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Author's Note: This story will follow Sam and Dean as they try to escape from the Alaskan wilderness. I don't have any idea what a pilot would really do in this type of situation, so bear with me. I am also not an engineer so that means I am totally taking license with Dean's job as well.

This idea occurred to me as I was thinking about a flight that I had taken earlier this month, I hate to fly, so what would happen if these two wound up on a plane and it crashed? And neither of them had the survival skills that they have in the series, how would they cope.

Hang on this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Stuck Together

Chapter 1

What could Possibly go Wrong

Sam Campbell had been flying this route for about seven months and yeah…it was hell-a boring. But the scenery was beautiful; however flying from Seattle to Anchorage every few days was leaving his love life in tatters in the real world. But the money…that was a bit more difficult to argue with.

His boyfriend, Gabriel Barnes had recently informed him that he had to make a decision before the end of the week. The good old fashioned ultimatum, it was either quit his job, or find one that kept him in Seattle, or he was more than welcome to find himself a new place to live.

Sam had thought about that seriously, he loved Gabe, he really did, but damn if the man couldn't be stuffy as hell. They had been together since their sophomore year of college, Sam had originally thought that he was going to be a lawyer, and he had the degree to prove it, but he had hated the corporate "rat-race".
Gabriel had graduated, also with a law degree, but he had loved the idea of corporate litigation; and he was really good at it. So he had taken a job offer with a huge firm in Seattle and they had moved there three years ago. Sam hadn't really wanted to move, but the money and the opportunity were too good for Gabe to pass up. So Sam had packed up his life and moved a thousand miles from his home and his family, not that he ever really saw them anyway.

Sam had then decided that he wanted to learn to be a pilot, so he had taken the flight training and received his pilot's license. Soon after that, Sam had landed this job with a private airline that flew stuffy corporate types up to Anchorage, Alaska several times a week. He had hoped that his decision to move might have made a difference to his family, but they hadn't really cared one way or the other.

Sam's mother had died from lymphatic cancer when he was five. His younger brother, Adam, had been barely 2 years old when the tragedy had struck their lives and Sam had struggled to fit into the new family dynamic ever since. Their father Michael Campbell, had remarried a few years later, and their new mother had brought her own problems into their family. She had loved Michael, but she didn't want kids and she sure as hell didn't want his sons, from a previous marriage, ones that were still broken after the loss of their mother. The relationship between the boys and their father had become very strained, eventually causing an enormous rift that neither Sam nor Adam had been able to fix.

Sam sighed at that line of thinking; this was what he hated about having so much time alone when preparing the plane for a departure. He was able to dissect every decision that both he and Adam had made throughout their messed up childhood. Sam had been a straight A student in high school, but he had also spent a lot time in the principal's office due to fighting, guys just seemed to want to mess with him. Hazards of being an overly large geek that stayed away from sports and belonged to the drama club, he supposed. It wasn't that Sam wasn't athletic, far from it actually, he just really saw no point in playing into the cliché, so he didn't. He had taken art, drama classes, and the only sport that he ever did play was soccer his freshman year.

The only thing that had gotten him through those years had been the need to watch out for Adam and that hadn't turned too well.

Sam had realized that he was gay at the tender age of 15, not such a good thing for a teenager living in a broken home. It wasn't like he had anyone to talk to; they weren't that type of family. So now, Sam was 30 and his brother still really hadn't accepted that this was who and what his brother really was. Sam talked with his father and step mother at the yearly family meeting and that never went well, Christmas, but that was it.

Adam didn't even bother to send birthday cards to him, and he never responded to Sam's cards or the occasional phones calls. In fact, Sam wouldn't even know that Adam was still alive and well if he didn't keep such close tabs on his little brother. He would trek over to California ever few months and just stand outside of Adam's apartment, waiting to see him, he never left until he had laid eyes on his younger brother. Adam had gone to California State University and graduated with a medical degree from Berkeley, he was currently completing his training in the specialty of orthopedic surgery. Sam knew that Adam currently lived with his girlfriend of two years, some beautiful blond number named Jo Harvell, and that he still had no desire to talk to Sam.

