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Chapter 15

The months started flying by as Megan, Daphne, and Luna started preparing for their OWLS. With Harry, Cedric and Cho beside them the whole way, they quickly mastered their lessons and sat the exams in the first week of December. The wedding was fast approaching but Megan was not the least bit stressed about it as Kathleen and Winky both told her they had everything well in hand and to just enjoy her last days of freedom. The only thing Megan was even concerned about was the secret Harry was keeping about the location of their honeymoon.


Christmas day saw the entire family once again together with the exception of Amelia and Augusta. They decided that things were still too raw between their heirs and the rest of the kids to even attempt bringing them together on such a special holiday. As was agreed to by everyone, no lavish gifts were given as they thought the holiday would be better spent celebrating what they had found with each other only this time, the Greengrass family was hosting the group at their manor. They used the excuse that the Jones manor was being prepared for a wedding and that Kathleen didn't need the added stress of hosting holidays as well but she just sat there with a smile on her face. Let everyone think what they will but Winky and Dobby had prepared everything for their brother and sister.


The next day would find the whole family gathering at Jones Manor for Harry and Megan's wedding. The invitations that had gone out were only sent to members of the 'family' which included Amelia and Augusta, left instructions to dress casually and warm. Once everyone had gathered in the family room, they were led out onto the snow covered grounds by Dobby and deep into the forest where they came across the wedding present that Dobby and Winky had created for the occasion.

The guests were led into a clearing in the forest where the sun was shining brightly through the gap in the trees and down upon the most beautiful chapel they had ever seen. The chapel looked to be made of crystal but that was quickly proven false as it was completely made of ice. As they entered, they were escorted to comfortable seating by the family elves that then did as requested and sat with their families. As they sat there, they looked around at their surroundings and could only marvel at the splendor of the chapel as the sun shone brightly through the ice and gave the whole place a sparkling effect.

Their attention was drawn to another pop as Harry and Dobby appeared. Both were in black pants with long dragon hide boots topped off with loose white tunics. The belts surrounding their waists were sporting the Peverell family crest as the buckle.

Another pop was heard and then Winky made her way down the aisle in a simple white dress. As soon as she took her place and turned to the door, they opened and there stood Megan in a simple white dress like Winky's as she held her father's arm. After a bright smile from Harry, Reggie led Megan down the aisle. Some even found it odd that no music was playing but in a strange way, it just brought more focus to the whole thing.

As they reached the altar, Harry reached out his hand to her and she took it after giving her father a kiss. They stood there looking at each other for a minute before pulling Dobby and Winky into a four way hug.

Even though they spoke softly, every word could be heard. Megan said "It's so beautiful. Thank you so much."

Winky smiled "Nothing but the best for our family."

Harry said "I love you guys. I don't know what we would do without you."

Dobby smiled up at him. "I know how hurt you were because you couldn't give Megan the wedding you felt she deserved."

Megan turned to Harry and said "We talked about that. I told you that I didn't care about that other stuff as long as we were married."

"I know, but you are going to be the Lady of an Ancient and Revered House. I just wanted to marry you as well but every woman should have a wedding fit for a princess. Especially you! If I followed those ideas then the next thing you'll say is that we can go across town and have our honeymoon at a Motel 6."

"Being with you forever is all I care about."

"Me too but, I still want this day to be special for you."

She grabbed him by the shirt and kissed him hard. "It is. Trust me."

The next sound heard was Luna clearing her throat. "Are you two going to get married or are you going to stand there and talk about it all day? I do have pictures to take you know."

Harry chuckled and turned to the family. "Sorry about that. Megan and I have spent a lot of time researching the Peverell family traditions and this wedding is part of that. My family chose a simple wedding such as this without the grandeur and extravagance as they felt a true wedding was the joining of our hearts and not some fancy show. As you just heard, we agree to disagree in this because my Megan has done so much for me; there is nothing I could ever do to make it up to her. (She squeezed his hand and kissed his cheek.) We thank you for coming today to share in our joining and ask that our family oaths be invoked for this ceremony as Peverell family magic will be used to complete the bond."

As they turned back to each other, Azrael appeared in his reaper form but quickly waved his hand so that all could see him as Harry and Megan did. Once he did this, everyone gasped as the spirits of Charlus, Dorea, James, Lily and Sirius appeared in the seats that had been reserved for Harry's family.

Kathleen felt someone beside her and turned to find Mikey sitting there. She let out a large sob as Mikey turned pleadingly to Azrael who once again waved his hand and allowed Mikey to take a more solid form. His arms were quickly around his mother as she cried in happiness. In his soft voice, he said "Cedric, your place is here beside me as you have been there for my sister when I couldn't."

As Cedric moved to the seat, he was quickly hugged by Mikey with him saying 'Thank you' over and over again.

Azrael said "I am only here as the patriarch of the family to witness this joining. There are no words needed from me as only the hearts and souls of these two can work this wondrous magic."

The entire audience was still gaping at the scene before them as Azrael pulled out a dagger and held it out in front of them. As one, both Harry and Megan clasped their right hands around the blade at the tip. Smiling beautifully at Harry, Megan pulled their hands down across the blade until blood was dripping from the hilt of the blade. They kept their hands clasped as Azrael pulled the blade out from between their hands as they stood there staring into each others' eyes with their hands still clasped.

