Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: helps temporarily hexed Sam cope when a witch hunt goes wrong. John is concerned. Very concerned. Another reason why Sam left for Stanford.

Word count below the line (not counting the 2nd A/N): 100 on the nose

Dean opened the plastic bag. Sam stopped hissing and sniffed the air cautiously. "Mrawr?"

"Dude, you got off light," Dean said smugly. "Here ya go. Enjoy!"


"Yeah, Dad?"

"Uh, why's Sam rolling around on the floor like that? He's yowling and…drooling."

Dean shrugged. "He needed to loosen up. Dude was way too emo."

John quirked a suspicious eye at his eldest son. "So you gave him some catnip to take the edge off."


"Dude. You know the curse is temporary, right? Until midnight? He only thinks he's a cat."

Dean nodded.

"Damn," John muttered. "Look at him go…"


A/N: This wasn't the first time Sam went feline. The second time was years later, as related in the fic Cat Scratch Fever.

When Cujo Winchester, Dean's former cat/hunting partner, was told this story, Cujo was not impressed or amused: "Hmph. My bitchface is STILL better than his."

Cujo Winchester Explains It All will resume later this week: Cujo, Dean and John suffer at the hands of angels and demons alike.