Ok, heeey guys. I got asked to do a story by a fan of mine that was a Jared and Bella story, but then someone gave me the idea of what if the wolves choose there imprints? What if Jared and Sam both choose Bella. This is the story I came up with.

Starts from New Moon, when Alice and Bella go to the Voltaire to face Aro, Caius and Marcus.

Bella hasn't met either Jared or Sam yet.

Thank you to my co-writer ArabellaWhitlock who is helping me write this! Love you!

Bella's POV

"Edward is about to step into the sun Bella." The panic that rang in her voice was evident. "You need to run and stop him. Otherwise, we all die." I swallowed; so much balanced on me and my running skills. God knows that my walking was fatal let alone my running. But I needed to stop Edward from doing this.

Why did you have to be so selfish and leave Edward? You're now putting us all in danger. I thought to myself. The anger burned in my heart. The love I once felt for Edward was dying out and fast. He was just plain starting to piss me off.

"Go." Alice demanded. I launched myself out of the car falling right on top of a dark haired boy. He turned and smiled at me. But I couldn't let him distract me. I ran, as fast as the wind would take me, towards the water fountain where Alice had seen the vision. I could see it. It stood tall and proud with an angel at the top, water shooting from his mouth.

I kept running towards the fountain searching for Edward as I went. There was absolutely no sign of him. Come on show yourself to me. Then as if he had answered my pray he stepped out from a door way a metre away from the sun.

"Edward." I screamed at the top of my lungs. It was unusual for him not to be able to hear me. I mean I know I had heard him plenty of times in my mind but had he? Did he think what he was hearing now was just a fragment of his imagination playing tricks on him? Maybe he thought I was just a memory.

Another small step towards the over-powering sun that filtered from the sky.

"EDWARD" I screamed again. I kept running as fast as my legs would take me. His eyes opened and he scanned the area but he didn't seem to see me. Then with one step he was in the light. But only for a split second before I crashed into him at full speed.

Surprise sent his body falling backwards. His stone hard body felt wrong underneath mine. It was cold and the way I had hurtled into him hurt.

His eyes snapped open and studied my face. They were pitch black and the rings under his eyes made me un-settled.

"Bella." He breathed my name like a prayer. But I didn't want him to the one saying it which surprised me.

"You could have been killed. Do you know how stupid you are?" I stood up off his body and paced around the small room we seemed to be in. It was all made out of stone and looked nearly one thousand years old if my history was accurate.

"I..." Edward rose and started to study me again. "I thought you were dead." I shook my head. My death really caused him that much pain? I knew what that felt like. The memory of living without him was one of the worst. But Jacob -I sighed the name like a prayer – Jacob repaired me, taught me how to live again.

"So you decided to commit vampire suicide without checking?" Anger engulfed me. He didn't even think to come back and see for himself. He just did it. On Alice's visions. Like he once said 'Alice's visions weren't certain.'

"I'm sorry." Defeat rang in his tone and guilt washed over me.

Tip-tapping made me look up. A figure walked around the corner. Alice. I smiled at her as she pulled her brother into a hug.

"I thought I wouldn't see you again. You are an idiot do you know that." She let out a tinkering laugh but it was fake and the nervousness of the situation made Alice sound strained and odd in many ways.

Three hooded figures rounded the corner and came to a stop in front of us. The figures couldn't be more different. One was short, one was buffer and one was massively tall. Nearly as big as Emmett, but not quite.

They all removed there hoods in unison as if they had practiced that move time and time again.

I was met by three pairs of big, red, hungry looking eyes. A girl was in front of the boys. Blonde hair with pixie eyes. Extremely pretty. Jealously grew in me.

Edward moved slightly in front of me. He could read the girls thoughts and obviously didn't like what she was thinking. Although I wasn't happy with Edward I didn't want to be drank dry any time soon either.

The other two, both boys and both extremely good looking as well had amused looks on their faces. My eyes were drawn to one in particular. The shorter one of the two. He was watching me intently and licked his lips when I took a short intake of breath.

"What can we do for you Jane?" Edward asked in a strained voice. He didn't particularly like Jane from what I could tell.

"Aro wants to see you." She said back playful. Her voice was high-pitched and had an undertone of authority that said 'don't fuck me about or I will have my way with you.'

Even I was attracted to this vampire lady and I was of the same sex.

Edward turned to Alice. "Alice. Take Bella back to the..."

"All of you!" Jane cut him off. Edward tensed. Every muscle in his body tightened for a split second before he nodded. Alice slithered in behind me and kept one hand on my waist as Edward kept held of one hand.

We moved quickly through the Italian streets and ended up in a big palace. Grander than any I had ever seen.

The stone floor echoed under my shoes with each footstep I took.

