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Chapter 14

Megan had her arm tightly around Harry as they made their way out of the castle and onto the path that would take them to the gates to exit the grounds of their former school. A quick glance revealed that their entire 'family' was following along closely behind them and she leaned into him as she felt the slight tremors running through him. She looked up at him questioningly and with a glance of his own behind them, he leaned over and whispered. "I'm okay, just coming down from the adrenalin rush from all that."

She chuckled and whispered back. "You almost bit off more than you could chew by taking on both of them."

He sighed "I know but Albus just begged for it. At least it was a war of words and not magic. Two would have been a little bit too much even with grandfather and Dobby there."

"You know it's not over don't you Harry? You know you're going to have to face Albus again?"

Before he could answer, the rest of their group was overtaken and passed by Amelia Bones and Augusta Longbottom as the group made their way to the gates.

"Lord Peverell. May we have a word?"

Harry stopped and turned where he politely said "Why certainly Madam Bones. How may I help you?"

Amelia's experience as an Auror came into play as she noticed his entourage stopped as well but spread out allowing them to approach Harry. She recognized the tactic as an unorganized gauntlet that while allowing them to approach Harry, any threatening moves toward him would result in her and Augusta fighting for their lives with very little hope of escaping unscathed. What made it even more impressive was that these weren't warriors but normal people who were showing their concern and love for the young man in question by trying to protect him.

She held up her hands in a non-threatening manner to show that she wasn't armed. "Lord Peverell, had we known of your circumstances, we would have moved heaven and earth to get you out of there."

"Ladies, I was being completely honest when I said that I really don't hold your houses responsible. I completely blame Dumbledore as he kidnapped me and then kept me so ignorant of the magical world that I had no idea that there were options available to me. After many discussions with my family, I no longer hold Neville and Susan completely to blame for this as I know they tried but were rebuffed by my paid minders at every turn."

Daphne stepped forward "In your heirs' defense, Granger and Weasley were very effective in keeping them as well as the rest of the school as far away from Harry as they could. Until this past year, they were constantly in his presence. I would even be willing to swear on my magic if it would help you to believe me."

Augusta asked "But what about everything you said about them tonight?"

Harry smirked "It was just my way of driving home my point. They need to change their ways if they expect the alliances to remain in place whenever the two of you relinquish control over your houses."

He noticed their uneasy expressions and added "Yes, as long as the two of you remain in control of your houses, the alliances will remain intact. I may be young and inexperienced and as my fiancé says, may have the tendency to jump into things without thinking them through but I am in no way stupid enough to just dismiss a valuable asset to my house."

Amelia smiled "Thank you for giving us a chance. However, I would like to know how you fooled the book. I knew your father and godfather well, so it has to be some kind of prank." Augusta Longbottom was nodding her head as Amelia said this.

Harry smiled "Well, it is and it isn't. The runes on the Veil forced the enchantments on all the record books to show that Harry James Potter died. However, the Veil is an ancient family artifact that protected my physical body during my time on the other side. I was taught family magic by my ancestors and the only thing I could really do when I came back was to take on a new name. Thank goodness I had several available to me."

"So you are saying that your name died but your body didn't?"

Harry laughed "Pretty much. Weird isn't it? Now I understand why all the old families hold onto those secrets like you do. I imagine I'd have been screwed otherwise because even though I already had the family rings, I had to take an inheritance test at Gringotts before they would believe me."

She stood there and looked at him dumbfounded for a minute. She finally said "Nothing is ever easy with you is it Lord Peverell? Augusta and I once again wanted to offer our apologies for our failure on your behalf."

Harry replied "Yes, well I think instead of spending your energy trying to make up for something you had no control over would be a waste of time for all of us and a better focus would be to work together so that this cannot happen to anyone else."

It was about this time that many of the students had come out of the castle and were approaching the group. When Reginald saw them, he said "Ladies, if my Lord Peverell agrees, perhaps it would be better to continue this conversation in a more private location?"

Harry gave him a quick nod and he continued "I would invite you to dine with us tomorrow afternoon at Jones Manor. It was our intention to have an informal meeting afterwards to discuss the events from this evening and perhaps a few more subjects now that one of my future son-in-law's problems has been solved."

After sharing a quick glance as Amelia, Augusta said "We'd be delighted to."

Harry gave them a quick smile and then turned to leave only to find the path blocked by the students who had come out of the castle. Harry's eyes narrowed and his wand quickly found his way into his hand as did Megan's, Daphne's, and Luna's.

Fred stepped forward and held up his hands to show they were empty. "No need for that Harry. We don't want any trouble with you guys, we just want to talk."

Harry coldly said "You had your chance to talk last year instead of turning me into an outcast so I don't see how we have anything left to talk about. You made your choice last Halloween and now I've made mine. I guess it's just my lucky day that since I've gotten rid of Voldemort once again, I'm Mr. Popularity again. Well no thanks."

Ginny softly said "We are so sorry Harry."

"Yes Ginevra, you are all sorry and pathetic. Even dumb old Harry can see this is just another attempt to use me for your own benefit."

Ginny sobbed out "It's not like that Harry. I swear on my life."

Harry coldly said "That is not a subject you really want to be bringing up right now Miss Weasley, you or your bushy haired accomplice."

