Vondrakenhof here. Wow, it hasn't even been a month and I've already got another story up. I'm honestly shocked. Anyway, this is something my brain cooked up over the past week and a half during which I've been glued to my 3DS playing Capcom's Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Epic game by the way, if you have a 3DS or a Wii U I recommend you get it. It's awesome. And since I've realised that you can take the characters from Kim Possible and put them into almost any world I've tried to do that here. Hopefully as this story progresses I will succeed.

Also, though this is technically a crossover I am not putting this under the crossover section as this way I will probably get more readers. Shameless, I know. So please tell me what you think, as always if you leave a signed review I will respond, if you decide to go anonymous then sadly I cannot. Enjoy!

Kim Possible: Monster Hunter.

Moga Island was small, but it teemed with life. Lush woodland, fresh water and an abundant food source lead to a wide variety of creatures inhabiting the island, from the great Aptonoth and the agile Kelbi to the vicious Jaggi and the aquatic Ludroth. All these creatures had their place in Moga's ecosystem. Humans too made their home on the island.

Moga Town, once a small fishing village, now a significant trading port, lay on the southern end of the island. Its wooden houses floated on the sea. The town relied on their fishing fleet and the farm on the nearby hillside for food. Trade ships from far off lands supplied hard to come by goods. And the Hunters kept the town safe from the creatures in the woods. Men and women trained and equipped to fight the fiercest monsters, the wyverns and the leviathans. None but the Hunters were permitted to leave the town alone, for only they could face the dangers.

Of course that was exactly what two children, on the cusp of adolescence, were doing.

"Kiiim!" one of them, a freckled, blonde boy, whined as his friend dragged him away from the safety of the town. "We shouldn't be out here!" The red haired girl didn't even slow down.

"Come on Ron!" she called back, still pulling her unwilling friend. "We won't go far. I promise." She laughed and dragged him up the trail past the gates that led into the wild. Kim stopped as she reached crest of the hill. The view of the mountains and the valley took her breath away. "Wow."

"Yeah, it's great," said Ron. "Can we go back now?"

"No way!" said Kim with bright green eyes. "Look at this. Why aren't we allowed out here?"

"Well it's probably not because of these guys," said Ron. Kim whirled around to see her best friend pointing at a small four legged animal with hooves, grey and white fur and spots.

"Awe, aren't you a cute little Kelbi!" she cooed. She knelt down and held her hands out toward it, trying to entice it toward her. It took a minute of her saying "Come here girl" to get the Kelbi to come to her. As she was petting it she turned to Ron. "Isn't she adorable?"

"She's food," he deadpanned as he tried to look in every direction. "For both us and anything that comes along looking for her. Can we go home now?"

"Ron," admonished Kim, as the Kelbi bounded away.

"I'm serious Kim," he said. "That Felyne chef Nyed uses Kelbi meat in a lot of his food."

"I don't want to think about that," said Kim. She started to head down into the valley, waving for Ron to come after her. The boy grumbled, but followed his friend down the hill.

When they reached the bottom of the hill the children found themselves in a large natural basin. Water poured into it from a waterfall to the left, and flowed in a wide, shallow stream across the basin before flowing out on the other side through a gap in the stone walls.

This probably floods in the rainy season, thought Kim before she was distracted by a herd of Aptonoth drinking from the stream. "Oh wow."

They were large four legged herbivores, easily twice as tall as a grown man, covered in grey and black scales. A large crest sat atop their heads and their tails ended with spikes. As Kim watched a smaller one, only a hair taller than she was, emerge from the herd to drink from the stream. Before she could start gushing about how cute it was and how much she wanted to cuddle it she was startled from her reverie by Ron.

"Hey, what's that thing?" he asked. Kim turned to see him running to the other side of the basin towards a small pink thing that was lying in the grass. She hurried after him.

"I think it's a Shakalaka," he called when he reached it. Kim hung back a bit behind him. It was wearing a green mask over its head and a small loincloth to cover its modesty. But it was much smaller than any Shakalaka Kim had seen in the town before.

"Don't be silly Ron," she said. "Shakalaka are green."

