The skeletons followed in pursuit.

"I thought those were destroyed!"

"I told you, they can devour their preys flesh in less than a second! Their probably different ponies!"

"So, where are we going?"

"You'll see!"

"Doctor…"the skeletons hissed.

"Wait a minute, that skeleton is talking…" I said.

"Yes it is!"

"Im pretty sure Skeletons can't talk."

"It's not the skeletons; it's the Vashta Nerada, the sonic screwdriver picked up some kind of energy, which is probably what's enabling them to talk."

"The sonic screwdriver? That is the second time you mentioned that."

"Again, I'll explain later." He grinned


"I've missed this."

"Missed what?"


"Oki Doki Loki?"


"Right. Skeletons."

We charged down the street, back into the bakery. Once we were in, the Doctor headed straight for the blue box.

He poked his head out "you coming?"

"Coming where?"

"In here."


"Trust me on this."

I looked at him, and then walked towards the box.

"So what's…?"

I stopped dead. Inside the box, there was a room, a room to big to fit in a box that small. In the middle there was a table with lots of different knob's and switches on it, and was supported by a glowy tubey thingy that stretched right up to the ceiling, up to three rings with circular symbol's on them. It seemed dark in there, and the orange lights didn't illuminate much, but the blue lights glowed brightly. There were stairs leading into a hallway, and the edges of the platform in the centre were lined with Railings.

"Go on, say it. Everyone does."

"It's huge!"

He grinned "It's called the TARDIS, it can travel anywhere in time and space."

The skeletons banged on the door.

"So why are the skeletons after you?"

"I don't know! There are lots of reasons for things to be chasing me!"

"What do you mean?"

"I travel through time and space, I…"

"DOCTOR!" the skeletons rasped.

I turned to the Doctor "Why are you showing this to me?"

"Well, you deserve it; I did demolish your floor."

The skeletons banged on the door.

"What are we going to do about those skeletons then?"

"You tell me." The stallion replied, walking towards the table.

I popped up in front of him "Well there has to be some reason we ran into here."

He blinked, startled at me jumping up in front of him

"what if theres not, what if im a complete moron?"

"Then I think were doomed." I said bouncing around the room. "But I don't think you're a moron so as I was saying you said that the Vashta Nerada stuff doesn't like light so were here for some bright lighty thingy."

"Absolutely spot on Ms Pie!"

"Why do you keep calling me miss pie silly?"

"Well I…"

"DOCTOR!" The voice outside rasped.

"Alright pinkie, we'd better get a move on!"
A few seconds later he emerged with a contraption that looked kinda like a speaker on wheels

"Our bright lighty thingy! Sometimes I wonder why I even have some of this stuff stored back there."

"Great! Now what?"

"Now we talk to them!" He walked up to the door


"Oi, Quit your shouting, we can hear you perfectly fine; now what do you want?"

"We have been let into this world, and promised a whole new source of food, and you are the only threat."

"Well its not like I'm going to just walk out there to my doom is it?"

They fell silent

"That being said it's not like I'm just going to sit here and let you destroy this town, so you have two options, Go back to eating road kill, and leave this species alone, or I will make you."

The skeletons lashed out at the door.

"I think that's a no." I said.

"Yeah, Probably. Listen you have one more chance."

"The shadows of Ponyville will block out even the sun."

"I'm warning you…"

The skeletons hissed.

"Have it your way then." The Doctor burst out the door, pushing the device in front of him "GERONIMO!" he shouted, slamming down the big red button on the top.

"Poptrots that's bright!" I exclaimed shielding my eyes.

The skeletons screamed in agony, it was a terrifying, horrific, bloodcurdling scream that I don't think I could ever forget.

I blinked as the light faded. There were two piles of bones straight outside the doors and standing over them was a very grim looking Doctor.

"What's wrong?

"They said they've been let into this world."

"So who let them in?"

"Exactly, I think we need to figure that out." He grinned

"What did they say about the shadows of Ponyville again?"

"Well, that they would block out the sun, but how would they block out the sun unless..."He trailed off


"Unless a lot of Vashta Nerada clumped together and formed a giant shadow."

"Can they do that?"

"I don't know."

I saw something move outside. "Umm… Doctor?"


"I think we have some more visitors."

"Right then, we'd better deal with those."

So, we went outside, blasted the skeleton, and then what were we greeted by? Five more skeletons spaced out down the road. And they didn't look very happy. Granted can skeletons even look happy? I never had any reason to think about think it before. I mean, they're bones, so they kind of stay the same, and they don't have eyes. they're really just, hollow I guess. My point is that the skeletons were looking at us and were about to attack.



