Kid Flash and Cyborg headed for the ops room with a sour Robin, smelling suspiciously like lemons. KF had been smart enough to vibrate himself out of the vent and into the hall. After the green bee had popped a hole in the balloon, lemon juice had been spraying out of it hitting only Robin…and staining most of the vent. And to benefit the renegade prankster even further, the lemon juice had dripped through the vent just as Cyborg came by with his gadget. It'd set off a spark that shocked Cyborg into dropping it – Kid Flash's improvement had turned off the gadget's protective shield. To finish it off, Beast Boy had turned into a hippo and sat on it.

He had quickly disappeared but Cyborg had tracked him heading for the ops where Jinx and Starfire were – and for some reason, Raven as well.

''He's impossible. I say we leave the Tower and come back after midnight,'' Cyborg said.

''We can't risk him spreading his pranks to the city,'' Robin said.

''You're overreacting. He's not a villain,'' Kid Flash said.

''KF's right,'' Cyborg sighed.

''Yeah…let's get the girls and leave,'' Robin said. Cyborg nodded in agreement.

''Aw, come on guys. It's not like-''

''Hey, KF?'' Cyborg interrupted.


''He's standing with Jinx. Real close to her, too.'' Cyborg showed him the T-communicator where two heat signatures were standing close to each other, clearly communicating.

''He better not be trying anything against my Jinxy!''

Kid Flash ran ahead of the others, nearly slamming through the sliding doors in his impatience to get through before they fully opened. Starfire and Raven were by the dining table, watching the interaction going on in the kitchen with neutral expressions. He saw Jinx and Beast Boy in the kitchen where BB had snatched a plate with cookies – obviously the ones Jinx had made. She was glaring at him as if she was about to throttle him while he just smirked back.

''You've been a jerk to everyone all day,'' Jinx snapped.

''Oh, it's just pranks. You guys need to learn how to take a joke.'' Beast Boy rolled his eyes. Kid Flash ran up to stand in front of Jinx, defensively.

''You bothering my girlfriend, midget?'' Kid Flash glared. Jinx put a hand on his shoulder, pushing him to the side.

''KF, thanks but I can handle this,'' she said. ''Listen, you little nitwit, I'd hex you if it wasn't against the hero codex. But I'm not above slapping you silly,'' she threatened.

''I'm terrified,'' Beast Boy scoffed, picking up a handful of the cookies on the plate.

''Don.t You. Dare.'' Jinx glared, dangerously.

''Who's gonna stop me?'' Beast Boy retorted with a smirk before he stuffed his face, just as Cyborg and Robin entered the ops room.

''Time to stop, Beast Boy.'' Jinx crossed her arms.

''Aw, are you mad at me for doing…this?'' He stuffed another handful of cookies into his mouth. He scrunched his nose, suddenly, his mouth twitching.

''I wasn't talking about the cookies.'' Jinx smirked as his eyes widened.

''Wha…wha…ahhhhh!'' He dropped the plate and started scratching at his tongue. ''It burns!'' He ran over to the fridge, rummaging through all of its contents only to find it empty of any liquids.

''April Fools.'' Jinx continued to stand with crossed arms and a smirk. Beast Boy ignored her as he ran over to the sink, turning on the faucet…only to have no water coming out of it. ''Oh, no water. I wonder why. Oh, that's right. Raven turned it off.''

Everyone looked over at an almost smug looking Raven. Beast Boy ran around the ops room, licking his sleeve to try and calm the burn from the spiced cookies. Jinx walked over to him, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him to the dining table. Starfire revealed a piece of paper and a pen, setting it in front of him while the boys looked on with confusion.

''Here's the deal. You sign this contract that says if three Titans or more disapprove of your method of pranks, you are not to go through with it, or apologize and make amends if you already have. Also, you're not allowed more than one prank pr. Titan on April 1st. These pranks have to be approved by other Titans, and if you break this deal we'll break every single videogame you own. You also aren't allowed to call yourself King of Pranks or exceed the limit of extremeness in the pranks as mentioned in section 5. Oh, and after signing, you will read this contract through.''

''Why, ah, would I, ahhh, do that?'' Beast Boy gasped as he started sweating.

''Because you've just stuffed your face with one of the hottest spices in the world, and the only way you'll tame the fires burning on your tongue is by drinking a nice, cooling carton of milk provided by Kid Flash.'' Jinx looked over at her boyfriend who took the hint and quickly ran off, returning with said milk. ''But you won't get it until you sign the contract.''