Harry said "Megan, without you, I wouldn't be here now. You are the one who gave me hope against hopelessness and taught me how to love. You are my heart and the one who keeps me anchored to this plane. By sharing our blood, we become one. I am yours and you are mine into eternity."

Megan looked at him with eyes shining. "Harry, you taught me as much as I ever taught you. I never saw my worth until I saw it in your eyes. I didn't know what real love was until you came into my life and I am the better person for it. By sharing our blood, we become one. I am your and you are mine into eternity."

As they leaned forward and kissed, a bright glow surrounded them and continued even after they parted. Everyone could see the tendrils of magic that were linking Megan with every single member of Harry's family until there was a bright flash and the ring of Lady Peverell appeared on her hand.

Azrael placed his hands on both of their shoulders "Welcome to the family granddaughter."

She smiled and gave him a hug. "Thank you grandfather. Especially for…"

"It's the least I could do for family." He said as he gazed at the loving scene between Mikey and the Jones.


Once the spirits faded which was quite a while as they took the time to speak to those who had helped Harry, the entire group was led back to the Manor for the dinner that was to follow. Although most of the older families were well accustomed to the extravagant weddings thrown by their peers, the whole crowd in attendance today said that they had never seen a more simple yet beautiful wedding that was not about putting on a show but were filled with the emotions and love shared by the couple. The girls of the group had even asked Dobby and Winky if the chapel could be recreated when they wed as well.

As the dinner wound down, Harry and Megan said their goodbyes as they left to go on their honeymoon. After they left, Kathleen finally couldn't take it anymore and asked "Daphne, just where was Harry taking my daughter?"

"Welllll, Harry told me as Lady Peverell, she needed to learn the family magic so he took her to officially meet his family."

Kathleen jumped up and screeched "He took her through the Veil?"

Daphne chuckled "Of course he did Aunt Kat, what do you think the blood marriage was all about? She now has the blood of a Peverell flowing through her; she will be protected just as Harry is. He even offered to blood adopt me as his sister but my status as the Heiress of House Greengrass prevents it. Damn shame that."

Reggie chuckled "He told me what he was doing. Megan will get to spend time with Mikey once again. Did you know that as thanks to our family, Azrael sought him out and then took him to live at the Manor with Harry's family?"

Jonathan added "That's not all; he also told Daphne that when our times come, we also will have a place in the Manor as Harry's family."

Amelia sat there for a minute before asking "Do any of you know what the big secret was that Jamie wouldn't tell me?"

Luna replied "That's an easy one Aunt Amelia; Dumbledore's aneurism was not unexpected."

"What? How?"

"I'm surprised you didn't see it yourself as you were there. During that last Wizengamot meeting when Dumbledore was giving Harry such a hard time, he made a gesture at the old fool and set the whole thing up."

She looked blankly at Luna until she said "Wandless magic Auntie. That gesture was Harry casting a clotting spell at Albus' leg. The amazing thing is that there is no evidence and it wouldn't have harmed Albus at all if he hadn't let his blood pressure shoot up."

Reggie threw his head back and started laughing. Everyone looked at him funnily until he calmed down. "Don't you see that Harry even took away his desire to go down in a blaze of glory and be remembered as a great wizard? Instead he died a nobody."

Luna watched Amelia for a minute before saying "Family secrets Auntie. Besides it's not like you didn't want to strangle him either."

Amelia finally chuckled "I guess you're right. It's not like it could be proven anyway. Does he have any plans for the rest of the staff?"

Daphne replied "No, they are already disgraced so we thought that we would get on with our lives and quit worrying about them."

Augusta asked "What about his former friends?"

Cedric replied "We are done with them. Neville and Susan have a chance but it will be entirely up to them."

She nodded "Neville is truly repentant about it and wants nothing more than to be given another chance. He has promises to distance himself from the others and requested that we look into another school for him next year."

Amelia added "Susan is still being Susan. I hope when those pictures come out in the Prophet that it drives home just what she has lost as it was supposed to be Neville and Susan standing there beside him or with him."

Cedric asked "What do you mean?"

Daphne answered "The alliances of the truly old houses were very binding. If Harry had been raised as was intended, it would have more than likely had been him and Susan marrying today. They would have grown up with each other and been around each other enough so that the infamous Potter bond would have formed between them."

Amelia nodded.

Cedric asked "You're from a very old family, how does this stuff affect you?"

Daphne replied "Luckily, our alliances were with Davis and Moon who only had daughters but even then it wouldn't have mattered now anyway."


Jonathan answered "Harry claimed her as his sister. By the old ways, when he did that, whoever courts or asks for her hand not only had to ask me but Harry as well. With his status, he could even overrule me if I said yes."

"So it is just like mine and Megan's situation."

Amos said "Yes and no. Your situation is different because you and Megan literally became brother and sister due to the oath you took to Mikey. In their case, an alliance was formed between Ancient Houses and under the rules governing them, if anything were to happen to Jonathan, it would be Harry's responsibility to take care of House Greengrass and her members."

Cho said "I don't understand."

Daphne smiled "I know it sounds convoluted and you would be right but if Daddy were to die, Harry would in effect be Lord Greengrass until I could produce an heir."

Cedric smiled "So according to the old ways, Harry basically blocked any husband of yours from ever taking control over your house through you."


"Wow, ancient family rules go even deeper than the pureblood ways. How come we aren't taught this? Most of us just assume that the ancient families just think they are better than us."

