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Chapter One

He grins at me, legs bent ready to attack. His face is covered in dry blood and sweat. I would almost find him attractive if I didn't know what he was; a vampire.

I can see why women are easy prey for him, no doubt they throw themselves at him. He has everything a woman looks for in a man, power, masculinity and sex.

His green eyes pierce mine, he gives me one of the coldest stares I'd ever come across.

Damn, if looks could kill.

It will be fun to kill this one. Fun to see the last bit of life he has left leave his eyes, well that's if you'd class a vampire as a living thing, they are technically already dead.

He's built well, his skin pale yet smooth, I am close now, a lot closer than I need to be. I see the switch in his eyes, he is getting ready to attack. You tend to pick up on these things when you've killed over a hundred Vampires, their eyes turn a darker shade, and their mouths curl up into a smile, a predatory smile that screams 'I'm coming to get you'.

He proves my theory as he charges for me, but I'm ready for him. I crouch low so I miss his blow by a mere second, he stumbles around, eyes wide as he searches for me.

This will be easy. Way too easy.

I kick his knees with all the force I can muster from behind. He falls forward, and I hear bones crack. Not one to miss a chance, I climb on top of him, and hold him down with my legs on his broken kneecaps. He cries out in agony and I can't help but return his glare with a satisfied smile.

Who's grinning now bitch?

I had injected him earlier with a serum that pretty much turns vampires into humans, they don't actually become humans, but for around an hour or so they become weak, slow, and bleed just like the rest of us. The serum is probably the only thing that makes it possible for us hunters to take down vampires, otherwise they can take us out within minutes.

It is all about timing. If you get the timing right you can take out a vampire within seconds. If you get it wrong, you're dead.

"Vampires are getting sloppy nowadays, huh?"

He lets out a maniac laugh, and spits in my face, I wipe it off and look down at my dirty hand, his spit had been a mixture of his saliva and his blood. I watch his face twist into a smile, he knows how to piss a person off, that's for sure.

"Well that wasn't the answer I was looking for, any last words?"

I pick up my knife ready to slash his throat, and watch him choke on his blood.

"You think I don't know who you are?"

I don't know if he is trying to buy himself time or if he really does just know of me, either way I'm intrigued.

I stay quiet knowing he will enlighten me anyway.

"You're the one they talk about, Isabella Swan, half vampire, half human. You turned your back on your own people, I wasn't sure if it was you, but now I am. You move just like us, only slower, which means you're not drinking enough blood."

"I'm nothing like you and those other bloodsuckers, either way, it's nice to know I have such a big fan base in the vampire community. You guys really do make me feel so welcome."

"Oh Isabella if only you knew the half of it, we vampires pride ourselves in being what we are. Stronger, faster, fitter, we are everything humans wish to be."

"You're an abomination, this world was made for humans, and humans only, and don't call me that."

"What Isabella? But that's your na-"

"My names Bella."

Before he has a chance to finish off his sentence I run my blade across his neck, killing him instantly.

The serum had begun to wear off and I could feel him becoming stronger. His conversation had distracted me, and I shouldn't have engaged in it with him, I can't afford to be sloppy. Sloppy meant dead.

Satisfied that he's now dead, I roll of off him and crawl over to the nearest wall. I'm in need of support. I use up the last bit of energy I have left and take off my leather jacket and use my teeth to rip through my bloodstained t-shirt. He got me good; he'd slashed through the flesh just under my breast, going about a milliimetre deep. It will probably leave a scar.

I pull out my cell phone and dial for Jacob. He answers on the second ring.

"Jake? It's me Bella. I got him, were at the warehouse on 4th Avenue. Send a cleanup team."

Next thing I know I black out.

I wake up and my body feels stiff, like I hadn't moved in a few days. I open my eyes and look around at the bright lit room I'm in, the machines are beeping in a rhythm that sounds right, the shiny white tiled floor looks spotless and the natural light from the sun pours through the windows and blinds me.

Pain shoots through the left side of my body as I pull myself up so that my back is resting against the headboard of the hospital bed. I groan out loud, and put my hand to my head as the headache hits in.

"Still in pain then, I see?"

I look over to where I hear the familiar male voice. At first I see his body, he doesn't have a t-shirt on so I really can see everything; his tanned skin, his tight muscled arms and the trail of hair on his near perfect torso that disappears underneath his jogging bottoms.

