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-Katniss at the age 13-

"What's this?" Katniss questioned, holding the stick delicately and lightly blowing towards the mill. Her eyes were fixated as she watched the windmill twirl.

"It's a pinwheel. I was at the Hob yesterday and found this. Greasy Sae said it was pinwheel. The wind turns it," Gale laid back onto the grass.

"It's pretty…" she softly said watching the color spin.

Gale looked up at Katniss, "You're pretty too…" He mumbled. Katniss tore her gaze for a split second from the pinwheel.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing," Gale lied, "Keep the pinwheel."

"Are you sure? You must have bought it with a squirrel or something. It's worth something too." Her eyebrows furrowed into a worried crease.

Gale sat up, crossing his legs. "I'm sure. Think of it as… your Easter gift." Katniss titled her head to the side as the corners of her lips curved into a slight smile.

'At least she smiled," Gale thought, 'She hasn't smiled since… I don't think I ever saw her smile.'

"Easter huh… It's your birthday too Gale isn't it?" she questioned brightly.

"Where did you hear that from?" he questioned back his lips forming into a smile.

Katniss shrugged, "That doesn't matter. Happy Birthday! You turned… 16? Jeez, you're turning old Gale."

"So what's my birthday present Catnip?" he teased. Her lips pursed together, thinking for a moment.

"I don't have one… sorry," she looked down, fiddling with the stick of the windmill. Gale couldn't help but laugh. She took everything so seriously, she didn't joke around or anything.

Katniss looked up, glaring at him. "How is that funny? I really don't have a gift for you though."

"It's fine Catnip. I don't need a gift. As long as you stay by my side… I'm good."

Katniss blinked in confusion, "Okay…"

Gale got up and stretched, "The sun is going to set. Let's go." Katniss stood up and slowly walked up to him. He stared at her curious to what she was going to do. She tippy toed to reach eye level with him, placing her free hand onto his shoulder. She quickly pressed her lips against Gale's right cheek and her feet fell back onto the ground.

Katniss's cheeks were tinted pick, her eyes sparkling, and a huge smile on her lips. "I'm going to go… bye!" she ran, heading back home.

Katniss stopped, turning around and shouted, "Happy Birthday Gale! Oh and Happy Easter! Thank you for the pinwheel!" and she continued running back.

Gale was grinning, his own cheeks pink. He shook his head, running his fingers though his dark hair.

"So damn hard not to love her."

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