Daphne smiled "No, we are just trained to protect the family line above anything else. Once a family achieves ancient status, they are mentored by other ancient families in the new set of rules they are subjected to."

Cho asked "Then why are you telling us this now? We don't have that kind of status."

Daphne smirked. "Are you ready to be confused?"

"I guess."

"Harry married Megan. Because of his status and because Uncle Reggie is his proxy, House Jones will be elevated rather quickly. Cedric's connection with Megan along with Amos' being a proxy for Harry will likewise cause House Diggory to be elevated. Your connection with Cedric which we assume is a permanent one (They both blushed.) will see to the elevation of House Chang. As family, Davis and Moon will also have their status advanced."

Cedric asked "So what does all this mean?"

"House Greengrass along with Bones and Longbottom have been charged with mentoring the other families in the ancient house ways as well as helping Harry achieve his full potential."

Cedric asked "What about Luna?"

Luna said "Don't worry about Luna. The Lovegoods have their own secrets which will be revealed in time."


Harry and Megan's first stop on the secret honeymoon plans was at the island that Sirius first escaped to after he left Harry at Hogwarts. They spent a week there just getting used to the idea that they were married at sixteen and while they shared the same bed, they kept the activities to a minimum as both knew they had a year before Megan needed to get pregnant and neither were quite yet ready to take that final step.

There was an old house elf named Porthos who tended to the place and over the course of the week, he was given instructions on what they would like done to the place so that it would become their primary vacation getaway. At the week of the week, it was a reluctant Megan who wrapped her arms around Harry as they left for the next destination on Harry's secret honeymoon.

When they reappeared, it was on the platform holding the Veil in the Department of Mysteries. When he took off her blindfold, she looked up and the archway and asked "Can I really go this time?"

"Are you the true Lady Peverell?"

She smiled "I've got the ring."

"Then I guess we'll just have to find out." With that said, he grabbed her and leapt into the Veil. She screamed all the way through the wormhole until they landed in a tangle of limbs.

"Merlin Harry, you could've killed me."

Harry looked up into her eyes from where she landed on him and laid his head back laughing. She growled out "What's so damn funny?"

When Harry finally stopped laughing, he said "Well the killed comment was just hilarious since we have crossed over."

She gulped as she stared at him wide eyed. "Are we really on the other side? It doesn't look like what I thought heaven would be."

As they got up, Harry said "Well, grandfather explained it to me this way. Heaven or Asgard or whatever you want to call the afterlife is supposed to be a reward for living a good life. According to him, Heaven is different for each person."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, say you are a huge Star Trek fan. To you, traveling around the universe in a space ship may be the perfect way to spend eternity but to the Peverells and Potters, being surrounded by family is the perfect way to live out eternity. Up until recently, it has been my parents and grandparents with the occasional ancestors dropping in that lived in Potter Manor."

"Wait a minute, Potter Manor exists here?"

"Yes and it is a place that you will come to love as much as I do."

"As long as I'm with you I'm sure I will but what has changed recently?"

"Well, Sirius was brought to live amongst them as well as Mikey."

"Mikey is here?"

"Yes Baby, grandfather saw how much our earthly family meant to us and as a reward to them and to us, he has expanded Potter Manor so that whenever they pass over, we won't lose them and we will always have each other. Mum was really excited that she will have more people to hang out with eventually. He hasn't said it but I think it is a way to repay the Potter family for all the crap we were put through."

"Well, if any family deserves it, yours does."

"Ours baby."

She blushed "Well, you know what I mean."

"Well, don't think your time here will be only spent in bed with you trying to have your way with me. Mum already has your education all mapped out and is looking forward to spending time with you."

"Wait a minute, my education? What about my vacation?"

"Oh, you'll get that too, it's just my family doesn't want an ignorant Lady Peverell running around."

She growled at him and he ran off laughing as she chased him. Before she knew it, they were running through trees and came across the family standing in front of a large manor house. Lily said "It's not nice to tease you wife son."

"Aw Mum, what do you call that whole thong thing she pulled on me last year?"

Dorea said "That was to finally get your attention. I've already told you how thick you Potter men are."

Megan finally caught up to him and smacked him on the back of the head.

"Hey, what was that for?"

"Being an ass, what else?"

He looked at his dad and granddad and asked "Isn't there some kind of rule about assault on a Lord?"

Charlus said "I've learned that it's best not to speak of such things. What happens between a man and his wife should remain between them."

Dorea looked at him and said "Good Answer."

Charlus gave Harry a glance and said "Damn right it was."

Mikey ran forward and hugged his sister as the young couple was led into the Manor. They would end up staying for about four years behind the Veil which was about a month in the outside world. When they finally returned, both seemed to have grown closer as well as matured physically. When Kathleen asked why they had come back so soon, Megan simply stated that they had had their time together and now it was time to start their family which was impossible to do on the other side.


Luna held on tightly to the pictures taken at the wedding and offered an exclusive to the Daily Prophet as long as they worked with her and on her and Daphne's timetable. They wanted the release of the article to have the most effect and waited until January 3rd as they knew the students would be traveling on January 2nd.

The post owls on the morning of the third were very few and were quickly overwhelmed by the Prophet's delivery owls that it seemed dropped a copy of the paper in front of every person in the Great Hall and did not even wait for payment before they took to wing once again. The papers were being opened in confusion until they saw the headlines and the picture of Harry and Megan kissing with a bright white glow surrounding them that accompanied it.

