Tigress: Well…(Talking to Viper as they reach the bottom of the thousand steps) not exactly. I think. I don't know. I mean he's PO! But… he's Po…( Suddenly there was a softer look in Tigress's ember eyes and her tail flickered a little bit.)

Viper: How do you call that a maybe? I've never seen that look on your face except when you're talking to, about, or with Po.

Tigress: But I- hold on. HYA! (Kicks a crocodile bandit in the face and sends him flying toward a wall.) But I can't like him. If I do I'll just have to let the feeling fade away over time. Besides he's too stupid. And kind of sweet… and nice, not to mention he's- (Eyes get wide at what she just said)

Viper: Mmhhmm.(Raps around a victim semi choking him, and spins him out causing him to fall to the ground. The Viper hits him with her tail and knocks him out)

Tigress: Shut up. WHAM (hits a bandit in the face).

Crane: (Panting) Why… are you so… HEAVY!

Po: Sorry… (Lands with Crane and while he falls over, Po stands up and looks around just to find Tigress) Hey Tigress! (Looks around) Dang it, I knew we were late again. (Turns around to see a panting Crane trying to mumble something about it being his fault, then turns back to Tigress)

Tigress: Crane you seem worn out, and you did just get over a cold. Just go back to the palace.

Crane: Th-thanks… (Flies off still in obvious pain)

Po: So whatcha guys talking about?

Viper: Tigress's crush on y-(See's tigress looking down at her like she's about to eat her) y-yin chi.

Po: The Ostrich that runs the onion stand?

Tigress: Why would you even say that!? (Looks angrily at Viper)- just… stop.

Monkey: (Runs up to them) Guys Mantis and I found the place that the bandits use for a headquarters. Come on!

(Everyone runs to go, when Po grabs Tigress's arms and pulls her back to stay behind.)

Po: We'll catch up with you later! (Everyone turns around and nods, not second guessing because they were in a rush.)

Tigress: What is wrong with you! (Angrily)

Po: Are we really not going to talk about this? I mean, if for no other reason, do it for Yin Chi.

Tigress: Who?

Po: Your crush, the ostrich?

Tigress: Oh, right. Look, it doesn't matter.

Meantime The Furious three at the ally of Bandits

Mantis: I'm sorry.

Viper: You said there were bandits! Those were Alligators in an alleyway. They weren't even stealing anything! (Kinda angry, but not enough to hit Mantis.)

Mantis: Well at least we saved the hungry. It was really nice of you to buy them all that soup.

Monkey: I'm kind of glad Po didn't come. He would've eaten everything before the alligators. (Joking)

Viper: Let's just get back to Po and Tigress. (Moves by roofs tops and they make their way to the clearing they left Po and Tigress in) Oh my- wow. Should we give them some privacy?

Mantis: Got to say that is surprising.

(They all see Tigress on top of Po in the middle of a clearing. Tigress is staring into Po's eyes, her lips inches from his. He looked into her eyes dreamily.)

Viper: I know I'm not supposed to say this but I gotta tell someone now. Tigress likes Po! (Viper said this mischievously in a whisper, not showing the bit of guilt she felt.)

Monkey and Mantis: "WHAT!?

Tigress: (Looks up to see Viper, Mantis, and Monkey on top of the rooftop of the building just next to them. She jumps up and looks away from Po. This was the second misunderstanding today.)

Po: S-sorry.(Expecting to get hit)

Tigress: It was nothing more than that bad driver hitting me and bumping me into you. Let's get back to the palace with the others. You can come down now! (Yelling at the three that are at the top of the building next to them) (maybe this is fate she thought, looking over her shoulder at a chubby, yet sweet Po still sitting on the ground.)

The Jay Palace

Shifu: (Waiting at the top of the steps) Panda there you are! Oh no, it's just you Crane. How are you?

Crane: Umm, okay I guess...? Well, I am feeling pretty bad, and even my muscles are a bit sore…could you give me acupuncture? I know mantis is best at it, but you did it for Viper and Po a couple of times right?

Shifu: Yes but only if you answer my one question.

Crane: What's that?

Shifu: Have you notice a love affair between Tigress and Po?

Crane: What? Ew! No way, those two?

Shifu: Well I need you to spy on them for me… earlier this morning I... I saw them kissing.

Crane: (Eyes wide with surprise) For a temple full of Kung Fu warrior's you would think we're more observant. Yes master Shifu.

Shifu: Very well. I don't want to make false accusations, so understand this: You are now my eyes and ears. If Tigress so as much talks to Po nicely I want to know about it. Now, let's go get mantis's needles.

(Everyone came back to the jay palace. Nothing much happened beyond this point but training, dinner, a couple awkward unimportant conversations between Crane, Vipress, Po, Tigress, and Shifu, and finally, they all went to sleep.)

The next Morning

Shifu: (The gong had just rang and both Tigress and Po had yet to be up) They better not of stayed out training the whole time again. Sleep is important as well. (Looks to his students that are already awake) Stay here.

(Shifu searched the courtyard, the Peach tree, and anywhere else they might be)

Shifu: I suppose they truly are in their rooms. On second thought I should've gone their first… (Muttering to himself as he walks into the hallway of the rooms) Crane, can you check Tigress's room? I'll check Po's.

(They both walk over to check the rooms.)

Crane: Master Shifu… You know how you said you wanted me to be your eyes and ears?

Shifu: Yes? (Saying back to Crane while opening Po's door)

Crane: I don't think I have to be them anymore.

(Shifu walks over with the rest of the masters and peaks into Tigress's room to see Tigress's arms around a chubby panda that had fallen asleep next her. Everyone's eyes are wide, hair on end, as the Tiger's Gold eyes slowly begin opening.)