''When did you plan this?'' Robin asked.

''Since you first rang to complain.'' Jinx shrugged one shoulder. ''Now, sign or burn in agony.'' She tightened her grip on Beast Boy's collar. His eyes went to the carton in KF's hand, to the contract, to Jinx's hold, to the sour expressions of his teammates, back to the carton and lastly to the contract.



''Sorry I went a little overboard, guys,'' Beast Boy muttered sheepishly, rubbing his arm in an awkward manner.

''It is alright, friend Beast Boy,'' Starfire assured, giving him a hug – she couldn't resist with how sad he looked. He smiled slightly as he returned the hug with one arm.

''Maybe for her,'' Raven muttered.

''You just make sure to actually read this through,'' Cyborg snapped, shoving the contract in Beast Boy's face. ''And don't you dare go messing with my dinner again.''

''Or anything in my bathroom,'' Robin added, sternly, standing with crossed arms.

''And stay out of my room,'' Raven sneered.

''Other than that,-'' Cyborg started smiling as he mussed up Beast Boy's green hair. ''-all's forgiven, buddy.''

''Thanks, dude.'' Beast Boy grinned. ''Jinx was pretty good, though. I should have known it was a bit weird for her to bake cookies while other people were pranking. Where'd her and KF go, anyway?'' He looked around the still messed up ops room – he was not looking forward to cleaning it up but it was his own fault; he could see he'd crossed a line with that one.

''She was saying something about a war and a scoreboard,'' Starfire told with a frown.


''Um, Star?'' He gulped as he knocked on the door. It slid open just a few seconds after, revealing the alien Titan wearing a smile.

''Yes, Robin?'' She asked, cheerfully. It seemed she'd gotten over the previous incident and could finally keep eye contact with him. He, however, couldn't help still blushing as he looked at her. He suddenly couldn't remember any of the things he'd wanted to say. ''Are you alright?'' Starfire looked at him with concern.

''Yeah, I, uh…oh, did you have fun today?'' He smiled. ''Um, aside for Beast Boy going overboard, of course.''

''It was…fun.'' She smiled back. ''I'm disappointed I didn't get to prank everyone, though.''


''Yes, I didn't get to prank you.''

''Oh, well, maybe next year.'' He shrugged.

''Perhaps we could prank each other.'' She smiled.

''Yeah, we could do that.'' He chuckled.

''Was there something else you wanted?'' She asked, curiously.

''Uh, I…'' He started blushing again. ''No, I…I just wanted to make sure you had fun. You seemed really eager about all of this. I guess when you're human you don't really see these sort of things as a big deal.'' He rubbed his neck, awkwardly.

''Many of your earthen ways are strange to me. But I enjoy them all the same.''

''Glad to hear. So…I'll see you tomorrow?'' He didn't know why he felt so incredibly uncomfortable around her when she seemed completely at ease. She had been covering her eyes so she probably hadn't seen anything anyway. With that in mind, he pushed his unease down and smiled.

''Goodnight, friend Robin.'' She smiled back.

''Goodnight, Star.'' He waved as he headed for his room. Starfire watched his retreating form, allowing her eyes to glance downwards as a light blush filled her cheeks. She disappeared into her room with a quiet giggle.


Jinx sighed as she attempted to scrape her boots free of the floor. She was feeling less and less bad about dyeing KF's uniform pink. It wasn't like he didn't have an entire closet filled with them. Sure she'd hid them but they were still in the apartment and she was planning on putting them back, of course…at some point… really, she was!

''You sneaky little vixen,'' a voice spoke behind her.

''Thanks.'' Jinx smirked, glancing at him over her shoulder. She smiled to herself at the sight of him in plain sweats. It stood in complete contrast to his flamboyant uniform. She wasn't really one to talk in her current state; out of her witchy uniform and now dressed in a nightshirt.


''So… what?'' She frowned.

''Why didn't you tell me you were going to trick Beast Boy? And where did the contract come from? And how did you get Raven to help?'' Wally questioned.

''Like I told Robin, I planned it from the moment he called.'' She shrugged, still working on her boots. She gave up for the day with a sigh and walked over to the couch, curling up on the edge of it. He walked over and sat next to her, still curious.

''Doesn't answer any of my questions.''

''Okay, then,'' she said. ''I had to be careful because you're too much of a goody-two-shoe to pull off a lie that isn't for the greater good. Furthermore, Raven was easy. She wanted to get Beast Boy to stop more than any of the others, and he wouldn't be as stupid as to try and prank her more than he already had no matter how far gone he was. So I went to her room after everyone split up to work on their pranks, and told her my plan. She's the one who wrote up the contract. What did you think she was doing all that time? Hiding in her room? Meditating?''

