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Chapter 5

I got the hang of things pretty easily at the club, I was given a section, about six tables and whenever someone sat at one of my tables I was too wait a few minutes and then approach them and ask them if they'd like anything.

Most of the time they ordered just drinks, which I had to get from the bar and serve, not really all that hard. A few of the guys tried chatting me up, I guess because I was working in a strip club they felt they could proposition me and I'd accept.

It was nothing new that I couldn't handle.

10 o'clock rolled around faster than I expected, time for my break. I met Alice, a girl who befriended me within five minutes, at the bar and shared her tuna salad with me, she was easily a girl I could see myself becoming close friends with, even though I wasn't here to make friends.

"How you finding it so far?" She asks me in between bites.

"It's good, I like it. I'm dreading Friday and Saturday nights though, it must get crazy."

"Oh it does, but we usually have a few more workers on hand so it doesn't get too bad."

"Good to know, haha."

"Omg, isn't he just the dreamiest guy you've ever layed eyes on?"

"Wai- What? Who?" I move to turn my chair around but Alice grabs my arm, stopping me still.

"No, don't turn around yet, he'll know we're talking about him, it's Jasper Whitmore, wow I could just eat him up."

Jasper. One of the Originals, I wonder if Edward's there too.

"You can turn around now, he's the one with the short curly blonde hair, sitting next to Mr Cullen and that other guy."

I turn around to take a look at Jasper and wow, it seems good looks definitely ran in the family. To the right of him there was Edward, looking all high and mighty, his hair a typical mess on top of his head. He wore a black and white suit, with a black skinny tie, looser now, I could see the top of his chest peeking out from underneath his shirt. That hard smooth skin, so kissable.

My view of him is suddenly blocked as a blonde with big tits and a skinny waist literally straddles him for all the world to see. My eyes flash red and I resist the urge to go over and rip her away from him.

Wait, what? Control yourself Bella.

"Wow, who's she?" I try my best to sound disinterested but I can hear the jealousy in my voice, it seems Alice is too busy ogling Jasper to realise though.

"God knows, he's with a new girl nearly everytime he comes here. That is unless he's here for purely business reasons, then he's usually alone. Damn, I wouldn't mind being that girl right about now."

I turn around again to see Edward and this slut were now kissing eachother, well I wouldn't exactly call it kissing, more like devouring each others face. I look away when I get the urge to puke.

"Hmm, yeah."

"Oh please Bella, like you don't see how insanely goodlooking he is, every single girl in here has tried to grab his attention, but he doesn't even bother, like he's too good for us you know? Whatever, Jaspers more my type anyway."

I wonder when he'd turned her down? Before I can get a word in edge ways, she starts up again. I welcome the distraction of her voice.

"Oh my God, he's coming this way, act casual, don't pan- hiiiii Mr Cullen."

"Wait, what wh- shit." I say frantically before I realise that Edward is now standing behind me, inches within my grasp.

"Miss Swan, nice to see you're fitting in around here." His voice goes straight to my core, it's like I can feel it against my skin. I watch Alice stare back at me in shock, I'm tempted to lean over and close her hanging mouth.

I turn around in my stool to face Edward, I feel my brain melt a little, he is way better than what I remembered.

Why must he be so beautiful looking?

Focus Bella, stay focused.

"Mr Cullen." I nod, not trusting my mouth yet.

"Well, when you've decided you're free, my date would like to order a few drinks, she's back there."

Fucking dick, here I was appreciating his good looks and the only reason he even came over was to order me about and fetch drinks for his 'date'.

I look over at where Barbie sits and act none the wiser as I plaster the biggest smile I can fake and look up at him.

"Oh I'm sorry Mr Cullen; I'll go over now and make sure she's seen to."

Before he can say anything, I jump off my stool and walk over to the vip area he'd been seated in, to do my job and maybe get intel.

"Hi I'm Bella, I'll be your waitress for tonight, what would you like to order?"

"Damn, how about a slice of you?" I look over to the one who Alice didn't name, short brown hair, green eyes, he's just as good looking as the rest of the Originals, but he isn't Edward.

"I'm sorry sir, that doesn't seem to be on the menu."

"Ah man, not even for me?" He bats his eyelashes and I have to admit that if I wasn't already so enamoured with Edward, I would definitely be affected by this mans attempt to flirt with me.

"Leave the poor girl alone Micah, I apologize for his rude behaviour. He'll have a gin & tonic, and I'd like a whiskey please."

I can see why Alice is so in love with Jasper, he's surprisingly nice; he has an aura about him, a typical southern gentleman. It was hard to imagine him ripping people's hearts out of their chest, I let the image fall from my mind and smile while writing his order down.

I turn to Blondie then. She sits there staring up at me, smacking her gum obnoxiously, the words white trash run through my mind.

"Are you ready to order?"

That's civil enough, right? I feel her eyes analysing my every move and decide I don't like it.

What the fuck is her problem?

"Hmm, no I don't think so. What has no carbs, no fat, and is low in sugar?"

Seriously? "Ahh, water?"

"Are you trying to be funny? I'm not here to order water, for fucks sake."

"I think it's obvious what you're here for."

From the corner of my eye I can see Micah and Jasper holding back their laughter. I wonder if Edward will find this funny too?

I doubt it.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

Her voice has risen in pitch, it's practically verging on annoying. Actually no, it's definitely annoying.

