''Does this outfit make me look older?''

''If you want to look 16,'' Raven murmured.

''I am 16.'' Jinx frowned.

''Guess you answered your own question.''

''Sourpuss,'' Jinx huffed. ''What do you think, Starfire?'' She turned to the red-haired alien with a grin as she proudly held up the dress.

''It is very pretty. I am certain Kid Flash will be pleased to see you in it,'' Starfire said with an everlasting bright smile.

''Kid Flash!'' Jinx exclaimed, her eyes widening. ''I can't believe I almost forgot. You guys mind heading to the supermarket? I need to buy some last-minute things.''

''What kind of things?'' Raven asked in a seemingly disinterested voice.

''Whipped cream, lotion, color dye and plastic bags.''

If you didn't know her, you would nearly have missed Raven's raised eyebrow hidden underneath her cape.

''Interesting purchases,'' she commented.

''Thanks,'' Jinx grinned. ''It's for Monday.'' A wicked smirk danced over her lips.

''Is Monday a special day?'' Starfire asked.

''You're kidding, right?'' Jinx snickered. At Starfire's quizzical expression, she frowned. ''She's kidding, right?'' She looked over at Raven.

''She's talking about April 1st, Starfire,'' Raven said.

''Oh. You are to be making fools of people?'' Starfire questioned.

''Duh! That's what it's for! KF and I are trying to make a tradition of prank wars with each other. Last year was the best!''

Starfire and Raven exchanged a look.

''What? What's going on? What's with the look?'' Jinx frowned again.

''We don't celebrate April Fools at the Tower,'' Raven told.

''What? Why not?'' She gaped.

''Because of last year.'' Raven shrugged.

''It did not end well,'' Starfire grimaced. ''Robin forbid the celebrating of Earth's April 1st.''

''You've got to be joking. There is never an excuse to cancel April Fools' Day. It's the one day of year when you can get away with murder!''

''You are allowed to commit murder on this day?'' Starfire gasped.

''Not literally, Star. It's just a saying.'' Raven rolled her eyes.

''April 1st is a sacred day. It's a day of fun and mischief and pranks and jokes. You get to do things that any other day would seem mean, and play pranks on your friends or even strangers. Nobody can hold a grudge 'cause it's just a joke. And I can't believe I seriously have to try to sell this. The name itself pulls in anyone with a sense of humor. April Fools' Day.'' She grinned.

''I don't see the appeal,'' Raven said, drily.

''Guess you don't have a sense of humor, then,'' Jinx retorted with a huff. ''Come on, Star. Don't you want to even try to pull a prank on someone else? It's part of Earth's culture; you like our culture, don't you?''

''Earth does have many appealing celebratory traditions but I have not had the chance to participate in this one,'' Starfire mused with thoughtful eyes.

''Star, don't listen to-''

''That doesn't really seem fair, does it?'' Jinx took a hold of Starfire's arm, discreetly pulling her away from a scowling Raven. ''I mean, you should at least be allowed to try it once, right? I mean, Robin's your friend, right? He'd understand, right?''

''Friend Robin is very understanding. Surely he'd allow me to participate in this tradition.''

''No April Fools' Day is complete without a bunch of people having a prank wa-, I mean, without a close group of friends entertaining each other with delightful little jokes.'' Jinx grinned.

''Starfire, I really don't think it's a good idea. Remember what happened last y-''

''That was then, this is now! And Starfire didn't even get to participate! That really is such a shame; so unfair.'' Jinx pouted.

''Surely Robin would let us celebrate this day, just once?'' Starfire smiled, hopefully.

''You should try to ask him, Star. If he says yes I would love to help you pra-, eh, help you in joking with Robin. Come on! I'll buy some extra stuff in case. I know just what we'll need!'' Without waiting for a reply, Jinx started pulling Starfire with her into a different store.

''This won't end well.'' Raven scowled.