Ultrabross's Vision

CHP 1: Yokai Academy's New Student

Sparkling bright over Karakura town the moon peeked through the various clouds that covered the sky. All was silent except for an alleyway that a young boy ran through screaming, having no idea what it was that chased after him. The chain hanging from his chest freaked him out further not understanding why no one was able to see or hear him. He passed by several individuals begging for help but was denied each time. With every step he took the presence of the beast seemed to gain on him. Soon he'd be out of energy and unable to run…what would he do then?

With a burst of speed he dashed out of the alleyway grabbing hold of a stop sign and dropping to his knees. Tears filled his eyes wishing he knew the whereabouts of his family, but more importantly was tired of running. He had never felt so alone and didn't understand what he had done wrong. Was this all just some sort of punishment? Or maybe it was a really bad dream that he was unable to wake up from, "There you are you little snot!" Something standing over twelve feet tall emerged from the alleyway possessing a large chalk white mask over its face. The boy glanced over his shoulder and began crying when setting eyes on the gigantic specimen.

"Yes that's right keep crying boy! Your fear will make this meal just that much more delicious," The large being licked its lips slowly advancing toward him, "Running is useless now your soul belongs to me. But don't worry, I will be sure to gobble you down quickly but I can't guarantee it'll be one hundred percent painless hahahaha!" It was pleasantly surprised not to see the boy try and run.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?"

The beast took its eyes off the child looking upward attempting to locate where the voice originated. It looked all around unable to locate the speaker, "Over here ugly," It finally caught sight of someone standing over a rooftop, dressed in almost all black with orange hair standing over 5'11, "You're a Shinigami aren't yah? Your spiritual pressure smells very appetizing and likely even tastier. After I'm done feasting on the boy you're next!"

"I don't think so!" The individual jumped from the roof uncovering a zanpakuto, "Getsuga tenshou!" The spiritual energy destroyed the hollow instantly as the Shinigami dropped down next to the boy putting away the zanpakuto. The boy slowly looked up at the taller individual, "You're able to see me?" The boy wiped tears from his eyes, "Who are you?"

"Kurosaki Ichigo, substitute Shinigami," He reached out helping the boy to stand upright, "You are no longer safe here. As long as you remain here in the world of the living more of those things you just encountered will come after you."

The boy had a hard time understanding Ichigo, wanting to find his parents. He felt whenever he found them, things would go back to normal, "Where mother and papa, please take me to them!" The boy grabbed hold of Ichigo's attire pulling back roughly.

By looking the boy in the eyes he easily determined the child was unaware that he was no longer alive. Ichigo took a deep breath pulling his zanpakuto from its resting spot, "I don't know if they're on the other side, but it is time for you to pass on." As he had done to several souls, Ichigo sent the boy to the soul society making his way to the rooftops afterward. He saw no signs of irregular activity, nor did his badge detect any hollows, "Guess it's time to call it a night."

He traveled in full stride smiling as he passed the home of Orihime one of his closes friends. Within two minutes he arrived home entering through his unlocked bedroom window. He returned to his body lied out over the bed, "Well that didn't go so bad."

"Good to hear and I hope you're ready for another mission."

Ichigo jumped at the voice immediately running over and flipping on the light switch, "Toshiro…what the hell are you doing in my room," Ichigo looked to the clock seeing it was a little after eleven thirty, "And why so late."

His closet door then swung open, "Rangiku too!" Ichigo shouted.

"Ssshhh keep it down, or you might wake your father and sisters; besides this is no way to treat your guests." Rangiku emphasized with a grin.

"Yeah sure whatever," Ichigo narrowed his eyes looking at them both, taking a seat on his bed, "So whatsup?"

Toshiro took a step forward crossing his arms, "This might take a little while but I will try my best to get through it as quick as possible," He cleared his throat taking a deep breath, "Three days ago both squads two and seven led by captains Sui Feng and Sajin Komamura were in a skirmish with a cluster of hollows. But there was something about this group of hollows that were different to previous ones."

"And what might that be?" Ichigo fell back looking to the ceiling.

"Whenever the enemy was struck down they were able to regenerate at phenomenal rates. Until now standard hollows never had the ability to pull off such a feat, and we have reason to believe someone powerful is behind this. Two members to squad seven spotted a mysterious figure of great spiritual pressure standing over a ledge observing the battle. There is speculation the mysterious person upgraded the hollows and may also have been controlling them."