Sam had thought about going over and talking to Adam on so many occasions that he was still a little surprised that he hadn't actually followed through. He felt raw and exposed when he was with Adam at this point and just couldn't face the shame and disgust that would be evident in Adam's glacial blue eyes if he did try to talk to him face to face.

Sam inhaled as the pain of that last meeting with his brother flashed through his head and closed his eyes trying to shut the thought down. He still had a hard time when he thought about that final altercation.

"You disgust me Sam. You're not my brother, and I don't want you in my life." Adam had thrown the hateful words at Sam as he had punched Sam repeatedly in the face driving home his rage with each bloody fist. Sam had taken each blow and tried to erase the horror that was filling his heart, he had lost everyone now.

"I love you Adam, please don't cut me out…" he had whispered as he lay bleeding on the cold concrete of the family garage. His younger brother had simply glared into the distance until Sam finished speaking.

Adam had then spun on his older brother like a man possessed, "Just go, Sam. I don't care where; just leave me the-hell-alone."

This is the last thing that I need right now…to be thinking about this shit. He thought in frustration.

Sam finished his pre-flight checks and walked around the plane one last time, it was a beautiful dual-engine jet. He ran his fingers over the sleek lines of the aircraft and smiled slightly, shifting his thoughts to the upcoming client. It was some big-wig from an engineering firm, Win-dac, or something like that. The guy was flying over for the day to check out a couple of oil rigs that his company had in the area. It was a new client and the potential for his company was really good, so Sam wanted to make sure that this first flight went off without a hitch.

Sam ducked his 6'4 frame as he walked under a wing and was surprised when he nearly bowled over a man coming from the other direction.
"Whoa…sorry there pal." Sam said as he corrected his balance, gently grabbing the man's arm to keep him from falling on his ass.

The guy was shorter than he was, but not by much maybe two inches, he had short, spikey dark blonde hair, a great build, which Sam had felt as he grabbed the guy to keep him from landing on his ass, obviously the guy spent time at the gym, a tanned face that had a slight speckling of freckles across the bridge of his nose that were almost invisible in the tan, and the most amazing intense green eyes that Sam had ever seen. He was probably the most beautiful person that Sam had ever seen in real life…like a movie star or something.

The guy smiled, and Sam's heart actually stuttered a little, and then the guy laughed heartily as he corrected himself, looking at his phone as he set his backpack on the ground. "Not a problem man, sorry I wasn't really watching…damn cell phone, the office can find me anywhere now." His deep gravelly voice did funny things to Sam's insides, it was deep, raspy, and honestly, totally fricken awesome. What the hell? He had a boyfriend and this guy…so didn't look like he was gay. Sam chuckled, covering his discomfort, "Yeah, I know the feeling."

"Names Dean Winchester, I am from Win-dac Engineering, you Sam…" he glanced at his phone quickly, "Campbell?" He finished.

Sam smiled and held out his hand, "Yeah, I am." They shook hands and Sam was pleased with the strength in Dean's hand, he hated the whole 'dead fish handshake'.

Dean glanced up at the plane and whistled low in his throat, "Planes a beauty Sam."

Sam looked at Dean with, if it was possible, more interest, "You know planes Dean?" he asked.

Dean snorted and a smile plastered itself on his face, "No…not really. I actually really hate to fly."

Sam narrowed his eyes at Dean in confusion, "Then why are you flying?"

Dean rolled his amazingly emerald colored eyes and then shook his head with a snort, "I have to be there this afternoon, and as fast as my Lotus Evora is…it's not that fast."

"Lotus…really?" Sam tried to hide his interest in the sports car.

Dean laughed a deep booming sound that made Sam's toes kinda curl in his boots, "Yeah, it's pretty damn fast…but it's not my favorite car."