Hermione said "Please Harry? I'm begging you to forgive me. I'm so sorry for everything. I just want to be your friend again."

Harry stood there staring at them for a minute before he shook his head and softly said. "How can you even look me in the eye and ask that?"

Hermione pleaded "I sold everything and gave it to the orphanage. I didn't need or want that stuff but I do need you in my life Harry."

"Granger, there's nothing you can say at this point that would ever convince me to forgive you or to make up for all the pain you've caused so don't even waste your breath."

"I will say that I am proud you have taken a step away from your dark master Dumbledore. However, it doesn't change a thing and only proves that you were doing it to try and manipulate me into being your friend again so that the cycle could start once again. I have friends that I love and trust and oddly that select group does not include you."

There were gasps from the students as they heard the part about Dumbledore. As tears streamed down Hermione's face, she sobbed out "I need you in my life Harry. Let me make things right between us. I'll do anything."

"I'm sorry but there will never be anything between us even again. You lied, spied, controlled, stole, and worst of all broke the bond we shared and all for what? A few extra books on magic? My libraries are full of ancient and rare books that you would have had full access to if you had actually returned the love I had for you. Hell, I would have given you access if you had even shown some kind of loyalty to me."

"You of all people should have known Hermione. I find it ironic that you sealed my fate as an outcast when it was me who saved you from the same fate and more in first year."

Megan softly said "Harry…don't."

Hermione looked at him wide eyed. "You said you would never…"

"Never what Miss Granger? Turn my back on you? Betray you?"

She replied "Never reveal what I told you in secret."

"But it was okay for you to spill my secrets to the headmaster? It was okay for you to be paid for it? It was okay for you to betray me because I was poor little orphaned Harry who didn't have anyone to help him and who you and your boyfriend the Weasel made sure I never would?"

"No Harry, I…"

Her eyes were focused on her feet as he said all this but he wasn't through. "While I was away, I did a lot of reading and learned quite a few things. Do any of you know what happens when you sever a deep emotional bond by betrayal?"

He looked around but no one responded "Aw, come on? No one?"

Amelia said "If the bond were a love bond like the legendary Potter bond is supposed to be, the betrayer is cursed by the magic of the bond itself to never know love again as their magic forces them to always seek out which they lost and to never allow another bond to form. In most cases, the betrayer remains alone for the rest of their days."

Harry said "Thank you Madam Bones." He turned to the other students. "While it is not exactly the same, every one of you broke the faith with me. That is something you will never get back."

Hermione sobbed out "But the Headmaster convinced us that he was doing it to protect you. We thought we were doing the best we could for you."

Luna said "Oh that explains it then. You had to be paid to give Harry your best since you were merely his paid bodyguards. Harry, I think you owe me some money."

"Why's that Luna?"

"Well you keep saying I'm your best friend and that Cedric is your brother, and Daphne is your sister. I would add something about Megan but she is already getting half of what you own so shouldn't we be compensated for the time we spend with you?"

"You're absolutely right Luna. How rude of me to overlook the fact that you needed to be paid to befriend me. Cho, Tracey, and Lilith….would you submit a bill so that I can make sure you are paid for your time with me?"

Cho said "Um…sure Harry. But I think we need a bonus for not running to the Headmaster and telling him what you were doing."

Harry nodded "That seems fair."

Cedric smirked "You'll pay me back enough when you take Megan off my hands."

Daphne wrapped her arms around Harry and kissed him on the cheek. "And I already have what I want most dear brother."

Megan added "As do I. The only thing that would make it better is when you start giving me children and I want enough children to continue all of our lines."

Harry looked at her and smiled. "I'd liked that too but can we just practice for a few years?"

They could hear Reggie muttering "Yes, yes…please."

Harry's arm went back around Megan as he tried to step forward but the crowd of students did not move. With a cocked eyebrow, he asked "Would you please move aside so that we can go home?"

The group of students stood there looking at him until Harry pulled Megan closer to him and disappeared right before their eyes.

Daphne and the others watched as the crowd broke up and the dejected students started making their way back inside. As Granger and the other Gryffindors passed by, Daphne said "I guess it's that time then."

Fred stopped and looked at her for a minute before asking "What's that?"

With a smirk, she said "The time when you see that you never know what you've got until you've utterly screwed yourself by throwing it away."

Fred looked at her and gave her a small nod and then turned as Cedric started speaking. "You know love, maybe you should have stayed this year. Quidditch ought to be interesting now that the Gryffs don't have Harry to carry them."

Cho chuckled and replied "Nah, Harry was the only real competition here and without him, it won't be fun anymore. Not that it matters anymore but there won't be a Quidditch recruiter found within fifty miles of Hogwarts after what they did. My cousin said that were only looking for players who actually showed loyalty and would back up their teammates."

Cedric laughed "Maybe you're right sweetheart."

She got a calculating look in her eye and said "However, it may have been fun to watch the Gryffs fall apart under Johnson this year."

Harry's group of friends chuckled as they watched his former teammates wince at what she had said. Cedric even threw in "Hey Johnson, maybe you should add the Weasel as Keeper. He'd be a perfect fit for your team since he already displays those qualities your house admires so much."

The adults stepped forward and Amos said "You've made your point. Let's go home."


Megan and Harry had no sooner landed when she dragged him up the stairs and into her room where he finally allowed his exhaustion to show. Megan pulled off his cloak and then started unbuttoning his shirt.

