seem like I'm coldhearted and wouldn't care if he got into an even worse position." Imogen's face softened, sympathy taking over as Fiona continued. "I have a plan, a new one. I don't know how it'll go and it requires Adam coming over tonight still, but if it's successful then he'll be out of our hair. Adam won't care to come around after this….Please Im, let me try to make things right. Then we can be left alone and happy again."

Imogen's lips pressed together, nodding. "Okay Fiona, but this better work. And if he lays even a finger on you, I'll knock him out."


The air in the room had been cold, some obvious tension between the couple, and their 'cuddle-a-thon' didn't continue as intimately as either of them had planned. Imogen sat upright, her back leaning against the cushions. After Fiona had grabbed some popcorn and most of Imogen's favorite candies in attempt to suck up for her newest antic, she joined her girlfriend and sat beside her on the couch. Imogen didn't want to ignore Fiona, and somewhat admired her attempt to be a good person; she just hated that Adam came along with this thoughtful gesture. The younger girl let her arm slide around her girlfriend's waist, pulling her close, her head leaning on top of Fiona's. She gently let her hand stroke the older girl's side in hopes to help her relax and know that she wasn't that irritated by what was about to ensue. Fiona and Imogen had made it through 50 First Dates entirely, a decent amount of laughs slipping out here and there, and now they were halfway through The Adjustment Bureau when they heard the doorbell ring.

Fiona quickly sat up, her heart beginning to race. The couple exchanged a look, Imogen's eyes looking intensely into the baby blues of the curly-haired girl and as Fiona climbed to her feet Imogen slid her hand behind her neck softly, pulling her in for a soft, passionate kiss. Fiona couldn't help but crack a smile, leaning into Imogen for a moment as they shared a heartfelt moment; only parting once the doorbell rang again. They separated with smiles and Fiona felt a bit more confidence in herself as she pranced to the door, letting out a deep breath as her hand gripped the doorknob, turning it and swinging the large door open.

"Hey," Fiona greeted with the most welcoming smile she could make. "I'm glad you could make it."

"I guess I'm quite glad too," the guest replied, stepping into the loft. "Hey Imogen," they acknowledged with a wave.

Imogen waved back, a slight uncomfortable smile across her face. "Hey Becky."

Fiona shut the door, turning around to face Becky. "Listen," she said, fiddling with her own fingers. "I really am sorry about what happened. I feel awful and I'm not going to even try justifying what we did in the slightest. I just hope we can be civil."

"I've had a lot of time to think, and God says to forgiveness is the way to a healthy, happy life. I can't hold anything against you without destroying myself," she said, a small smile forming. "Besides, I appreciate you being honest and taking responsibility. That's brave."

Fiona smiled and nodded her head, walking over to the couch and gesturing for Becky to join them in the sitting area. Becky grabbed one of the recliners so they all could actually maintain eye contact while discussing this serious matter. "So," the blonde began. "Fiona, I know you think it's important for me to take Adam back so that I can be the one to take care of him right now, and….I agree. I was the one who took him to the hospital, heard him ramble about anything and everything and I even got my dad to let him spend the night." She explained, noticing Fiona and Imogen's shocked expressions. "…On the couch, out in the open," she clarified. "It's just difficult because I dislike the person he's become and I don't know what side of him I'll get. I only know how to communicate efficiently with the old Adam."

Fiona shrugged slightly. "Becky, I think he was just lost and I'm sure it didn't help losing his girlfriend and all his close friends at once. He just needs someone who can believe in him….and trust me, I think he can be his normal self, but…" she paused, looking over at Imogen then turning back to Becky. "Imogen means everything to me, and I'm not going to risk her feelings to try to fix Adam. She's my priority," she said, letting her hand sneak over to Imogen's and hold it. "I realized I hardly knew who he really was anyway; he and I never hung out one-on-one until…well, you know. And before that we spent an entire year only hanging out with other people around. Now his testosterone took him over and it was like I was around a stranger. I can't figure him out, I couldn't guess what would be good for him and I'm just not the right person for the job. But you are."

Becky's hands ran along her jean-covered thighs nervously, nodding. "I agree. I love Adam and I want him healthy and back to being his caring, generous self. I want to be the one that can help him through this little downfall in his life, and I actually do hope that he and I can move on like you and Imogen. God has a plan for each of us, and I guess this was just a challenge in mine that He knew I could overcome. As for Adam, I just hope he'll-"

A knock sounded at the door.

