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Chapter 12 – The Cake

Sasuke blinked.

Tell me what you want?

What the f-…

"You already know what I want," he ground out. Or rather, he meant to grind out; it came out as a hoarse plea instead. It was even less harsh since he leaned his head backwards into her touch. Her fingertips slid down to his ears and then down the sides of his neck. Sasuke struggled to hold back his ensuing groan, but it forced its way out of his throat anyway.

It was long, low and needy… and utterly pathetic. It had been so long. He'd been longing for her for so long, and now that he had her… she was slipping away from him and it was like he could do nothing to stop her. When she didn't respond, Sasuke found himself continuing.

"I just… I just don't want you to leave. We can do this if we try," he said, conscious that her fingers on his skin were making him more talkative than usual. Hinata's hands dropped to his shoulders.

"C-Can you…" she started, but then stopped. Sasuke turned to face her, craning his neck to see her face.

"Can I… what?" he asked, his voice softening when he sensed her hesitation. She dropped her gaze, refusing to meet his eyes. Sasuke watched her fumble with the neck of his shirt, trying to quell the heat that arose when her fingers brushed his skin.

"Can you… h-help me?" Hinata murmured, nibbling at her lower lip. Sasuke was so fixated on the action… on the lip that he barely caught her request. He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Was she asking what he thought she was asking?

"H-Help me to… to stand up t-to them," Hinata continued, visibly forcing herself to go on. Sasuke swallowed convulsively. Was she really asking what he thought she was asking?

"Your parents?" Sasuke whispered back. Did he dare hope? To his complete relief, Hinata nodded.

"Dei-chan and the others... they spoke to me outside... I-I want to tr-try and be better," she said, her eyes pinned to his collarbone. Sasuke felt his heart thump heavily in his chest.

"Y-You're sure?" he asked, reaching up to tip her chin so he could look into her eyes. She hesitantly met his eyes and nodded again. She tried to look away, but Sasuke wouldn't let her.

Instead, he smashed his lips to hers. She didn't resist him.

"Kami, I love you," Sasuke whispered harshly before pressing his lips more securely against hers. He didn't give her time to respond, knowing she didn't quite return his feelings yet. He was planning to rectify that as soon as possible, even if it meant accepting the help of those idiots outside. His fingers slid up to her head, sinking into her hair and holding her face closer to his. He spun his body round so he was turned to face her completely, then he enveloped her in his arms.

"I'll help you," he whispered against her lips before dragging his mouth to her jaw line. A soft whimper left her throat, the sound sending a thrill down Sasuke's spine. His hands stroked down her back, and he found himself unable to even think about doing anything apart from what he was doing now.

They pulled apart some moments later, breathing heavily. Hinata was avoiding Sasuke's eyes, a healthy blush on her cheeks. Sasuke was far from unaffected. In fact, he knew that since their relationship was new, and she probably would not want to go any further than kissing right now, a bit of a time out might be necessary.

"Uh... Hinata..." Sasuke groaned, praying that she wouldn't look down. "I have to... to go for a moment..." Her face reddened even more than it had before. She'd caught on. Good, well at least she knew how she affected him.

"W-Wait," she said when he'd risen and turned his back to her. Sasuke paused, tilting his head to the side but not turning around fully. "I... The underwear, I..."

"They weren't from me," Sasuke mumbled, not wanting to break his fifteen year streak of being honest with her. He turned his head to see her reaction. Sure enough, her face was so red he was worried. The last time she'd blushed so furiously, she'd fainted. He gave her a small grin.

"They looked good, though," he said, trying to lessen her embarrassment. His statement didn't work. She got even more red. Sasuke was beginning to panic a bit when she began muttering and stumbling over her words.

"I..." she began, then the words began tumbling over each other.

"Slow down," Sasuke said, turning around and taking a step back towards the bed. "What are you trying to say?" Hinata sputtered helplessly for a moment before giving up, squeezing her eyes shut and yanking up her top.

Sasuke knew his jaw dropped open. His mouth went dry. His heart skipped a beat. Was she doing what he thought she was?

"Uhm Hinata?" he choked out, trying to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat and he forced himself to look away from her generous chest and lacy black and purple bra adorned with bows. Sasuke forced himself to squash down the tiny bits of hope that he felt rising up inside...she knew how much he wanted her, why was she doing this to him?

"I-I," she stuttered. "I love underwear!" she blurted finally, slapping her palms to her face and therefore letting her shirt go. Sasuke almost cringed in disappointment... until he realized that the shirt stayed put above her ample chest. Oh, hot damn.

From where he stood, her breasts looked soft and smooth. What he wouldn't give to touch them. Oh, he'd had women before. He'd seen Hinata sans clothing before. But not like this. Nothing like this. Her mounds were so perfect... and they were so warm. Wait, what? Sasuke blinked in slight disorientation when he heard Hinata gasp.

It was then that he realized. His hand was on her chest. His eyes widened, the same time his hand spasmed, and Sasuke felt heat take over his body. He'd not even noticed himself walking closer to her, much less putting hands on her.

"S-Sasuke," she gasped, her chest heaving with her breaths. The sound of her husky, whispery voice was sending Sasuke crazy. Literally. His blood was humming through his veins, and all he could think of was how much he wanted her. Yes, he wanted her love, but he was a man in his prime, and damn it, it had been a while.

