Chapter 20 – Halloween Fling


Sasuke: I'll pick you up at six, be ready and don't say a word about my outfit.

Hinata giggled at her phone screen. She smiled and text back.

Hinata: No need, Ino and Sakura was taking me. They have to do my make-up.

Not even a minute later.

Sasuke: Not 2 much, I want to able to recognize you

Hinata: Of course!

Ino and Sakura busted in her room. "Guys?"

"Sorry, Hanabi was being a JERK!" Ino yelled in the hallway.

"SO!" They heard Hanabi yell back.

Giggling they started doing Hinata's hair and makeup. Ino had on the smallest nurses out fit with included a frilly white skirt with the matching shirt that exposed maybe too much cleavage and her shoes were ridiculously high! The fabric was torn and covered in brown, green and other colors dead people would have. Her makeup was flawlessly scary.

Yeah, it was a dance but maybe she forgot that it was at school!

Sakura also forgot. Her outfit looked at a black leotard with matching heels, ears, paws, whiskers and her makeup was light aside from the hot pink lipstick.

They were curling her hair and applying eyeliner. Hinata cringed for the worst. When she put on the outfit her reflection almost made her faint so she decided to put on one of her daddy's trench coat. After they got done they spun her. Hinata gawked quietly. She looked… pretty. The red lipstick matched her skin perfectly.

"Hot mama!" Ino giggled. Sakura got out the fangs. There were two long K-9 teeth in the container.

"We almost forgot. I like these because all you have to push them on and they stick for the WHOLE night!" Hinata took them and pushed them on her K-9.

Hinata couldn't help but giggle. She looked like a real vampire… however they looked!




The school parking lot of packed. Sasuke was standing at the punch bowl with Naruto. "Where is my girlfriend!?" Naruto groaned.

"I was wondering the same" Sasuke frowned.

"You were wondering about Ino?" Naruto raised an eyebrow.


Naruto growled. "Why are you thinking about her, teme?"

Sasuke sighed. "She has my girlfriend with her, idiot"

Naruto chuckled. "Oh haha… I knew that!"

"Fucking liar" He grumbled. People were already dancing to loud music. The gym was decorated nicely. That cookie, car wash and donation money did wonders. The walls were covered in this black cloth; the ceiling was covered in cobwebs and fake spiders. There was a thick fog that covered the ground. They even had a haunted house down the Math-Computer halls. The punch was black and the ice was in the shape of random Halloween things. The food was also Halloween theme.

Naruto cheered. "Ino text me they pulled up!" He swallowed the rest of his punch and made his way outside. Sasuke followed slowly behind. They got out the car. Ino was dressed…like a porn star. Sakura was even worst but she was being escorted by Lee who decided not to dress up but wear his stupid green spandex outfit, which was his normal costume.

Hinata got out. She was wearing a long trench coat. He smiled as she wobbled on the heels she couldn't walk in. "Hey…" She blushed. Her make-up was nice but those lips.

They were plump and red. He bit his lip. "Hello, shall we?"

She giggled and walked in. The darkness of the halls made her press to him closer. He didn't mind. When he walked through the first time the decorations didn't bother him in the least bit but now seeing Hinata jump at every noise had him laughing hysterically… on the inside.

They got in the gym and her mouth opened slightly. "This is so cool!" She laughed. They walked to a table. She touched the coat faintly. He stared at her. She stared at him. "Sasuke…" She smiled. "You look so cute!"

He blushed. "Shut it!" She laughed and hugged him. His little ear was pointed up matching with his hair. He had on black gloves and had a tail. "Take off your coat"

She paused. "I'm cold."

"It's hot" He smirked.

"But I…"

"Take it off, Hi-na-ta" He walked up to her and pulled it off slowly. He stared at her. He had seen her naked but this outfit… "I…" He started.

She had on what was similar to a pirate's outfit but less frilly. She had on a cape. "Sasuke…" She started. He noticed the fangs and stepped back. The outfit hugged her curves to a point. She breast was overfilling the corset. "What's wrong?" He grabbed her.

"Kami, you look amazing" He bit her lip. She blushed.

