Disclaimer: I don't own Sesshoumaru, he melted the collar off ;_; (The rest are all property of themselves and Takahashi Rumiko.)

Warnings: Rough language, some blood. Nothing terrible here, sorry to disappoint you.

Author's Notes: This is a series of one-shot, mostly spam-fics following a central theme of "animal connections". Some are short, some are long, most are (hopefully) funny ^_^ Will continue as long as I have ideas, any suggestions? First two chapters are 1) Sesshoumaru and 2) Inuyasha, Kouga and Shippou are on the way!

Sesshoumaru crouched low, panting heavily. A tiny stream of blood tickled his right ear and he allowed himself to rub at it before resuming his defensive position. A part of him was still furious, wanting to lash out viciously at his enemy, but his more sensible side understood the uselessness of the action. How can this be? He snarled in irritation, reflecting on the day's events. First that pointless fight with his low-life sibling-but now, pursued within his own home? If he had any less breeding, the youkai would have cursed.

"Shit!" he snapped, realizing that even purebreds have a need for foul language. He raked his clawed hand through thick, silver hair, and frowned even more as he considered the situation. There was no way it would end peacefully this time. How could it be that every time he fought with Inuyasha he wound up worse off for it? Gods, I hope at least his stupidity isn't catching...

The footsteps closer now. There was no escape.

"This all comes," Sesshoumaru decided, "from having such a mangy, ill-begotten hanyou for a brother."

He braced himself and waited for the end.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" Jaken squawked energetically as he burst into the room. "Time for a flea bath!!"