Chapter 1: Graduation Goodbyes

The school year is about to endfor east high. Troy, Gabriella , Sharpay, Ryan, Taylor, Chad and Chelsea are excited to transfer to Barden University. Except for Chad.

Troy's POV:
I am so excited to transfer. But my buddy Chad' s going somewhere else.

"Hey dude"

Someone called me from the back. It was my best friend Chad Danforth

" Hey" I replied

I acted that I am happy but for real I am really upset about Chad being separated from us.

Chad's POV :
I'm going to miss Troy, he's my best bud but I can't turn my back on basketball. I guess its time to say goodbye.

" Goodbye bro, see you this springbreak."
" Bye, have a safe trip" he replied

Gabriella's POV:
I am so excited. We're gonna use my van to go to Barden University. Poor Troy, he's really going to miss Chad. I will go to him and comfort him

"You okay?" I said as I approach him.
"Yeah, I'm fine" he said sadly.
" Its time to go" I said.

Ryan started the van and we are ready to go.

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