Author's Note: Alas I am not a poet but the idea to write a poem about Snape, specially my humble interpretation of him, came to me when a Dark Prince admirer (and I didn't know there were so many out there) emailed me wonderful poem I plan to use in one of my stories. This is inspired by of course Rowling's Severus Snape, and David Mack's Kabuki comics, which I highly recommend. The stanza concerning pouring blood is a direct quote from his comics, also I believe the "earth is hallow" bit is a quote or at the very least a title of a Star Trek episode.

This poem is mainly Snape's musing with a final address to you the reader. I've written ballad style stories before but I have yet to try it with Snape, if you are interested in that please tell me and so onward with the torment! Enjoy!

Angel Astray

by: Erised

Close your eyes

It's too late

to whisper a prayer

to cruel fate

When did this Angel fall?

When did he cross the line

And enter this world

Of a tortured design?

Don't look in their eyes

And feel their pain

You are the Prince

And a man insane

Hide behind your mask

And believe the lies

Say your master's true

It may help drown the cries

This is my choice

To recite the spell

And banish myself to

My own private hell

Give me my face

It shows no fears

My alabaster haven

Hides private tears

Pouring blood

In pouring rain

A thousand hells

In the form of pain

A single sin

With my name

Close your eyes

And rue the day

You made the choice

To become this way

Life for life

Let me die

For the earth is hallow

And I touched the sky

Fallen like lightening

From an unforgiving womb

Allowing my sins

To become my tomb

Stranger, whisper a prayer

For me, your angel astray

Remember me, dear heart

As you go your way.