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Netherland is the only one that knows that nine of the ten of Denmarks smiles are fake, he knows that Denmark understands fully well every remark from Norge but act like an idiot.


Netherlands smiles are a rare sight. There was a time that Den went trough a lot of trouble to get him tulips for his birthday, when the Danish male gave him the tulips he gave him an sincere smile with his hair down. Denmark never felt so embarrassed and refused to talk to him for a week.


Denmark has a reason for his hair style, he used to be in war and had drinking time with Netherlands, he was aware that he was shorter than him, that's why he made his hair look like that, to make himself look taller.


Netherlands knows Denmark sometimes wishes to kick Norway out of his house because of his sneaky insults..


Netherlands isn't a hug person, but sometimes he just gets in the mood for a cuddle, so he moves his shoulders in a zig-zaga way to make Den notice he wants a hug. Denmark then hugs his upper body or snuggle with him finding it adorable.

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