Sam's eyes looked a little confused, "Okay, well that's a beautiful car Mr. Winchester, so what's your favorite?"

Dean started laughing outright now, "Please call me Dean, my father was Mr. Winchester and no offense, but he was a bastard so…" He wriggled his eye brows at Sam, "My favorite car…is the 1967 Chevy Impala that is currently parked inside my garage."

It was Sam's turn to whistle, "Wow, now I wouldn't have pictured you as classic car guy Dean, but again that's a great choice."

Dean smiled, "Yeah, I have a thing for beautiful cars and beautiful women." He smiled and Sam could have sworn that it was flirtatious in nature.

Sam wondered about the last comment, but Dean had started walking to the steps that led into the interior cabin. "Is it okay if I go on up?" Sam nodded and gestured toward the interior of the plane.

"Of course, you're paying for the whole plane and that includes those steps."

Dean chuckled again and climbed up the few steps into the craft; Sam followed him and couldn't help his blue-green eyes as they dropped to Dean's tight ass. He really filled out those jeans that he was wearing and the black leather jacket that he was currently sporting made him just look…well…just fucking great. Sam couldn't help the thought as he mentally kicked himself for letting his mind wander…and his eyes.

"How long's the flight there Sammy boy?" Dean called from the back of the plane.

"About 90 minutes, and its Sam." He answered without thinking.

Sam heard something from the back, "What was that?" He called back.

"Oh, nothing, just glad it's a short flight." Dean answered, his voice a little strained.

Sam turned back to the rear of the plane; Dean was seated in the front row seat with the safety belt pulled as tight as it would go and his fingers digging into the armrests. Sam was pretty sure that there would be permanent crescent marks in the leather by the time they landed.

Sam's eyes were drawn down to Dean's bare feet; his client was currently curling his toes into the plush off-white carpet.

Sam's eyebrows rose into his hairline, "Uh…what'cha doing there Dean?" he asked, trying to hide the slight smirk on his face.

Dean glanced up, his face a mask of concern and slight embarrassment since they hadn't even left the ground yet, "Told you I don't really like flying, well truthfully, I absolutely freakin hate it and I saw this on Die Hard, the guy on the movie said this was supposed to calm down nervous flyers. I thought that it was worth a try." He finished with a quirk of his eyebrow.

Sam laughed out loud at that, he couldn't stop himself, the sight of Dean's bare toes curling into the cream colored carpet was friggin hilarious.

Dean's eyes sparkled with humor as he tilted his head, "Hey it worked for Bruce Willis, I figured it might work for me too."

Sam shook his head, "Okay, whatever dude. You could come up here and sit, the view is better and it might not bother you as much to fly."

Dean seemed to consider the invitation, but decided that he liked it better not seeing where they were going. "I think I'll stay as far away from the window as possible, but thanks anyways Sam."

Sam nodded and turned back, placing his headset on, and pushing his long brown hair back beneath it and called out the preflight information waiting for confirmation from the tower for takeoff.


Dean sat in the buttery leather seat, his knee bouncing with agitation; he had pulled the belt as tight as he could across his lap. It was actually starting to push uncomfortably into his hip bones. He shot Castiel a quick text letting him know that they were just getting ready to take off and that he would call him when they landed in Alaska.

God, I hate to fly. Why couldn't Cas have made this trip? He asked himself in irritation as he tried to focus on his breathing.

The only bright spot so far was that the flight was short and the pilot was a funny guy, he also happened to pretty damn good looking so that didn't hurt...not a bit. He seemed to know what he was doing and had answered all of Dean's questions about the flight plan easily. The plane was beautiful, although he had expected nothing less, owning an extremely successful company had its perks, and Castiel Novak, his business partner, was a stickler for class.

Sam was tall, probably almost 6'5, so he looked a little strange tucked into the tiny pilots areas, and he also had a great sense of humor. Dean was pleased that he didn't have to explain the reference to the Die Hard movie…because that would have been just tragic. Every guy worth his nuts had seen that movie…a lot.