"Figure it out."

I don't know why I'm being so bitchy towards her, sure she seems llike a fake shallow plastic Barbie doll, but that doesn't mean it gave me the right to be so disrespectful towards her.

It's because she was almost eating Edwards face earlier.

I push away the thoughts my mind's offering as reasons, dis-agreeing with them altogether.

"Do you know who I am?"

"No, and frankly, I don't want to know either."

The more she opens her mouth, the more I want to throttle her on the spot.

"Eddie, thank God you're here! Who is this stupid tramp you've hired? She can't even take my order properly."

Edward comes into view beside me, and sits down, watching us both the whole time. I'm in the middle of readying myself to launch at Barbie and he decides to fucking sit down and watch us like we were the entertainment for the night.

I almost walk away not wanting to give him the satisfaction of arguing with her, what would he think? It's obvious that he'd assume I was jealous of this girl because she's with him. When that isn't the case, at all.


"God, didn't your fucking mother raise you right?"

Before I can react, I feel a pair of strong hands wrap around my waist and pull me away from her. I don't even see him stand up, but then again he's a vampire, and vampires have super speed.

I watch as her eyes fall to the hands on my waist, jealousy springs to her eyes, but I'm not bothered about that. I'm too angry thinking about what she'd said about my mom. I try to release my self from Edwards grip, but he just holds on tighter, stopping me from doing anything.

I realise that I'd seriously underestimated the strength of an Original, as his arms dig into my stomach.

"Let me go! You fucking bitch, I'm gonna rip your eyeballs out!"I watch her open her mouth ready to threaten me back, but she stops half way.

"That's enough!"

His voice is loud, filled with so much venom that Micah and Jasper all of a sudden stop their 'giggling' and stay quiet.

I don't know what it is that possesses me to do what I do next, either it-s because I'm too angry about the mom comment, or I just don't give a shit about Edward and his anger right now. I'm betting on the latter.

"Don't stay silent now you tramp, you think I'm gonna let you speak about my mom like that?! Let me go, dammit! Take your fucking hands off me!"

I've become hysterical now, tears streaming down my face, everything coming back to me in flashes. Seeing my parents with their throats ripped out. Seeing the blood on the floor.

"Bella, Bella! Calm down, breathe."

I blink back the tears streaming out of my eyes, and I'm met by Edwards face; he's turned me around sometime in between my hysterics, his arms near my lower back now.

I look up at him, even blurry he looks perfect. I feel the stares around me, the whole club is looking at us now, I can see Alice next to Jasper, her face full of worry. They probably all think I'm some sort of lunatic, and it was all because of him.

I try to wriggle out from his grasp, my mind doesn't seem to be functioning well because of his close proximity. I need to be away from him, I need my thoughts to be working correctly.

"I said get off me!" I try to shove him off me, but his grip never falters. "This is all your fault, you brought that bitch here, I hope you're happy now!"

"Bella, stop."

His voice brings the hairs up on my neck, but I don't care, I'm too angry at him.

"NO! I've had enough, get your fucking hands off me."

His face becomes dark, anger taking over. Shit. Shit. Shit.

He lets go of my waist, and I shamelessly miss the feel of his hands on me, I don't have to miss them long though because he grabs onto my wrist and drags me from the vip area.

I can see everyone staring at us, probably just as shocked as I was myself. He's headed for his office, I feel everyone give way not wanting to be in the way of him when he looks like he does now.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. What have I done?

We get into the receptionist area and his receptionist stares at us both with a bewildered expression.

"I don't care if someone's dying, or if this place is fucking burning down, I don't want any disturbances, do you understand me?"

She nods back at us, wide eyed and shocked. With that he opens his office door and throws me inside. I move to stand against his desk, feeling better now that I'm on solid grounf.

His anger is emanating from him, he turns his back to me and locks the door.

Oh my God, he's actually going to kill me.

I look around his office trying to look for a weapon to use against him. Would I actually stand a chance against him? Maybe... I guess I'd just have to wait and see. He turns around and leans against his door.

"What just happened?"

"You saw what happened, that bit-" I shout towards him, ready to defend myself.

"No, I want to know why you were blaming me, how is any of this my fault?"

"Are you fucking kidding me? I spoke to Alice okay, she told me that the job position was filled on Saturday morning, and correct me if I'm wrong, but my interview was on Friday! So because you decided to lie and offer me the job as a fucking waitress. Instead of being on stage, I was forced to almost run around for that whore of yours."

"Well I'm sorry I decided to offer you the job as a waitress, I didn't realise you'd much rather parade your half naked body around on stage for any guy to see."

"What the fuck is it to you what I do with my body, you don't even know me, open the fucking door, I'm getting out of here."

I cross the distance between us, and try to grab the key out from his hand.

"You're not going anywhere just yet."

"Fuck you Edward!"

His name slips out of my mouth before I realise what I've done. We weren't on a first name basis, shit.

"I'd much rather you did the fucking."

Within a second his anger has turned to lust, his eyes I can tell are mentally undressing me. My nipples start to harden under his gaze, my body betraying me.

His hands shoot out to grab my waist, pulling me close to him; I can feel his erection against my stomach. His mouth blows breath into mine, such a simple gesture, but it leaves me so wet.

I need his mouth on mine. Now.

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