Heya! Okay first of all, happy april fools day!

Some of you will have known that I was putting this up today, others won't, but now it's here, the first chapter of 'A Victory to Remember'. Many people were upset when I went with the original story and killed off both Cato and Clove in Trained to Win, so I'm very sorry but that was my plan from the start, however, I've grown to love these characters so much and I didn't want to disappoint anyone, so as promised, this is the alternate ending :) Kind of a spoiler as you now kind of know that they're not going to die (again), but I hope you like it!

Some of you will recognise the beginning as it is simply the same from that of 'trained to win' to start, but before long it's ENTIRELY original. So without further ado, Chapter one :D!

Chapter 1-The Feast

Clove's POV

Cato and I sit silently, the cornucopia in front of us. We have around 15 minutes until we think the feast will begin, so for now, we wait. We agreed 100 metres ago we'd only talk in whispers or sign from then on, in case there was any tribute nearby. We don't want to start fighting them in the woods, far easier in the open.

14 minutes. Why does time move so slowly! I look to my left to see Cato scanning the area in front of us, his hand tapping his sword gently and I know he's looking for tributes, looking for Thresh though the field is so high that if he's there or anywhere near there, there's no hope of finding him.

My eyes scan the forests in front of me, looking for any sign of her, the 'girl on fire' the girl who has caused us so much crap. Every tree, every bush, every single piece of foliage that is in viewing distance I look at, filling each minute with an examining gaze as I try to find her. Yet to no avail. I think I see a boot, perched beneath the bush, yet then it rolls down a slight slope and I realise that it's just a darkened piece of wood. Figures.

2 minutes.

Cato looks to me and quickly motions me to him. With an eyebrow raised I step slightly closer, so there's merely an inch between us.

"Clove." He looks to me seriously, which only sparks further confusion within me. It's 2 minutes before the feast and he's choosing now to talk to me?


He blinks once and takes a breath, before cupping my face in his and pressing his lips quickly to mine. There is so much passion within the kiss that it's like nothing I've ever felt from him before and all I want to do is be with him forever and always, and I know that's cliché but I just don't care. Is this truly what overwhelming love feels like? Whenever I heard princess stories as a child, of 'true, undying love' I always thought it stupid, what such thing could possibly exist? Yet it does… I sound like a foolish schoolgirl but who cares?!

The sound of a hovercraft meets my ears as a large shadow falls over the cornucopia, 4 bags, each marked with a number: 2, 5, 11, and 12, are placed on the table just in front of it.

Cato releases me and looks determinedly into my eyes and with the next three words all breath is taken from me. "I love you." I look to him, tears' gathering in my eyes as I finally feel like my life is complete, but his next shout catches me entirely off guard.

"There!" I blink away the tears, forcing myself to concentrate. You can be with Cato later Clove, focus.

Running to the cornucopia is the girl from 5; she grabs her bag and sprints off in a different direction. Cato and I simply watch her go, we don't need her. We need either 11, or 12.

And there she is… Katniss is running towards the cornucopia now, a quiver of arrows, Glimmer's quiver of arrows on her back and Glimmer's bow clasped within her hand, her eyes are fixed on the bags in front of her.

"Go Clove!" I smirk at Cato's comment and leap from the bushes concealing and set off at a sprint, straight towards Katniss. I've no idea what she needs, probably medicine, but I don't care, now, she dies.

She's got her bag I can't see her but I know she's coming my way and as soon as she appears my knife has left my hand, slicing across her forehead but not fatal. She's knocks an arrow and fires it but I quickly dodge it with ease, didn't she see me at the agility course? Idiot. I've breached the gap and launch myself on top of her, and with a simple bow and arrows there's nothing for her to do. I relish in the moment. She's mine… there's no-one to stop me, and I may as well enjoy this moment.