I hear him cough and realise my stare must have lingered a second too long, I look up and study his face; his brown eyes framed by unusually long eyelashes for a guy, his straight nose and strong jaw. His mouth, his sensual looking mouth, he has a cheesy grin on his face so I can see his pearly whites, every tooth is straight.

Oh God am I really analysing his teeth?

He steps forward and looks at me warily.

"Jake, why are you topless?"

It's not that I have anything to complain about, but I need to distract myself from looking at him, and him coming closer to me is not going to help.

"Thank God, I thought you'd lost your memory when you didn't reply, and with the way you were staring at me?"

He grins and looks down.

Great, so he had realised I was ogling him from head to toe.

"Yeah, well you startled me. You didn't answer me though. Why are you topless?"

"Like you even mind? But I've just come from training with Seth and I thought I'd stop by to see if you had made any changes in your health, which you obviously have."

I ignore his first couple of words on purpose.

"Oh... how long have I been out for this time?"

I secretly hope that he says a couple days, any more and it will be too long.

"About five days now, it would have been shorter if you didn't start attacking my men when they brought you in, you only injured yourself more by doing that."

Attacking his men? Ah yes, it all comes back to me now, they had tried to drug me when they were bringing me over from the warehouse, knowing the drugs would keep me out for a week or more, I fought them off.

"Yeah, well I don't appreciate trying to be drugged."

"It was for your own good and anyway, we ended up not drugging you, your supernatural abilities took care of the healing process, but it seems you're still a little sore. Let me take a look at your wound."

The reminder of not being fully human brought up memories I don't like to think about.

My dad was a vampire, he met my mom, they fell in love and out popped baby Bella. I had known all about vampires and grew up eating normal food, but drinking blood, it all had to be balanced in order to work.

When I was twelve my parents were killed by vampires, I didn't know who killed them or why it was done. I just remember coming home after a friends sleepover one morning to find my parents lying motionless on our living room floor, with their necks ripped open. I vowed revenge on their killers ever since.

I was thrown from foster home to foster home untill I was eighteen. I left the family I was with and moved into my own place, it wasn't much, wasn't much at all. But I wasn't expecting anything fancy, the only money I had was money I had saved up over the previous six years.

I got a job at a local nightclub to help pay the bills and managed to scrape by for a couple of months. But it turned out the owner of where I was staying, was running an illegal slave trade in the rooms situated beneath the rooms he had let out. He had lost rights to the block of flats, and everyone was kicked out.

I was thrown to the streets for about a week before I met Jake.

He was a regular at the club, I'd noticed him before. He was hard not to notice, he was good-looking and girls always flocked around him, desperately trying to grab his attention, he always seemed so bored. He probably was; girls threw themselves at him everyday because he had money and looks. I know I'd get sick of it after abit if I was a man.

Turned out he was a Vampire Hunter, and he ran his own institute where he trained young hunters. His team consisted of eleven trainees, seven official Vampire Hunters, two computer geeks and three doctors.

I had actually been his target after he'd realised I was a vampire, he had set out to kill me but soon enough learnt that I was only half vampire and that I didn't drink human blood anymore. It had been hard at first to stop drinking but I refused to be what my parents killers were, and now after all these years the thought of drinking blood disgusted me.

Jake was wary at first but after I'd saved his life one night, we became fast friends and he'd invited me to be apart of his team.

I accepted his offer knowing it would help me find out who killed my parents.

I'm brought back to reality as I feel Jacobs hand on my stomach; he runs his finger across the newly faded scar that ran from just under my breast to around the middle of my stomach. I feel like electricity is being sent from his fingertips to my skin. It's like this every time Jake and I touch. I don't know if he felt it too, I doubt he does.

We've known each other for four years and not once has he ever inclined that he looks at me as more than a friend. The amount of times I dream that he will one day wake up and declare his undying love for me is unaccountable.

"Everything seems fine, you healed up nicely. Looks like you'll be back at your flat by the end of the day."

"Great. Any more leads on my parents investigation?"

Jake sighs and lets out a breath. He scrunches up his eyebrows and stares at me for a few seconds. Something is wrong, I can feel it.

"What is it? Jacob, what's happened?! Tell me."

"We've found a lead."