Lord Peverell off the Market

By: Daphne Greengrass

Photos By: Luna Lovegood

In a very private ceremony that was only attended by trusted friends and family, Harrison James Peverell married Megan Alexis Jones and took her as his Lady Peverell. For those of you who do not know, House Peverell is of the highest standings in our society as it is classed a Most Ancient and Revered House. The only other houses that share this classification are the Houses of Emrys, Le Fey, and the four Founders.

The couple chose a simple and private ceremony instead of a lavish affair in following the traditions of the Peverell family. When asked about it Lady Peverell simple said:

"Most girls, and I was one of them, dream about the fairy tale wedding where the bride is turned into a princess for the day. Sadly for most brides, that day is the only day that she feels like a princess. However, I just married the love of my life that treats me like a princess every day. The ceremony may have been simple but it joined us eternally and in that respect, I got the fairy tale and the happily every after."

When I asked Lord Peverell, he merely said:

"My wife (Here Lord Peverell paused to smile for a minute.) sorry about that…My wife may say she is the lucky one but it is me who is truly blessed to have such a beautiful lady at my side who loves me for me, faults and all, and asks nothing in return than to share her life with her. It has always been my deepest desire to have someone in my life that truly returns the love I give to her."

The trusted friends and family of Lord and Lady Peverell wish them the best and all our love as they start the journey of their shared lives.

For more exclusive photos, see page 2.

A deathly silence fell across the hall as everyone took in every bit of the article. The silence was soon broken by sobs as Hermione ran out of the hall. As Neville turned the page on his paper, he deflated as he saw the picture of Harry and Megan with Augusta and Amelia. He remembered the day after Christmas when Augusta said she had some business and left him home alone for several hours. It was also a further reminder of how bad he had broke tradition as a Longbottom male had always stood with a Potter male at their wedding. Susan's face also became pale when she saw the picture. It was a great insult to not even be invited to a wedding of an allied house. It was then that she realized what she had done and how House Bones was now at risk due to her actions. She silently prayed that her Aunt Amelia had a lot of years ahead of her because as soon as she was gone, House Bones would begin to wither and die.

At the head table, the staff was very quiet. It was customary and tradition that one's head of house at Hogwarts was invited to a wedding of their former charges. Minerva sat there stoically as she had just received a slap in the face but it wasn't as if she didn't expect it. With the loss of Albus and his influence on her, her eyes were beginning to finally open to the extent that she had wronged the Potter family. On the other end of the table, Pomona Sprout had tears running down her cheeks as the truth of her actions hit home and how she was no longer welcome amongst two families that she had once been close to.

While the Hufflepuff table was saddened at their exclusion, the Gryffindor table was mortified. They had the entire term to think about the words spoken at the opening feast and every single thing said had come to pass. The Quidditch team imploded and had not won a single match so far this year. The loss of Harry from the team and in the house had seen their stars falling rapidly and proven to them that old phrase of reaping what you sow. They were even lagging far behind in the house cup due to the change in Hermione Granger and how she hardly ever spoke aloud in class or helped her housemates with their studies.

The entire Great Hall was startled when Ronald Weasley finally pulled his face out of his plate and paid attention to the paper in front of him. As he was the picture and read the article, he yelled out "Bloody Hell! You'd think the stupid git would at least invite his best mate to his wedding."

As the rest of the hall stared at him in disbelief, Ginny and the twins all exchanged a look. With a nod, they did a three count of rock/ paper/ scissors and then exposed their hands. Ginny quietly stood and walked over behind Ron. She quietly said "Ron?"

As he turned to look at her, her fist connected with his jaw as she laid him out on the floor. When he looked up at her rubbing his jaw, he asked "What the hell was that for?"

"Because you started this whole thing which led to Harry cutting ties with our whole family."


When they returned after their honeymoon, they learned that the large tract of land that ran between the Jones and the Diggory estates was owned by the Black family. It took them all of three days to find a suitable spot for their home and contact the designers and builders. Once it was completed, Harry personally warded the property against unwelcome guests. Peverell Hall was built on a rather large scale to accommodate the rather large family he and Megan wanted as well as enough room for any of the extended family to feel welcome and not like they were in the way. For most of the pureblood families, the size of the manor was used to show status but in this case, no one would ever see the Hall except for family.

Peverell Hall became the center point of the family as Luna, Daphne, Cedric, and Cho made their home with Harry and Megan and Dobby and Winky. Their other house guests included Fleur who maintained a room there since they stayed over several nights a week and Poppy who had a permanent room but was using her first free time in years to visit family. By the end of August, the NEWTs were done and the kids were on their way back to the island for a nice relaxing vacation.

Harry and Cedric were in heaven as they were now surrounded by five beautiful topless girls thank to Luna and Fleur. By the time they arrived back in England with nice dark tans and no visible tan lines above the waist, Cedric had asked Cho for her hand and she had accepted. The other big news, which was confirmed by Poppy, was that Harry and Megan were expecting their first child.


Harry's desire for privacy along with his refusing to allow anyone in the Hall except for family, led to them having to conduct business away from home. It was one such occasion where Harry finally decided to honor Arthur's request for a meeting led Harry to take drastic action.