"Is it t-too much?"

He ignored her and pulled her to the dance floor. He didn't know how to dance but he wasn't horrible at it. He just wanted to be close to her. She smiled and hugged him. Black was Sasuke color, it just did something for her. He bent down to kiss her, those intoxicating lips stained with red for the night. "Do you to check out the haunted halls" He mumbled in her ear.

The music changed to something slower. He watched her ears turn bright red. She pulled back and nodded. He led them out into the hall. There was a sign that said: Haunted Hall approaching be warned! Hinata giggled. Sasuke held her close so she wouldn't fall. She heard screams further down the hall. "Naruto is such a pussy" Sasuke smirked. Something grabbed his shoulder and he promptly jumped out of his skin.

Hinata started laughing at hard. Sasuke eyes widen as he looked back and nothing was there. "What the hell?" She wiped her tears.

"He isn't the only one!" They started walking again. Weird noise started playing. Suddenly the smoke cleared and Kakashi was sitting at a stand. He was dressed as a physic. "They say this used to be an asylum for the mentally ill, I feel the children spirits! Be warned! They don't play fair!" Sasuke rolled his eyes and pulled Hinata along. They heard Ino and Naruto scream in front of them. They ran back up to them.

"This is the coolest shit ever guys!" Naruto yelled. Ino laughed. "Want to go as a group?"

Hinata smiled. "Sure!" Sasuke just followed the couple. Hinata grabbed his hand. The weird music started again but this time they heard children laughing. Hinata clung to Sasuke more. Suddenly Hinata and Ino were being pulled to opposite sides of the hall. They all screamed. Sasuke went to Hinata, who was screaming, crying and laughing. They pulled her out the grips of the "children"

She laughed. "I am so scared!" Ino cheered.

Sasuke saw a small opening; they were currently on the Social Studies and Science hall. "Hey, come here…" He whispered to Hinata. "Hey, Naruto… we're going a bit off course"

Naruto chuckled. "Have fun dude!" He and Ino continued down the hall screaming every five minutes. They slipped there the black cloth. He turned the knob and as he expected it opened. Hinata turned on the light.

"The nurse's office?"

He pushed her to the wall and captured her lips. She groaned pulling him closer. He went to kiss her neck and collar. She let small moans escape her mouth as he kissed and bit her skin softly. "We have to go." He breathed. She nodded faintly.


They pushed through everyone to their stuff. She fumbled to text Ino and Sakura she was leaving with Sasuke. He flew to his house. She was nervous. Who knows what Sasuke had planned? Who was she kidding she knew what was going on. He opened the door and unlocked it. He checked the house for Itachi and noticed the note on the island:

Dear Brother,

Had to go a trip-

Sasuke didn't care about the rest. She blushed. "Sasuke…" He looked over his shoulder. She bit her lip letting her fangs show faintly. "I…"

"You what Hinata?" He smirked and walked to her. She kissed him roughly. It was so much easier with the hells since they were the same height now. He led them to his room. She smiled as he kept the lights off. "Do you mind?" He was asking about the lights. She shook her head.

He picked her up and put her gently on the bed. He took off her shoes before crawling to kiss her again. She gripped a handful of hair and pulled softly."Stop that…" She did it again. He groaned. "I want you so bad"

She panted. "Take me then…" She mumbled. He rested his head in her shoulder.

"I can't do that…"

She kissed him. "You can… kami, you can!"

He ripped open her corset and threw it on the ground. He ran his hand up her thigh. She rolled them over and pulled off his shirt. Sasuke's body was a masterpiece. She licked her lips sending red kisses over his pale skin. He gripped the hem of her skirt. "Take. It. Off." He growled. She did quickly. He almost lost his mind at the sight of her black lace underwear. He would have to thank Ino. He rolled over again and got up. "I'll be back"

She pouted. Was she really going to do this? She took off her shirt and ran a hand through her hair. Her body sure wanted it. He came out in his boxers. "Cute." She smiled. He smirked and grabbed her legs crawling back over her. His eyes skimmed her face.

"Are you sure?" He stared at her. She nodded slowly. "Say it."