Ichigo sat up placing both hands over the sheets, "Sounds like any other bad guy with his own evil agenda, but I don't see how this has anything to do with me. If anything this is a problem for the thirteen court gu…unless they're here in the human world!" Ichigo replied.

"It isn't quite like that you see," Toshiro paused for a moment, "Over sixty of these hollows escaped into a strange vortex dividing themselves into two separate realms. We've only been able to identify one of them, while Captain Mayori Kurutsuchi of research and development has been working at finding the other. Too make a long story short all captains held a meeting, myself included. We've decided it best that you travel over to the realm we have identified. Your mission will be to eliminate the hollows."

"What why ME?! Shouldn't we at least discuss this?!" Ichigo argued.

"It's been discussed, the decision is final. I originally suggested we send Rangiku, but the head captain and everyone else felt you to be the better choice. Coupled with your familiarity with school environment, it was the most logical choice."

With a raised eyebrow Ichigo stood from the bed, "What does school have to do with any of this?"

Both Toshiro and Rangiku went silent for a long period causing Ichigo to scratch at his hair. He quickly noticed a smirk form on the face of Rangiku, "You will be attending classes in a place called Yokai Academy…it is a school for Ayashis and or monsters." Upon seeing Ichigo's expression Rangiku couldn't help but chuckle.

"I thought the mission was to destroy hollows? Why the hell do I have to attend a school for monsters? And besides the hollows are no longer a threat to us, I don't see how it is our problem anymore."

"Listen to yourself Ichigo, you know it is our responsibility to keep hollows from harming life. It doesn't matter if it is here or across the galaxy; we're Shinigami and it's what we do. The only reason you've been enrolled into Yokai academy is simply because we don't know how long it might take you to destroy them all. So during the time you aren't on duty you will fit in with everyone else."

"Enrolled?! Did you just say I've been enrolled? Since when?!"

"Since yesterday and you will be attending class as early as tomorrow morning. So if I were you I'd get packing," Toshiro reached into his pocket handing Ichigo a small device, "This small mechanism will allow you to travel back to your world once your mission is complete. You can keep constant communication with the soul society through your Shinigami badge if you need anything."

Ichigo put a hand to his head not believing what was happening, "So it'll just be me?"

"That is correct, and unless the circumstance changes it will remain that way. Pack your things so that we can get going. According to what we've researched about this Yokai Academy, all students will be in human form, so you should feel right at home." Toshiro added.

With an apparent frown Ichigo did what was asked of him, quietly packing what he felt necessary for the trip. Afterward he exited the window with Rangiku and Toshiro.


It felt so long since he attended class, eagerly awaiting his third year. Through the front door Tsukune Aono exited waving to his mother as he walked down the street. More so than anything, he was excited to see his friends again; especially a certain someone. He wondered if the new semester would be crazy as the last, in terms of what went on during and after school hours. Tsukune glanced at the holy lock over his wrist, realizing just how much it had become part of his life. There were a lot of ups and downs through the first two years, but if he had to do it all over he wouldn't have changed a thing. He made so many friends at the academy feeling they changed him for the better.

Time passed quickly as he got lost in his thoughts arriving at the bus stop. He stood in place taking a look at his watch on the opposite wrist, seeing that he was a couple minutes early. With his eyes to the sky both hands rested within his pockets; tapping one foot over the sidewalk. He grew more anxious with each moment that passed, more than ready to reunite with his friends.

His thoughts evaporated as the bus came to a stop in front of him, entering and taking a seat in the mid section, "You've come back for another year I see," The bus driver grinned widely with glowing white eyes as the doors shut and they took off. Tsukune gazed out the window leaning back and stretching with a slight yawn. Within the next minute they traveled through the vortex in route to the realm of Yokai Academy. Tsukune grabbed his things exiting off the bus as it came to a stop, "See you around kid, and remember never let your guard down."

"Thanks I won't," Tsukune replied turning away from the bus, beginning his way down the path to the Academy. His blood flow increased with every step that he took more excited than he thought upon awakening that morning. Soon he was on campus surrounded by students wearing similar uniforms to his own. He looked around in various directions not spotting a single one of his friends.


He turned around to the familiar voice only to have his face planted into her cleavage, "Kurumu-Chan I ca…can't breathe," Tsukune exclaimed. Unable to hear a word he said she pulled him in closer, further taking away his ability to breathe, "Ooohhh Tsukune you're all I thought about over summer break, it's so great to see you again and I know you were thinking of me too. One day we will be married and have a famil…"

"What are you doing suffocating my Tsukune?!" Someone interrupted with a lollipop in their mouth.