The meeting in question was to be held in a private room in the Leaky Cauldron with just Harry, Megan, and Arthur in attendance. In Arthur's exuberance at finally getting to speak with Harry, he couldn't keep his mouth shut and told his family over dinner. Between Molly and the kids, everyone soon knew exactly where Harry would be at a given time and when they arrived, the crowd pressed in on them. With her emotions being all over the place due to her pregnancy, Megan panicked and gripped Harry tightly. His concern over her outweighed anything else and with a quick glare to Arthur, he popped them both back to Peverell Hall. As the crowd began to disperse, Hedwig flew through a window and dropped a letter in front of Arthur. As he picked it up, it turned into a howler and said:

Arthur Weasley,

You are well aware of my desire for privacy. Thanks to your actions today, I have had to call a healer to tend to my wife as my attempts to calm her down have failed. My only course of action at this point is to treat today's incident as a failed attack on my house as you have just reaffirmed that your house cannot be trusted. Any further attempts to contact me will see this incident being turned over to the DMLE for a full investigation.

Lord Harrison James Peverell

The incident fueled Harry's paranoia to the point that his protective nature kicked in. His desire for privacy and safety for his family would last until Megan and Daphne could once again rein him in but not until he had plans in the works. At the weekly family meeting, Harry stood in front of the family and told them that due to recent events, his floo would be secured once again.

With tears in her eyes, Kathleen asked "WHY?"

Harry took her hand and said "I'm sorry but that whole thing that happened with Arthur was too much. We can't go anywhere in public without being mobbed. If not that then you have the problem of me being loved and hated for taking down Dumbledore and Voldemort not to mention our former classmates constantly begging to renew our friendship. I have to be on guard everywhere we go and home is the only place I can feel comfortable."

Celeste asked "But why shut us out?"

Harry sighed "I'm not shutting you out. I'm shutting out anyone else who comes in your house."

Amos asked "What does that mean?"

"Uncle Amos, do you conduct business at your house?"

"You know I do."

Harry looked around at all the Lords. "Do you sometimes meet with people we don't trust?"

Jonathan answered "You know we do."

"Have you ever thought about with the relaxed security we have on the floos between our houses that if someone makes it in the door to one of the houses, then he might as well be in each and every house. I'm sorry but I won't take that chance with Megan and our children."

Lord Moon said "You do have a valid point."

Lady Moon stood and said "Well, I agree with what you are saying but we like the way things are and want to keep it that way. Do you know how often we drift from house to house over the course of a day?"

Harry replied "Yes Ma'am I do. I cherish the closeness we have but until you close your manors to outsiders, I won't take the chance."

Reggie said "Harry, I know how badly that incident affected you and I understand your desire to keep Megan safe. Hell, I agree with you but if you do this, then our wives will make our lives hell for it."

Kathleen smiled "Oh wonderful Reg, you have finally learned something"

Everyone in the room laughed at Reggie's expense until Kathleen said "Ok son, you've proved your point. What do you want?"

Harry looked at her and said "You wound me mother."

"Can it Harry. We've all learned to accept your quirks just as you have ours but I know you well enough to know that you have an ulterior motive here."

Megan spoke up. "Too bad love, even Mum has figured you out."

Harry laughed "Yeah I guess she has. As you know, it is always about me and my fear that someone will use you to get to me or worse Megan and our children. Before you say anything, even I know better than to mess with Megan when she's mad or being protective but in her current state, she is vulnerable and I love her too much to let anything happen to her."

Daphne chuckled "Just get on with it and quit trying to gain everyone's sympathy."

Harry smiled at her. "I won't secure my floo if you will start conducting meetings somewhere else besides you home."

Justine said "But we've always held meetings at the seat of power for the family."

Harry raised his eyebrow and looked at Daphne. "Mum, I'll agree with you to a point but I'm with Harry on this. Even though they spouted a pureblood agenda, the Death Eaters still broke tradition and attacked families in their homes. Our houses aren't the seat of power; the Heads themselves are that power."

Jonathan said "Well said daughter. Now, if you would be so kind as to let us old folks in on the plan you have so obviously cooked up."

Harry asked "As most of you know, real estate is a valuable commodity and can be a huge asset to your portfolios."

Lord Davis asked "What does that have to do with you shutting down your floo?"

"Are any of you familiar with Odds Alley?"

Reggie answered "Yeah, it was a failed business attempt by several of the darker families many years ago. It was intended to be the magical version of Las Vegas until Voldemort's last rise and things fell apart."

Harry nodded. "Where do you think those families got the capital to stake their claim? It just so happens that the Black family held all the deeds for Odds Alley and now it belongs to yours truly."

Jonathan snorted "What good is a bunch of run down and collapsing buildings?"

Daphne answered "Oh not much. But what if the family went in and tore down said buildings and built offices in their place."

Lord Moon asked "And this would be where we conducted business from now on?"

Harry smiled "Yes, imagine the Grey Conglomerate building a series of secure office building along the new Park Alley or maybe even Legal Alley that would be marketed to the Lords and Ladies as a place where they can conduct business and have meetings that would be safe and secure."

Jonathan said "I'm in but Grey Conglomerate?"

Harry laughed "Fine, name it whatever you want but you try to find something that doesn't sound idiotic when you try to come up with something using our names."

Jonathan chuckled. "Point taken."

Reggie asked "How do you intend to cover the cost of the warding so that your claim of safety in a reality? With what you are suggesting, warding that many buildings will cost as much as construction."

