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WARNING: There is some rated teen content between Alex and Mason in some chapters. I know they would never do some of the stuff that I make them do in this story but its my story.

Mason pretended to laugh at Juliet's joke. He hated these jokes because they had been the same for over 300 years. He knew all of them already and so it was boring. Mason decided he was going to go help out in the substation. He wasn't part of the family business but he was sick of these lame jokes and Alex was working with Max. She was working with only Max. Justin was visiting home so he was talking to Juliet, Harper was out finding new fabric for new outfits, and Teresa tricked Jerry into bringing her to a fancy dinner.

Alex was just coming out of the kitchen and was bringing an order to table nine. When Mason came downstairs into the substation; he saw how packed the place was and it surprised him. He walked over to his girlfriend. "Alex! Can we talk?" Mason's sweet British accent seemed to fill Alex's ears so she could hear nothing but him. "Mason, where have you been all day?" Alex happily hugged her boyfriend. Mason hugged back and said. "Well talking to Juliet and Justin of course." Alex let go of Mason. "Um...I have to bring this order to table nine." Alex walked over to table nine to give a man his order. Mason sighed. "Alex, its not like that. Juliet and I are no longer dating and never will be." Alex looked at Mason. "Why would you spend all day with her and Justin? By the way, what is it you wanted to talk about?" Mason's British accent made Alex's heart melt so she couldn't stay mad at him. "I don't know. But I wanted to ask you something about the substation."


"Well, it's a family business but Harper and Zeke work here, right? So can I work here too?"

"You can for now but later you'll have to run it by my dad."

"Thank you! Juliet is telling jokes and stories that she told me when we were dating. Which was over 300 years now." Mason admitted.

The man from table nine looked up at Mason. "What? 300 years?" The man asked. Mason shook his head. "300 years ago is along time and I'm not that old." Alex looked at Mason. "Just be the waiter. I'll make the food." Mason nodded and kissed Alex's cheek. "Okay, love." Alex looked at Max, who took a 5 minute break about 30 minutes ago. "Max, you can go upstairs now. Mason and I got this." Max winked at Mason and gave him his apron then went upstairs. Mason put on the apron and began taking orders.

About 2 hours later Alex's parents came home and were surprised that Mason was working. Even more surprising Alex was working too. Mr. Russo suddenly spoke up. "Alex. Mason. Kitchen meeting now." Alex rolled her eyes and Mason nearly freaked out. Mr. Russo, Alex, and Mason stood in the kitchen as Mr. Russo thought of what to say. "Alex, why is your boyfriend working in the substation?" Alex stared at her dad then said. "Harper isn't home, Max can't do anything right, and Justin is visiting. Mason was sick of Juliet's jokes so he asked if he could work so I let him." Jerry thought about it then finally said. "So I don't have to pay him. He volunteered, right?" "Mr. Russo, I need just a little extra money. So please let me work here." Mason begged and Teresa chimed in. "We will pay you, Mason. But not a lot of money." "Thank you, Mrs. Russo." Mason replied and she nodded. Jerry looked at his wife and shook his head. "We don't have enough money for that." Alex yawned because she was bored. "Well dad, Justin is the professor of Wiz Tech now. So it's just you, mom, Max, Zeke, Harper, and me. So we might as well get Mason's help." Mason nodded. Jerry rolled his eyes. "Fine. But I'm going to talk to Justin." Jerry went upstairs and his wife followed. Alex pulled out her wand. "Mason, I have an idea on how to get all these orders done so we can close up shop early."

"Is that really possible?"

"Yes. There's a spell that can freeze time. It only lasts as long as you hop on one leg."

"Why one leg?"

"The man who created the spell only had one leg."

"Well that's insane!"

"Not really. It's easier this way."

"I don't think this is a good idea."

"Gials jay Times day." Alex waved her wand as she said the spell. She started hopping on one leg. She made all the sandwiches and put them on all the tables they belonged on. Finally, she put her leg down and turned the open sign to closed. She walked back over to her boyfriend. "Now as soon as everyone who is here leaves the shop will be closed for the day. So we can do whatever we want." Mason kissed his girlfriend softly on the lips and smiled. "It's not a very good idea but I don't mind. I mean I get to spend the rest of the day with you." Alex softly kissed Mason's cheek. "I love you, Mason. What do you want to do?" He smiled at Alex. "Love you too. Why don't we go hang out in your room for awhile?" Alex nodded but looked at Mason innocently. "Can you carry me upstairs?" "No. I'm not carrying you up the stairs. But I'll do this..." Mason's arms wrapped around Alex's waist and he kissed her passionately. She blushed slightly and wrapped her arms around his neck as she thankfully returned the kiss.