Harry shyly said "As much as I'm enjoying this, I don't really have the energy for something like that right now."

She blushed. "Hush you, I'm not about to let you go back to the suite while I worry about you all night. Besides, you're not getting any of that until after you marry me."

Harry just smiled as she went about undressing him and putting him to bed. Once she had him under the covers, she made her way to her bathroom where she took a quick shower before changing into her sleepwear that consisted of her knickers and a t-shirt she had stolen from Harry. Her exit back into the room was under the raised eyebrow of her mother.

"May I ask what you are doing?"

"Harry's upset and exhausted and I didn't want to be up all night worrying about him so I brought him here."

"You may be engaged but you are still my sixteen year old daughter." She said sternly.

Megan turned to her mother and said "Mum, nothing will happen until my wedding night and only then if we feel we are ready for it. He's been through a lot tonight and I know him well enough to know that he will have nightmares. I want to be there for him and keep him comforted so that he gets a full nights rest."

Justine smiled "Just not too much comforting."

Megan nodded. "Go on, we will see you in the morning."


It was late morning before Harry and Megan came out of her room and the only reason they did at that point was due to the constant knocking that had been going on since early morning. When Megan finally opened the door, Reggie was standing there and only said "Our guests will be here in about two hours so you might want to start getting ready."

She nodded in reply but instead of the rebuke she expected, Reggie asked "How's Harry?"

"Rough night but I managed to keep him asleep."

From behind her she heard a sleepy voice say "Yes you did. Thank you for that."

She grinned as a shirtless Harry approached the door. "Sir, thank you for what you and Kathleen allowed last night. I…I wouldn't betray your trust Sir…ever!"

Reggie smiled at him. "We know son. Last night was a special case so we allowed it but don't think it'll happen very often."

"It won't Sir. I promise."

"You two get cleaned up and ready for the day. Dobby and Winky have already arrived and brought some fresh clothes for you and they have been laid out in the guest room so that you can get ready without any distraction."

Megan smirked "But Daddy, I wanted to wash Harry's back."

Reggie choked back a response as she began to giggle at him. Harry paled and ran out of the room while saying. "I'll just be going now."


After an enjoyable lunch, the whole group, including the younger generation, gathered in the sitting room to hold their conversation. As they sat around and spoke of various topics, Amelia and Augusta were surprised at the family dynamic involved as both young and old were being listened too with equal amounts of respect and attention. Before the serious topics were started, the floo flared and the Delacour family stepped out of the fireplace only to see a blond missile fly off and tackle Harry. To everyone's surprise, Amelia rose and said "Jean, how good it is to see you again."

"Likewise Amelia. I see my nephew has brought you in to the great conspiracy."

She caught his eye and said "Nephew? Conspiracy?"

Jean chuckled. "Calm down Ami. It's nothing so grandiose. Our group has grown close enough that they are almost siblings so since they look upon each other in that respect, we look upon them as extended members of our own families. As far as the conspiracy comment, just sit and listen with an open mind."

Augusta said "I can see the closeness the younger ones share. I just wish our heirs had the foresight to join in."

Harry said "Madam Longbottom…"

Augusta cut him off. "I would appreciate it if you would call me Gran. It's what should have been anyway."

"Alright then, Gran. As I said last night, I really don't hold your houses responsible for my lot in life. All of it can be laid at the feet of Albus. (He looked up and saw Daphne squirming.) However, it seems Daph has something to say so I'll defer to her."

"Madam Longbottom…."

"You claim to be Harry's sister?"

"Yes ma'am."

"Then I expect all of you to call me Gran. I have been far too long kept from his life and I intend, if he will allow it, to be a part of it from this point on."

"Of course Gran….you can't really blame Neville and Susan completely. Weasley and Granger did their best to keep everyone away these last few years. The only thing I can really say they did wrong was they gave up and didn't confide their problems to you."

Augusta looked down. "He did and I just admonished him as not being the man he was raised to be and never looked into it further. For that I apologize. I'm sorry to say that I believed Albus when he said Harry was fine even though he would not allow me to see it for myself. When I say it that way, I now find myself ashamed of how I treated Neville when I had done the same thing."

Harry stood and placed a hand on her shoulder. "It's okay Gran. He had everyone fooled for a long time. I wouldn't have believed it myself if he hadn't overplayed his hand last year. It took isolation from the rest of the school along with Dobby and then a letter from my Mum to open my eyes."

Amelia said "I will also have to claim some responsibility with Susan. I raised her and she seems to have inherited some of my less desirable traits."

Amos laughed "Which one Ami, the stubborn quality or the independent streak."

Amelia smiled "Both actually. I have to admit that you have my curiosity piqued by the conspiracy comment but no matter what my house owes House Potter, I will not betray my ethics and morals." Augusta nodded along with her.

Harry asked "If I were to ask you to break the law for our alliances to remain in place, you would say no? Wouldn't that be a death sentence for your houses?"

"Yes Lord Peverell to both."

He nodded "Then it's a good thing I'd never ask you to do something like that. It seems your characters are as good as my advisors have informed me."

Amelia and Augusta shared a glance.

Jonathan said "My Ladies, it is our hope that you will join with us in our quest and you will see for yourself that even though Harry technically outranks us, there is no clear leader in our group. Harry may have been the catalyst that brought us all together but we all have the same goals."

