Coyote Goes Hollywood

A/N: Dean Winchester is the human half of the trickster god Coyote, as told in "Dog Eat Dog", "Coyote's Tale" and various oneshots.

Word Count Between the Line and the Second A/N: 100 on the nose.

Summary: E/O Challenge. Drabble word: pillow. Badger and Coyote have their own ideas about teen!Dean in the proposed sequel to "Afterschool Special." A oneshot from the Coyote 'verse. Mostly dialogue.

"Your kid's gonna be mad…"

"Badger, keep it down, will ya? Dean's still asleep."

"Why d'ya need his leather coat?"

"I just do, that's all. Got it-"

"Old Man?"

"Damn! Uh….hi, Dean!"

"What the hell's going on?"


"Nothing, huh? You've got my leather. You look like me when I was sixteen."


"You're goin' over to that damn AU again, am I right? Dude, I wish you wouldn't."

"Okay. So I guess Brock Kelly's gonna play teen!Dean again, huh?"

"Oh hell no." Dean smirks as he hugs his pillow again. "Have fun over there, y'hear?"


A/N: Coyote's Tale will resume later on this week.