"How's lover boy?" I smirk as she simply keeps struggling beneath my grasp. The girl, who has caused us so much trouble, is now at my mercy. "Oh I see… you were gonna help him right? That's sweet" Of course… that wound must be deadly, so the bag must be medicine after all, it's small enough. Maybe I'll take it after, for when we face 11. "It's too bad you couldn't help your friend. That little girl, what was her name again? Rue? Yeah well, we killed her." The little 12 year old… she was just as weak as Katniss really, all she did was aim and release a couple of arrows, and how the hell did she get an 11? Oh well… I guess I'll never now.

I smirk as I press my knife slightly harder into her neck, loving the next words that come from me. "And now… we're gonna kill you." My knife nearly drawing blood, I smirk at her, the last thing she'll ever see.

Cato's POV

Clove leaps forward, knife in hand, ready to throw it at 12. I watch as she runs, powered by adrenaline at the thought of finally getting back at that stupid 'girl on fire' it's just a shame we couldn't burn her… mark her death as irony forever, but, maybe when she's dead we will, who knows. She reaches the cornucopia and doubles around the back of it, the direction from which Katniss came. I see Katniss emerge from the same side and grab the small sack marked '12' before doubling around herself, intending to head back where she came from, and to my delight I watch as she staggers back slightly as a knife skims across her forehead. Nice one Clove. She knocks an arrow and releases it, yet the sound of a cannon doesn't meet my ears and I know that Clove's alright.

Then I see her. She's on top of her and I can't help but smile. I glance at the wheat field for a millisecond, surprised to have still seen no sign of Thresh, but maybe he didn't need anything too badly, what could he possibly need anyway? No-one bothers to go into the wheat field, he's got food, and he can get water if he needs to… hmm, oh well.

My eyes flicker back to Clove and I smile cruelly from the bush which is concealing me as she holds a knife to Katniss's throat and I know she's relishing every last minute. We planned whether or not we'd make their deaths quick, but with Katniss we agreed that her death needed to be prolonged, she needed to know how much shit she's caused, and how happy we are that it's at our hands that she's going to finally meet her end.

Then I see him, Thresh, he's running from the field, straight at Clove. "No!" All memories of her seem to flash before my eyes from when we met right up until this moment and I know I can't let him end that, end my happiness with her, not straight after I finally realised that I love her.

I leap out from the bushes, sword in hand, and sprint towards him. "THRESH!" He doesn't even look at me, but Clove does and even as I'm sprinting towards them, she immediately brings her knife across the neck of the girl still struggling beneath her.


1 down.

She jumps off of her and sprints around one knife in each hand as Thresh grabs his pack and turns, but I skid in front of him.

I hold my sword and narrow my eyes at him. Clove stands slightly to the left of me, knives ready and Thresh glares at us and I know he wants nothing more than to kill us. If we fought him now, we'd win, I know we would.

He darts towards us and clove flings a knife just as he sidesteps in my direction. I swing at him, both hands on the hilt and he brings his sword up to meet it, resulting in an echoing clash. For a fraction of a second we glare at each other and then he puts his weight behind the sword, pushing me backwards. I push in his direction, determined to stay put, then Clove can take him out for sure. But to my shock, Thresh simply kicks off in the direction of the gain field, pushing his sword to make me stumble slightly and I have to catch myself before falling over at the sudden lack of resistance from him.


"On it!" She takes her second knife and sprints after him, she's fast, but by the look of it, so is he. I regain my balance and head after her, leaving our pack behind us, everyone's been already so there's no threat of someone taking it, I doubt 5 would risk going back just for our stuff.

I slowly close the distance, but not by much, in a race Clove will always win.

She skids to a stop as Thresh glances around and within seconds her second knife races through the air, yet she lets out a shout of pure fury as he ducks just in time and within another five metres, he's in the field and vanishing amongst the tall plants.