My heart leaps. He has just said the words I have been wanting to hear everyday for the past ten years. Everything I'm doing is for my parents. Every kill I make, is for them. Finally we have gotten somewhere.

"What's the lead?"

Jake doesn't reply as he pretends to busy himself with the machines. I swing my legs over the edge of the hospital bed.

Fuck. Shouldn't have done that.

I ignore the growing pain under my breast and try to get his attention.

"Jacob?! Tell me? What's the lead?"

I pull his arm away from the machines and pull him so that he is a couple of centimetres in front of me.

"The Brotherhood. We've found their base."

He looks at me while he whispers the last words, probably to make sure I'm still breathing. My whole four years with Jacob means he knows everything about me, he knows about my troubled childhood, and about my parents deaths.

He had promised to help me find the killers and over the years we have come up with one name. Dominic Frett.

We're pretty sure he is the one who ordered the hit on my parents, and we also know he frequently has business with the Brotherhood.

The only thing that stops me from killing Dominic is the fact that I have no idea where he is. By infiltrating the Brotherhood I can wait till business with Dominic comes up again and then kill him. My next problem is not knowing anything about the Brotherhood. No names, no pictures, no addresses. Just the simple fact that there are seven brothers, all original vampires that live here in Seattle.

The worst thing is, I could pass one of them in the street and not even know. After living for so many years you learn to mask who you really are.

"They might know something Jake. What's the address? I think it's time we put our plan in motion.''

I try to keep my voice level normal but I know it will falter, talking about my parents always makes me uneasy, and now that we had found a lead on their case, it turns me into a wreck.

"Ah, Bella. It's too dangerous, we can't just go and infiltrate their base camp. These are the originals we're talking about here. They're not just some random vampires we encounter in an alley, these guys are the hardcore guys. If they found out you were a Hunter they'd kill you straight away."

I look up into Jacobs dark eyes and silently plead with him, hoping there is a way. If he doesn't have a way I will find one myself.

"You know I have to do something, anything God help me!"

"There isn't anything we can do Bells.''

I ignore his last statement and decide to find out what I can about the Brotherhood myself.

"What else do we know about the camp?"

He gives me a knowing look but spills anyway.

"Well we know there's seven vampires already but nobody knew names; I had Greg research everything I came across and he found out the names, there's Emmett, Beck, Edward, Micah, Jasper, Luc and Jace-"

"Wait a second, Edward the Vampire God!"

"Erm well I reckon the ladies must refer to him as that but-"

I could see that Jacob grew uncomfortable when I referred to Edward as the Vampire God but it wasn't meant like that. I gave him a look and told him the information I had.

"A couple months back when we invaded that small group of Vampires in 7th Second Avenue, the abandoned hotel? Well I went in first right and before I sprung in on them I remember hearing them talk about this Edward guy, they were so... ah I don't even know how to explain it. It was like they were scared to even say his name, you know? One of the guys was saying how he was like God and that he could hear when anyone was speaking about him so they should stop bad mouthing, another told him to shut up and stop being stupid, but that guy really believed in what he was saying. Then you know the big white dude who you went for first?"

Jacob nods obviously remembering the guy who had nearly killed him, if it wasn't for me he wouldn't be standing here today.

"Well he said, that Edward had once tortured someone by making them rip out their own eyes and then eat them and then to cut off his own penis with a butter knife. A butter knife!?"

I shudder inwardly, infiltrating their camp was going to be scarier than I thought.

"What the fuck. That's one of the reasons we aren't going any further into this lead. It's far too dangerous; I don't like the sound of this Edward guy. God or no God, I don't want you anywhere near the base ok?"

"But that's the thing Jake! If I do this I can kill Dominic myself!"

"That is enough! End of discussion. Dammit I knew I shouldn't have told you about this. Now get some rest, you can leave tonight, and I mean it Bella, I don't want you looking further into this."

I don't reply to him because he is right, he shouldn't have told me about this because now I refuse to just 'let it go'. He leaves the room a while after without saying goodbye.

I lie back on the uncomfortable bed and wonder how I'm going to go about this. I need that address and the only person that has it other than Jake is Greg. Would it be possible to steal the address from Greg? Maybe.

Even then, what would I do with the address? Walk up and knock on the doors and ask to be let inside.

I let out a frustrated sigh as everything seems to become a lot more complicated than it was before.

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