"Come in!" Fiona yelled as all three of the girls turned their attention to the door.

The door slowly pushed open and the sound of shoes shuffling was heard before they spotted Adam. Adam's gaze went to the kitchen first, then shifted over to the living room and all expression wiped from his face, as well as color. He looked like he had just seen a ghost as his eyes shifted between each of the ladies, his eyes making their way back to the eldest girl in the room. "Fiona?"

Fiona looked over at Becky, nodding her head for the blonde to take charge. Becky hesitated for a moment before standing, going over to Adam and taking his hand, leading him over to the sitting area. She had him sit down in her previous seat, joining Fiona and Imogen on the couch, staying the closest to Adam. "Adam, honey…" Adam's eyebrow cocked at hearing the endearing term. "We're worried about you."

He simply nodded. "I am too."

"Right," Fiona chimed in. "So we think it'd be a good idea if Becky kept an eye on you," she offered, then threw a look at Imogen.

Imogen looked down, rolling her eyes briefly before looking up at Adam. "Yeah. Becky knows you better than anyone, and she's really calm most of the time. She'd be good to be around; she'd provide a healthy environment with her personality alone."

"I hurt her like I hurt Fiona. I was surprised that Fiona even invited me here, I didn't expect it at all."

Becky looked over at the girls, then back at Adam, taking his hand into both of hers. "Adam I'm definitely not happy about what happened, but I forgave Fiona so of course I forgive you too. I'm sorry about this morning; I was just overwhelmed. I'm not going to hold this against you."

Adam shook his head. "Don't apologize. It's my fault."

"Well I'm sorry for hitting you, I should have never done that." Becky said, her eyes focusing on Adam's.

"I deserved it."

After a momentary pause, Becky let out a gentle sigh, leaning closer to Adam a bit. "How do you feel about me?" She randomly questioned.

Adam was taken back, his face with an expression showing that he almost insulted that she would ask him such a question. "Becks, didn't I profess my love this morning? I mean, I love you like crazy. You know that."

She nodded. "I know that now, and I just wanted to hear it again. And you know I love you too."

The corner of Adam's lips lifted into a weak smile. "I'm glad. But you guys really don't have to babysit me like you're trying to; I can figure it out."

"I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I'm not willing to risk your health and safety in the slightest." Becky pressed.

Imogen nodded her head listening to the conversation, throwing in her honest two cents, most anger aside. "And Fiona and I really do care, even though I absolutely despise your actions lately but obviously there's something extreme happening with you. So you should just go along with this so that everyone can feel at ease; I'm a bit more disconnected from this whole ordeal but it won't be fair for either Fiona or Becky especially if they're busy worrying every second if you're freaking out somewhere."

Adam's head bobbed in a dumbfounded manner before turning his attention over towards Becky. "So what is it that you guys want to do with me?"

"You need a stable environment, and you were very good at my house by the end of the night the other day even with your personality lapse and absentminded state. I'm going to ask my dad if you can continue spending the night until your parents, Drew and even Dallas settle back into your house and are there on a day-to-day basis," Becky offered.

"So what does this mean for us?" Adam questioned, letting his thumb stroke the top of Becky's hand.

"You're definitely still on thin ice – paper thin, but I think we can make this work as long as you keep working to be healthy and get back to your normal self. And it wouldn't hurt if you joined me at church on Sundays once in a while."

Adam immediately nodded his head, leaning into Becky and slid his arms around her waist, holding her tightly. "Deal," he said enthusiastically, his gaze shifting up to Fiona's – who had a twinkle in her eye – mouthing 'thank you'.

Fiona smiled, giving a simple nod.

Imogen slid her arm around Fiona's waist, pulling her girlfriend into her; Fiona leaned her head gently on the younger girl's shoulder, breathing her in softly. "So," the quirky girl started, "you guys want to finish Fiona Coyne Film Night with us?"

Fiona suddenly sat up, looking at Imogen happily. "Really?" she whispered.

Imogen nodded her head, both of the girls then looking over at Adam and Becky. Pulling back from their own special embrace, the man with a new chance in life and the open-minded Christian girl exchanged a look, Becky giving the final nod of approval before they both gleefully responded, "Sure."