"I'm r-ready…"

His hand roamed over her underwear. She was definitely ready. He kissed her again letting his hand slip under her lace. She gritted her teeth. "It's only us… you don't have to hold back" He kissed her again. This time she let the noise fill the air. He took off her bra giving her breast attention. She was so sensitive and he loved it! She gripped his shoulder. He chuckled, sending butterfly kissed down her stomach. He pulled the last past of clothing. "You knew this was going to happen?"

"I…" She blushed. He didn't let her finish before spreading her legs. She hissed feeling his tongue move and kissed her lower lips. She tried not to moan too loud. "Sa…" Her back arched. He chuckled as she grabbed his hair. She let out the longest moan before he traveled back up.

"Hinaaata…" He stared at her kissing her neck. "Are you okay?" She nodded quickly. Her heart was beating out of her chest. "Are you sure you're ready?"

"So sure…"

He almost laughed. He just told her father he wouldn't deflower his daughter, but here he is.

He pulled off his boxers, wasting no time. He flipped them over. She blinked. "You do it." She blushed.

"SASUKE!" She covered her face.

"I'm serious."

She bit her lip and eased it in, gritting her teeth. It was too late to turn back now. He watched her face, quite amusing actually. He let her sit there for a moment. She was so embarrassed. He rolled them over slowly. He just watched her, waiting on her to get used to it. She timidly wrapped her legs around him. He took that was being ready. His slightest movements made her squeal. He moved slow and lightly. He loved her so much. He quickened his speed. She told him it was okay to move faster, well actually she growled it. With every thrust she screamed his name a little louder.

He had to admit. Nobody sounds better than her screaming his name.

He drove right into her core. She gripped his shoulder keeping up with his pace nicely. "Sa-Sasuke…"

"Mm." He moaned at the very sound.

"I… I love you." She whispered. He wanted to stop but his body wasn't going to let that happen.

He bit her stained lips. "What?"

She blushed and took the chance to sink deeper into her. "I s-say… I l-love you" He smiled. He felt whelps forming on his back but it made him go faster.

"I love you too, Hinata" The sound of those words sent electricity down his body. Her walls tighten around his. She pulled him closer. She was about the scream but he captured her lips letting them both come down for a high they both needed.

He pulled out and laid beside her. "I love you…" She murmured.

He looked over and pulled her closer. "Thank you…" She laughed.




She opened her eyes slowly to only find out she was alone. Her clothes were gone but where Sasuke should have been was a big black shirt. She reached out for the cotton shirt when every muscle in her body screamed. Memories of last night shot through her head. She blushed and squealed. She was more than happy! She pushed herself up and grabbed the shirt. It smelt like Axe, vanilla and blueberries.

She padded into the bathroom. She had hickies from her collar bone down. Thank kami he didn't decide to leave any on her neck. Her legs felt like jelly. She sighed and pulled her hair up into a bun. Her makeup was ruined, she pulled off the fangs and threw them in the trash. She took a deep breath. Sasuke had everything in his bathroom labeled.

She looked at the top two drawers: Toothbrushes and Toothpaste; Hair Spray & Hair Supplies. The bottom two read: Towels and Wash Cloths; Hinata's Use. She stepped back. He had a cabinet personally for her? She opened it and there was a set of Lavender and Cream body wash, shampoo and conditioner. There was matching purple towels, wash cloths and other girly things. She smiled.

"I figured you would be over here a lot" She turned and he was standing in the door way.

She stood up blushing. "It's nice…"

"I didn't know your preference in smells so…" He rubbed his neck. "sorry if you don't like it"

"Like it? I love it!" She smiled.

He nodded. "Well Itachi's girlfriend has her own closet here so I suppose this is a good step. I have everything a girl would need, well I guess…I just went off of what she had."

