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This is was weird. I was happy and I wouldn't change anything but it was weird to me. Sam and Jared insisted on making me sit at the table as they tried to make food...but it wasn't going very well. They were trying to figure out what was wrong with the cooker as it had gone wrong at some point through the day and was no longer working. This was going to take a while I could tell.

Getting up off my chair I raced up to my bedroom and picked up my mobile phone. I rang through to the closest pizza cafe and placed my order. It would be here in roughly 45 minutes. I had ordered a fair bit as by looking at the size of them both they would need all the food they could get.

Making my way down stairs, I managed to trip at the last minute only to be caught by a pair of warm hands.

"For fuck sake Swan, can you not get yourself into danger for 2 minutes." Paul huffed at me as he placed my back onto my feet. Annoyance washed through me, as it often did when I saw this man. Rolling my eyes, I began to turn and walk into the kitchen. A large hand grabbed hold of my wrist and pulled me back so I was face to face with Lahote. My heart began to race and my breathing became uneven yet again. I didn't understand what it was about Paul but something about me excited me, made me want him...more than I had ever wanted anyone.

"Roll your eyes at me again Swan...I dare you." The underlying threat couldn't be mistaken. He was pushing me, testing me. And everything inside me lit up in response. His iron grasp let go of my wrist. How could someone be so confident especially with someone he had just met. How did he have the nerve to walk into my house as he did? Talk to me like he did? Kiss me like he did? None of this made sense.

I had 2 men in my kitchen that I had just quite happily left there as I trusted them with my life. And another stood with me right this second who all I wanted to do, everything inside me was commanding, to rip his clothes of and have him take me...HARD.

I took a deep breath to try and think about everything rationally. It didn't work. This wasn't every going to make sense I thought to myself, but it felt right...so what was I going to do about it? Nothing, my inner godess screamed at me. You could tell she was more than content with everything that was happening at the moment. She loved being around 3 gorgeous boys that put her or me, before anything else. It was almost messed up how much she did enjoy it.

I turned and walked into the kitchen, with Paul hot at my heels and took my seat at the kitchen table again.

"Okay, we don't know what's wrong with your cooker..." Jared said with a sheepish look on his face. Sam was just stood there looking apologetically at me. Sam was normally in control, had everything just he wanted it, but you could see that this had annoyed him. I laughed.

"I've ordered pizza..." I chuckled. All three of there faces lit up, the gratefulness on their faces unmistakable. Pizza was obviously a good shout.

"Man, you are perfect." Jared began to laugh with me. His laugh was infectious and so I laughed harder. Eventually the other two gave in and we were all laughing, unbearably, unstoppable.

"Shall we go into the front room and wait for the pizza and watch a movie?" Sam asked? He didn't look at the other two, only me...he only wanted my answer...or that's how it felt.

I nodded my head, sounded perfect. After everything that had happened with Edward, this was exactly what I had needed. I needed someone to come in and make me feel hole again, and I didn't know what it was about these three, but they made me feel better.

We all made our way through to the living room. I sat on the sofa, right in the middle. Jared sat one side of me and Paul the other. Sam went and sat on the arm chair and just smiled at me and looked perfectly content watching. The TV remote was on the coffee table, I reached over to pick it up but as I did so did Jared. Our hands connected as we both tried to grab the remote. We both giggled but Jared let me have it.

Sitting back I flicked the TV on and selected the Netflix app. There were always loads of movies on here, I'm sure we could find one we all kind of would enjoy.

"What do you all fancy watching?" This felt so weird. I had three gorgeous boys sat in my living room, all of which I had a connection with. They all had completely different personality's, yet there was something about each one of them that I liked.

Jared...he was sweet, and funny and playful, I knew there would never be a dull moment with him around...

Paul... He was dangerous and dark, he would take me to places I had never been, he would control me, but in a way that I would love

Sam...He was strong, confident, in charge and so authoritative.

How had my life changed so dramatically, one moment I'm head over heels in love with Edward, needing him, freaking out without him and the next, I can barely imagine his face. He was nothing but a distant memory.

"Something not girly." Paul chuckled. He looked straight at me and into my eyes. "Something not about love." I frowned...was he trying to tell me something? Did he not want me to fall in love with him? Did I mean nothing to him at all? If I did, that was ok, but don't kiss me like he had and then expect me not to start getting feelings for him.

"How about something funny?" Sam suggested as he took the remote from my hand and began to search the movies. I nodded, I liked comedy movies. They always cheered me up. Not that I was sad at all.

