Author's Note: I have done a bit of research for this chapter on the Gods that relate with Cthulhu and the Old Ones. There is a chant that I borrowed from the song "Temple of the Black Pharaoh, sung by Nox Arcana.

I hope you enjoy this chapter, and may Kenny's secrets finally be reviled.

Chapter 5 - Birth to a Great Evil

In the western sky, the sun slowly made its way behind the mountains.

Deep in the forest, about an hour's trip from South Park by car, chanting is heard though the trees. In a small meadow there were lit candles circled around a marked symbol on the ground. Surrounding the circle twenty-five cloaked figures swayed back and forth, holding candles, and repeating a chant.

Nyarlathotep Atem Osiris Set Amun-Ra!
Nyarlathotep Khonsu Osiris Set Amun-Ra!

In the middle of the marked symbol, a medium sized chair sat Kenny. He looked down at his hands and legs. The cult tied them to the chair, leaving him next to no chance to escape. He let out a whimpering sob and sniffled.

One of cloaked men walked up to the chair and stopped beside it. He held up a silver knife with the handle shaped as Cthulhu's head. The crowd grew silent as they waited for the man to speak. After the dark cloaked man placed the knife down on a small table beside the chair, he reached up and removed the hood that covered his face.

"Brothers and sisters, the gift given to us by Cthulhu has finally returned." He announced with glee. "Even though it is still a complete mystery how he managed to disappear from us for all these years. The Old Ones had spoken to me through my dreams, reminding me of their return and at the same time the identity of our missing Messenger." Jim McElroy spoke to the twenty-four cloaked members holding lit candles.

The cult chanted.

Nyarlathotep Atem Osiris Set Amun-Ra!
Nyarlathotep Khonsu Osiris Set Amun-Ra!

"As you all were told, the Old Ones shared in the Messenger's creation, but it is Nyarlathotep that shows him the way of the Old Ones. It is so that the young Messenger's job to deliver chaos and mayhem to the people of the world. Soon the stars will align and we will welcome our Gods at the dimensional gate that had them trapped eons ago." The cult leader preached.

The cult chanted again.

Nyarlathotep Atem Osiris Set Amun-Ra!
Nyarlathotep Khonsu Osiris Set Amun-Ra!

Kenny lifted his head to look up at the crowd. Tears stained his cheeks. His white T-shirt reflected the light from the burning candles that surrounded him. He sniffed back some more tears before chancing another glance up at the cult leader.

Jim McElroy turned his head and grinned at the boy. "It's almost time, young Messenger. Soon your fears and confusion will disappear."

He then turned to the two Star Trek nerds, "Go get the sacrificial goat."

"Sacrificial g-goat?" Kenny's eyes grew twice their size. Something about that sentence made this situation more serious. He could not stop himself from asking further questions. "What does that mean?"

"Well," Jim nodded. "The black goat, also known as Shub-Niggurath, she is the Mother of Cthulhu.

Shub demands sacrifices in blood. She is also the God of Chaos. Part of her is in you, actually. The blood of this goat will allow you to be connected to the Old Ones again, and become whole with your powers."

"W-what do you mean the goat's blood will connect me? How?" Kenny quivered.

"By drinking the blood Kenny, it will open the gateway between souls - yours and Nyarlathotep. You will be his avatar, and work with him to deliver the message of Cthulhu. It was a shame we were not able to complete the original séance. But, we now have a second chance, and this time we are going to do it right." The cult leader explained.

Suddenly, Kenny had the urge to run. He started to jerk his arms and legs free, but it was futile. The young boy was strapped in tight. "No," he cried.

"Baa," The goat bleated. The Star Trek nerds dragged the innocent creature to the center of the marked pattern on the ground. They then tied the goat to a pole on the other side of Kenny's chair. Kenny looked at the goat and wished he could release the animal from its fate.

"It is now time, my brothers and sisters!" The cult leader cheered, holding up the sacrificial knife once more.

The people continued chanting:

Nyarlathotep Atem Osiris Set Amun-Ra!
Nyarlathotep Khonsu Osiris Set Amun-Ra!

Jim walked over, and leaned forward over the goat. He mercilessly slit the goat's throat. Nelson assisted him by holding a grail under the goat's body. The blood oozed from the dying goat's neck and into the grail marked with red gemstones and the symbol of Cthulhu on it. Once it was full with the red life essence of the goat, Jim took the cup and turned to feed it to Kenny. The child instantly started to refuse the beverage by turning his head away.

"Come now Kenny. Drink up." The cult leader insisted.

"No, I don't want it. Please let me go." The blond child pleaded. He instantly jerked his head away from the grail as it drifted up to his lips once more. A sob escaped from his throat. It did not take an expert to see that little Kenny McCormick was afraid.

