It's spring, a season for meetings and partings. The cherry blossoms and peonies blossom under an azure canvas as the warm winds of the new year place their blessings on the youths of today. They chatter, uneasy, unknowing of what lies ahead. It's an exciting new start, but also a heart wrenching end. Where would each of their paths take them as they leave the place which they have come to know as a second home? What would those who come new find within their short tenure of highschool. Who knows?

"Boku no namae wa Hayabusa-kun~!"


"Hayai kedo busaku wa nai ze~"

"Busaku wa na~i~"

"Do~n to koi koi ta~iyo-buu~"









"Uchuu de~mo!"

"Uchuu demo!"

"kibo~o yami~ereba gama~an-suru"

"kibo~o yami~ereba gama~an-suru"



The notes of the ever present song floated over the campus of Amanogawa Highschool. From where he stood, young Kisaragi Gentarou could faintly hear his childhood friend's voice as it was flanked by the glee club's. His ever present grin turned into a little victorious smile as he remembered how everyone used to hate the song. But now, practically every person on campus sang along with it. Of course, this was after some intervention from the glee club. Gentarou rested his cheeks on the base of his palms as he leaned out the window. His odd posture looking more odd as his gaudy pompadour swayed idly with the warm breeze. His normally open short gakuran was replaced with a longer formal version of it. It was buttoned down which was the only bit he allowed of taming of his rather zany personality.

"Aah!", the teen stretched, "Everyone's really enjoying themselves.". Gentarou pocketed his hands as he walked away from the view in the window.

His friends were out on the grounds, holding a small graduation hanami. It was JK's idea. Ever the party animal, nobody in the Kamen Rider Club was surprised when he suggested holding it after the graduation ceremony. Though it had somehow evolved from just having their own club to every single friend Gentarou ever made in Amanogawa, which is literally everyone in Amanogawa, including the faculty and staff.

Right now, the whole school was down there eating snacks, chatting up the past year's memories and generally having fun as a talent show had started up at some point. As evidenced by Yuuki and her choir quartet version of her song, Ganbare Hayabusa-kun.

"Too bad Ryusei couldn't make it.", Gentarou flopped down on one chair as he pensively folded his arms behind his head. The Subaruboshi Highschool exchange student had to attend his own graduation ceremony so he couldn't make it to the party. Tomoko was enjoying herself but she seemed to look for someone in the crowd the whole day. Fortunately, Miu-sempai and Daimonji-sempai had been able to attend despite their steadily rising university workload.

Looking around, Gentarou felt a slight warmth in his chest. Memories filled him as each corner and square centimeter of the walls were covered in his friends' personal paraphernalia. Everything from Daimonji's workout gear to Tomoko's little atelier made him a little more restless as his eyes swept over them. Despite being in touch, he'd really miss these days.

Gentarou felt his collar dampen before he realized that he had been crying. He had been crying so much that it had all run down his face and dripped down to his clothes and on the floor. His nose was already runny so he wiped away at the watery snot with his gakuran's sleeve before even considering that this was his formal gakuran. But that was the way he was, Kisaragi Gentarou was a man of instinct and not thought.

"Man.", Kisaragi cried. "Spring really does make my heart itch.", the young graduate laughed through his tears. A hand clutched at the left of his breast as he closed his eyes and remembered how they all got together. Defeating the Zodiarts, making friends with everyone, becoming Fourze...

Yeah, Fourze was definitely the start of it all. Gentarou looked towards the corner of the room where his best friend Kengo normally nested himself. It housed a computer as well as a plethora of papers and the astro-switch kaban or brief case.

The delinquent looking boy placed one hand on the kaban with a fond look on his face. "You know, if it weren't for you. I might not have been able to meet everyone the way I have. I may not have been able to protect everyone either.". Slowly, he brought out his other hand and undid the latches that locked the bag shut. With the flick of his wrists, Gentarou opened up the case to reveal the Fourze driver. A slate gray belt buckle which had four switches and a housing above each for another four removable switches. In between the housings was an LCD screen that showed the status of the unit. To the rightmost part of the belt buckle was a lever which Gentarou pulled to initiate his transformation or his finishing attacks, the limit breaks. The Fourze driver meant a lot to his friends and to him as well. It represented their bonds and the strength to protect each other. It was practically the crystallization of their youth. But it was broken. During the last battle with the evolved Sagittarius Horoscopes, Gentarou had invoked the limit break too many times, overloading the belt which powered him, and in turn the astro switches which powered the belt. After that, Kengo had tried to fix it for the longest time. But without the technology of the moon base Rabbit Hutch, it was near impossible.

Lifting the precious object from its case, Gentarou inspected the belt. "Nothing's really changed huh?", he observed as even the most minute marks from past battles were still visible on the polished surface. Nostalgia taking over, Gentarou let himself fall back into old habits as he snapped the belt onto his waist. Cosmic energy lit up and materialized hard flexible material that served as the belt. Gentarou smiled as he remembered that at least that much still worked. In succession, he flipped the switches on his belt, First the two on the right with his left hand, then the left two with his right. He grabbed the lever with his right hand and held out his left fist in front of his face as the familiar stance he took during transformation came naturally.




"Henshin!", Gentarou shouted and pushed the lever. He held up his right hand while throwing out the left to his side.

But nothing happened. Instead of the familiar flashy pulse and burst of cosmic energy, there was nothing. That was as far as the belt worked back then as well. Gentarou smiled as placed his hands on his hips in a bid to take the transformation trinket off. There was enough messing around and he supposed he should put it back before Kengo showed up and scolded him for handling such delicate hardware crudely while it was undergoing repairs.

The former kamen rider reached towards the four switches to put them in deactivated state. But they didn't reach.


A strong gale blew into the club room that replaced rabbit hutch as the KRC's meeting spot. It seemed to wrap around Gentarou as he started to panic and scream, "Wh-what the heck is going on!?". The wind continued to blow and even raised up the other astroswitches in the case.

The panicking teen looked down at his belt and wailed, "Is this karma for playing around with you? If it is I'm sorry!". Gentarou was practically crying when multiple dark portals with shining points reminiscent of twinkling stars spontaneously appeared within the room.


Gentarou screamed helplessly as one particularly strong hole sucked him in to its vacuum with the astroswitches following.