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I woke to the sound of my alarm clock shattering my deep, peaceful sleep. I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. I was so tired it wasn't even feasible getting out of bed to switch the annoying sound off. But then again after the events of the last couple of days I thought I had an excuse.

I sighed deeply before getting up and turning off the alarm, it wasn't like I had a choice I couldn't exactly bunk off school, could I? I'd never missed a day of school without an injury before, never.

I seriously contemplated getting back into bed. In fact I was stood looking at it longingly when my door opened.

"You're awake?" Damon said sounding surprised with two raised eyebrows as he walked into my room like he belonged there. And I admit, it did feel like he did, not as though I was going to let it slide though. Despite the kiss that happened yesterday, I was still Bella and he was still Damon, it would have felt wrong if we didn't tease each other.

"Yes. And you're here?" I asked with my own raised eyebrows.

"I come baring coffee. Plus where else would I be Wildcat? I stayed the whole night right here." A smirk crossed his face as he laid back on my bed.

"You stayed in my bed last night? Why? I knew you were a stalker when I first met you!" I declared over dramatically as I took the offered coffee off of him and walked to my wardrobe, still feeling the ache of tiredness in every bone I had.

"You begged me to stay last night." Damon drawled, the smirk still present in his voice.

"Have you been checked out recently? You know by a shrink? Cause you're delusional." I said back, trying to hide my smile.

"Ya did Wildcat. Right after your nightmare." Well that was enough to wipe the smile from my face.

"I had a nightmare?" I asked quietly while turning to face him.

Damon just nodded in response, his expression closed. I couldn't read it at all.

"Oh." Was all I could say, I thought they'd stopped, the nightmares. I hadn't had one for weeks, as far as I knew anyway, I guessed that last night must have brought it all back for me though. The strange thing was, why was I having the same dream when I was completely over Edward? It must have been a reflex I thought.

"Oh? Is that all you've got to say after waking everyone within a three block radius?" Damon smirked at me, though his eyes were devoid of any humour.

"Thanks for... Well whatever you did and for, making sure that I wasn't eaten by a hungry vampire." I mumbled, the familiar heat rising in my face to let me know that I was blushing as usual.

Faster than I could see Damon was standing in front of me, his fingers gently tilting my head up to look at him. "I told you Wildcat. I'll always come when you need me to." We stayed like that for a few minutes, Damon's eyes locked into mine, before he ended it. "Come back to bed. You look depressingly tired."

"I've got school." I replied, though I wanted nothing more than to collapse back into the comfy, cosy looking bed. A yawn quickly escaped me at the thought.

"Skip it." Damon said with a smirk, walking backwards to the bed and stretching out on it, looking so snug that I felt jealous.

"I can't... I... I've never missed a day of school before when I've not had a good reason." I said, trying to remind myself the reason I couldn't give into temptation.

"All the more reason to skip." Damon smirked at me.

"No. I can't." But his argument was so persuasive.

"Alright spend the day with me, in thanks for saving your life last night." Damon was always going to win the argument, but that was just playing dirty as far as I was concerned.

"That's not fair you know." I sighed giving up the battle.

"Never said I fought fair Klutz." His signature smirk was back in place now he knew he'd won. "Now come get back in bed. Naked preferably." He just never gave up.

"You're all already pushing your luck Salvatore." I grumbled while climbing back into my warm, soft bed, feeling slightly awkward about Damon being in there with me.

As I relaxed into my pillows, Damon wrapped an arm round me and pulled me into his chest, his head resting on mine. It felt amazing, it felt so right and so perfect. For once I said nothing to spoil the moment. Instead I snuggled into his huge muscular chest deeper and closed my eyes, a soft sigh escaping me which I hadn't given permission for.


3rd Person P.O.V.

"Bella!" This was the third time that Elena had shouted her friend down for breakfast, which was surprising as she was normally the first one down. Though maybe not so surprising given the events of the last day and then another one of her terrifying nightmares last night.

