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Summary: After just turning ten years old, Kenny has been noticing a disturbing change in him. He is discovering a stronger connection to him and the 'Old Ones' of R'lyeh. With the assistance of the Cult of Cthulhu Kenny's nightmare comes true.

A Demonic Demigod named Kenny

~ Teaser ~

A silver Nissan Versa Sedan pulled up to the side of a dirt road high in the mountains of Colorado. Moments later, a woman stepped out of her car. She grabbed her brief case before heading towards a secured gate with four armed military officers standing guard. As she walked, she could not help but to notice the foggy mist at her feet, and a strange cloud formation in the sky. A swirling purple haze floated just above the mountains. It made what should be a sunny afternoon dark as night. This was something she had noticed as she drove up the hill, and yet she had not really thought about how strange this phenomenon was until now.

Just as the woman arrived to the gate, a jeep drove up on the other side. A man dress in a general's uniform stepped out from the passenger side and walked briskly up to the gate. Right away, the woman presented her ID to him.

"Dr. Nora Lange? Welcome to the Cheyenne Mountain nuclear bunker." The man spoke in clear voice as he shook her hand. "I am General Petraeus. We spoke on the phone."

"Ah, yes. General Petraeus it is an honor that you asked me on this important assignment." The doctor nodded.

"Well, I admit a form of higher power recommended your assistants. I, myself, have doubts your help will do any good." The General sighed.

"Don't you think it is too soon to make assumptions like that?" Dr. Lange inquired. "I have counselled a number of the worst hardened criminals in America - with much success I may add."

"Well, we will see, won't we?" Petraeus stated simply. He spun on his heels and took a step towards the jeep. "Come Doctor..."

Dr. Lange followed the general, and hopped into the back seat of the jeep as the general once again sat in the front passenger side. The young corporal behind the wheel drove up the road and through a tunnel opening.

"General, if you don't mind my asking; why have you chosen this bunker as a prison?" The psychiatrist wondered.

The general turned in his seat so he could face the doctor. He looked at her in a very serious manner.

"Because," he started. "We needed a place that was away from civilization, and has the best secured structure that could contain this prisoner."

"I'm sorry," Lange coughed out a laugh. "All of this for just one person?"

"No ma'am," the general shook his head. "All of this for a demonic demigod from the sunken city of R'lyeh."

Dr. Lange leaned back in her seat. Could this be true? Was she about to become a psychiatrist to a demonic creature from another dimension? She had read all the reports, but assumed they were inaccurate.

They continued to drive for another ten minutes deeper into the mountain, until it came to a stop in front of a large sealed metal door. The doctor watched as the general pulled out a key car d. He stuck it into a slot just above a number pad. General Petraeus punched a code on the pad. A loud buzz rang before the large door opened, and he re-claimed his key card.

As the two of them continued inside, the young corporal stood by the jeep. The general led her past the bunker's command center. The doctor counted at least twenty people working in the room.

They walked further down the corridor until they reached another thick door. Two armed guards stood on either side of it. Again, the general pulled out his key card and punched in a code. As soon as the door opened, the general led the doctor inside. The room was large with fifteen armed solders spread out along from one end of the room to the other, all of them facing a glass wall. Across from the glass wall was a large control panel with a monitor that fit from a top of the panel up to the ceiling. The monitor had images nine different angles of a dark figure of what appeared to be a small person. Standing in front of the monitor, a familiar group of super natural beings known as the super friend turned to greet the general and doctor.

"I don't believe it," Lange whispered.

"Dr. Lange, this is Jesus and the super friends. They helped bring down the deadly creature you are about to meet." The General explained.

"Well, there was some assistance in distracting the prisoner before we were able to apprehend him." Jesus admitted to the General and doctor.

"I see," Lange hummed in thought.

"Over here, Doctor," he instructed the woman to follow him across the room and pointed to a thick bulletproof glass wall. Doctor Lange stepped up and leaned in closer to the glass in order to get a better look in the dimly lit area on the other side.

The Doctor's jaw dropped when she saw the small person tied up in specially designed black straightjacket with thick chains latched from the walls, ceiling, and floor.