"And what would those goals be?"

Lord Moon replied "We want a better world for our children and grandchildren. Is this not the hope of all progressive people no matter what their political leanings are?"

Augusta asked "What would we have to do?"

Harry said "Support us in our efforts to remove the bigotry and hate in our society. I think I have done the hard part by eliminating the two men who were leading the worst of it."

Amelia replied "Albus is hardly out of the way."

Harry smirked at her and said "Albus Dumbledore is no longer a threat to our plans. For too long, he stood back and allowed people to be judged by the purity of their blood while he used double speak to placate the muggle born. For too long, he was allowed to move unchecked and did quite a bit of damage. We want the law to be equal for everyone no matter who you are."

Augusta and Amelia shared another look. "That is something we would like to see as well."

Harry said "Wonderful. Now see, I'm not as crazy as everyone thinks I am. To make it even easier, I'm going to leave the political matters in the most capable hands of my advisors, of which I now include you. They have already agreed to accept my proxies so my plan is to take control of my seats and confirm them as such at the next Wizengamot meeting."

Amelia asked "But shouldn't you be involved in the voting process?"

"I will be but not as the face in front of the crowd. I'm perfectly content to sit back and allow the more experienced Lords take the lead on this. I am very much aware that I would be a sitting duck in that setting and will gladly learn from those I trust. We, that is, my generation, have decided that we will be perfectly content to sit back and learn at the knees of our elders. What makes it even better is that they are willing to listen to our opinions and as you have seen today, it is not so much the Lord of the house who speaks but the entire family. We hope to one day ascend to our seats as a group when our elders decide they have had enough. Speaking only for myself, I hope that day is many years away."

Amelia chuckled "It seems you have it all planned out."

Harry laughed out. "No, I just do what the beautiful and smart girls tell me to do. The ladies think this would be for the best and Cedric and I think we would be much happier enjoying life and playing Quidditch until they tell us we can't anymore."

Augusta gave him a look and then said "So much like James and Frank. However, your actions betray your words."

"How so?"

"You are not merely sitting back and taking things easy."

"How could I expect the world to change if I didn't do my part?"

"But you are only fifteen. I would never expect Neville to bear such a burden at this point."

"Neville is also not the head of five houses either. As far as that goes, how could I expect anyone else to do the task that was left in my lap?"

Amelia said "But you are only fifteen. It should not have been up to you."

"Madam Bones, was there anyone else stepping up to do what needed to be done? Was there anyone who was crazy enough to do it? You've got to realize that until tonight, none one would have stood against Tom or Albus."

Reggie said "He does have a point."

"I know but it doesn't mean I have to like it or accept it. I'm the head of the DMLE as well as one of the people who were tasked with taking care of him but yet here he is, doing my job for me and taking care of us in turn. And by the way Lord Peverell, I would prefer it if you called me Aunt Amelia."

Harry smiled and said "As long as you and Gran drop the Lord crap. We are family here."

Amelia smiled and said "Agreed. I know that it is a sign of respect but in my line of work, the term Madam takes on a whole new meaning."

Harry nodded but his mind was on something she had said a minute ago so he stood and started pacing. Those familiar with him knew that what he was thinking about how to say something that was going to unsettle the whole room. As he started and stopped several times, Megan finally stood and wrapped her arms around him. "We are family here. Just say what is on your mind."

He quietly said "I don't want to hurt anyone with what I need to say."

She reached up and placed both hands on his face and stared him straight in the eye. She pulled him in and quickly kissed him on the lips before saying "We are not going anywhere Harry."

He leaned forward and touched his forehead to hers before asking the room "Do you fear death?"

When nobody answered, he continued. "I have no fear of death whatsoever. I have been to the other side and quite frankly, I would still be there if it wasn't for this beautiful lady in front of me. I would have been perfectly content staying with my family except I knew there was a part of me missing."

Daphne asked "So you came back for Megan?"

Harry gave a small grin. "She was the main reason but there are a few others I would have missed. But you've got to realize that my life before Hogwarts…no, that's wrong. My life before you guys came into it wasn't worth much and if it wasn't for you guys, I would have remained there."

Everyone sat quietly in the room for a few minutes. It was finally Augusta who somberly asked "If you have been to the other side, would you be willing to take Frank and Alice?"

The whole room turned and looked at her in disbelief. She quickly said "What? You can't believe that they have any quality of life? From the way Harry describes it, they would at least be able to be themselves again."

To everyone's shock, Harry said "I could arrange it but I think you and Neville need to sit down and speak about it first. I don't want to be the one responsible for the death of my Godmother after already losing so many of the people assigned to take care of me."

Augusta asked "What do you mean?"

"My mother was a meticulous planner. She had me covered in every way possible but failed to account for Albus Dumbledore. He personally killed my grandparents and then set up my parents to die. Just so that he could get control of House Potter, he let Sirius rot in Azkaban, Frank and Alice was all but eliminated, Edgar and Joanna were killed, and Minerva was outright turned against me. If I had my guess, I would say that he had a hand in all of those cases just to gain control over my house."

Augusta gasped "But that would mean…"

Harry cut her off "Albus Dumbledore is a dark lord far more dangerous that Voldemort ever thought about being. While Morty used brute force, Albus used manipulation and platitudes to elevate himself into a revered state that no one would challenge."

