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The next 3 days dragged on while everyone was doing something worth their time all week; Alex was looking for something for her dinner with an ex kind of boyfriend...an old crush... he is a friend. Alex had trouble figuring out what to call Riley. Finally on Thursday she found the perfect outfit in a store at the local mall. She bought a white shirt with short sleeves that had a cute logo on the front and came with a vest sewed on. The vest had blue and white stripes on it. She got a blue skirt and black tights to match.. Alex was ready. Mason decided to wear his normal attire. Alex didn't know what Riley and whoever he was bringing were going to wear but it didn't really matter at that very moment.

When Friday at 6:30pm finally came around Riley came to the substation to pick up Mason and Alex. "Hey, Riley! I see you brought Kelly. This is Mason. He's my boyfriend. And this is Riley; my old friend..." Alex introduced the two males. "I'm a little more then her..." Mason hesitated to finish his sentence. Riley looked at him. "Nice to meet you, Mason. So how about that date?" "Love, can we talk real quick." Mason asked Alex.

"Sure, Mason. Sorry, Riley. We'll be right back." Alex and Mason went into the kitchen of the substation

"I have a feeling you don't want people know about our full relationship."

"I want everyone to know I just can't tell Riley right now."

"Why, not?"

"Mason, trust me you'll find out soon enough."

Mason and Alex walked back over to Riley and Kelly and it was now 6:40pm so they all got to Medium Rare as fast as they could in Riley's car. Alex laughed slightly while Riley told Mason about the last time at Medium Rare. Even though Mason knew Alex loves him; all the stories Alex and Riley told Mason about when they used to hang out made him insecure. Alex may be hugging and kissing Mason but she hadn't mentioned to Riley any fun times she had with Mason. "Alex and I had some really fun times. She has my good luck charm in baseball." Riley laughed and Alex smiled as Mason tried to think of something that wouldn't expose magic. "Well Alex and I went on a romantic montage together." Mason admitted; feeling a little jealous. "That's cool...I guess." Riley grinned as Alex groaned. "Don't be so jealous. Riley is my friend." Mason wondered to himself. "How many guys like my girlfriend?! I ate Dean but she saved him. I beat up Chase. There was Dominic so I pushed him off The Leaning Tower of Pisa. And now this guy! First was Dean, then Chase, and I thought Dominic was the last of them but now Riley! I think tonight should be interesting I'll just tell him about the engagement and the baby."

"Its Riley, right?" Mason asked. "Yeah it is. And you name is Mason, correct?" Riley replied and Mason nodded. "Would you please stop flirting with Alex? She is kind of my girlfriend." Riley looked at Mason. "What do you mean 'kind of'. Also sorry if you think I'm flirting cause I'm not." Mason smirked. "You'll know soon enough." Riley started to feel uncomfortable. "Um..ok. Alex can we talk, alone?" "Mason, we'll be back in a minute." Alex kissed Mason's cheek then went outside with Riley. Mason looked at Kelly. "So your his girlfriend?" Kelly shook her head. "No. Just his date for the night. I'm an old friend of Alex. We stopped talking around the time she started crushing on Dean Moriarty." Mason recalled the time he met Dean. "I've met him. He kinda bugged me but its not problem." Kelly's eyes widen. "Not a problem? Dean gives temporary tattoos in the boy's bathroom. He ripped his coat sleeves off his winter coat. He has a reputation...he has his own kissing corner at the local roller skating rink. He has no bed time. He picks his own vacation days. He only remembers the names of his posse, some people's last names, gives someone a nick name, or not know their name at all." Mason was confused that he was being told this. "So? What's that have to do with him bugging me?" "I don't know." Kelly shrugged. "Alright." Mason went back to eating. Kelly felt like being honest. "But...uh...Mason...I think that's your name. Your girlfriend and Riley were kind of dating at one point. But it was more or so a crush thing then anything." Mason nearly chocked on a piece of steak. "What?!" Kelly sarcastically responded."Would you like me to repeat that or did you understand?" Mason decided it was time to speak up. "I heard you. Now Kelly I have something to tell you but you can't tell Riley, yet." Kelly started eating her salad. "Okay. What's up?" Mason spoke between bites of his food. "Alex is pregnant and I'm the father. We are also engaged." "Oh my...Mason I'm so sorry. I have to tell Riley." Kelly walked away and Mason started cutting his steak. "Now that that's taken care of its steak time."

Mason was suddenly interrupted from eating by Alex. "Mason Greyback, you are a jerk! I told you not to tell Riley!" She practically screamed at her fiance. He narrowed his eyes and started talking sarcastically. "Just golly good. So smashing! You are mad at me over this baby again!" Alex looked at the ground. "Mason, you have to stop freaking out!" "You didn't wan't him to know yet and I respected that. Kelly told me about you and Riley! I got jealous so I told her about the baby and the engagement." Alex tried to calm down but couldn't. "But you told her not her not to tell Riley. She told him anyhow." Mason was having a harder time calming down then Alex which could be an issue. "Alex if you are ashamed of me say it now; before we get married!" Mason looked at his watch and his eyes widen. "You have to go because its late?" Alex wondered out loud. "Yes. I'm sorry. Can we talk about this tomorrow some place more private?" Alex sighed as she was upset with what she did and nodded. Mason ran out the door to leave. Mason reacted negatively and he knew it but it didn't matter because Alex should have just told everyone the truth from the beginning. Mason felt sorry for the mother of his child but none of the less he angrily ran off before going werewolf.

Alex was upset and Riley was making it awkward because he thought he had a chance with Alex after that fight. So Kelly decided she was just going home and pretending like this night never happened. Riley hugged Alex and kissed her cheek. Alex slightly blushed. "Riley, I'll see you around okay?" "Sure, Alex" Riley smiled. Alex walked behind the building and flashed herself home. She couldn't understand why Mason would be jealous. He knew she loved him because she couldn't stay broken up with him no matter what he did. Alex tried to figure out why Mason was so easily jealous.

Meanwhile, Mason knew he was the only one who could understand why he was jealous. Alex is beautiful, smart, and funny. She is every guy's dream. But she would never see it like Mason did. Mason thought to himself. "Alex lights up my world like no body else. All those guys will eventually people will think twice before they touch my girl. All those cheeky guys will stay away from my Alex. Oh bugger! The only problem is to make them realize Alex is mine and make Alex that she was perfect the way she is. They better think twice from now on. I think I've said enough. From now on, I'm going to try to grin when any one of Alex's old boyfriends, crushes, or people like Dominic until they push me off the edge." Mason's heart had a great hatred for all the guys who liked Alex. Which meant Dean, Chase, Dominic, Riley, and anyone else who might mess up their relationship. But Alex didn't have much room to judge because she and Juliet were friends; until she learned that Juliet and Mason dated long before she was ever born. Mason loved Alex but hated how many guys liked her. All the attention she got made him insecure and she never noticed how beautiful she really was. But if Mason knew Alex their fight would mean nothing when they made up.

Later that night Mason went to the substation to talk to Alex and apologize. She sorta accepted to his apology by hugging him and saying. "You shouldn't be sorry. I should be sorry. I didn't tell you about Riley and it was wrong of me not to. I love you, Mason. If I didn't we wouldn't be engaged and I wouldn't be pregnant with your child." Mason smiled and hugged back.

Sorry I make them fight so much but they do fight a lot in the actual show. I promise they will be married and have a baby girl, Jasper Arianna Greyback. My friend helped me come up with a middle name.

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