His hand slid down her side before resting against her waist. She was so soft... and so warm. His eyelids dropped to half-mast and his eyes darkened with lust. Sure, he loved her, but he wanted her the way a man wants a woman too, and this scenario was not helping any at all! Especially when his other hand came into play. He dragged it down her exposed stomach before sliding both hands round to stroke her back.

"H-Hinata," he groaned, need choking him. Desperate to do something, Sasuke gripped the hair at the back of her head and tugged with just enough pressure to get her face lifting upwards, and then he kissed her again. She responded immediately, lips parting with a soft sigh. Not one to be unfair to her, Sasuke used one hand to shove his shirt up his chest. It was the right move, because Hinata's small, soft palm immediately smoothed over his abs and pectoral muscles.

Sasuke groaned heatedly, stroking her tongue with his. He pressed her closer to him so that her bare stomach could press against his, and nearly whimpered at the feeling of her flesh against his, after imagining for so long. He needed more. He ached for it... in several choice places of his body.

Sasuke pulled back, and tugged his shirt over his head. Hinata hesitated, and although he was disappointed that they wouldn't be going further yet - he wouldn't push for it until he was sure she wanted him even half as much as he wanted her - he was still going to get more intimate with her.

He ended the kiss, smirking at her whimper of protest, and pushed her onto her back. She stiffened immediately.

"Relax," he rasped. "I'll just make you feel good, okay? I won't touch anywhere you don't want." He waited until she gave a jerky nod before he crawled above her and dipped his lips to her throat. He used one hand to hold himself up and the other to squeeze one of her breasts. She moaned, pushing her chest further into his hand.

Sasuke lifted his head from her neck and pressed a gentle, closed mouthed kiss to her lips. He did that until they both calmed down some, until his mind was clear enough to think, before he stepped it up a notch, only barely parting his lips so that the inside of his lip would rub against the outside of hers when he kissed her. He knew she didn't intend it, but one of her legs bent at the knee, the inside of her thigh resting against the outside of his. Hot damn, but her skin was heated!

Sasuke groaned a little at the feeling, and ran his tongue at the seam of her lips. She parted her mouth, but he didn't enter.

"Just breathe," he rasped. "In time with me." Her grey, heated eyes met his and Sasuke swallowed hard, fisting his hand in the sheets in an effort to just keep this about a kiss and not try to go further. He waited with bated breath until she inhaled, then he exhaled into her open mouth, feeling more than a little self-satisfied at her little gasp.

When she exhaled the same time that he inhaled, though, it was his time to gasp. The feeling of her hot breath ghosting down the walls of his throat was... beyond incredible. It was really simple, but it turned him on like nothing else and he couldn't hold back any longer, and then his tongue was in her mouth. She met it with hers, and the room was filled with the sounds of their laboured breath and the sounds of their kissing. He slid his tongue against that incredibly soft area on the underside of hers, loving the way she squirmed beneath him.

He pulled away after a moment, breathing harshly and struggling not to push for more. He'd need more than just a little time out now. He forced himself to take a shuddering breath and then he backed away from her. He loved the way her eyes followed him.

"Sasuke," she whispered. Sasuke shook his head, giving her a small smile.

"Not right now," he muttered softly. "Just give me a moment."

And then he got the hell out of dodge.

Sasuke poured himself glass of ice cold water, hoping that it would help his situation. It didn't. His wife had such a beautiful body that it was torture to stay away. To make matters worse, he knew... he knew that he would dream about this for a while. He was well acquainted with dreams that starred his beautiful wife. Because of her, his early teens had been hell.

Sasuke moved to the couch, thankful that Sasori and Kakashi must have already left. He sat, put his head back, and gave a long sigh. This marriage was going to kill him. He'd been staying away from Hinata for so long, and having her this close to him... in a situation like this... it was torture, and not the good kind.

He had a feeling that she wouldn't be ready until the confrontation between her and her parents was over. Sasuke sighed again and took another gulp of the cold water, willing his needy body to just calm down. It just wouldn't go down, and Sasuke knew it was partly because he was holding on to the hope that he'd get some tonight. He wouldn't be, but he couldn't help himself.

When he heard the bedroom door open, Sasuke's heart went to his throat before galloping into overdrive in his chest. He kept his head straight, his eyes pinned to the television screen. When he felt the sofa sink next to him, though, he turned to look, and there before him was Hinata.

She'd changed into one of his shirts... and as far as he could see, she was wearing that alone. Oh, Kami.

"I'm sorry I'm not ready," she said softly, resting her hand on his arm.

"It's okay," Sasuke muttered back, the white lie slipping out with some difficulty. It wasn't really okay, because he wanted her so much it hurt.

"..." Sasuke tensed at her lack of response. So, she knew. Damn.

"Well... It's just... I've wanted you for so long... and it's a bit frustrating... that's all. But I won't rush you. I'd never rush you," Sasuke said, his gaze softening when he looked at her. He turned his face away, jolting in surprise when Hinata lifted his arm and snuggled against him. Slowly, he relaxed, holding her soft body closer to him.

"Sasuke?" Hinata said after a long moment of silence.

"Mmnn?" Sasuke grunted, rubbing circles on her arm with his fingertips.

"I think... I really like you," Hinata admitted. Sasuke smiled in the darkness, feeling his heart squeeze with hope. He stood a chance.

"I really like you too."

And when she slid one leg over his thigh, it was like the icing on the cake.

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