"I'm going to check on her. I'm worried." Elena said to Jeremy and Jenna who were sat eating cereal at the table after she'd got no reply, yet again. Elena was worried about the girl who was one of her best friends, she couldn't even begin to think of how Bella was feeling. Not only had she faced her ex yesterday but also another hungry Cold One. She must have been a wreck.

"No, you eat your breakfast otherwise you'll be late too, I'll go check on her." Jenna said pushing her bowl away from her and jumping up from the table.

Elena nodded then joined Jeremy with her own bowl of cereal, thinking this was proberably sound logic and let her aunt go up the stairs.

Jenna knocked lightly on the door before pushing it open. Her eyes went wide for a moment. Damon and Bella were laid on the bed together, both fast asleep. Damon was laid on his back fully clothed, his arms protectively around Bella; one round her waist and the other slung over her shoulder. His head lay on top of hers. Bella was snuggled into Damon's broad chest, her leg up around Damon's leg, as though she wanted to get closer still, even in her sleep.

Jenna stood just looking for a moment, a bit bemused as to what she should do. Both of them were dressed and though the embrace seemed intimate she could see the innocence in it as well. Also Bella looked beyond tired. Sighing to herself, and hoping desperately she was doing the right thing by Bella, Jenna shut the door quietly behind her, making a pact with herself as she did, that if Damon hurt Bella in anyway she'd stake him brutally in his sleep.



I woke up late, I knew it must have been early afternoon at least by the way the sun was streaming in through the window above my bed. I felt like I'd slept for days, warm, comfy and completely rested.

"I wondered when you'd finally wake up. I was starting to think you would spend all day asleep!" Damon said into my ear. I jumped a bit at the sudden voice, then blushed as I realised how I was clinging on to him, my leg was even curled up around his hip. I was holding onto him as though he were a life preserver and I was in danger of drowning.

"What time is it?" My voice came out drowsy, my face still hid in Damon's vast chest so that he couldn't see my bright red face.

"It's past midday Wildcat." Damon said and I could hear the regular smirk in his voice. "Now as today is my day with you..."

"Hang on! You can't use that one again!" I protested with a scowl lifting myself from the bed onto my elbow so that I was looking Damon in his deep, icy, blue pools. "I went back to sleep with that logic, I've done what you wanted me to with that logic."

"Ah! That was for saving your life once though. How many times exactly have I saved your life?" Damon cocked his eyebrow at me and continued to smirk. It really annoyed me that he knew just how to play me.

"Fine." I sighed out while sitting up properly. "What do you want to do?"

"I'll go make us some of my famous pancakes, while you, Wildcat, get dressed. Wear something slutty but easy to hike in." Damon winked at me with another smirk.

"You do know that's an oxymoron right?" I asked back. "And I'm not wearing anything slutty. Your a menace as it is."

"Your probably right, if you wear something slutty I'm not going to be able to keep my hands off of you." Damon said while sweeping his eyes across my body and making me blush once again. "And as much as I'd like to be doing other things with you, Rocky, today we're gonna talk. That is if you can control yourself long enough around me anyway."

"You wanna talk? What's wrong? Fed up of being turned down?" I said with a grin, turning to look at the bed only to find Damon gone, he must have been making those pancakes that he promised. I hoped so anyway.

As I got dressed my mind started to wander. Damon wanted to talk? What about? My first guess would be the kiss that we shared yesterday before all my drama came and wrecked the moment. But what would Damon have to say about it? He probably wanted to let me know that we were friends and that was it. Friends and friends alone. I could understand that, I wasn't exactly happy about it but I understood it. On the other hand, he did admit that he liked me the other day, the day of our almost kiss. Had it only been three days ago?

"What are you doing up there!?" Damon's subtle yell came from downstairs breaking me out of my musings. "I know I'm impressive, but you don't have to be embarrassed to eat breakfast with me Wildcat!"

