Chapter 22 – Baby Mama Drama


Hinata rolled over and grabbed her phone. "Hello…" She yawned looking over at the digital clock.


"Hinata, it's your father…"

"Yes…" She stifled another yawned.

"It's Hanabi's mother!" He whispered.

She didn't want to do this with him right now. It was too late at night to be talking about foolishness. She glanced over at her sleeping husband who began to stir. She sighed. "What is it Dad?"

"We… She tricked me!" He was rambling at this point.

"Dad, why are you up this night?"

"She wanted me Hinata!" He yelled.

She had this weird feeling she knew what he was talking about. This feeling made her stomach churn in the most disturbing place.

"Dad you need friends."

"Hinata…. You have to help me… she's crazy!"

"Did you sleep with her?"

There was silence for a long time. "…yeah"

"Eww DAD!"

"What the ladies love me?!" He hissed.

She felt an arm circle around her waist. She looked over and onyx eyes were looking back, on his face was a planted frown. "If you wake the baby…" He grumbled. "I'm not getting up…"

She smiled lightly and kissed his nose. "Oh shush… he is sleeping nicely." She turned her attention to the phone. "Dad go to sleep"

"Hinata but I-" Sasuke pulled the phone out of her hand and replaced it with his lips trailing up her arm to her shoulder and to her neck. She groaned softly. He hung the phone up and kept on with his kisses.

"What did he want?" He muttered in her ear. A shiver rolled down her spine.

"He slept with Hanabi's mother…" Hinata breathed. He paused and stared at her. "Weird, I know…"

"He can still get it up?"

She giggled. "That's gross Sasuke… my father isn't really old."

"Old enough." He yawned and rolled over. She nodded and cuddled up to him. He wrapped his arms around her. "Good night… I love you"

"I love you to-" Her sentence was cut off by the sound of screaming. They both groaned and rolled their faces into their pillows. "Sasuke…"


"Come on… I'm tired."

"Me too."

"Sasukeeeee" She whined.

He smirked. "Hinaaaaata"

She pushed him. "Let's make a deal… if he is hungry, I feed him but if he pooped it's on you" He hated this end of the deal. He pushed himself to get up. She sighed and padded into the next room. The crying got louder as they came to the room.

Looking into the crib, the small baby was looking up at them with big lavender-ash eyes. His little hands were clutching his blanket and tears were flowing out of his eyes. Sasuke looked to see why he was angry and to his dismay. He in fact did poop himself.

Hinata giggled as Sasuke groaned picking him up. "Dai-kun, could you not have waited into the morning?" He poked his belly in turned his crying cease and laughter filled the room.

They fell in love with the baby all over again.

Sasuke changed him quickly as Hinata stood by. "I know how to change a diaper" Sasuke muttered. She smiled and took her son. "Wait, where are you taking him?"

"To our room…"


"If he cries, he is just an arm-reach away."

"But we…-"

"-weren't going to do anything tonight" She walked through the hallway with her sad husband trailing behind her.

"What? Why?"

She turned slightly. "My body is ugly"

"It's not."

She placed Daisuke in the bed with her. "It is… I have stretch marks"

"Those are stripes, baby" He smirked. "It only shows that you are an amazing wife and mother…"

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, well I'm tired…"

He pouted. His son was staring back at him. "What?" He smiled at the infant. Daisuke reached out and grabbed his nose. Sasuke grumbled and pulled away. "Go to sleep, my little cock-block"

"SASUKE!" She hissed.

He chuckled. "He doesn't know what that means, chill" He leaned over to kiss her forehead. "I love you…"

She smiled under his touch. "I love you too."




Hinata brushed her hair. She was twenty-three, happily married, and had a beautiful baby boy. She was proud of herself! She was an art teacher at Konoha Elementary, the same school she went to. She was happy with her life. Sasuke was working in the family business but he was nearly always home with her and the baby.

Everything was perfect, well everything but her father. He was going through a post-midlife crisis, which included younger women, fast cars and smoking large cigars. She was trying to bear with him for the moment but his random calls at night as getting out of hand.

Other than that everyone seemed to be doing good for themselves. Naruto and Sasuke made CEO, Itachi took the full head of the company. Ino owns her own flower shop in northern Konoha. Sakura came back and is now one of the head nurses.

Hinata remember the face Sasuke made when she told him it was a boy and not a girl. His smile grew three times that day. He was probably more excited and ready than she was! While she was almost having a panic attack about it. He stayed calm and collected until the results of the sex came back and he cheered openly in front of the doctor. He would have love the baby no matter the gender but now he didn't have to worry about her dating, or getting pregnant or getting bullied by a boy who secretly loves her and well he knows how that ended. They "bumping uglies" and no daughter of Sasuke Uchiha was going to bump ANYTHING.

Sasuke wrapped a scarf loosely around Daisuke neck and put him in his carrier. "Looking like your sexy daddy…" He chuckled. Daisuke giggled and reached out for his bottle. Sasuke smiled and looked at his gorgeous wife. "Hinata you look fine!" He sighed.

She turned and put on lip gloss. "Okay, Okay… I'm ready now" She patted herself down. They didn't really look like parents. Sasuke had on some skinny jeans, a black long sleeve shirt with a blue scarf, black beanie and matching vans. Hinata had on some white leggings, black boots and a long knitted sweater. Her hair was in a bun and bangs hung carelessly around her face.

Daisuke had on the exact outfit Sasuke had on. Hinata looked at him to Daisuke. "When are you going to stop matching with him?"

"When he realizes…" He gave Hinata the carrier and they walked into the cold weather of Konoha. Hinata buckled Daisuke in and tripled checked to make sure. She gave him his favorite pacifier and blanket. "Why are we visiting your father again?" Sasuke sighed starting up the car.

"Because… he wanted to see his grandson today"

He looked over. "We always take him…"

Hinata frowned. "You can stay home?"

Sasuke chuckled. "…don't get serious"

She pouted as he kissed her lightly. They soon pulled up the house. Sasuke got Daisuke got the car. Hinata grabbed his bags. "Sasuke, do you have his bib?"

"Yeah…" He held it up. She couldn't have choose anyone better than HER Sasuke. They opened the door and it was dark. Hinata turned on the light and people popped out from behind the furniture. Hinata squealed.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" They screamed, luckily Daisuke fell asleep and he is truly a heavy sleeper like his mother. Hinata eyes got watery.

"W-what?" She stuttered.

Sasuke kissed her temple. "Thought I forgot?"

She laughed. "Actually I forgot!" Everyone laughed and greeted her. There was someone missing though. "Where's my father?"

Hanabi walked out with a frown. "He is with my mother…" She looked like she wanted to throw up. "Upstairs…"

Hinata flinched. "Enough!" They laughed.

Hinata had a great time with her friends. Daisuke was being a sweet heart besides the little girls that surround him sleeping. Apparently, they were his body guards. Sasuke smiled his son already had a fan club. He was so proud.

Hopefully, he will find a Hinata but…minus the bullying.

He smiled at his future. He didn't think he would be here with her and let alone had a kid and enjoy it all. He had no desire to do anything other than be with her and Daisuke.

He loved her.

She loved him back.

So, therefore his bullying days were so over.

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