"Doctor, this is prisoner 32292*." The General announced.

The tied prisoner lifted his head slowly to look up at his visitors. Some of the dim light touched his hair, showing it to be a golden blond color. Even though most of his face remained in the shadows, his bright blue eyes shown vibrantly under the strands of his hair.

"Oh my god - h-he's just a child." She exclaimed in shock.

"That is not just a child!" The general spat. "It is a deadly creature, bent on destruction, and designed for pure evil!"

"Oh come now, you expect me to believe that this boy is as dangerous as you claim?" The Doctor asked.

"You don't understand, he is a demonic demigod from another dimension." Jesus stepped up to explain.

"Yes, I have been informed of that, but I still am having a tough time believing it." Lange shook her head.

"Believe me doctor," the general growled. "That creature took down the US army, and the Canadian army. Upon doing that, he destroyed most of a small town here in Colorado. All of that went down in a matter of days. Trust me when I say he needs to be in lock up and kept away from civilization. If we were not able to bring him down when we did, by now he might have moved on across America - then the rest of the world in his destructive wake!" His voice sounded sour with hint of dislike towards the chained child.

Lange did not say anything. She simply turned to the general with surprise written on her face.

"Are you still interested in taking this job?" The General raised his eyebrow curiously at her to see how she might answer.

Again, the Doctor silently turned back to the young prisoner. She noticed how he never stopped starring at her. Just by looking into his shining blue orbs, she was able to see the boy had been battling with many emotions, including fear. She began to sympathize with the child. With a nod, the doctor turned back to Jesus and the General.

"I am," she stated firmly.

"In that case, let me show you the lunch room." The General nodded, leading her out of the room.

The boy continued to watch the doctor leave with the General. His eyes shifted back to Jesus, whom stood in the same spot, and calmly watched him.

"If there is still any humanity left in you, let's just pray to my father she can help you find it." The son of God told him.

Without saying a word, the boy sighed deeply and lowered his head towards the floor.


Chapter 1 - Nightmare

Two Weeks Ago...

All is quiet in the small town of South Park. Everyone was in his or her homes tucked safely in their beds - or so it seemed. However, something dark hovered over the streets having it appear nighttime. A sudden crash echoed down an ally, and a young boy dressed in an orange parka came running out. His feet landed hard on the pavement below him as he attempted to get away from his pursuer. The young child turned his head to look over his shoulder. From what he could tell, no one was following him.

Without warning, Kenny stumbled over some debris on the ground and lands on his hands and knees. A dark voice rumbled in the air that sent chills down his neck.

"You cannot run. I will catch up to you."

"No!" Kenny cried out in desperation.

He staggered as he got back up to his feet. Not about to waste a single moment, Kenny ran as fast as he could down the street. Again, he stopped in his tracks once he was face to face with his own reflection. A mirror just happened to be standing in the middle of the street. Kenny was relieved he only ran into himself. That was until his reflection moved in a matter in which he did not.

The orange clad boy in the mirror lifted his hands up to his hood. He pulled it back to reveal his messy golden blond hair. Kenny was able to see that the boy resembled him in every way, except for the evil glint in his eyes and a wicked grin on his face. Kenny watched in horror as the boy in the mirror looked back at him, and let out an eerie chuckle as his eyes glowed brighter then the stars.

"There is no escape from me!" The boy howled with glee.

"NO!" Kenny cowered away, refusing to believe his reflection.

"You will DIE!" The boy crowed. He lifted his hands up in the air. By doing so, it would seem he was then able to cause the streets and buildings around them to crumble.

Kenny was powerless to prevent a wall from landing on top of him. Everything went black in an instance.


Kenny sat up in his bed with a jolt, screaming at the top of his lungs. Tears streamed down his cheeks. His cries, even though muffled slightly thanks to his orange hooded parka covering his head and mouth, they were still loud enough to reach through the paper-thin walls of his house. He jumped with a yelp when the door flung open suddenly, and his parents barged in. His father flipped the light switch on, revealing the worried looks on both of their faces. Stuart McCormick and his wife, Carol, rushed up to the bed as fast as they could.