"I'm coming!" I shouted back before finishing my outfit with some sturdy black flat shoes and grabbing my bag that was filled with some essentials for later.

"You know patience is a virtue right?" I called as I all but skipped down the stairs. I hadn't been this happy in an age, if ever. Sure I still had my dick of an ex hanging round, and it was also true that a psychopathic vampire was mecerilesly trying to kill me. As well I had my fun 'talk' with Damon to look forward to. But he was here, wanting to spend time with me, despite having to save my life over and over again, he was here cooking me breakfast, he'd held me all night and wanted to spend the full day with me. Damon wanted me in some capacity. And that right now made my heart sing in my chest. It made me happier than I could ever say. I knew it was a bad thing to be getting so attached but I didn't care, I was too happy to care.

"What?" Damon asked a frown on his face as he set the table when I walked, or more like floated serenely into the kitchen.

"I said; 'you know patience is a virtue, right?'" I repeated myself with a grin.

"You know I'm not very virtuous right?" Damon smirked at me while pulling a chair out in a gentlemanly gesture.

"I'd worked that one out all on my own." I slipped into the offered chair. "Thanks."

Damon was a fantastic cook, his pancakes were perfect, light and fluffy, sweet and delicious with just the right amount of maple syrup draped over them.

"You and Stefan should open a restaurant, your food is amazing!" I gushed after I'd finished the last bite. "Though you should defiantly work the kitchen, you haven't got the people skills to work the floor."

"You were so close there Wildcat." Damon rolled his eyes at me.

"To what?"

"Giving me an actual compliment."

"You don't need complementing Salvatore, your ego's big enough as it is."

"For good reason." Damon raised his eyebrows suggestively and smirked as the blush rose on my face once again. Damn blush!

"I thought you wanted to go on a hike?" I asked trying to cover up my blush, though it wouldn't do much good, he'd already seen it, and it wasn't like it was a secret that I liked him anymore.

"We are going on a hike." Damon said standing up and clearing the plates from the table.

"Where?" I asked as I stood and gathered my bag and jacket.

"Have you ever seen the towns namesake?" Damon appeared in the doorway and leant against it looking dangerously hot in a black leather jacket, black jeans and a tight black t-shirt.

"I've seen more than enough 'mystic' things here since I arrived thanks." I replied, more than a bit worried about what he was going to show me that required a walk into the woods where he was going to talk to me. Oh god, history was repeating itself wasn't it?

"Klutz? What's wrong?" Damon's voice echoed round me concerned and unusually soft. The idea that this was going to be Edward all over again was making me feel sick and dizzy. To my horror tears started creeping into my eyes and a ball lodged itself in my throat so that I couldn't swallow and my breath was coming in shallow puffs. I started feeling light headed. He was going to leave me, right in the woods, he was going to tell me I wasn't good enough and that although he'd always care about me in a way that he was leaving. I knew it. I knew he'd get bored with me, tell me what I already knew, that I wasn't worth it.

"Bella, calm down!" Damon's voice was more commanding now and I felt myself being sat down in a chair, my head being pushed gently down in-between my knees. "Deep breaths Bella. In. And out. In. And out." I followed his instructions, my blurred vision starting to return to normal, my dizziness abating. "What's wrong?" Damon asked me very gently, his hand stroking the back of my neck lightly.

"Sorry. It's nothing." I mumbled, embarrassed that I'd made such a show of myself.

"Nothing doesn't give you a panic attack. What's wrong?" Damon's voice was harder now, shrewder too.

"I'm okay now. Thanks."

"Klutz...!" I think I was starting to piss him off.

"It's stupid." God I was so embarrassed I'd freaked out over a simple walk in the woods and a talk.

"Proberably. But I still want to know." I managed to lift my head and saw Damon crouched next to me, his face uncommonly serious.

"It's just you want to talk..." I started saying quietly while looking anywhere but at Damon himself.

"We talk all the time. It doesn't usually scare you." He commented.