Megan stood and grabbed Harry's hand. She looked up at him and asked "Can I?"

He smiled and nodded. After a quick kiss to his cheek, she said "It will be the first job for the newly reestablished Potter Warding LLC."

Reggie asked "You're going public?"

Megan grinned "As if Daddy, Potter Warding only does business with people we like. There's a reason Limited is in the name."

Lord Davis asked "What kind of wards will you be using?"

Harry said "Most are family designs but I can tell you that a team of curse breakers for Gringotts couldn't get in unless they were invited. Once you are invited in, the moment you leave, your access is removed and that's only if you can get through the intent based wards."

Jean said "Intent based wards are a myth."

"Not anymore."

Jean said "I'm in if only to see the wards in action."

Justine asked "How will the offices be set up?"

"I thought two floors with six offices upstairs surrounding a reception area and a lounge. Downstairs will be spilt in two with a law office on either side."

Jonathan asked "Do you know who will be in our building?"

"The Tonks Law Firm because they are family and some friends of Daphne. What was their name sis?"

Daphne's monotone reply was "Screwem, Goode, and Rollem."

Jonathan said "Good choices. The Tonks are excellent in real estate law and let's just say the other firm will be good for what ever else comes along. I'd suggest we put them on retainer now."

By the end of the discussion, everyone was convinced and saw it as a great opportunity even though they grumbled at Harry for trying to manipulate them into doing it. Harry's only response was to hug Daphne and tell them he learned for the best.


By the end of the year, the Legal Alley project was well underway and their attention turned to the future. Megan and Harry were in the office they shared in the Hall going over the different investments and the proposals that both banks were offering them. Splayed out on the table in front of them were various financial publications as well as research into several companies. It wasn't long before Daphne and Luna gravitated to where they were and then not long followed by Cedric and Cho. As they all went over the material, each one had a different insight into how things could go and by the end of the night, a challenge was placed on an initial investment of fifty thousand galleons to see who could make the best return.

Cedric and Luna deflated at the amount which was noted by Harry and Megan. They gave each other look followed by a nod from Harry. Megan said "Ced and Luna, you are covered."

"Huh?" was said twice.

Harry laughed "We'll front the money for you to get started."

Cedric said "But Harry?"

"No buts. Just think of it as an early wedding present."

"What about me?"

Megan laughed "Luna, we'll gladly front you the money as well even though you will probably kick all our tails."

Luna smiled and said "Dang straight I will and thank you."


The challenge turned into much more as the adults, including the ladies got drawn in to the competition. It may have seemed weird to others but this family thrived on challenges. The first year had been spent keeping Harry alive as they worked to take down two dark lords and keep Harry's houses from being taken over. The next year was spent completing educations while the adults worked to change laws and get support for their ideas. With the two dark idiots having been dealt with as well as things progressing nicely in the Wizengamot, the family was growing bored and all they had to look forward to at the moment was the birth of Harry and Megan's first child.

The new family challenge as well as family fun time became a game of monopoly but on a global scale. It was not an attempt to take over the world financially and the adults could see what Harry and Megan were doing. Harry was lucky in that he inherited a rather large fortune. Since Megan was his wife, she was taken care of as well even though she would have the Jones estate that would be hers to manage one day until an heir could take control. They knew that Daphne would one day take over the Greengrass businesses but they worried about Cedric and Cho as well as Luna. Their greatest desire was to see them become financially independent on their own and this game was the way to make it happen without making it seem like charity.

Once the games had begun, a lot of money was invested in Legal Alley and it was looking like the return would be good. The fact that Harry warded the buildings in exchange for a lifetime lease on an office only made the venture more profitable. Harry used the results his mother had gotten to steer the others into the muggle stock market and helped them do the research to improve their holdings. The first major gain most of them saw was a year later when Legal Alley officially opened and they saw money coming back in instead of going out. Although it was never vocalized, it was Harry and Daphne in her position as the Greengrass heiress who took a majority of the risk on the venture. It was their hope that if this venture paid off, their next would be a magical shopping mall in yet another abandoned alley.

As profits began so climb, the game became the main topic of the family when they were all together. It even got to the point where the game was interfering with regular business during family meetings and it was decided that two meetings would be held each week, one for the game and one for family business. Harry and Megan often laughed at how their attempt to subtlety help Cedric and Cho turned into so much more.


Once Peverell children started making regular appearances as well as Cho being pregnant with their first child, Daphne and Luna's biological clocks started ticking as their love for Harry and Megan's children ignited the desire to start their own families.

This is where the living situation was found most appealing as the group was always there in support of each other. Both Harry and Megan spent many late nights holding a crying Daphne or Luna as yet another relationship would fail to measure up. Eventually, Daphne would find a man who she thought she could build a life with and took the chance. She eventually moved to her own flat above Diagon Alley and began to see Ernie MacMillan seriously. Ernie had evidently grown up a lot since school and had pulled out all the stops to win Daphne's heart. He had even passed Harry and Jonathan's approval which allowed the relationship to progress further as well as earned Ernie an invitation to dinner at Peverell Hall. By the time she was twenty one, Daphne was engaged and looking forward to starting her own family.