As they searched for a movie and chatted about what was good and what wasn't, we saw Shaun of the Dead. My heart plummeted. Jacob and I used to watch that movie time and time again, whilst sat eating junk food and drinking coke. He would laugh until we couldn't breath, we would cuddle like a couple, we would eat until we couldn't eat anymore. It didn't matter what time of day or night it was, it didn't matter what other plans we had, we were always together. I had left Edward for Jacob, I was returning to Jacob, coming for him...I had chosen him. But he chosen other wise. No that wasn't fair, I thought to myself. He didn't get a choice...he imprinted. He was going to be there for Becky, no matter what. Whether she wanted to be together, or just friends, or a brother...it didn't matter he was her's now. My heart sunk further.

Sam had imprinted on me, yet he hadn't jumped into a relationship with him... Here he was, and yes we were getting to know each other and learn things about one another, but that didn't mean we were together. He hadn't asked me to stop having contact with anyone else. We were currently sat here with Jared and Paul, but did that bother him? Not so far as I could tell. My eyebrow's pulled together so I was frowning again.

How had my life become so complicated? All I wanted was a normal life. Yet, I had fallen in love with a vampire, and then with a wolf...and now I was sat here with three more wolves. Why me?

SHIT! I WAS MEANT TO HAVE DINNER WITH SAM TONIGHT AND I HAD COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN! Guilt washed through me as my eyes connected with Sam. He was staring at me, eyebrows creased, trying to figure out what was wrong. I shook my head at him, I'd have to make it up to him, because right now it didn't seem as if he were that bothered...but then I hardly knew him, so how could I say that?

The boys had picked a movie finally and clicked for it to start. It was about 10 minutes in when the door bell went. PIZZA.

Getting up off my bum, I walked towards the front door and opened it.

I gave the pizza guy his cash as i took the pizza from him. The boxes were warm and they smelt so good.

We all ate and laughed the night away. It was the perfect evening, the evening I needed after the crappy few days that I had had.

Pressing myself into Jared, my eyes began to get heavy and sleep began to take over me.

Jared's POV

The pizza was amazing, definitely what we all needed on a strange day like today. I felt a proud surge wash over me as Bella ate nearly as much as us. She was a true lady, keeping up with the boys. I smiled as she laughed. Throwing her head back and laughing so hard a little snort escaped her nose. It was one of the cutest things that I had ever heard.

After finishing the pizza, and watching a little more of the movie, Bella began to get tired. It was only a matter of time before she was tucked under my arm and fast asleep. Her eyelashes were spread across her cheek and her breathing was steady. She looked perfect and content. I was falling in love with her, I couldn't help it. I didn't know if it were the imprint or her...but I was. There was no stopping it.

The images of Paul kissing her kept playing in my mind. We had all seen it when Paul had phased earlier. If she hadn't said no, he would have gone all the way without even knowing about Sam or I. Sam had also kissed her. Yet I was the only one who hadn't. My heart dropped a little, I wanted nothing more than to take her, mark her, and make her my own, but I couldn't do that to her, or my brothers. She had to pick and when she did, then that one person could mark her...no one else.

It would drive the others crazy... The wolf inside them would always been awake around her. Needing her, wanting her, protecting her, but it was something we'd have to live with if we wanted to keep Bella in our lives...and she came first.

"Jared..." Sam's commanding yet quiet voice came from the other side of the room. He didn't want to wake Bella. "Why don't you take her to bed, we'll patrol for a while, come join us when you can." It wasn't a suggestion, it was a demand. And for once, it was one I was happy to have. I nodded. The other two got up and began to walk out the front door. Paul was fuming. His frame shaking, he didn't like the thought of me touching her, or being in her bedroom, but he was going to have to learn to live with it...we all needed her.

Shuffling Bella around in my arms, I carried her upstairs. Her breathing got deeper as I placed her on her bed gently and wrapped the blankets around her. As if someone had said her name, Bella's eyes open. They were filled with alarm and panic.

"It's okay Bella, I was just putting you to bed." Her eyes settled on me and she calmed instantly. Her lips curled into a smile, she was so cute. Reluctantly I began to untangle my arms from her. A cold hand rested on my arm, holding me tight.

"Please..." Her voice cracked as tears welled in her eyes. "Please don't leave me..." How was I supposed to say no? Every part of me was refusing to move, refusing to leave. "I get nightmares and I can't be alone here." A tear spilled over. Taking my thumb, I rubbed the tear away, she couldn't cry. A little part of me shattered as I watched the frightened look on her face get worse by the thought of being alone.

"Okay" I agreed. This was going to be perfect. "Let me just tell the others and I'll be right back." Bella nodded her head sleepily. I bolted out of the door and into the night... Laughing on my inside as I phased to let my brothers know what was going on.

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