"Yeah, but you want to take me to talk. In the woods..." I trailed off hoping he'd get what I was saying without having to elaborate.

Damon's face filled with realisation, his eyes wide and a small frown creasing his brow as he looked at me with those emotive and deep pools of blue ice.

"I am not going to leave you in the middle of the woods alone Wildcat. If I did want to leave you or not see you, which I do not and I highly doubt ever will, I would not do it that way. And you would know before I said anything. I don't know if you ve realised but I've got a very short fuse and I'm a bit of a dick. But I'm not that much of a dick that I'd make you breakfast, take you out on a walk and then abandon you in the middle of no-where to be found by Victoria." Her name was spat out like a swear word. "I'm not him Wildcat."

"I know, I'm sor.."

"Don't apologise. Its very annoying and I thought we'd broke that habit."


"Now, have you finished spazzing out on me?" Damon asked with a smirk and an eyebrow raise, the serious man from a moment ago gone.

"I'm done."

"Good, then let's go." Damon said reaching for my hand before towing me out of the door.


"Wow. Its beautiful." I commented as we sat on the soft and still surprisingly warm floor looking out over the falls where Damon had brought us.

"It's okay. If you think that's beautiful then you should visit Italy Wildcat." Damon said quietly, his gaze fixed on the crashing water at the bottom of the raging waterfalls.

"I've always wanted to travel. See some of the world." I told Damon.

"Where do you want to go Klutz?" His gaze slipped from the falls to me.

"Well I've always wanted to visit Italy, I'd like to see England I've read so many books that are set there I'd like to see if the beauty matches the descriptions. I'd like to go to France and see the chatueax's and the Eiffel tower. Everywhere really." I said, smiling as I did.

We past a nice half an hour chatting about all the things I wanted to do in life, of course bantering the entire time, and although I was enjoying myself the suspense was killing me.

"So you didn't just bring me here to chat about where I wanted to go and what I want to do in life, right?" I asked hesitantly after a moment of silence. And after I'd worked up a bit of courage as well.

"Surely your not bored of my company already Wildcat?" Damon asked me with his trademark smirk, though he was still staring at the crashing waterfalls in front of us.

"No. I'm really enjoying myself..." Okay, you can do this. I gave myself a little pep talk before carrying on. "I just wondered..." I trailed off losing the little courage I'd gained when Damon finally looked at me, his eyes burning with some hidden emotion that had shivers dancing up my spine.

"And just what were you wondering Wildcat?" He asked me softly. His voice was so rich and deep, so soft and silky it almost felt like a caress against my once again flushed cheeks.

"I... I was thinking, about how you..." Deep breaths. "How you introduced yourself to Edward yesterday?" I made the statement sound like a question, that was as close to asking him as I was going to get. I might be getting a bit braver, but I just couldn't ask him, I couldn't.

"You mean when I said I was your boyfriend Wildcat? After that spectacular kiss?" The ass was enjoying this, enjoying watching me squirm, enjoying my discomfort.

I stood up, more than slightly pissed off. What was I thinking? This was Damon, he was a jerk, what did I think? That suddenly he'd turn into a model boyfriend, that he'd want me like that? I was obviously deluded.

"You know what? Never mind. I need to get going anyway." I said, anger and disappointment clouding my voice.

Damon sighed, a deeply annoyed sound. "Sit down Wildcat." He said.

I ignored him, grabbing my bag and my jacket. Before I could start walking though Damon was in front of me, he was so fast I didn't even see the movement. Stupid annoying vampires. I needed to find friends that weren't mythical creatures. Seriously.

"Sit down Bella, please." Wow, now that got me to sit down. Damon Salvatore saying please, and sounding sincere too.

Damon sat next to me again, closer this time, his hand taking mine and looking like he was steeling himself just as much as I'd been doing before I spoke to him.