"Baby, what's wrong?" His mother asked, while pulling her distressed son close to her in a hug.

Unable to respond, Kenny just choked and coughed between his sobs. His whole body shook violently in his mother's hold. Carol looked up to her husband with worry. Stuart could do nothing but stand by them and watch as his wife cradled their son.

"Kenny?" He finally spoke. Stuart sat at the edge of the bed and placed his hand on his trembling son's back. "Talk to us, boy. What's gotten you so upset these past few nights?"

The troubled boy sniffled back some of his tears. He rubbed as much as he could from his eyes before looking up to his parents.

"Wh-what am I?" The young boy stuttered.

Stuart and his wife, again, looked at each other with their mouths hung open. They were not prepared for his question. Finally, Carol lifted Kenny's chin so he was looking right at her.

"Kenny, you're our son." She explained

Kenny shook his head from side to side, disagreeing with the redheaded woman.

"No," He hiccupped. "What. Am. I." The blond boy stressed. "I'm obviously not normal. What other child do you know that does not die?"

Again, both parents were speechless. For a moment, they had no honest reply for him.

"We don't know what you mean, Kenny." Stuart shrugged.

"Don't say that!" Kenny spat angrily. "I know that you know!" He coughed out a sob before continuing. "I heard you a few nights ago... You guys argued on how many times I came back after I had died."

"Kenny I," Carol paused as she attempted to suppress her own tears, unsuccessfully. "To be honest, baby, we don't know. You just came to us ten years ago, and since then you were and always will be a part of this family."

The young boy leaned back a bit as he slowly began to calm down. He knew that his parents were telling him the truth, and there was no reason to get mad at them for that.

"Am I evil?" Kenny suddenly asked in a whisper.

Again, this caused both Carol and Stuart to stare at him in shock.

"Wh-what makes you ask such a question? Of course you are not evil." His mother ensured him.

"You're absolutely certain of that?" Kenny asked in a low voice as his eye lids started to feel heavy.

"Hush now, Kenny." Carol instructed calmly, as she tenderly stroked her boy's head. "You get some rest now, ok. You've got school in the mornin'."

A good fifteen minutes have passed before Kenny officially fell back to sleep. Carol carefully eased his head down on his pillow as Stuart tucked him in under his single green blanket. Before they left the room, Carol turned off the light, and Stuart closed the door. On their way back to their bedroom, the two of them quickly checked on their other children Kevin and Karen. Both were sound asleep. It was difficult to say if they had woken up during Kenny's screaming though. The moment they entered their bedroom Stuart closed the door as Carol sat down on the edge of their bed, staring down at their dirty rug. Stuart walked around to the other side of the bed, and sat down facing the opposite wall.

"You know he's been screaming like that almost every night since his birthday last weekend." Stuart pointed out in a calm quiet voice.

"I know," Carol nodded in agreement.

"Have any of them cult members showin' up again since I was here during that one afternoon?" He asked her.

"Yes, twice." Again, Carol nodded absently. "They've been askin' if any of our children turned ten recently."

"What did you tell them?" Stuart turned to her, his voice rose a bit in concern.

"I told them that it was none of their fuckin' business. Then told them to leave," Carol stated firmly.

"Good," Stuart sighed with relief.

"Stuart, what are we gonna do?" She pleaded with him. The young mother spun around to face her husband. "What if they know about Kenny?"

"They're not gonna do anything, because how could they know?" Stuart cried in defiance.

"Stuart," Carol shook her head in wonder. "The last time we ended up going to one of their meetin's we ended up with Kenny. What if they do know, and what would be the reason they would ask about our son now? What if it's somethin' bad?"

"Carol, nobody knows about Kenny's secret, trust me!" Stuart stood up, as he once again defended his statement. "You've witnessed it... All the times that boy died all the funerals we had for him- he just comes back to us. The same day he comes back, everyone's memories of him dying are gone. Only we remember. Maybe it's because we are his parents, I don't know."

Carol paused in thought for a moment. She blinked a few times before responding. "I hope you're right, Stuart, I really do."


* There is a bit of trivia with the prisoner's number...see if any of you can guess what it is.