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After Camelot Returns (Avalon High; Will x Allie & Lance x Jen)

Chase Returns (WOWP; Mason x Alex & Chase x Alex)

Romeo & Juliet - Vampire Style (Vampire Knight; Zero x Yuki)

A Frosty Surprise (Rise of The Guardians; Surprise Pairing)

Alex had been hurting a lot during the pregnancy but didn't tell anyone. She finally knew Chancellor Rootie Tootie Tootie was right but she wouldn't admit it. One day while Mason wasn't home; she had fallen asleep and suddenly woke up with a stomach pain. She called Waverly Substation before she called Mason. Max answered the phone and Alex started to cry. "Max, get mom and dad! I think I might be having the baby soon!"

"You like within the next few hours?"

"Yes! Can you please tell them to pick me up and call Mason on their way to my house?"

"I'll call Mason. Dad, Alex needs to get to the hospital! Let's go!" The phone was hung up.

About 10 minutes later Max, Harper, Theresa, Jerry, and Justin flashed into Alex's apartment. "Alex..?" Alex her dad say her name and got into the living room as soon as she could. She couldn't find her wand and she wasn't wearing boots so she knew it wasn't in her boot. "I can't find my wand. We need to get to the hospital ASAP!" Justin flashed them close to the hospital and Max was on the phone with Mason. They rushed into the hospital. Mason was there shortly after Alex was in a hospital room. He looked at a nurse who was at the desk. "Hi, um...is Alex Greybeck here?"

"That's confidential."

"I'm her husband! If she's here; I need to see her right away...before the baby is born."

"I'm not saying she's here. But are you Mason Greybeck...?"

"Yes! What room number is she in? Did she give birth yet?"

"She requested to be in room 804 because of something when she was born. And luckily for her it was open. The baby isn't born yet."

"Alright! Can I go see her?"

"Yes, she wouldn't even let her mom, dad, brothers, or her friend come see her. She only wanted you to be there."

Mason smiled at what the nurse told him. She led him to the room Alex was in. "Alex..." She looked up. "Mason...you just missed Jasper." Alex was holding a small baby, who was wrapped it in a blanket. Mason walked over and Alex handed the small baby over to Mason. "Hey, Jasper. I'm your daddy." The baby seemed to be even clamer after hearing her dad's voice the she did when hearing her mom's voice. "Mason..." Alex whispered. "You have to name her. I haven't gotten the birth certificate yet so I haven't signed it. I'll sign it after. I wake up I'll sign it I promise." Shortly after the young mother fell asleep. Mason smiled and kissed her forehead. When the birth certificate was signed by Mason and the baby's name was officially Jasper Arianna Greybeck; Mason woke up Alex so she could sign it as well. Mason realized since Jasper was finally born that he finally had his second family.

After a few hours the nurse told them they could go home. The baby looked similar to the way Alex drew her in the magic journal. Mason and Alex walked out into the waiting room where Alex's family sat. They all saw they baby. Theresa and Jerry were both happy and annoyed that they had a grandchild so soon. Justin and Max smiled at their niece. "She's cute.." Max admitted and Justin nodded in a agreement. Justin hugged Alex and told her how happy he was and how Juliet should meet the baby. Alex was both creeped out and secretly agreed.

The Russos would never be normal. The family consisted of a vampire, 2 wizards, 2 ex wizards, 2 humans, a werewolf, and a half werewolf half wizard. Jerry laughed and shook his head. "Justin Russo, Alex Russo, and Max Russo are my kids. But I guess I have to deal with having more kids. Juliet Van Heusen is now Juliet Russo, Mason Greybeck turned Alex Russo to be Alex Greybeck, Harper Finkle is kind of a Russo, and Zeke Beekerman...is just weird." Alex and Harper laughed but no one else did. They went to they different homes. Justin went back to Wiz Tech. Alex and Mason went to their apartment with their brand new baby. Harper, Theresa, Max, and Jerry went back to the original Russo residence. They were a freaky bunch and were proud of it.

Everything turned out just fine for them. Whenever Alex and Mason couldn't watch Jasper they would ask Harper or Alex's parents to watch her and they usually said yes. Everyone loved the baby. Jasper was the newest member of the Russo family and the Greybeck family although she'd never meet Mason's parents because they might just eat her. Then what would happen? No one cared to that poor Jasper would never know anyone on Mason's side of the family but all the extra people on Alex's family filled up that.

After awhile Max and Harper found their own apartments. None of the less everyone visited the Waverly Substation and old home when they got the chance. Most of the time Daddy's Little Girl showed up with Jasper. But when she came she always hung out for awhile even if she were asking them to babysit. She loved her family but wouldn't admit it to anyone. Unless she needed to. But it didn't bug her when she needed to.

So many people thought the Russos were weird and wanted to know why but no one ever figured it out. It was one of the many things that made Alex enjoy being a wizard. She enjoyed seeing people confused almost as much as Max liked to confuse people.