Summary: E/O CHALLENGE. Drabble word: darling. Bobby, Dean and Sam go hunting for He Who Will Never Grow Up.

A/N: Dean POV

Word Count Between the Line And The Second A/N: 100 on the nose, as usual.

Dude's name was George Darling. He was one'a Dad's buddies from Echo 2-1. He called us 'cause something weird was going on.

Me and Sam talked to the kids, Wendy, Michael and John. Told them everything was gonna be okay.

They didn't believe us.

Bobby set up cameras in their bedroom.

Around midnight the window swung open and the fug flew in. "I won't grow old. I'll never grow up!"

Damn right it wouldn't.

The kids hid under their beds. We came in through the side door.

Fug Boy wasn't bulletproof.

I really hate the ones that go after kids.

A/N: What? Don't be so shocked. Yes, boys and girls, Dean, Sam and Bobby ganked Peter Pan. Not the first time a Winchester offed somebody from Never Never Land. Dean met Tinkerbell in my other fic "Seven Times Dean Winchester Didn't Kill A Fugly (And The Two Times He Did)".