Kurumu released her hold on Tsukune facing the speaker, "Mizore." Both girls stood frowning at each other, while Tsukune gasped for air on his knees. They took a couple steps advancing toward each other, "Come on guys let's not do this on the first day. Instead we should go search for everyone else," He paused for a moment standing and dusting himself off, "So what do you say huh?"

"Stay out of this Tsukune!" Both demanded with death glares.

He nervously sighed; backing away from them and bumping into someone, "I'm sorry about tha…" He stopped in mid sentence realizing who it was, "Mmo Moka San!

"Tsukune!" She yelled wrapping her arms around him, "Good to see you too Moka San."

They backed away from each other never looking away from the other, "Oh Moka," He uttered with a sparkle in his eyes, "Oh Tsukune," She replied with a similar look in her eyes. He noticed Moka fiddling with her fingers as she blushed, "What is it Moka san?"

She bit down on her lower lip taking a couple steps stopping a few inches of him, "It's just that you smell so good and I'd like…"

"To taste my blood." He answered for her.

His words caused her to blush further searching his face for something that gave her the ok to go on. He tilted his neck slightly allowing her easy access, "Oh Tsukune thank you so much, I will only take a little bit I promise." She leaned forward opening her mouth.

Her lips pressed against his skin screaming as her lengthy pink hair was pulled at from behind, "Tsukune isn't YOUR FOOD! When will you learn!" Kurumu pulled the vampire away whereas Mizore watched from the side. Tsukune just smiled scratching at the side of his head, "Glad to see that you're all in high spirits and haven't changed a bit." All of them gave him a similar look that caused his throat to go dry.

"I didn't mean anything bad by that," He said putting his hands out in front of him in defense. The moment became awkward as they continued to stare him down with nothing to say. He turned around to someone calling his name, "Tsukune over here!"

"Oh hey Yukari I will be right over." Moka and everyone else followed close behind, greeting Yukari all at once. There were many new students around they weren't familiar with, "This freshmen class is bigger than last year. Has anyone seen Kokoa Chan since arriving?" Tsukune looked to Moka, "Speaking of which, did you spend any time with her over the summer?"

Moka took a couple steps back looking to the sky, "I may have seen her once or twice at the beginning of break but never again after that. I know she will turn up soon. No need for any of us to worry."

They entered through the front gate as a group locating the table holding the schedules for every student. The pieces of paper were sorted by last name. Each of them scrambled through coming away with their own printed schedule, looking them over, "Looks like we will be in the same homeroom together again," Tsukune emphasized comparing his schedule with Moka, Mizore and Kurumu.

"Isn't it great," Kurumu threw her arms around him embracing in a tight hug, "We'll be able to spend so much time together like the past two years. I know you're looking forward to it just as much as I my sweet Tsuk…" Mizore pulled at her shirt from behind.

"Take your hands off him! Tsukune is mine and mine alone!"

"Yeah…like in your dreams," Kurumu tightened her grasp over Tsukune causing his eyes to widen as her chest pressed roughly against his. Moka stepped forward grabbing hold of Tsukune's left arm, "Both of you are wrong, Tsukune is mine!" She pulled back forcefully breaking Kurumu's hold over him.

Yukari wanted to face palm but stopped herself from doing so, knowing not to get involved with their war over Tsukune. Opportunities for that would come later. All of them stumbled to the ground as they continuously fought over him, leaving only Mizore standing, "Guys please stop fighting with each other, especially over me!" Tsukune grumbled.

"According to what I've heard we're to report to our first class, and the opening assembly will take place after that." Yukari added.

Tsukune and the two girls got to their feet dusting themselves off, "I heard the same thing, so I guess we had better get going. We will meet back with you whenever we can Yukari-Chan." Moka replied. Kurumu led the way as they separated from Yukari in route to their first class. Upon entering the building, they quickly located the classroom. A couple other students stood around talking, but no teacher was present. They noticed several open seats arranging themselves in similar manner to how they did in years previous.

"Why don't you all take a seat so that we can begin," The teacher spoke entering through the door. Those who weren't seated did so straightaway, "Nekonome-San is our home room teacher again!" Tsukune spoke softly, a bit surprised.

"Before we get started I'd like to introduce a new student to Yokai Academy," She looked to the entrance singling for him to enter, "Go ahead and introduce yourself to everyone; no need to be shy."

He entered with his eyes to the ground slowly looking up glimpsing at everyone around, "I'm Kurosaki…Ichigo."

To Be Continued