Jonathan said "But he defeated Grindelwald."

Harry snorted "Only because Gellert was a threat to his power and his reputation. They were lovers after all."

The conversation continued most of the afternoon as plans were being made for the next session of the Wizengamot. The other discussion to be held during that afternoon dealt with the kids' education plans. After laying all the options out on the table, Harry told them it was entirely up to them what they decided to do. By the end of the discussion, Astoria, Lilith, and Tracey had decided to continue with a conventional education at the Salem Institute. The others were going to use the accelerated program in order to take their OWLS by Christmas and hopefully achieve their NEWTS within a year. By the time everyone departed, they felt they had a good solid plan in place as long as Harry could pull off his end of the plan.


After a tearful goodbye to the three heading off to Salem, the remaining kids set into their lessons. They were initially worried that Luna would hold the group back but that was before learning that she was already working a year ahead in her classes. Since Harry was more than prepared from his time behind the veil, he joined with Cedric and Cho to act as tutors and teachers. With the occasional help of the adults, they all felt their goal would be obtainable.


The only break they saw during the months leading up to Christmas was when Harry took control of his seats in the Wizengamot. That session saw another mauling heaped upon Albus Dumbledore who had somehow managed to not lose his positions of power.

On September 21st, the Wizengamot was holding its monthly session and the moment of truth was upon Harry as today would be the day that he took control of his houses and seats in the legislative body. As Albus was overseeing the proceedings, a scowl formed on his face as most of the children who had refused to attend Hogwarts were sitting with their parents. He found it even more unusual that the Ladies of the house were in attendance as well.

As the time to convene approached, Albus made note that everyone was in their seats and gaveled in the opening of the meeting. There were several small matters of old business to discuss but then they moved on to New Business. As soon as the floor was opened to the new business, the doors swung open and Harry walked proudly into the chambers in a set of expensive silk robes with the Peverell crest boldly displayed for all to see. His very presence commanded attention as he stood in the center of the chamber and all who looked upon him knew there was a new lord amongst them.

Albus called down "Mr. Potter, may I ask why you felt it necessary to disturb these proceedings?"

Harry maintained his control even though he wanted to jump up on the bench and strangle Dumbledore with his own beard. In a commanding voice, Harry said "You are fully aware that I no longer go by that name. If you followed decorum Chief Warlock, as a meeting of this type requires, you would address me as Lord Harrison James Peverell. I would find Lord Peverell acceptable as well. As for why I am here, I have come to claim my family seats."

"I'm sorry Lord Peverell but even though you are emancipated, your age excludes you from joining this body. No, I think it would be best if you just left things as they are and returned in about three years."

"You'd like that wouldn't you Chief Warlock so that you can continue to control that which belongs to me. No, I think it best that I take control of my houses today."

"And I refuse to relinquish the voting rights of House Potter until such a time as I feel you are mature enough to handle it."

"May I ask what gives you the right to deny me what is mine by birth, blood, and magic?"

"My rights as Chief Warlock."

Harry watched as a wave of uneasiness spread around the chamber. "So you're saying that if any one of the Lords or Ladies behaved in a fashion you did not agree with, it is within your rights to take control of their houses?"

"I would never do such a thing!"

"But yet you are doing it to me?"

"I can assure you that I have always had your best interests at heart and this is not the place to be discussing such matters."

"I disagree and find it the perfect place since I wouldn't be caught dead alone in a room with you. Who knows what I would remember when we were through. Besides, I think these good people need to see for themselves the kind of man you really are."

"I am the Chief Warlock of this body and I'm going to have to rule that you are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of these meetings as your actions here today prove."

Harry smirked "Oh, I apologize if I was unclear. I never said I wanted to sit the seats myself. I just want control so that I can assign my own proxies. Lords and Ladies who I feel would better represent my interests which obviously would not include you."

"That changes nothing."

"Well it's a good thing that you cannot legally do that then. I've read the laws Dumbledore. I may be young but I am not stupid. I am also aware of the loophole in the law that states as long as I have a sponsor, you cannot deny me my rights."

Harry noticed several nods around the room and Fudge rose before the pissing contest could continue and asked "Lord Peverell, may I ask who you have sponsoring you?"

Harry turned to the boxes and said "My Lords?"

One by one, Lords Jones, Diggory, Moon, Chang, and Davis stood.

Albus looked at them for a minute as he thought over the laws and then he smiled. "I'm sorry Mr. Peverell but none of these Lords are ranked high enough to be able to sponsor a Most Ancient and Most Noble House. Petition denied."

Harry coughed once and then Lord Greengrass stood. "As the Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Greengrass as well as the petitioner's claiming of my eldest daughter as his sister, House Greengrass has the standing to sponsor Lord Peverell in the matter of Potter and Black. If that is still not enough, then Lord Delacour of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Delacour of France has pledged his support as well."

Albus said "I'm sorry but the rules are clear in this matter."

Harry smirked and then looked over at Madams Bones and Longbottom. As they stood, Augusta barked out "This is a non issue. House Bones and Longbottom were entrusted with the care of Lord Peverell in the late Lord and Lady Potter's will. By right of succession clearly designated in the will, when Lord Black failed to do his duty, Lord Peverell should have been placed into the care of House Longbottom who was to assume the voting rights until he came of age. Sadly, the wishes of the Lord and Lady Potter were ignored and the young man we were entrusted with disappeared. Do you have any idea how this may have happened Chief Warlock?"