Ron ignored her. "Hey little guy," he said, pulling a wrapped up package from his pocket. "Want some cheese?" Kim was surprised to hear a little squeak that sounded suspiciously like cheese before the creature grabbed the package out of her friend's hand and tore into it, somehow getting the cheese in under its mask, leaving nothing but the paper wrapping behind. Ron laughed. "What do you know? A guy after my own heart. What's your name little buddy?"

"Rufus," squeaked the Shakalaka, its tiny voice a little stronger for some food.

"Well Rufus, I'm Ron," said the boy "and this is Kim," he added, pointing behind him. "What are you doing so far from home little man?"

Rufus scooted a little way from Ron. "Rufus no home," he said shaking his head. "Rufus no home."

"Ron he's hurt," Kim pointed out, hurrying to his side. "Look at his leg." Ron did so and saw what his friend had. Rufus' right leg was bleeding from three scratches. "Give me your sleeve." Kim didn't wait for Ron to agree before she tore it off his shirt. She wrapped it around the wound, tying it tight and trying to ignore the pained squeals. "Something must have gotten to him. I'm surprised he made it this far."

"Tough little guy aren't you?" said Ron. "Don't worry we'll get you help in town." He picked Rufus up carefully and turned with Kim just in time to see an Aptonoth get hit by something large, scaly and green. Ron swallowed hard.

"Uh, Kim?" he whispered. "Is that what I think it is?"

"A Rathian," she breathed, her eyes fixed on the wyvern. It was huge. Spikes covered the length of its body from its head to its tail and across its boat length wings. Two legs ended in fierce talons that were clawing at the Aptonoth as its jaws tore chunks of meat out of the hapless herbivore which were swallowed whole. The rest of the Aptonoth had fled.

"I really hope he doesn't notice us," whimpered Ron.

"She," Kim corrected absentmindedly. "Rathian are female."

"I don't think now is the right time for a lesson Kim!" he hissed. Kim flushed.

"Let's just try to sneak back the way we came," she said. "And hope it doesn't notice us." Ever so slowly she took a step back to the hill that lead to her home. Ron, still carrying a shaking Rufus, followed suit. Each step seemed impossibly loud, the grass rustling beneath their feet, as they stared at the wyvern hungrily devouring its meal. Kim had never been more scared in her life.

The snapping of a twig startled her. She looked at Ron who had a horrified expression on his face. Terrified, she looked back at the Rathian. It was staring right at them. It was like looking death in the eye. For what seemed like an eternity the four of them were still. And then the wyvern roared.

It was a sound unlike any Kim had heard before, louder and more terrifying than even the storms that battered the town houses. She yelped and covered her ears. When the sound stopped she saw the Rathian charging at them. Ron screamed behind her and she ran for the hill, faster than she ever run before. She skidded to a stop at the foot of the hill when she realised she wasn't being chased anymore. Looking back she saw that Ron had run the other way and he and Rufus were now being pursued by the wyvern.

"Ron," she cried as her friend narrowly avoided being bitten in two. She raced back to the stream. Picking up a rock from the ground she threw it as Ron ducked a swipe from a barbed tail. The rock hit the Rathian on the beak, distracting it and allowing Ron to gain some distance from the monster. Kim dove to the side as the Rathian spat a ball of fire at her. "Ron, run! Get away!"

The wyvern was flying at her now, each beat of its wings sending dust and pollen into the air. It was all Kim could do to flee as it swooped past her, cutting her off from the hill back to the town. She screamed and ran for the slope on the other side of the stream only to be cut off by another fireball. She turned and found herself trapped, the waterfall to one side, the approaching Rathian on the other.

"Kim!" cried Ron. He'd reached the hill but didn't want to leave his friend behind. Kim barely heard him. Sounds were drowned out by the blood coursing through her ears, the beating of her heart. The Rathian knew it had her trapped and took its time approaching her. Tears streamed down Kim's cheeks as her breaths grew shorter. This was it. She was going to die. She closed her eyes, not wanting to face the inevitable. The monster reared its head back.

"Argh!" sounded a battle cry from above. Kim opened her eyes to see a young woman clad in metal armour fall onto the wyverns head. Her long raven hair flowed in the wind as she sliced at the Rathian's neck with two swords. She leapt off the beast and landed gracefully, sidestepping away from its bite before slashing at it again.