"Wait here." Jane commanded as she walked through two big doors. The doors were made out of wood and hand patterns on them that look ancient. Vampires guarded the door and watched me with hunger in their eyes. One of the vampires winked at me.

"What do you want?" I asked him. I didn't want to be here with vampires anymore. I wanted to go home and be with Jake and Billy and my father.

"You." He answered back swiftly and without hesitation. I smiled at him. The confidence I never had now growing inside me. The door opened smoothly without a noise and Edward, Alice and I all entered. I chanced a look back at the flirty vampire and he gave a wink before shutting the doors.

"Edward Cullen. How nice of you to visit me my dear friend. And I see you also brought Alice. Two of my favourite vampires." His bright red eyes attached themselves to me. "But who's this?" He answered in his annoying shrill voice. He was still staring at me and I was still staring straight back.

"My girlfriend." Edward explained as I cringed at the words.

The crazy vampires eyes snapped back to Edwards and studied him. "Girlfriend Edward?" Confusion was rolling of the ring leader in waves that even my dull human sense could pick up. "But my dear, she's human." I let out one small laugh at that. I was weak physically but mentally I was faster than these vampires.

All eyes focused on me. I looked at the boy from earlier who gave me a small smile. I smiled back. I then look at the other two vampires that look slightly grander than the rest much like the one who was whispering to Edward. One had pale blonde hair that made his eyes look crazed and extremely mad and another with dark hair and an ancient face.

The vampire talking to Edward – who I picked up on being called Aro- took Edwards hand and almost sucked in the air around him. I didn't understand what was happening till a whisper of a voice explained.

"Aro." A manly voice said from behind me. "Can read someone's every thought with just one touch." My body turned to see the vampire from earlier with bright red eyes looking at me. He was less than an arm's length away.

I nodded my head and turned around. I wouldn't get attacked would I?

"Child." Aro called. "Come here for me." I walked to the vampire slowly and steadily hoping I wouldn't trip up.

"Is this true that you are planning on becoming a vampire soon?" I looked from Edward to Alice who were both watching me steadily.

"Yes. I was..." Aro rudely interrupted me.

"Then it is settled you can live..."

"But..." I spoke again. Aros head turned to face me once more again studying me. "I don't believe I want to any longer." Alice and Edward both gasped, but Edward looked a little happier. He really didn't wish for me to become like him, soulless, and pathetic.

Aro watched me intently. Without me even noticing that he had moved he reappeared next to the other two more regal vampires. "What are we going to do my brothers. Caius and Marcus." Caius and Marcus both also studied me. Marcus turned and spat.

"She is human and could tell. We must kill her." A few low growls made me feel secure. I turned to look at the boy that was with Jane earlier. He looked as if he were ready to attack anyone that dared to touch me. The other boy from earlier with Jane also looked tense and was growling lowly. Where they both really ready to attack their own people for me.

"I do not wish to kill her Aro." The one that I assumed as Caius answered softly. Aro's eyes brows raised and he asked for a reason why through the way he looked from Caius to me.

"She intrigues me so." He answered softly again. "And I have never seen a more beautiful girl." I smiled at the majestic vampire lord. He was beautiful as well. I could see that if I were turned I would come back to live with these people. All three of the vampires that protected me, where gorgeous and risking a lot to save my life.

"Then what is to be done. Felix?" He turned to the vampire behind me. The vampire was still tense and growling. "You seem to have also, strong feelings for this girl." The one who was named Felix looked at me and then back at Aro.

"I am feeling emotions for her Aro. I do not wish to fight, but I will for her." I smiled at him and gave a quick wink.

"And you Demetri. You also want this girl?" The other bigger and rougher looking boy stared at me for a little while before nodding his head. I licked my lips and his eyes fixed on my tongue. I smiled and did it again. His eyes danced with amusement.

"But the child does not want to become one of us." Aro mused.

"And she won't go against her wishes." Edward added the set in his voice not to be played with.

"Aro, she's unpredictable and a human, we must get rid of her." I was suddenly covered in bodies. Demetri's, Caius's, Felix's, Edward's and Alice's. They all held me in a tight group.

"Ok I have a deal for little Bella." The Italian rang in his voice when he said my name.

I walked out of the tight group but a cold iron hand grabbed my wrist. Caius.

"Go on..." I urged. Aro took a few steps towards me and Caius took a few steps so his chest was pressed against my back.

"If you don't tell. We will leave you alone. However should you say a word, you come back we change you and you be mate to anyone who wants you." I studied his face and turned to Edward. He nodded his head and I took Aro's hand.

"Deal." I said swiftly. Aro gasped in surprise and I took my hand back quick.

"I cannot read your mind child." I smiled at him and turned.

"I know" I whispered. "Let's go home." I said looking at Alice and Edward. We left and were on our way back to my Jacob.

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