Before Albus could say anything, Amelia was saying. "Lord Black's will clearly named Lord Peverell as his heir. House Bones was to assume the voting rights until he came of age. This will was ignored as well."

Albus started trying to say something else but was cut off once again. Harry loudly said "There is another law that has precedence in this matter. The law I'm referring to clearly states that there is one ranking of house that cannot be denied no matter what age the petitioner is. Since the Chief Warlock seems to be such an expert on the law and has himself used this law to push himself above everyone else, perhaps he would be willing to share the title of these houses."

All eyes looked at him and he sagged "The only houses that fall under that law are the Most Ancient and Revered Houses."

"And what are the names of these houses?"

"Emrys, Peverell, Le Fey, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff."

Harry smiled evilly. "I guess then these arguments are all moot points as I am the head of three Most Ancient and Revered houses since I am also Lord Gryffindor and Lord Slytherin. As far as the Houses of Potter and Black are concerned, the seats are all that remains as I as the head of their families have absorbed them into my house and declared the houses extinct until such a time as I decide to split the titles between my heirs."

Albus said "But you can't do that. You'll destabilize the balance we have here."

Harry laughed "There is no balance here as the neutrals have been the only ones to give balance to this body to limit the excesses of the light and dark factions."

Someone stood and said "One house should not be able to wield that much control."

Harry genuinely smiled "I happen to agree with you Lord Smith. That is why my seats will be distributed amongst five sitting Lords of my choice."

Albus asked "And how will they be distributed?"

"I have asked Lord Jones to proxy Peverell House, Lord Greengrass to proxy Slytherin, Lord Diggory to proxy Gryffindor, Lord Davis to proxy Potter, and Lord Moon to proxy Black. In case they are incapable of attending a session, Madams Bones and Longbottom will automatically serve in their stead. If any of these are unable to perform their duties, Lord Chang has graciously offered to step in and assist."

Albus stood and said "I'm sorry but you're assigning too much power to a faction that is not trustworthy. I cannot allow it."

Harry waved his hand at Albus and said "That is for me to determine. I have the utmost confidence in their ability to be fair and reasonable and work for the betterment of our society while keeping me informed of the issues facing it. These men and women have done nothing but be truthful and honest with me and support me when the rest of the world turned against me. I have no use for those who wish to use their positions to further their own agenda, status, and wealth."

Cornelius stood and said "Since it is obvious that the Chief Warlock cannot be biased in this issue, I call the matter to a vote. Since the seats of Potter and Black are being contested, I declare them dormant for this vote however, (He said with a smirk.) the three revered houses cannot be denied their rights and in this case, I declare the proxies may stand as stated."

The vote was no contest and Harry had won the day as Albus sat and stewed. Harry loudly said "I thank you for your indulgence this day and offer you my thanks. I will take my leave as I would not want to make my proxies think I am constantly looking over their shoulders."

With a few chuckles as a response, Harry turned and left the chambers and returned to Jones Manor. As the rest started trickling in elated at their victory, Harry sat and kept a smirk on his face the whole night. Megan finally asked "I knew you would be pleased with the results of today but that smirk should have faded by now. What did you do?"

"Eliminated Albus Dumbledore as one of our problems."

Jonathan overheard and said "He still has teeth Harry. He is not out of the game yet as he tried to prove once you left."

Harry's only answer was to continue with the smirk.


The entire time since Voldemort had been taken to the other side, he found himself standing in a very long line. As the time passed, he felt that the line never moved and he was beginning to feel insulted that someone of his status was made to wait like a commoner. He was about to show his displeasure when a loud voice said "Thomas Marvolo Riddle, come forward to be judged."

As he stepped forward, he said "It is about time you faced me. As far as the name, I am Lord Voldemort and you will show me the respect I deserve and address me as such."

Azrael stepped up behind him and said "Shut up Morty. You were never a Lord. In fact, I find you to be as insignificant as that pompous ass Dumbledore."

A low chuckle could be heard as the Creator watched the interplay between the two. Tom got a bad feeling about the whole thing and did what he always did when he was outnumbered and scared. His finger went to his dark mark and summoned his followers.

The Creator laughed when he saw this as he had intentionally left the link open for just such an event. As the Death Eaters felt their master's summons, they immediately apparated away in a puff of black smoke and followed the trail to their master.

The Death Eaters knew something was wrong when their apparation lasted longer that normal and felt it was somehow not as direct as normal. As they caught glimpses of the word around them, they noticed the familiar scenes of the Ministry of Magic as they traveled into the depths of the building. They all felt fear as they were being guided through the Department of Mysteries and into a single chamber that most had only heard about. They tried to stop the apparation by any means they could but the emergency nature of the summons was one that could not be stopped. For most, they realized their master had led them to their deaths as they flew through the Veil and landed beside their master.

As their wands came out, Azrael waved his hand and they all turned to ash and fluttered to the ground. "Ah, good, you're all here. This will save my grandson a lot of time in tracking you down."

