Author's Notes 8/13/02:
Hey Everyone! Yeah yeah, so I posted this on the Forum, but I'm such a regular on, I just HAD to put it here!! This is pure fluffy goodness for everyone that looooves a happy couple! I know I do! ^_^ Harley/Mik forever!!!
~Windresss A.K.A Radical Edward

He is Golden

I watch the covetous stir of sun drenched locks upon his brow, the shining strands a feather light touch upon his cheeks as his chin unconsciously tips towards me, a night blossom seeking the adoring rays of the moon. The action warms me, as it always does, and makes me want to smile despite myself.
I close my eyes, his image forever seared behind my lids, and allow the small upturning of my lips to escape my control. When again I look down to him, his sleep softened features mirror my own, as if he knows my secret pleasure in watching him.
He's so young... And yet he hasn't been a child in a very long time. I know that as I know the beseeching pull of his arms around me, the possessive brand of his palm splayed at my hips… his whispered gasps in the shell of my ear.
Yet, as he stretches with the slow, luxuriant contentment of a feline, I marvel that he has stayed with me like he has. He is all light, the magnification of prismatic rainbows, blinding me even as I embrace all that he is.
...and I am...well...
I am but a human who is graced by the love of an angel. A love I thought as tenuous as the dew on a spider's web. Once, long ago, I gave him his choice. And yet the Angel remains. Golden in my dark world.
Burnished lashes lift slowly, slumberous eyes seeking me out, warming me from within. Their depths are rippling pools of fathomless love, to which I am so undeserving.
His slender fingers drift over my cheek, and my name is a supplication upon his coral lips, whispered, "..Mik.."
Undeserving as I may be, I am sinking into his awaiting arms, into his light and heat, until I am consumed by it, and just in the act of loving him I am cleansed with his Golden warmth.
And I, too, am an Angel.