Title: Different Worlds

Author: Sara6255@hotmail.com

Rating: PG-13 - R

Pairing: C/X, W/O, S/D, A/B eventually

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Summary: This is an AU fic in answer to a challenge: Angel is like a "Bad Boy" who was raised on the tough side of Sunnydale. Buffy is a normal girl. Buffy and Angel despise each other because they are so different, (for now). They all go to school at Sunnydale High. Spike and Angel are brothers and they have an older brother, Kyle and Faith is their sister. Giles is Buffy's legal guardian because Joyce is dead.

Spoilers: None, a totally AU story

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Author's Notes: This comes from a challenge from Joana. You can e-mail her at: dopelittleangel4life@hotmail.com


Buffy grumbled when Giles dragged her out of bed, "Come on, just a little more sleep?"

"Buffy, we have to get to school. You've been late far too much lately."

"I don't like that whole "we" thing. Can't you be a librarian at a different high school?"

"Get up." Giles smiled at Buffy and shut the door behind him.

Buffy got up, took a shower, dried her hair, put on a cute little blue plaid skirt and a matching top, put on her make-up, then looked at the clock, "OO, ten minutes to spare." She grabbed her bag and headed down stairs.

Giles smiled when Buffy dumped herself into a chair at the kitchen table. He gave her some toast and orange juice, "Glad to see you on time."

"That's me, prompt-girl." She grinned, then finished her breakfast.


When Buffy and Giles got to school, they said their goodbyes, then went their separate ways. Everyone knew that Buffy lived with Giles and everyone thought it was cool. Buffy's dad abandoned her, her mom, and sister when she was 10 years old. Buffy's mom died in a car accident two years ago, so Buffy moved in with Giles, who had been very good friends with her mom and Buffy thought of him as a father. Her sister Dawn, moved to Texas to live with her aunt, so it was just her and Giles and Buffy liked it that way. Buffy loved Giles as a father more than she had ever loved her real father, and Giles loved and treated Buffy like a daughter her never had. The only thing about all of it that Buffy didn't like was that she saw Giles everyday at school and if she ever got a bad grade, Giles knew about it before she did. Everything else was great.

Buffy grabbed her books and threw her bag into her locker, "Hey guys."

"Hey, Buffy." Buffy's best friend Willow, and her boyfriend Oz greeted the smiling girl.

"Did you guys study for the physics quiz?"

Willow smiled, "Sure did, did you?"

"Yea, for like two hours and it is still a foreign language to me."

Willow laughed, "No sweat Buff, I'll help you cram at lunch."

"Thanks, Will. What would I do without you?"

"Hey, Guys."

Buffy, Willow, and Oz turned to see their friends Tara, Fred, and Gunn walking over to them.

Buffy handed a paper to Tara, "Hey guys. Here Tara, Mr. Smith asked me to give this to you. It's for the field trip to the capital over spring break."

Tara took the paper, "Thanks Buffy." She smiled.

Gunn looked off into the distance and rolled his eyes, "Oh great, here comes the Mod Squad."

They all turned around to see what Gunn was gripping about.

Walking down the hall like they owned the school, Angel and his "gang" came into view. Angel, Spike, and Faith were triplets. Faith and Angel looked some what alike, but Spike didn't want to look anything like the other two, so when he entered high school, her bleached his hair so that he wouldn't be compared to Faith and Angel. They had an older brother, Kyle, who was 23 and pretty much took care of the family. Their parents had died in a plane crash when Kyle was 18, so he became the legal guardian to Angel, Faith, and Spike. They were a very close family and very protective of each other. Dru was Spike's girlfriend; they had been together since 9th grade. Along the way somewhere, they had accumulated two stragglers. Cordelia had been physically abused by her father, so she ran away and made friends with Faith when they were 14. Xander and Angel had been best friends since they were 5. Shortly after Cordelia became friends with Faith, she met Xander and there was instant chemistry. They started dating when they were 15 and totally hit it off, so they were together ever since.

No one ever dared cross Angel because they always got it in the end. Angel had grown up on the rough side of town so he was very capable of taking care of himself and taking care of anyone who messed with him, his family, or his friends.

Buffy had always thought that Angel was attractive, because he was. Every girl in school seemed to have the hots for Angel, but Buffy seemed to be the only one who wasn't interested. From the start, Buffy had thought of Angel as just a stupid image that he had to keep up to protect his reputation and Buffy wasn't impressed. Buffy hadn't always hated Angel; in the 8th grade, Buffy had a class with Xander, and they were assigned to work on a presentation together. Buffy and Xander worked together every day and seemed to get along well. One day when they were working in the school library, Angel stopped by to get Xander. When he saw the two working together, he told Xander what a bitch Buffy was and that she was a total snob because she had more money than they could even dream of, and she knew it, and she loved to rub people's faces in it. Xander believed Angel, so he left Buffy to finish the project by herself and never talked to her again. Ever since then, Buffy hated Angel with a passion.

Buffy slammed her locker shut, "He says I'M stuck up? Look at them? They think they are hot shit."

Tara smiled a little, "Well, they are. Come on Buffy, almost everyone at the school wants to be in that group. They practically run the school."

Buffy rolled her eyes, "Whatever, They intimidate people. That's the only reason why they "run the school." It's stupid."

Willow smiled, "Tara, they are not a subject you want to bring up with Buffy."

Buffy grinned, "I'm sorry, I just don't like any of them. I gotta get to English, I'll catch you guys later."

They all smiled as Buffy headed down the hall.

When people were walking down the halls and they saw Angel and his group coming, they would always step aside and let them pass, but not Buffy; she charged right through Xander and Angel and never looked back.

Xander chuckled, "That was interesting."

Angel replied, "A total rich bitch. She thinks she can do whatever she wants."

Xander smiled, "Looks that way."


End of part 1

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