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Chapter 1

Fang's P.O.V.

"Fang," Nudge asked for the millionth time, "Are you sure you don't want to stop?"

"I'm fine," I lied through me teeth, and the rest of the flock knew that. Well at least the conscious ones… After the last battle, which had been a few minutes ago, Max had had one of her seizure-headaches, so I, the amazing Fang, had decided to carry her, despite the warnings from the rest of the flock. With the injuries she had gotten, I figured that whenever the headache stopped, all Max would want to do is sleep. And if she didn't… well she didn't have a choice, when the headache stopped, she was sleeping. Full-stop.

"Fang you're losing altitude…" Angel told me, she sounded worried.

"Are you sure you don't wanna stop…" Gazzy asked, sounding much like his sister.

"I'm fine…" I snapped again.

"Well I'm tired!" Iggy announced, sounding agitated. Thank the gods for him.

"Alright…" I sighed, playing annoyed leader, "We'll stop at that clearing." My muscles groaned as I angled myself downward, towards the upcoming clearing. It was a strange looking patch of ground, extremely green grass, a patch of wild strawberry's growing off to one side, and in the middle of the clearing stood a lone pine-tree. I ignored the oddness of this and prepared for a safe landing.

On the ground, I lay Max gently on the ground and promptly flopped down beside her.

"Fang…" Nudge called nervously, just as I was closing my eyes.


"We got company…" Gazzy informed me. I was on my feet in a split second, giving me vertigo. I found myself standing face-to-face with boy a little older than me, maybe 20, with shocking green eyes and black hair that rivaled mine on the crazy, uncombed level.

"Who are you?" We said together. The boy immediately laughed, grinning at the group of teenagers behind him.

"I didn't give you a joke," I snarled, standing protectively at the head of the flock. "I asked a question, 'Who are you?'" The boy at the front stopped laughing.

"Calm down Fang," Angel muttered. "They seem nice. Well except for her, she wants to run us through with her spear…" Angel pointed to a big buff girl with stringy brown hair and a spear her height in her hand. The rest of the group looked between the girl and Angel confused.

"I say we have a full-out bloody brattle!" the girl said, grinning at us, ignoring the idea the Angel just read her mind.

"Clarisse!" The rest of the teens said.

"I think that's a good idea," I grinned, stepping forward.

"Fang, have you seen the injuries on yourself, you're almost covered in blood!" Iggy sounded annoyed.

"Calm down, Ig," I sighed. "It's just a girl. She looks like she has the same strength as Max."

Iggy sighed, "Just don't kill her. I don't think her friends here would like that."

"I'm not sure…" the boy with green eyes started.

"Shut up, Prissy," the girl, apparently called Clarisse, cut him off. "Scare-crow here wants a fight so let's give him one."

"Bring it on, Cow-girl!" I taunted, mocking her beefy arms. Clarisse lunged at me, growling.

She threw the first blow, a simple punch that was as totally visible. I ducked easily before giving her back her simple punch. She stopped my hand easily, shocking me slightly.

"You're gonna need to try harder than that." Clarisse smirked.

I grinned back at her, "I'll try not to kill you."

Percy's P.O.V.

"This is wrong…" I muttered to myself for the umpteenth time as Clarisse and the black haired boy, Fang apparently, flew at each other again, yelling insults.

"How is he keeping up with her…?" Annabeth frowned beside me, "He can't be a regular mortal…"

Suddenly, I heard a deep canine growl. The kids that Fang had come with; a tall pale kid with strawberry-blond hair (like a male Nancy Drew), a slim black girl with frizzy black hair, a blond haired kid with blue eyes and a little girl who could have been his sister, looked worried. Fang dropped an unconscious Clarisse into the grass and turned towards the noise.

"I see you used you're butt-ugly, mutt-nose to find us, Ari," Fang snarled at tall man who could have been the Minator's equally ugly twin. This dude was the same size and shape as Senor Tighty-Whitey himself except with the furry grey head and torso of a mountain wolf.

"You left a nice trail of blood for me, little piggy."

I immediately tensed, had they led him to us.

"So, doing your dad's dirty work again," Fang taunted, grinning. "Come to take us back to the Institute again I suppose." The word institute was spat like poison. Beside Fang, the rest of his group flinched at the word.

"Actually no," Ari's voice was taunt but still beautiful. "Today's mission is to terminate all recumbent life forms."

Fang glanced at us, seeming surprised that we were still here. "You guys should probably go back to…where-ever you came from. This could get bloody…" And with that, Fang launched himself at the new adversary.