''Um, yeah, actually,'' he admitted with a chuckle.

''You should give her more credit. I heard she can be quite social from Starfire.''

''I'm having a hard time imagining Raven being social,'' he joked. ''But there's one thing that still doesn't quite add up,'' he said in a suspicious tone. If Jinx had had any eyebrows one would have been quirked in question. Luckily, her boyfriend knew her well enough to know she expected him to continue. ''You said you never pull the same trick twice in a day. Was that a lie?'' He eyed her suspiciously.

''Of course not. And I didn't pull the same trick. I used different recipes, different setups and different outcomes. The only similarity was the cookie part. I didn't even use the same spice.'' She shrugged one shoulder.

''Nice.'' He grinned. ''So, are we declaring the day finally over or do I need to check my bed before going to sleep?'' He asked, teasingly.

''Well, either way I've got dibs on the couch after what you did to my madras,'' she said, pointing at him with her toe; her foot just a few inches from the tip of his nose. ''But just admit that I'm the Queen of Pranks and I might show you some mercy.''

With a grin, he grabbed her by the ankle and in one quick move had her trapped underneath him. His hands clasped around her wrists and kept them on either side of her head. He waggled his eyebrows and she smirked up at him. She was used to these stunts of his – she'd come not just to accept but rather enjoy them too. Especially when she managed to get the upper hand.

''Looks like you got me,'' she whispered, echoing familiar words once spoken by him from what seemed like years and years ago. ''What's your next move?'' She purred.

''I'm going to ravage my queen,'' he said in a husky voice.

''Admitting defeat?'' She smirked.

''What do I get if I do?'' He replied smugly, quirking an eyebrow.

''I think we can work something out…'' She mused. ''You know, you impressed me today. You pulled some pretty good pranks. The ink and the soap? Never saw it coming. The colors mixed really well.'' Her voice seemed to have quieted.

''Thanks. I admired your handiwork with the electrocuting picture frame.'' The volume of his voice leveled hers.

''You really got me with the mustard bit.'' She was close to whispering.

''The couch spring really made me jump.'' He leaned his face closer to hers. ''If I admit defeat, can I kiss you?'' She smiled, softly, at how he almost sounded shy. Instead of answering, she closed the last inch between their lips. It was a brief kiss because Jinx suddenly pulled away.

''I don't go as crazy as Beast Boy, do I?'' She asked, worriedly.

''Oh, you do.'' He chuckled.

''Hey!'' She freed one wrist and smacked him on the arm. ''Be glad there wasn't a hex in that one.'' She scowled.

''It's a good thing!'' He insisted.

''I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt before I shove you off this couch and off of me.''

''This is a day where you're allowed to be mischievous, a day you let out your bad side. And I think that's why it's good for you, Jinxy; a chance for you to be bad without being bad. Going from villainess to heroine wasn't an easy transition for you but you did a great job. But I know sometimes a little mischief wants to be let out from you, and that's where the pranks come in. A nice and legal way for you to let out your mischief. And why shouldn't you? You're good at it. So yeah, you kind of turn a little crazy like Beast Boy…but, you know, I'm sort of crazy in love with you so I wouldn't want you any other way.'' He smiled, tenderly. She was tempted to call him cheesy or make some other scoffing remark; acting upset and calling him out for trying to hide an insult with a compliment.

She didn't.

''I'm kind of, sort of really in love with you too. Idiot.'' The word was said with a sort of affection Wally had come to recognize from his girlfriend. It wasn't the common norm for a pet name but it was a word, spoken by her, he cherished more than hero.

''Can I stay on the couch then?'' He grinned.

''You have your own bed.''

''Like I trust that it's safe to sleep in near the end of April Fools' Day.''

''Fine,'' she sighed exasperatedly. ''Sleep in mine, then.''

On that madras?''

''Well I'm hardly going to sleep in yours and risk falling into a trap.'' She sighed again. ''We'll share the couch. But keep your hands to yourself and if you snore, you're sleeping outside.''

''Whatever you say.'' He grinned as he leaned down and kissed her again. She slowly, almost unwillingly, pushed him back with one hand.

''What did I just say?'' She murmured.

''You said to keep my hands to myself.'' He smirked.

''True.'' She smirked back as she placed her hand on his neck and pushed him down for another kiss.