Tom and the Death Eaters were looking around in fear as they realized they were powerless to do anything. A loud voice finally chuckled and said "Good, since you are all here, it is going to save me a lot of time in the future. I have foreseen this day and have thought long and hard about what to do with you. I find it strange that even Lucifer doesn't want you in his realm."

Tom replied "He's just afraid that I will take over."

The voice chuckled "Hardly, you are no threat; he has dealt with beings far worse than you."

"What beings could be more fearsome than Lord Voldemort?"

"Mimes come to mind but it doesn't help your case that you were bested by a boy in nappies and then again when he was fifteen years old."

"He was lucky both times and attacked when I wasn't ready."

"Well anyway, for your sins and crimes against your fellow inhabitants of the Earth, I have decided that your prejudice should play a factor in your punishment. Therefore, all of you will spend the next thousand years as house elves bound to muggle born witches and wizards. At the end of the thousand years, we will reevaluate your sentence based on how well you performed your duties."

There was a chorus of 'NOOOO's as the Death Eaters transformed into those that they had treated so badly and considered insignificant. Before they could be taken away, the Creator added "And you will have about a quarter of their power so that you cannot use it to harm your new masters."


Harry decided to up his game and a few days after the Wizengamot session, he sent a letter to the Daily Prophet and asked that it be published. As the editor read the letter, his eyes grew wide as the ramifications of the information in the letter hit him. His immediate reaction was to call in his entire staff and after they had all read copies, he said "I want every one of these facts substantiated and every bit of dirt dragged out for the next issue."

In one of the chairs, Rita Skeeter cackled, pulled out a thick file, and let it fall on the table with a loud thump. "I've been researching Albus for years and digging up all the dirty little secrets I could find. I will allow the use of my notes as long as you don't tell all the secrets and the Prophet publishes the book I want to write."

The editor looked at her with a gleam in his eye and said "DONE! Everyone, take your assignments from Rita and by all means, I want the Goblins interviewed for real this time."

Two days later, the Daily Prophet came out with the bold headline Dark Lord Dumbledore and the entire issue was dedicated to the ruination of the man. On the front page was the letter written by Harry.

My Fellow Britons,

As I grew up alone, beaten, starved, and made to serve my 'family' as a slave, there were two questions that constantly ran through my mind. Well actually there was more than two but these two are the ones I remember most. 'Why me?' and 'Why didn't anyone love me?".

This was my life for ten years before I was rescued and brought back to your world. The title bestowed upon me by the magical world as the Boy-Who-Lived was a lie. Harry James Potter never lived, he only survived.

I use the term rescued loosely because even that was staged to keep me under control. The one who came to rescue me was a very kind man but he had one flaw, he believed that Albus Dumbledore truly wanted to do the best by me. Oh how wrong he was when it was he who acted as my jailer by taking me to my prison as a baby and then escorting me away from there and into another one. I don't want to mention this man's name because I truly do care a great deal for him but it is my hope that once he reads this letter, he will understand his part in it.

But enough about that, my entrance into Hogwarts is where the story truly begins. As a beaten and broken young boy, I was thrust into a situation that I was left woefully unprepared for and was set up so that I would have friends that were chosen for me in advance, namely the Weasley family who were preachers of wonderfulness that was the great Albus Dumbledore. Naturally as I was scared and alone, I latched on to the first people to show me kindness which brought under a whole new brand of control and emotional blackmail.

Those of you who were at school with me know that I was involved in many adventures in my early years even if you don't know the whole truth but what I would like for you to take away from this is that each and every life threatening situation I was involved in was staged and created by Albus Dumbledore. In all honesty, I should have died many times during my first four years at Hogwarts but my friends and I always managed somehow to survive.

Another manipulation that was thrust upon me was my friends. The two people I thought I was closest too were merely spies that the Headmaster paid to keep track of me and to keep any unwanted influence away from me so that I would never learn my heritage. As the years passed by, I grew closer to my female best friend and a love bond began to form, well it did on my end as I now don't think she was capable of such an emotion. As many of you are aware, the Potter men choose their mates early and my heart had already chosen mine only I didn't know she was only close to me so that she could advance herself in our world be it through knowledge or because she knew that the name Potter would carry her far in life even if I didn't know it myself.

It was last year, my fourth when everything began to unravel for the puppet master. In a move to test me once again with the Tri Wizard Tournament, he made a mistake. The tournament was for 'of age' wizards and he unknowingly gave me my independence after completely isolating me from anyone and everyone or so he thought.

I made some new friends who were not under the Headmaster's control and they began to educate me in the ways of the magical world. The isolation also allowed me to move freely for the first time in my life so I took full advantage of it and started taking back control of what was mine by right of blood.

The results of all this was that the manipulations of my life by Albus Dumbledore were merely cover ups for actions he had taken in the past as he did his best to take my heritage for himself. I don't know much about what happened before 1981 but here is what I know to be truth since that time.

Albus Dumbledore set an elaborate plan in motion to gain control over House Potter. He used fear and a prophecy to use the age old tactic of divide and conquer. He used his friendship with the Potters to steal warding knowledge from their library which he used to his advantage when my parents went into hiding. Some of the 'special' wards he added would even mask the ancient magic that notified an heir when the head of house passed on.