"Brother Nelson, would you mind?" Jim asked for the assistance as he addressed Kenny's lack of cooperation.

Nelson nodded, and he walked up to the chair. He leaned forward, grabbing Kenny's head, and holding his chin up so Jim could pour the blood into his mouth.

Kenny could not help but to let out a yelp. He continued to protest the best he could, but it was no good. Nelson had a strong hold on him.

Now that Kenny's head was in a vise grip, it made it easier for Jim to pour the blood into the child's mouth. The more Kenny struggled the harder it was not to swallow. He did try to cough out the blood, though. Most of it ended up down his chin, shirt, and pants.

Finally, the cup was empty and the two men released Kenny. Kenny tried spit out as much of the blood, but it was not enough. He began to hyperventilate knowing a change growing inside him.

Echoes of the crowd chanting rang in his ears.

Above them, in the trees, a bunch of crows suddenly flew up and away as fast as they could - cawing as they fled.


Almost an hour passed and the forest seemed quiet - maybe too quiet. The sun was completely down and the clear sky started to show some stars. Down a path in the dark woods, the trees reflected dancing lights from flashlights, and voices of young children spoke.

"God damn it, Cartman! Hurry your fat ass up!" Kyle screeched.

"Yeah dude, we would be there by now rescuing Kenny if you didn't stop to grab a burger meal at McDonalds!" Stan pointed out.

"Eh, if we are going to be rescuing Kinny's sorry ass in the middle of butt-fuck nowhere, then I need to do it on a full stomach." Cartman spat.

"How much farther is it?" Clyde panted, already losing his breath from running so long.

"Yeah, we've been running for miles." Craig complained.

"We should be almost there. Just a little further..." Stan informed them.

Butters stopped. Something above the trees caught his attention. A swirl of purple clouds started to roll in. "Oh, what funny looking clouds?" He muttered to himself.

"Butters, come on!" Token hissed as he ran past him. Cartman panted along behind him.

The young blond boy snapped his head back to the others that are ahead further along the path. He quickly trotted to catch up to them.

They all came over a mound and saw a several cars parked in a field. Seeing the vehicles made the boys believe they were close in finding the cult, and most importantly, Kenny.

"Alright guys, keep your eyes peeled." Stan whispered with a shaky breath.

Kyle looked around until he saw something glowing behind some trees.

"Hey, I see candle light. I'm betting they are over there." He deduced.

"Ok, come on." Stan ushered the rest to follow him with a jester of his hand.

Cautiously, the boys shut off their flashlights and threaded through trees until they saw an opening. Indeed there was candles lit, most of them surrounding a strange pattern on the ground. In the center, they saw the back of a chair. On one side of the chair, they saw a dead goat tied to a pole, and the other was a small table knocked over on its side.

"Gosh fellers, where is everyone? It seems awfully quite here." Butters pointed out.

"Yeah, too quiet." Cartman could not help but to let out a snicker.

"Cartman, shh." Kyle hissed.

"Stay frosty guys, the cult people might still be here." Stan reminded them.

"You think Kenny is here?" Craig asked.

"Yeah, kind of looks like they all left." Clyde shrugged.

"If they all left then why were there a bunch of cars parked over in that field, Brainiac?" Token snapped.

"Good point. There's only one way to find out." Kyle began to lead the boys casually into the candle lit area.

They carefully made their way around the meadow avoiding the circled area of Cthutlu's symbol on the ground. Cartman noticed a table that had finger food and beverages on it. He instantly ran over to help himself at some of the desert treats.

"Jesus Christ, Cartman. Why do you insist on thinking with your stomach?" Token barked.

"Yeah, we don't have time for snacking, Eric. We need to find Kenny." Butters insisted

"What? These are good." Cartman shrugged.

Craig and Clyde shook their heads and turned around. What they saw caused their jaws to drop. A certain young blond child sat, asleep and tied in the chair.

"Kenny!" Both boys cried at once - instantly brought the attention of the other boys.

At first glance, Kenny appeared dead. His head rested against the back of the chair with his eyes closed. Blood stained his chin, and all down his shirt and pants. Stan and Kyle rushed up to him. Stan reached up to touch his arm.

The second he felt the touch on his arm, Kenny woke up with a jolt.

"Oh, thank God you're alive!" Butters sighed with relief.

"Guys," Kenny breathed hoarsely.

"Hey, someone find a key so we can free Kenny." Kyle demanded.

The other boys began searching the area for something that would resemble a key. Token just happened to look down at the ground and saw a small metal object. He picked it up and smiled.

"I found it!" He cheered, holding up the key. He quickly ran over and handed it to Kyle.

