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Jerry Russo smiled as he hung up and gave Alex her phone back. He was glad Mason cared for his daughter and his grandchild. Alex wanted to know what Mason said to her dad but she didn't ask. She just started working in the substation. It was almost by instinct for once.

Alex was taking the order of a small family of 3. The child was probably no older then 2 years old. The little girl looked up at Alex. "You're pretty. What's you're name?" Alex smiled. "I'm Alex. What's your name?" She smiled. "My name is Kelsey." Alex shook the younger girl's hand. "That's a great name. I'll be right back." Kelsey smiled. "Mommy, I think she's nice. Can she sit with us?" Her mother smiled. "I don't know. Ask her when she comes back. "Alex came back with apple juice, Mountain Dew, and ice tea. "There's your drinks. Let me know when you are ready to order your food." Kelsey grabbed Alex's hand. "Can you sit with us?" Alex shrugged. "I'm not sure. Maybe in awhile I have to make sandwiches." A certain young British male walked in the saw Alex with the family and walked over. "Hello, brown eyes. How are you doing?"

"Mason! I'm great!"

"We need to talk about the ba.." Mason started to speak but his girlfriend cut him off.

"Can we talk about that in the kitchen while they choose their orders?"

"Of course love."

Alex promised she'd be back to take their order. Alex and Mason had talked about the baby for almost 5 minutes now. They were only talking about names. But they were still unsure. Just as Alex was about to go back to talk to Kelsey and her parents and take their order; Mason took Alex's hands in his. Alex wasn't trying to be rude but Mason acting like this was bugged her. "Mason, what's up? Why are you being so clingy today?" Mason retorted. "Oh, I don't know. Maybe because my girlfriend ignored me for 2 whole days because she was mad about a choice we both made." In this situation she felt so angry yet so confused. "I wasn't mad about the choice! I was mad at my mom and dad because of the punishment." "Well anyway I need to ask you something." Mason informed his girlfriend. "What is it?!" Alex asked in a snotty tone. Mason offensively replied "Bloody hell! There's no need to be so upset. Alex Russo, I know we're still young but I wanna spend my life with you and I hope you feel the same." "Get on with it. Just ask your question." Everyone in the substation yelled as if they already knew what he was going to ask. Mason slightly laughed. He pulled out a small ring and nearly cried when he got down on one knee. "Alex Russo, will you marry me?" Everyone waited for Alex to say 'yes' but she just started crying. Jerry looked at his daughter and then his wife, who decided to speak up. "We know miha its a lot to take in but on the bright side your family, friends, and boyfriend love you." "Mason, yes. I'll marry you." Alex finally replied to her boyfriend's proposal. Mason kissed Alex softly. "I have to get an order." Alex mumbled. She went back to Kelsey's table and got their order and few minutes later she came back with a ham & cheese sandwich, a BLT, and tuna fish on rye.

Alex told her parents she was going to take her lunch break. She and Mason went upstairs and sat on the couch to watch TV together. 15 minutes into their show Chancellor Rootie Tootie Tootie flashed in and the couple looked at him. "Hi, how are you?" Alex asked him because she was clearly in a good mood. "I'm fine. But I heard you guys are having a baby and are engaged." Mason nodded with a smile. "That's right." "Congrats! But, I have bad news for you." Chancellor Roootie Tootie Tootie told them with no emotion at all. "What's that?" Alex asked as she looked back at the TV. "Alex, you have to get an abortion." The 2 teens looked at him with wide eyes and spoke in unison. "What?!"

"A half werewolf and half wizard baby is strictly prohibited by The Wizard Love and Romance Council."

Alex nearly cried. "I have to give up my baby because a stupid rule."

"I don't think it's stupid. You could get hurt very badly...or die. You know a wizard's magic protects them and werewolves can't control their anger. So this rule is clearly important."

"I'm not giving up. I will do my best to live though it. I want a baby and I'm not giving up this one." Alex started to cry so she left the room.

"Well this is awkward. See ya around, Wolfy." Chancellor Rootie Tootie Tootie flashed out before Mason could respond.

Mason looked at the TV. "Alex...you're so stubborn. But that's not one of the many reasons I love you." He mumbled to himself.

Alex Russo sat alone in her room curled up in a ball. She was confused yet upset but mostly angry. She would have to give up her baby because of a rule by The Wizard Love and Romance Council. Alex was determined to keep her baby no matter how much it bugged everyone. She was not one to give up. She wanted this baby. It may be a death threat to her life but she would be glad to even have this baby. It was Mason's child. Alex finally decided what name she wanted the baby to have. Mason wanted to name the baby Jasper. Jasper could fit either gender. Jasper Greyback. She didn't know if it was a boy or girl so she didn't know what to make the baby's middle name. She put her hand on her belly. "Don't worry Jasper. I won't get rid of you. I don't know you yet but I love you." She smiled.

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