"I meant what I said yesterday Klutz. I'd like to be your boyfriend." My heart started thudding painfully hard in my chest. "There isn't anyone else who doesn't bore me, who keeps me guessing, who keeps up with me. Not only that but you might even be hotter than me. In short Bella, you are the only one I can see myself with. I want to be yours, and I want you to be mine." Damon was looking me directly in the eye, his mask gone despite his casual words, the vunerabilty I saw almost heartbreaking if it wasn't for me, directed at me.

Blushing furiously I tried to take my walls down, which because I was with Damon was easier than normal. "I'd like that." I said with complete sincerity. It may have not been poetry, or even that romantic, but both Damon and myself had been hurt before so for us it was.

Damon smiled, a wide smouldering smile that touched his eyes and made them twinkle, his hand which wasn't holding mine coming up to my face and gently brought my face up to his own.

The second kiss that we shared was more intense than the first, though still sweet and tender. His lips moved perfectly insync with my own but were insistent and demanding, his tongue caressed my own, his hands cupped my face gently but as though he'd never let go.

It was perfect.

Just like our first kiss though we were interrupted. Thankfully this time through the alarm on my phone squealing at me rather than my deranged ex turning up on my doorstep preventing what should have happened yesterday.

"Sorry." I mumbled while fumbling in my bag for the annoying device.

"Wildcat..." Damon said in warning, an obvious reproach at my apology.

I rolled my eyes before looking at him, trying not to grin, everything in the world seemed so much better all of a sudden. Since our 'talk' to be precise.

"What was that?" Damon asked me with interest his mouth finding the curve of my jaw which made shivers race up my spine and my head arch back ever so subtly.

"That means it time for me to go." I got out, my voice shaky and uncertain. How was it that kissing in such an innocent way was so... Erotic?

"Go?" That stopped Damon, and made him sound ever so pissed as well.

"Yup." I said while gathering my bag and jacket.

"Go where exactly?" His voice was hard, covering a hurt that made me feel horrible.

"The pep rally of course." I said before kissing his cheek and letting it linger for a second, letting him know I did want him, that I wasn't brushing him off or pushing him away. Or that's what I hoped anyway.

"Oh that. Skip it." Damon replied, his voice back to his usual airy tone, the ever present smirk returned.

"I'm not immortal and Caroline will kill me. Then she'll probably come and stake you for keeping me from my first ever performance. Besides, I'm kinda looking forward to it." I said, blushing at the last bit. Cheerleading had defiantly grown on me, I enjoyed it and I was good at it.

"Pfftt... Like Caroline could actually do any damage to me." Damon said while raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

"She could do damage to me though." I smiled at him.

"No one will ever do anything to you while I'm around Wildcat. No one." Damon's words were powerful, more than words, a promise. And I knew Damon would always do everything in his power to not break a promise.

"Well I'm not quite willing to put that to the test just yet Salvatore." I quipped. "So I'm gonna have to go. Besides, I've been looking forward to this."

"I got to admit Klutz, I'm looking forward to seeing you in one of the tight skirts kicking high in the air. Mmmm..." He winked at me as my blush burnt my face typically.

I had a moment of panic. I was 'officially' Damon's girlfriend- which sounded really weird even in my head- he was going to want to do more than kiss with me, and judging by what he'd said before when we were just friends and talking, he'd want to do it sooner rather than later. I wasn't sure that I was ready for that. And I sure as hell wasn't going to be any good at it. Would Damon leave me when he realised just how inexperienced I was? Would he laugh at me? Tease me? What if I wasn't ready? Would he wait for me?

My panic must have flashed across my face because instantly Damon was in front of me, hands either side of my face his perfect eyes full of concern, boring into mine.

"What's wrong Wildcat?" His words were soft but somehow managed to drag me back from the edge of a full on panic attack.

"Just worried about the pep rally." I said while smiling a wobbly smile.

"I call bull on your shit." Damon's face fell and hardened slightly. "Now try again."