As Kyle unlocked the shackles, Stan gently nudged Kenny's shoulder.

"Dude, you look like shit. What the Hell happened?" Stan asked with concern.

Kenny let out a groan as his arms and legs felt freedom for the first time in hours.

"It was horrible," he winced as his feet touched the ground. Kenny turned his head to face the dead goat. "They made me drink goat's blood."

"Ewe, that's gross. It's all over you." Clyde addressed before covering his mouth with his hand.

Kenny glanced down at his attire before he drew an embarrassed smirked crossed his lips. "Maybe I should wash up a bit."

"Ah, Kinny we don't have time for this. We got to get you out of here." Cartman pointed out.

"It won't be long. I just need to wash my face." Kenny promised. He walked right up to the table and grabbed one of the medium size water bottles. As soon as he unscrewed the top, he carefully poured some on his palm before pulling his wet hand up around his mouth and chin.

"You know fellers, I can't stop thinking how quiet it is around here." Butters wondered aloud.

"Butters has a point," Token scratched his head in thought. "You would think we would see someone from the cult by now."

Kenny could not help but to overhear the conversation behind him as he put the bottle of water down on the table and reached over to grab a napkin. He began using it to dry off his chin.

"Come to think of it, yeah, where did everyone go?" Kyle pondered.

"Oh, they're hanging around." Kenny hummed as he dropped the napkin and reached for a finger sandwich. He bit down on it and chewed.

"Wh-what do you mean, Kenny? Where?" Stan asked.

Kenny responded by lifting his figure up and pointed to the tree branches above them. He swallowed the sandwich and grabbed another one.

Puzzled with Kenny's response, the boys glanced up. However, the darkness of the branches showed nothing but black. Kyle, Clyde, and Butters turned on their flashlights, and pointed them up. Immediately, they all saw twenty-five cloaked bodies hanging from their necks high in the trees. Some were obviously familiar to the boys. There was Mr. Adler from shop class, the two Star Trek nerds, Nelson, and of course the cult leader himself.

The boys all let out a loud cry. Clyde dropped his flashlight and covered his mouth once more.

"Oh my God!" Stan cried out in terror.

"Holy monkey-balls, you guys!" Cartman screeched.

"Jesus Christ," Butters spat.

"I think I'm going to be sick!" Craig hollered.

"The Hell, man!" Token screamed.

Kenny, with his back still towards them, let out a small chuckle in amusement with the boy's reactions.

Hearing Kenny's laughter, Kyle spun his head to the smaller boy.

"Kenny that is not funny!" He scolded him. "How did those people get up there?"

"Oh, it's really simple, Kyle." Kenny spoke in a low gravely tone. He smiled as he leaned his head over his shoulder. There was an eerie darkness in his eyes as he looked at the other boys. "I put them there." He explained.

The way Kenny said that sent chills down Stan and the other's backs. Each of the boys looked confused. It was as if the blond child in front of them was not the same boy they all knew as a friend and classmate.

"Kinny?" Cartman squeaked.

"Apparently that is my name in this life." Kenny shrugged. He turned back to the table and reached for a juice bottle. After he twisted the cap off, Kenny started to gulp it.

"In" Stan asked carefully.

Kenny pulled the now empty bottle away from his lips with a satisfied grin on his face. "Ah," he breathed. "I've lived many lives - all, for the name of Cthutlu and the Old Ones."

"I see," Cartman nodded with an expression of disbelief.

"Kenny? Why would you hang all those people up in trees?" Kyle asked with a shaky breath.

For a moment, Kenny did not answer. He simply reached for a pecan tart on one of the desert trays. The immortal child bit down on the tart and savored the sweet flavor of it for a moment, then swallowed.

"They pissed me off." He stated firmly.

"They pissed you off," Stan said that almost sounded more like a form of a question.

"Well, yeah. You see those assholes up there botched the original ceremony that would bring me across from the dimension of R'lyeh to here." The smaller boy explained, pointing to the ground under his feet.

"I'm what you would call an avatar - the connection between the two worlds. The 'boy' you knew, Kenny McCormick, was never supposed to exist. He was a result of not been given the sacrificial blood of a goat." He continued, addressing the animal's carcass. "- Or I should rephrase, his 'mother' was not given the blood to drink."

"H-hey Kenny, you are really starting to scare us." Butters quivered while pounding his fists together nervously.

Kenny shook his head and clicked his tongue to the roof of his mouth. "That's a real shame. Would it feel better if I said I was sorry?" he smirked sarcastically.

"Oh, that would be awfully nice of you." Butters sighed with relief, not catching on to Kenny's sarcasm.