After a few minutes Alex pulled away and announced. "Let's go! I wanna go talk to Justin about something. After that you and I can spend the rest of the day together!" Alex ran upstairs to talk with her brother. "Hey Justin! We need to talk...about something..." Justin looked at his sister. "Does the family wizard need my help?"

"No. Yes. Maybe...just come here."

"Alex, I'm busy."

"Please, Justin!"

"Alex, I can't. I have to be back to Wiz Tech in about a hour."

"I only need about 5 minutes of your time."

"Fine. But only 5 minutes."

Alex flashed her and Justin into the lair before their parents could tell them not too. "Mason and I need to spend some time alone but Harper will be home soon so she'll probably wanna hang out with me." Justin shook his head and asked. "Why do you need my help? Just go to your room and tell Harper to leave you alone with Mason." Alex sighed. "Justin, I think Mason wants to take our relationship to the next level. The kiss we shared a few minutes ago was the most romantic kiss I've ever had with anyone. Please get Max, Harper, Juliet, Mom, and Dad out of the house." Justin smirked. "Sure. But if you end up pregnant I'm not getting in trouble." Alex rolled her eyes as her brother flashed them back upstairs. "Mom, Dad, Juliet, and Max wanna tour of Wiz Tech. I've made a few changes." "Sure." They all answered in unison. They looked at Alex as if waiting for her to say she was going also. Alex shook her head. "I have a date with Mason. So we will be staying here." Mason looked at Alex. "You do? I don't remember planning a date tonight." Alex hugged him. "Yes! That's why I closed up shop 3 hours early." "What?! Why did you close shop early?" Jerry asked and before Alex could reply Justin flashed himself, Jerry, Max, Juliet, and Teresa to Wiz Tech.

Shortly after they left; Harper came home and Mason told her where they went. Harper frowned. "And I can't go there can I? So what are you guys doing?" Alex sighed. "That's right. And I told my mom and dad we have a date tonight." Harper smiled as she realized this was the perfect chance to go hang out at Zeke's house. "Alright. Well bye." "Mason, have you ever seen my room?" Alex wondered out loud and he shook his head. "No, I haven't. Why are you asking me this, darling?" Alex blushed. "Never mind. You'll figure it out when you're ready." She wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's neck and kissed him softly on the lips. Mason kissed Alex passionately as he started to realize what she meant. Suddenly Mason pulled away and he smiled then admitted. "Alex, I am ready for that step if you are. I have been for awhile actually. We've been dating for about 2 years now." Alex replied. "Mason, we dated for about a week then you turned into a wolf. I got you back from those country wizards so we dated for about 2 months but I decided to be human and we had no choice but to be friends. But we got back together when I decided to be a wizard again so we were together for about a year then you got jealous of Chase and we broke up. Finally, we got back together when we were both living on the Wizard World floor at the Winser Apartments and we have been dating since then. So its been a hardly 2 years. It's been like a year and a half." Mason looked at Alex. "The details don't matter. We have been together for awhile. You never gave up on us, did you? If you did then you wouldn't have came to find me when I was with those country wizards." Alex laughed and hugged Mason. "Oh shut up. Let's just go upstairs. If you wanna do this we only have about a hour to squeeze it in." Mason smiled and hugged back. "Alright. But no one can know about this so we don't get in trouble." Alex nodded in agreement; then grabbed Mason's hand and ran upstairs.

Alex sat down on her bed and took off her shoes. Mason slightly blushed at the thought of doing this with Alex and he also took off his shoes. He eased her back on the bed and softly kissed her cheek. "Alex, I love you more then I've ever loved anyone. The only thing that worries me is if you get pregnant." Alex blinked and took off Mason's shirt. "Do you wanna do this or not?" She asked. Mason took off Alex's shirt and unbuttoned his pants. After they were both in no item of clothing at all Mason climbed on top of his girlfriend and thrusted forward.