"Seriously, it's just the game." I lied once more, my gut tensing as I did at how wrong it felt to be keeping something from Damon, it was almost psyhically painful. But I couldn't open myself up for the mocking that Damon would surely do.

Who was I kidding? I couldn't open myself up for fear of him abandoning me like Edward had done. Just because of my lack of experience.

"You want to hide something then fine. But don't lie to me Bella. You're no good at it." Damon's face had completely closed, his expression was blank, hard, cold.

"I..." My voice wavered as I tried to speak, to find the courage to tell him.

"I've got to go. Things to do, people to kill. You can find your way back right?" Damon turned away from me.

"Y..your... L...lea... In... The... Wo?" I couldn't get full words out let alone sentences, my chest had constricted too much for that. There was an iron vice wrapped around my chest, it was so tight and squeezed so hard that I was struggling to breath. My breaths coming out in shallow pants as my worst fear, my biggest nightmare, was coming true once more.

"Bella..." I could hear Damon's voice calling me from the end of a very long, dark tunnel that was squeezing my chest, that was closing in on me, trapping me. "Bella!" His voice was getting louder, clearer. "Come on Wildcat!" He was panicked, that worried me, made my chest hurt more. I needed to get out of this tunnel, to make sure he was okay. "Bella!" Something was caressing my hair, I could feel it along with a very slow thumping coming from next to my hear. It was comforting, reassuring, it was going to be okay. My breaths started coming easier, the tightness, the claustrophobia was fading.

I was cradled in Damon's arms, his hands softly stroking my hair, his eyes watching me with both panic and caution. "You back now?" He asked me gently. I nodded while flushing, intensely embarrassed now my full blow panic attack had finished.

"You sure because I am not repeating this." Damon's voice came louder now, his cocky tone almost present behind an emotion I couldn't read. His piercing blue eyes hadn't left my face yet and I saw them harden slightly as he opened his mouth to speak once more. "I'm sorry Wildcat."

Well that I wasn't expecting. Especially with the complete sincerity he put into the words. "Huh?" Was my stunning repartee.

"Do not make me repeat that, it's already leaving a bad taste in my mouth." He made a face to go with his words that almost made me want to giggle. Almost.

"No. I just mean... Huh?" I said, noticing my voice was still shaky and shallow. As though I'd ran full pelt for miles.

"For saying I was going to leave you in the woods. I knew, I know how that effects you. I'm..." A huge sigh escaped him before he repeated himself. "I'm sorry. It was a dick move. And I wouldn't have done, or maybe I would. But I'd have come back. I was pissed that you lied to me. Which you're crap at, you know that right?" That was as close to rambling as I'm sure Damon had ever come in his life.

"Yeah, I know." I mumbled looking down at my hands instead of at Damon's face. "I just... I started freaking out... And then the panic attack, which I'm really sorr..." Damon's hand clamped over my mouth before I could finish, tilting my head so I was looking up at him once more.

"You don't have to say it. You shouldn't be. I was a dick. Let's call it even this once. But Wildcat, don't ever lie to me again." Damon's voice was hard, his tone sending icy shivers down my spine. It wasn't a threat, but it was the promise of a threat. For the first time ever in Damon's company I felt slightly uneasy. Though that small voice in the back of my head nudged me and told me to quit worrying about it, that despite his words and tone that Damon would never hurt me.

"Now will you tell me what it was about?" He asked, back to his normal self once more, his hand now leaving my mouth so I could reply I guessed.

"Not yet. But I will." I replied honestly. I would tell him, hell it wasn't like I could keep it from him, but I wasn't ready for that talk. It could wait a while.

Damon's eyes narrowed, his eyebrow raising but instead of the argument I thought I'd get he nodded once and placed a soft, lingering kiss on my forehead. "Okay. I'll trust you." His unspoken 'don't make me regret it' loud between us. "So, guess we've got a high school football game to get to. Joy." Damon said sarcastically as he stood with me still in his arms.


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