"Uh Kinny," Cartman spoke before the evil child could respond to Butter's innocent reply. "How were you able to get those people up in that tree?"

With a pause, Kenny stood and stared at the larger boy.

"You wish for a demonstration?" He smoothly replied, taking a step towards the boys. "Alright," Kenny purred as he held up his hand and formed his digits like claws.

Instantly, Cartman felt an invisible vise-like grip around his throat. He had a difficult time taking a breath. In a panic, he dropped his flashlight and reached up to try prying whatever had him by his neck, but could not feel anything. Eric was still not able to breathe. Slowly, his heavy body started to lift off the ground. He could still feel the tug of gravity, but the weird sensation was that something invisible was pulling him up as well.

"This was a lot more difficult with twenty or so people, but as you can see, I was successful at it...and my hands were still tied down." The evil child admitted. "By the way, thank you for releasing me." He smiled at Stan and Kyle.

"Kenny! Kenny, please stop this! You made your point." Stan pleaded.

"Yeah, I mean, I hate Cartman more than anyone, but this isn't the way - this isn't your way!" Kyle added desperately.

Kenny's facial expression went from evil smirk, to a stunned realization of his actions. It was barely audible, but the boys could have sworn they heard his breath hitched slightly. Everyone stood silent and frozen in one spot, save for Eric that dangled in the air, a foot above ground. The fat child gargled as he choked for a breath to reach his deprived lungs.

Slowly, Kenny's expression turned from shock back to a calm smirky grin.

"Fine," He shrugged.

The second he dropped his hand, Cartman fell back to earth with a loud thud. Eric choked out a series of coughs as he began to breathe again. Butters and Clyde rushed up to him and helped him up to his feet.

Kenny leaned forward and whispered just loud enough for all the boys to hear. "This is the part where you run away."

"That is really a great idea, man!" Token said in a panic.

"Yeah, come on you guys. Let's go!" Craig added as he grabbed Kyle and Stan by the arms and dragged them back to the way they came in.

As they ran, Stan looked over his shoulder to see Kenny telepathically raising the flames up from the candles and guiding them to burn the table of food and trees that surrounded the circle. The fire reached up the high branches, and the dangling people soon started to burn. Stan took one last look at Kenny as he turned to look back at him. The boy's expression was of pure evil.

Just beyond the parked cars, police sirens echoed as cop cars showed up. The other children were obviously successful in contacting them with the instructions on where the cult held their secret meeting.

The boys ran up to the vehicles as they came to a halt. Sergeant Yates opened his door and hopped out.

"What the Hell are you boys doing here?" He questioned.

Each of the boys tried to explain that the cult made their friend drink goat's blood and is now evil, but the explanation became a noisy mess of words to the sergeant's ears. His partner, Murphy, perked his ears as he too came out of the police car.

"What was that about goat's blood?" He asked.

The loud crackling sound of fire burning wood made everyone turn towards the trees. A small figure started walking through the flames towards them.

"Oh. My. God." Yates gasped. He quickly turned his head to one of the officers beside him. "You," he said in a forced demand. "Get these boys out of here! We will do our best to hold off this demon child."

"Yes sir," the officer nodded.

Each of the boys were then forcibly herded into the cab of the officer's vehicle.

"No wait!" Stan pleaded desperately, but before he could finish his request, the car door was slammed shut.

"Freeze, don't move!" Yates barked with his gun pointed at Kenny once he was past the burning trees. The rest of the officers immediately choked their guns in preparations to fire at the child.

Kenny appeared to do as commended and stopped to look at the officers questionably. An evil smirk tugged back on his lips just before he lifted his arm up.

"FIRE!" Yates cried in a panic.

Echoes of shots fired from rifles and hand pistils bounced from the trees. Kenny raised both of his arms up in a defense posture as bullets flew at him. Smoke covered the area where he stood. The smoke came mostly from burning flames.

The guns were silent after several shots had been fired. The smoke slowly dissipated and a small shadowy figure still stood in the same spot.

"Oh shit," Yates muttered.

Kenny looked at himself in disbelief. Apparently, he had the power to protect himself with a force field all the long, and did not realize it until his connection with the Old Ones was renewed.

"This is cool." He quietly chimed to himself.

Sergeant Yates quickly turned his head to see that the officer had not yet driven off with the boys. In an angry, yet panicked scream, he cried. "Why haven't you left yet? Go!"

He waved his arm frantically at the driver, before the young officer woke up from the shock, and turned the ignition of the vehicle. Once the engine came alive, the man punched it into reverse and drove the car around then moved the car forward, back down the dirt road in which they came.

Once the car was out of sight, Yates turned back to the child that was now stepping forward.

"Now it's my turn." Kenny chuckled in a playful tone.