Within two months after the wedding, she was overjoyed when she found out she was pregnant. Nine months later, her son was born and that's when things started falling apart. As Ernie was from a house of lower rank, the first male child would always be a Greengrass. Ernie assumed since he and she had produced the male heir to the line that he would assume the title of Lord Greengrass from Jonathan at some point. When he was informed differently, he lost control and started beating Daphne. Her immediate reaction was to grab her baby and escape to Peverell Hall where she was protected, loved, and consoled by Harry and Megan. At that point, the only thing that kept Ernie alive was Daphne curled up in Harry's lap as he comforted her and her telling him to leave it be for now.

Ernie knew that Daphne had a meeting with business associates every Wednesday afternoon at three so he lay in wait for her several weeks later. He had been watching every week since she left and she always appeared with Harry. When she appeared this time without him, Ernie pulled her into an alley and once again started beating her demanding the return of his son. Unfortunately for Daphne, Harry was supposed to attend the meeting with her but had been delayed by a few minutes. Thirty minutes late for the meeting, Harry was hurrying through the Alley when he heard muffled cries. As he followed the sounds, he came across the beaten body of Daphne lying in a pool of her own blood.

His first reaction was to scoop her up and apparate straight to St. Mungo's. As soon as he had her under a healer's care, he contacted the entire family. Harry sat at her side with her bruised and bloody hand in his as she was being worked on. Even though he had been asked to leave several times by the staff, Harry refused and with the look in his eye, none of the healers were willing to risk trying to force him out of the room even when they started removing her clothes. As he sat there looking at the broken and bloody body of his beloved sister, he heard the faint sob of 'no Ernie, stop'. It was enough to tell him all he needed to know and he sat there anxiously awaiting more members of the family in a rage he hasn't felt in years.

As soon as they arrived, Harry filled them in on the situation as Justine took Harry's place by Daphne's bedside. As he started towards the door, Megan stepped in front of him with and asked "May I ask what you are doing husband?"

"Ernie is going to pay. I'm declaring vendetta for harming my sister."

She looked at him and rubbed her belly. "James and baby number two will need their daddy. Not to mention you promised me as many as I wanted so don't get yourself killed. He's a sneaky prick."

He nodded to her as Dobby appeared and handed him his cloak. "Gonna go hunting without me?"


"How's Daph?"

"Not too good right now but she'll be okay."

"Winky's got the babies."

Harry nodded as Dobby grabbed his arm. As one they appeared in the middle of Diagon Alley in their House of Death personas and stretched out their senses. Harry found him quickly "The prick went back to her flat."

They popped into the flat just behind Ernie who was keeping watch out the door. Harry moved silently forward and said 'BOO' in his ear making Ernie soil his shorts. Dobby immediately bound him and stuck him on a chair as Harry sat down across from him.

In a low voice, Harry said "What am I going to do with you Ernie? Don't you know how dangerous it is to attack a family member of the House of Death?"

He stuttered out "She's not a member of that family. She's a Greengrass."

"She also has a brother not of her blood."

Ernie blustered out. "Potter isn't anything special. That's why he hides out in his manor all the time."

Harry chuckled "My you really played your part well. You're nothing more than a low life scum trying to cash in on the daughter of a wealthy house. I have to admit you had Jonathan and I fooled."

"What do you mean?"

Harry pulled down his hood and stared him straight in the eyes. As Ernie saw Harry Potter appear, he soiled himself again. "No one hurts a member of my family! I think it would be best if your marriage ended and you disappeared."

"I'm not going anywhere. You know the law. Magical marriage is for life."

Harry laughed. "That's assuming you are alive. No, I think Daphne will be free of you real soon and just for kicks, I'll blood adopt baby Julian and forever end your connection to him."

"You can't do that!"

"You keep telling yourself that."

Harry pulled his hood back up and stood as Dobby went around behind Ernie and lifted him to his feet. His nose scrunched up and he made a face. "Harry, granddad's not going to like this. He's shat all over himself."

Harry chuckled. "That seems about right. I had hoped he had changed but I guess he's just the same old whiny little prick he always was."

With a nod, all three disappeared and appeared before the arch. As soon as they appeared, Amelia and Croaker were in front of them.

Amelia said "I heard there was trouble. What are you doing Harry?"

"I'm taking care of my own Auntie. By the old ways, I claim vendetta against this thing for hurting my sister. I will see justice done."

"Then let us try him in the courts. We can get justice there."

"I have no doubt of that Auntie but that would still leave this bog roll married to my sister and I'm not going to allow that."

She looked at him for a minute before finally saying "I understand and you have the right by law. I'll see you tonight."

Harry kissed her cheek. "This is yet another one of those times when we will agree to disagree."

With a glint in her eye, she replied "Oh, I don't disagree with you harry. I just felt required to offer the alternative. Take the trash out so that you can return to your family."

"Yes Ma'am."

Ernie screamed as they stepped towards the Veil. "You can't do this. There are laws."

Harry rewarded him with a deep laugh. "Weren't you one of the ones who said that I had no concern for the rules? Hmm…I guess you were right after all. When it comes to my family, there are no laws that can protect you when you harm one of them."

Harry and Dobby both grabbed an arm and stepped through the Veil. When they arrived, they were met by Azrael who asked "What did he do?"

Dobby replied "He beat Daphne almost to death."

"Yes I had a notice about her but I refused the pickup."

"You can do that?"

"Not very often."

Harry bowed and said "Thank you grandfather."