Hinata walked up to him. "You're great." He kissed her deeply remember the only she was mumbling last night. She had finally said it! He could have cheered but he sat her on the counter. "Sas…" It was too late he was already inside of her. She pulled him closer, she should have told him that she was too sore for this but it hurt so good! She bit his shoulder to keep the noise down. He pulled out before any of them came. She panted. "A-ah what…"

He was also panting. "I don't want to get you pregnant." He turned. "Just take a shower. I fixed breakfast…"

She mentally groaned. She would be sick again. He closed the door. She eased down still feeling him. She let the warm water comfort her body. Her heart dropped. Pregnant? The word alone made her nervous. Maybe she would ask her doctor for birth control shots or pills or whatever but then her father would assume she was having sex. She was but he would know!

She knew he wanted her to be married first, have a proper white dress wedding. She closed her eyes. She was 18 going on 19 and this was her first time! She could be a slut! She frowned. Being pregnant would have her disowned, it would cost her college, she would have to get a part-time job to support the kid, she would be alone! Would Sasuke support her? She didn't believe in abortions. He could leave her…

No, she was being crazy! Finished washing her body and noticed tears were flowing from her face. She was being outrageous. She pulled herself together quickly, drying her hair and body. She stepped into the room, pulled on the black shirt and went into the kitchen. He was standing at the island with a plate of a bacon and cheese omelet. "I bought some food" He mumbled. She walked to him. He passed her a plate.

"T-thank you" She ate quietly.

He stared at her. "What's wrong, love?" She shook her head and tears flowed out. He stood up and went to her. "Hinata…"

"What if I get pregnant?" She cried.

He raised an eyebrow. "Hinata, you aren't pregnant"

"But what if…"

"I wouldn't leave you if that's what you mean." He stated calmly.

"But you said…"

He chuckled. "I'm not aiming for you to have my kid right now Hinata"

"Right now?"

He nodded. "Now, eat before it gets cold" She nodded and began to eat.




"Y'all did it!" Ino bounced on her bed. Hinata didn't feel like going home just yet so she went over Ino's. She nodded. "I knew it was going to happen!"


"What? Eventually is what I meant!"

Hinata sighed. "I am really sore…"

"Let me see!"

She stepped back. "See what?"

Ino laughed. "You're hickies and stuff!"

"W-what why?"

"I'll show you mine!" She smiled.

"You and Naruto…" Hinata started.

Ino nodded. "In his car, in his living room, in his room… that boy has a lot of pinned up energy"

"Ino!" She blushed.

"What it's true!" She pulled off her scarf and dark red marks covered her neck. "Good thing its winter or my dad would have flipped!"

"My dad will flip either way"

"You're not going to tell him are you?"

"Hell no!" She hissed.

Ino laughed. "Now let me see!" Hinata sighed and pulled off her pants revealing big love marks running along her inner thigh. "Those are way bigger than mine!" Hinata blushed.

"Ino stop it…" Ino pouted and poked her chest.

"I bet he gave those a lot of attention!" Her blond friend teased.


"I know it's true!" She smiled. "I bet he is going to do something big for your birthday!"

Hinata covered her ears.



Naruto sat on Sasuke's couch. Itachi walked in not minding the boys play their game. "I'm home" He said rather loudly.

"Oh, hey…" Sasuke muttered.

"What happened while I was gone?"

Naruto paused the game. "I am a man now!"

Itachi chuckled. "I am proud you, Naruto" The blond smiled brightly. "What about you Sasuke?"

The stoic boy yawned. "I was already a man"

Naruto pouted. "Did you… you know…"

Sasuke picked up his phone. "Yeah, hey love…" He chuckled. "Did you leave them?" He stood. "How am I supposed to know?" He nodded. "Granted…you can come help me find them" He frowned. "Are you avoiding me?" He smirked. "Well come over…" He groaned. "Yes you can bring Ino…hurry up" He sat back down.

Itachi and Naruto laughed. "You so did it!"

"I don't have to confess to anything."

Ten minutes later the doorbell rang. Itachi answered it. "Hello, your boy toys are currently fighting over the remote" They giggled but gasped. They were actually fighting over the remote. Naruto got kicked in the stomach and Sasuke grabbed it before he was knocked on the ground.



They paused looking up at their angry girlfriends. "Sorry…" They said in unison. Itachi declared they were whipped until his girlfriend stormed in the house demanding he took her somewhere because he was always gone and there he was apologizing.




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