The fabled wand Dumbledore took when he defeated Grindelwald was a ruse. The wand he used up until I took it from him belonged to my family and was held by my grandfather, Charlus Potter, at the time. I am told that he and my grandmother Dorea were wonderful people but he made sure I would never know that. Albus Dumbledore murdered my grandparents in their own home and left them there to rot for an entire summer while he searched for the secrets of the Potter family in our ancestral home. When he grew frustrated that he could not unlock the secrets contained in the manor, he cast fiendfyre and destroyed the entire manor and then blamed it on Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

In his last breathing act, Charlus banished the special wand to the Potter family vault which created another problem for Dumbledore. You see he needed control over House Potter and since my parents were still alive, he set them up to die and you know how that turned out.

He turned my survival to his advantage by sealing my parents' will and illegally taking guardianship of me before my parents' bodies had even grown cold. Without the will, his only true threats to controlling me were my Godfather, Sirius Black and my Godmother, Alice Longbottom. I don't think I need to go into detail with the fates of these two people. I could go into detail about the alliances between House Potter and Houses Bones and Longbottom but I can assure you that I do not hold them responsible for my lot in life in any form.

With control over me, he began plundering my family vaults and in total stole over fifty million galleons.

Now, I would like to ask you if that is the 'Light' Lord you would like to continue keeping on his pedestal and worshipping? I'm very happy to say that with an example such as that, I'm proud to call myself 'grey' or neutral. Many of you remember what Voldemort, oh quit flinching, he is gone for good this time, thank you very much along with his 'imperioused' Death Eaters. Anyway, in my eyes, Albus Dumbledore has equally done as much as Voldemort has done to damage our world. I call on the citizens of our world to help me move our society forward where old prejudices die and we try to create a society that we can be proud of and all children can live in peace.

Last but not least, I'm going to list the charges that I will personally be filing against Albus Dumbledore. I can assure you I have proof to back up each and every accusation and this is just the list I know of concerning me. There's no telling how many others could step forward with their stories.

Line theft (Houses Potter, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Peverell)

Attempted Line Theft (House Black)

Murder (Charlus & Dorea Potter)

Conspiracy to Commit Murder (James & Lily Potter)

Conspiracy to Commit Murder (Frank & Alice Longbottom)

Conspiracy to Commit Murder (Harry James Potter- multiple counts)

Unlawful Imprisonment (Sirius Black)

Conspiracy to Commit Murder (Sirius Black)

Child Abandonment (Harry Potter)

Child Abuse (Harry Potter)

Child Endangerment (Harry Potter & every student at Hogwarts- multiple counts)

Theft (Potter Vaults)

Illegal Blocking of a Magical Core (Harry Potter)

Obviously there's more but I will stop there as I think I've made my point. Along with these charges, I will also be filing against the entire staff at Hogwarts as accessories to these crimes and will have quite a few other names and families to add in at a later date. For those of you who want to scoff and say I am going dark, I have this to say, I am merely claiming what is granted me under the rule of law and in my defense, if all of that had happened to you and your family, wouldn't you be a little upset about it?

Thank You,

Harrison James Peverell


The morning the article came out, Albus made his way leisurely into the Great Hall for breakfast. He was oblivious to the glares that were being cast his way by the students or the scared faces of his staff as they read the paper.

When he sat down and opened his paper, the headline grabbed his attention and he began to read. His anger flared as he flipped through the pages to see every dirty little secret he had being exposed to the world. He then went back to the front page to read the letter Harry had written as he felt a sharp pain in his head and slumped over into his porridge. It took fifteen minutes before a healer could arrive after being summoned from St. Mungos.

When Billy Holston arrived in the Great Hall, he noticed the professors gathered around the Headmaster as he was slumped over the table. He approached and began waving his wand a few times before he said "There's nothing I can do for him, he's already dead. Looks like an aneurism."

He turned to walk back out of the hall when Minerva asked "What about the body?"

"I only treat them; the body is your problem. Not that it matters but I wouldn't have touched that filth anyway." He walked out past a stunned audience.

In Jones Manor, there was a joyful meeting going on with everyone on a high from the last week as well as the release of the letter. Daphne noticed that Harry had maintained a smirk the whole morning and when she asked about it, all he would say was "I wonder what tomorrow's paper will bring."

He got up and held out his hand to Megan and they went outside for a walk before beginning their studies for the day.


Just as Harry predicted, the next morning's headlines shocked the entire country. As soon as he read the headlines "Dumbledore Dead", Harry smiled and went outside. It wasn't long before the rest of the kids walked out to see him standing there talking to the Grim Reaper. As the others shuddered, Megan took off at a quick pace only to hear the end of the conversation.

"Lily asks that you come soon so you won't miss out on the fun."

Harry replied "I'll be there soon, let the others have their fun since they have first claim."

Azrael chuckled "Well there may not be much left. Lily already cut off his bits and shoved them in his mouth. When the others protested, she put them back only to have Padfoot go in for the kill. I imagine they'll finally get around to completely destroying them in a week or two before moving on to something else."

Megan sauntered up and said "Going somewhere love?"

Harry sputtered "Um, yeah…Grandfather was just asking me to come and get in a few shots."

She raised her eyebrows and looked at Azrael. "You have Dumbledore?"

"Of course."

With a gleam in her eye, she turned to Harry and said "We need to move the wedding up. I want my shot too."

Harry laughed and said "Don't worry love; he won't be going anywhere soon."