Dean hadn't packed much of anything in his small carry on pack, just some protein bars, water, and the divorce papers he was supposed to have signed and back to the lawyer 'a.s.a.p.', as his soon to be ex-wife Lisa had told him. She was going for full custody of their son Ben, which he thought was interesting since she was the one that had cheated on him with another guy. Dean had hoped that meant that he might have a better shot at in the custody hearing, but he had learned the hard way that the courts really didn't care about infidelity. They just wanted to ensure that the children wound up with the most stable environment…which they generally thought was the mother.

Yeah right, he thought miserably.

She had taken him to court…she was winning, and he was paying for her shark of a lawyer. Dean still wasn't sure when exactly she had changed from the sweet girl he had known in high school to the money loving bitch she was today. Oh sure there was a part of him that still loved her, but there was a part of him that absolutely hated her too. He'd heard somewhere that to truly hate someone, you had to love them first, different sides of the same coin…an all.

The thought was a cold one and he wondered if he would ever really get over the whole deal. She had cheated on him more than four years ago, and between then and now he had filled that time with meaningless sex with more women than he cared to think about at this moment.

The sudden trembling that ran through the plane caused Dean to grasp the armrests tighter as his breathing hitched and caught in his throat.

"Dean…you doing okay back there man?" Sam called over the speaker.

Dean bit his lip trying to get control of his fear, "Um…no not really Sam."

"It's just a little rough weather Dean, we'll be through it in no time. Just stay belted in okay?" Sam's voice was calm and soothing and Dean tried to concentrate on the 'toe curling' thing.

"Yeah…okay Sammy." He answered.

Another jolt in the plane caused Dean to slam his eyes shut in desperate concern; he felt his stomach drop and roll with nausea as he swallowed trying to keep his chicken Kiev down.

That's what I get for eating before I fly…damn-it…I know better than that. He thought in irritation.

The plane dropped again and Dean cried out involuntarily at the change in elevation.

Sam had known that there was a storm on the horizon, but he hadn't been warned that there was this much wind inside the clouds. None of the reports had said anything about it and now he was getting more than a little concerned. His instruments weren't reading correctly and he wondered if there was more electricity that he simply wasn't seeing yet. He tried to call the towers, looking for another route or even if he see if he could turn around and head back to Seattle, because at this rate they weren't going to make it to Anchorage in one piece. Hell, he wasn't even sure where they were at this point, they could be way off course and he wouldn't even know it.

"Dean, the storm is getting worse and it's starting to mess with my electrical instruments. I'm going to see if I can find another route." Sam called the information back, knowing that it would probably send his nervous client into a panic, but he had no choice. He had to let the guy know what was going on with the plane.

He heard a slight pause and then a quiet answer from behind him, "Okay…whatever you gotta do man." Dean's voice shook as he answered Sam, but at least this way Sam still knew he was conscious and that was important.

The plane dropped again and the alarms started going off before Sam could stabilize the tilt. The left wing plunged into the clouds and there was a squealing as the engine sputtered and then died.

"Oh shit…shit shit shit shit!" Sam swore as he tried to correct for the loss of the engine.

"Fucking hell Sam! What's going on up there?" Dean's voice was now fully panicked as he called out frantically from the cabin area.

"Engine stalled!" Sam called back as he tried desperately to reignite the turbine. The right engine started to sputter and the plane tilted again. Sam worked quickly to try and correct the problem, they were losing elevation and they were getting dangerously close to the mountains that Sam knew they had to be over. He started trying to slow the plane with the use of the flaps and rudder, hoping that if he was able to slow it enough, he could find a place to land…well more than likely they would crash…but land sounded better.

"Dean!" he called over his shoulder, "I'm going to find a place to land."

"WHAT!?" Dean's voice screeched. "Land, you mean crash?" he cried.

Sam shook his head and decided that this was not the time to have this discussion; they could talk about it once Sam saved their lives.


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