Azrael grabbed Ernie's arm and led him away as Harry and Dobby stepped back through and immediately popped back to the hospital wing. Daphne's eyes blinked open and saw how Harry was dressed. With a slight smile, she fell back asleep.

When Jonathan saw him, he asked "Did you?"

Harry could only say "I'm sorry to say that Daphne's marriage is over."



The incident with Daphne forever turned her against men. It took time but she eventually healed from her physical injuries which left scars on her face and across her body. Her emotional trauma went much deeper and it was only her father and Harry who would ever be allowed to touch her again. The incident also had a profound effect on Luna. For a girl who was always so open and loving, she chose to never date again. Harry, Cedric, and Uncle Reggie's were the only male arms she would ever take comfort in.


There are many things kept hidden among the old families and none more so than this extended one. The fact that Daphne went on to have two more children who shared her raven hair but surprisingly had blue-green eyes was never spoken about as wasn't Luna's two daughters who had their mother's blond hair but had mesmerizing silver-green eyes. It was rumored that Harry was the father and when they were seen in public, he treated all of the children as his own but as of this point, he had not claimed them officially and nobody was about to comment on it.


The betrayers all went along with their lives only without Harry in it. For the twins, they would have an exciting career in creating pranks but they had never gotten their break from Harry so ended up working for Zonko's Joke Shop for many years.

Ginny, Ron, and the chasers would try for years to get positions on professional Quidditch teams before finally giving it up as a lost cause. Cho's prediction had been right and they were effectively black balled from ever finding the fame they once had when Harry was in their life. All would end up in menial jobs trying to eke out a living.

Harry sat down with Mr. Bell one day and released the Bell's from the contracts. James had always thought of him as a brother and under advisement of James and Charlus, Harry had cancelled their debt to the Potter family. At first the family was overjoyed until Harry cancelled the retainer that they were held under stating that he would never feel like he could trust them to represent him after Katie's actions.

Neville and Susan were eventually allowed conditional access to the family in the attempt to give them a chance. Neville eventually worked himself to the point where he could work with the group but he was never considered an insider. Susan on the other hand never allowed her thoughts to sink in after reading the article about Harry's wedding. She constantly allowed her mouth to work more often than her brain and upon Amelia's death; House Bones was released from the alliance. It took her years to finally realize the error of her ways but by that time, it was too late and House Bones was a pale imitation of a once powerful house.

Hermione Granger disappeared after fifth year and her OWLs. According to sources, her parents still resided in Crawley but news of her disappeared right after she left Hogwarts. No one cared enough about her to try and find her.

If Hogwarts' reputation wasn't in tatters from the time Harry left in his fifth year, it was completely destroyed when Harry and Megan refused to allow their first born son to attend when he turned eleven. It was when Minerva McGonagall brought the issue in front of the Wizengamot that she realized she had gone too far and in her arrogance was acting like Albus.

It was five minutes later when the doors flew open and Harry along with Megan, Daphne, and Luna stepped into the chamber. Harry spoke loudly "So you have a problem with my choice in educating MY son and are appealing to these good people to try and force MY son to attend your retched school?"

"It is the law."

Harry chuckled "Yes the law. Hmm…so I guess that a fully qualified group of Witches and Wizards who probably know more about magic than anyone on your staff are incapable of teaching OUR own children about magic. Well, in that case, I propose that the Wizengamot vote to place Hogwarts fully under the Ministry's control as it is the only way I will allow MY children to ever attend."

"You can't do that. The charter states that Hogwarts has autonomous authority in the education of all Wizards and Witches in England."

"Can it Minerva. The charter actually states that Hogwarts has that for all magicals. You have been violating the charter for years. Not that any of the other magical races would ever send their children to that school. Is it not enough that the standards at Hogwarts have steadily dropped over the years? I mean, your master Albus allowed the standards to drop during his time and you had the opportunity to set things right but instead, you followed your dead and disgraced master's plans."

"Albus was a great man."

Megan said "Yeah, he was so great he allowed the heir of an Ancient House to be abused for years as you and the staff turned a blind eye and in some cases, actually supported him."

Minerva sputtered.

Harry finally said "In accordance with the charter, I hearby revoke my families' association with the school of Hogwarts and cast my two votes to revoke the charter."

"You can't do that. Beside it takes a three quarters majority for it to pass. If that were not enough, I cast my vote as the holder of Hufflepuff's seat to remain open. You can remove your association all you want but the school will remain open."

Harry stood there and smirked at her. She was growing agitated until Luna said "As the heir to Ravenclaw, I also revoke my family's association with the school and cast my vote that charter be revoked."

Susan Bones stood and said "You cannot do that. Where will our children go to school?"

Harry turned to her and said "That's not really my problem but anything has got to be better than Hogwarts,"

As years passed, Harry never did take up his seats as he preferred to stay in the background and only make appearances when necessary. When the Lords started retiring, he passed all of his proxies to Megan, Daphne, and Cedric as he preferred spending his time with Cho and Luna in raising the children and teaching them all about magic and life. By the time he and Megan decided to stop, they had a male heir for the Peverell, Jones, Potter, and Black lines with a couple of girls thrown in to add to the collection.

On the day that Julian turned seventeen, Daphne reminded everyone of why she was called the Ice Queen. With her son in tow, she went into Gringotts and stripped the Macmillan family of all titles, money and property. While she was thankful for what Harry had done for her, it was her own way of getting her revenge against her ex-husband.