"COWARD! GET BACK HERE AND FIGHT!" I slow to a jog beside Clove as she shouts furiously at the field. My sword hangs by my side, as I put my hand on her shoulder. "Calm down…"

She turns, almost shocked by the touch, no doubt having forgotten I was there, and looks to me before calming, and narrowing her eyes once more at the field yet no more shouts escape her lips. "Clove, he'll have to come out eventually, there's only 5 of us. Besides, you got Katniss, remember?"

"Yeah…. Yeah I got the stupid girl on fire."

"Exactly… come on, we'll go back to camp and check out our pack and then look for lover boy okay?"

"Alright, we left my knife jacket back at camp anyway." This was true, we'd hoped to finish everything there and then, thinking everyone would show up, though apparently not, and we saw no sign of lover boy, the only who hadn't showed up… oddly.

We make our way back to the cornucopia where Katniss's body still lies, blood spilling from her neck onto the grassy floor beneath her, her eyes staring blankly at the sky. I merely smirk at her. Well now I know how she got her damn 11… her bow… With a few quick, fluid motions, I pick up the bow and smash it on the side of the cornucopia as hard as I can until a crack forms and with my 5th smash, it splits into two pieces, now useless. Don't want to find out that 5 can use it as well.

I wonder what they needed… There's no way to find out what 5 needed, that's so sure though it doesn't matter to much I suppose, same with Thresh, but we've got ours, and we've got 12's. I go to Katniss's bag, still lying beside her, and pick it up, open it, and tip the contents out into my hand. "Medicine…?"

"What's that?" Clove walks over to me, a leaf in one hand, her three knives, the only three she brought for this attack, in the other, as she slowly wipes one clean, the one covered in 12's blood.

"Medicine, it was in 12's bag." I raise an eyebrow and look to Katniss, and Clove does the same.

"She doesn't look ill, well, other than the fact she's dead." I laugh lightly at her joke then cough myself back to normal as Clove looks to me again a small smile playing at her lip, before she sighs. "Must have been for lover boy, his legs probably still messed up and he might have gotten poisoned or something."

"Well then he'll probably die within the next day or two, so we'll go after 5 next and hopefully 12 will be dead soon after, saving us the trouble of looking for him, remember how good the git was at camouflage? Marvel pointed it out when he was at sword training with me."

"Shit yeah… well okay, he should die its fine. What about Thresh….?"

"If the gamemakers don't drive him out, we'll just have to go in after him."

"Wait what? Into the wheat field? But he's been in there the whole games save just now at the damn beginning, he'll be able to hear us and probably attack us before we can think twice."

Damn… she's got a point. My eyes drift over to 12 as I try to think what to do. "Well… We'll think about it, alright? Games won't end before tomorrow at any rate, so we'll have plenty of time to think it over, like before falling asleep or something."

"Alright…" She mutters this in agreement, though I know she's unconvinced. I put my hand under her chin and tilt her face up to look her in the eyes. "We'll sort it."

She sighs, but smiles at me, before I place my lips against hers and kiss her gently. After what feels like hours, we break apart and I hand 12's bag, the medicine inside it once more, to Clove, before grabbing our own, as we head back to our camp from the knight before where Clove's jacket still lies, her remaining knives still inside it, hopefully.

Once we make it to the trees, the sound of a hovercraft meets our ears, and I turn to look to the cornucopia again as a metal claw descends, and the body of Katniss slowly ascends into the sky.

"Umm… Cato?" I blink and turn to face her as the hovercraft flies over us, back to the capitol.

"Yeah Clove?" Her left hand rubs her right slightly and it confuses me, until I remember that this is what she does when she's nervous, ever since I've known her. She takes a breath and looks up at me.

"I love you too." My lips spread into a childish grin and I walk towards her, dropping my sword, before wrapping my arms around her and putting my lips to hers once more, fireworks exploding within me as they touch and I know I never want to let go. I thought it was only your first kiss that made you feel like this, but no, I know that with Clove, I'll never stop feeling like this, and before long, I'll never have to stop, we'll win, we'll beat the others, and we'll get out of here, the first ever pair, and no-one will stop us.

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