"Kid!" yelled the woman. "Get out of here!" Kim recognised her now. She was one of the Hunters that made their home in Moga Town. Shego she called herself. Kim had only seen her from afar before. Suddenly Ron was at her side.

"Come on Kim let's go!" he hissed. Kim was frozen, staring at the battle before her. Shego rolled under the Rathian's head and slashed a leg with each blade. The wyvern tried to swipe at her with a swing of its tail but the Hunter leapt over it stabbing down into the spiked end. Shego turned to attack the beast again and noticed the children still standing there.

"What are you thinking?" she shouted. "Move it! Ah!" The Rathian swung its head around, trying to bite Shego's head off but she brought her swords up in time. The wyvern closed its jaws on the blades. There was a horrible crunch and Shego fell back, her swords now much shorter. The Rathian roared again, blood and metal flying from its mouth. It let loose three bursts of flame at Shego, which she barely dodged.

"KP!" screamed Ron, finally jolting her from stillness. Grabbing her arm with one hand and still holding Rufus with the other Ron ran for the hill. Kim kept looking back at the fight as he dragged her to safety. Shego was still taking on the Rathian, even with her broken swords. She danced around its attacks and slashed at its wings, its tail and its head. And then Ron pulled her up the hill and wyvern and woman were out of sight, the only testaments to the battle were the roars and shouts from the valley below.

Kim wiped her eyes with her free hand as she and Ron raced back through the gates to the town. She was oblivious to the sudden sounds of feet hitting wood, telling them they'd reached the bridge into Moga town. That woman, Shego, had leapt into harm's way to save her and Ron. She could have been killed already for all Kim knew. And it would have been avoided had she just obeyed the rules, and stayed in the town.

She vaguely registered being gathered up into her mother's arms as Ron told the assembled townsfolk what had happened. Kim noticed that he hadn't told anyone it was her idea to leave the town but he didn't have to. She could tell by the look in her mother's eyes that she was in big trouble.

"And then the thing ate her swords and we finally high tailed it out of there," finished Ron. Chief Senior Senior nodded at him put a hand to his chin.

"This is very disconcerting," he said. "Shego is a highly competent Hunter but a Rathian is a dangerous monster."

"I'm sorry," blurted Kim as the tears came back. "This is all my fault, if I had just stayed in the town… I'm so sorry."

"Kimmie," said her mother. "Let me take a look at your little friend and then you're going to bed young lady." Kim nodded and her mother hugged her. "I'm so glad you're safe."

"Junior," said the chief to a buff young man who was sunbathing on the docks. "Get your equipment. You must help the young lady."

"But I have never fought a wyvern before," the young man protested.

"This is one of life's tests Junior," insisted the chief. "You must do this."

"Very well," sighed Junior before he trudged off in the direction of the chief's house. After Kim's mother set the girl down she took Rufus from Ron. She removed the improvised bandage to inspect the wound, causing the Shakalaka to hiss in pain.

"Don't worry Rufus," said Ron. "Mrs Possible here is our healer. She's going to fix you up real good. And if you're a brave little guy I'll get you some more cheese."

"OK," squeaked Rufus.

"Let's take him inside," said Kim's mother. "The wound just needs to be cleaned. He'll be right as rain in no time." The three went inside, leaving Kim under the watchful eye of her father, who stood beside the chief. The old leader hobbled his way over to Kim using his cane.

"Don't worry young one," he said. "Shego will return. And if not Junior will retrieve her body and she will receive a proper burial."

"Save the funeral Pops," said a voice. "I won't be needing it."

"Shego!" yelled the chief. "You're alive." She was covered in blood and gore, but she was alive. Shego wore a satisfied smile despite the broken swords in her hands and her matted hair.

"Young lady you saved my daughter's life," said Mr Possible. "How can I ever repay you?"

"Give me hand getting the pieces into town and I'll call it even," she answered. Kim's father agreed and hurried to get a cart and some of the men who worked for him. Shego was about to turn away when suddenly Kim was beside her.

"Thank you," the girl said in a very small voice. Shego smirked before taking a gauntlet off and ruffling Kim's hair.

"Don't sweat it kid," she said before turning to lead the shipbuilders to her kill. "I was hunting that thing anyway."

Kim smiled as she watched her new hero head back into the wilds. Someday, she thought, I'm going to be just like her.