Derpy hooves fluttered through the rain. It had been a hard day delivering letters and packages to the citizens of Ponyville, and she was ready to get home. "Derpy!" the urgent cry cut through the rain that had poured heavily throughout the day. She sighed. Probably some urgent letter somepony forgot to post this morning. When she saw Twilight sparkle, Derpy got confused. All of the princesses letters were dealt with by Spike. "Derpy." Twilight sighed with relief "Here, this is for you." She handed Derpy a brown, rectangular package with a note tapped on it. "The note will explain every thing." Derpy studied the package "what is…" she looked up and Twilight was gone "where…" she blinked. Shrugging, Derpy placed the package in her satchel and took of towards her home.

Derpy pushed open the door to her house. "I home!" she called.

"Mommy!" Dinky squealed "You're finally back!"

"Yep, I'm back! What did you do today?"

Dinky shrugged "Nothing really, I just drew some pictures."

"Where's Sparkler?"

"Still out." A voice called for the kitchen. Derpy's roommate, Carrot top poked her head out "She should be back in an hour or so.

"Thanks. I'll be in my bed room, Okay?"


Derpy fished the package out of her bag. The note will explain everything. Twilight had said. Why had she disappeared right after giving her the package? Derpy open the note.

Dear Derpy

As I write this, one thing is clear. Neither of our lives will ever be the same. This journal should send you all of my adventures with a mysterious stallion named the Doctor. The first one starts today, but do not under any circumstances attempt to ask me about this journal. Do not let this book get into harms way. Do not let anypony see it. Each story should come to you when it needs to. And no matter what anypony tells you, please do not believe for one second that the Doctor caused the upcoming problems. He saved thousands of pony's lives; don't let anypony tell you otherwise.

These all really happened, but you're the only pony who can know about them, for now

~Pinkie Pie

Derpy stared at the note for a few seconds, letting it sink in. Why would Pinkie trust her with something so important? And why did Twilight give it to her, and not Pinkie? It didn't seem like a joke, it seemed too real to be a joke. In the package there was a red journal. Derpy opened the journal and for a second of bitter disappointment, there was nothing there. Then the words faded onto the page.

Adventure 1: The Shadows of Ponyville

"The Doctor." Whispered Derpy. "Doctor who?"