"Get on the light."


"We are going to roll down the street."

"Oki doki loki?"

"Let's just say I have no idea why this thing has an engine." He said as we jumped on top of it. "You might want to hold on!"

We charged down the street. It was awesome; going straight past the Vashta Nerada infected skeletons on a incredibly fast, bright light that for some reason had a motor and wheels. Actually it was probably one of the strangest things I had ever done, and that's saying something!

Of course, The Doctor was really bad at driving it.

"Are you sure you know how to drive this thing?"

"Well, it probably isn't meant to be driven with hands, let alone hoofs, then again I don't actually know what it's for anyways so…"

"Well then, it can't be any worse if I drive. Scot over."


"No offense, but your kinda incompetent with your hoofs. Look out!"

We swerved violently, just avoiding becoming pancakes on a wall.

"Do you even know how to drive this thing?" I asked

"Not really! Do you?"


I looked around, behind us all of the skeletons weren't moving, probably because of the lighty thingy, but it seemed like the shadows were following us.

"Cutie mark crusaders! Skeleton fighters!"

"Doctor, stop the thingy magig!"


"Those three little fillies will be in serious trouble if we don't stop them!"

He nodded and turned around

"Wait a minute; please tell me you can stop this thing."


"Never mind, I'll tuck and roll!"

They shrieked when I appeared out of nowhere.

"Oh hi Pinkie!" exclaimed Sweetie belle

An idea popped into my head "hey girls, can you pretty please with sprinkles on top ask your sisters, Rainbow dash and Fluttershy to meet me at Twilight Sparkles house?"

"Umm, ah guess so." Said Apple bloom

"Sure!" The little unicorn nodded

"But we were just going to get our cutie marks in skeleton fighting!" objected Scootaloo

"Please! This is super duper important!"

A crash sounded down the street.

"That's one way to stop a lighty drivey thing!" the brown stallion called out.



"Oh and another thing, stay away from the skeletons, and shadows. Stay out of the shadows!"

"But…" Apple bloom started

"Do you want to be part of a skeleton army of shadows after being devoured by thousands of microscopic beings in less than a second?" I demanded, shoving my face into the fillies.


"Then stay away for the shadows and skeletons."

I skipped toward the wreckage of the bright lighty thing.

"Hey Doctor, are you alright?"

He nodded "been worse. Any luck with the fillies?"

"Yeah, now we need to get to Twilight Sparkles house, I'm really glad she hasn't moved back to Canterlot yet, that would make this very complicated."

"Make what complicated?"

"Saving the day!"

"How so?"

"I'll explain on the way."

We stared walking, a five minute walk at the most, possibly more if you included the detours we would have to make to avoid the darkest streets.

"It all started about three years ago, well; actually it started one thousand and three years ago when Princess…"

I stopped. In front of use were four skeletons that were slowly advancing on us!

"We don't have the light, okay, I've been in worse situations than this." The doctor said

I grinned "don't worry, I've got us covered!" I said whipping out the party canon.

"How… Where did that come from?"

"I never leave home without my party canon!" I declared, marching towards the walking dead.

With a direct shot, the first one fell apart easily, but then I had to avoid the shadow, a shadow that was coming straight towards me! Swiftly, I dodged one of the quick tentacles of darkness, a dodge that was quickly followed by a kick in the second skeletons rib cage. They hissed and lunged at me.

"Missed me!"

They lunged again

"Missed me!"

They lunged yet again

"Now you gotta kiss me!" I sang firing the party canon straight in their face! Now I was faced with a huge challenge. Well, a huge shadow anyways.

The Doctor lunged forward, welding his sonic screwdriver

"Oh no you don't!" His voice was muffled by the device in his mouths, but still, the shadows slunk back into their rightful places.

"Thanks!" I exclaimed turning towards the third one. This one was slightly more hesitant, and we circled each other a few times before it came charging at me. I slid underneath it, firing directly in its ribs.

The fourth skeleton was charging at full speed, with what used to be wings spread out uselessly. Just as they were almost upon me, I fired, and they blew apart like a poorly made cupcake!


"Your canon fires confetti streamers and balloons, should I even ask?"

"It's for quick decorating if I need to throw an emergency party!"

"An Emergency party?"


"Why would you…"

"The shadows of Ponyville will block out even the sun…"

It seemed to get darker all of a sudden, but that was nothing compared to what was coming.

"Oh cupcakes…" I almost whispered

All around, the shadows seemed to be climbing, forming a dome around the small town. Screams came up from the ponies that were still outside. There was a panicked flurry to get inside houses and find loved ones.

The Shadows of Ponyville had blocked out the sun.