Summary: Edward lost himself one night, he made a huge mistake. He took away a boy's innocence, and now Jacob has to live with the result of the vampire's actions. Warning: NON-CON; Evil-ish!Edward; M!Preg; Slash; Edward/Jacob Sam/Jacob

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NON-CON (please take note, if you do not like the idea of rape then please, TURN BACK NOW!)

Evil-ish(?)!Edward (I'm questiong the 'ish' part coz I mean, what he did is evil, but he won't be of the evil nature the entire story so yeah...)



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Even In The Darkness

Jacob was walking through the forest. He was not in a good mood... at all. Life had proven not to be great to him once again. The love of his life married another and now she was happily being killed by her demon child. She'd made it perfectly clear that she didn't want to get rid of the thing and the stupid leech who pretended to love her so much, just allowed her to keep the thing.

Jacob huffed, shaking his head as he continued deeper into the forest. He didn't even know where he was going or why, he was barely conscious of what he was doing really. He just wanted to get away. Away from the pack, away from Bella and especially away from the leech that caused all this, the same leech that had looked at Jacob in with this intensity that had made Jacob's skin crawl.

For a long while he'd thought he was the one getting under the bloodsucker's skin. All his thoughts about what he would do with Bella once he finally got rid of the demon she was carrying and even more, gotten her to leave the damned leech. But then the bloodsucker and just given him that look that made him want to scrub his skin under running water and he'd finally stormed out the house, which is what led him to being in the middle of goodness knows where.

With a sigh, Jacob stopped walking and looked around the place. He easily recognised the place and he sighed. He'd have to go back now.

Jacob was about to turn and head back when heard a twig snap but before he could react, a hard body collided with his, knocking the breath right out of his lungs. For a moment Jacob felt disorientated, not quite sure which way was up and which was down, everything just spun out of control before he felt his front hit the forest floor. He felt everything spin for a while before his body was hurled and he was turned over. He kept his eyes tightly shut for a moment before opening them slowly to find none other than Edward fucking Cullen staring down at him with pitch black eyes.

Jacob felt his body shiver, having no control over the movement, the only movement he could make because his body was being painfully, pinned down by the leech. Jacob tried to struggle out of the hard grip, but he quickly realised that if he tried, he was more likely to hurt himself badly.

"Get off me!" Jacob growled, though it came out as a pathetic little whine that made him cringe. What the hell was the vampire doing to him?

"What were you trying to do back there Black?" Edward said, his voice like nothing Jacob had heard before, not even when Edward Cullen was completely pissed off had he ever used such a... an ice cold tone before. "Were you trying to piss me off? Is that what it was? Those thoughts about what you wanted to do to my Bella, were they to make me angry, Black?"

A whimper escaped through Jacob's lips. He wanted to die! He was frightened, he was frightened because of a fucking leech! That was right, that was... it was disgusting! He wasn't supposed to be afraid, he wasn't supposed to be pinned down by this disgusting bloodsucker; he wasn't supposed to feel so weak!

Jacob felt rather then saw Edward rip his jeans off the body, one ice cold hand running over his thigh while the other held him in place, stopping him from struggling.

"Wha-what are you doing?" Jacob asked, eyes filled with panic. He hated that the vampire was making him feel this way. He didn't want to feel scared, he wanted to fucking fight the fucking bloodsucking, demon making leech! "Get off me!"

Jacob tried to push Edward off, but his shaking hands weren't strong enough, he was weakened by fear. It disgusted Jacob and he was sure the pack and his father would surely disown him. He was afraid of something that he was designed to kill! He couldn't even call himself a werewolf. He was a coward. Nothing but a scared little puppy!

Edward hissed menacingly, baring his teeth at the struggling wolf, glaring down at him with those pitch black eyes that frightened Jacob to no end.

"I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget," Edward hissed against Jacob's ear. He moved away, pulled his pants down then got back onto Jacob so fast, the wolf didn't even get a chance to react, to try and get away. Edward pushed the wolf's legs apart roughly and settled himself between them, the head of his shaft pressed against Jacob's entrance.

Jacob felt his body shake. He bit his lip harshly, hot tears leaking from his tightly shut eyes. He let out a loud, pain filled scream as the leech forced himself into Jacob's body, taking away his innocence, his purity, ripping it away from Jacob in the worst possible way.

All Jacob could do was sob and scream as the body above him moved harshly, with no remorse, pounding into him relentlessly, not caring about Jacob's pain. He prayed to any god listening, begging for them to make this stop, promising to be a better person if this stopped. But it didn't stop, the leech kept moving, letting out low hisses and growls and he continued to pound into Jacob's body.

Slowly, Jacob's body numbed, all feeling slowly disappearing from every part of his body. Everything went hazy, his body didn't feel like his, not really. Through the haziness he could feel the bloodsucker move within him, taking him roughly, not caring about what he was doing, about who he was hurting.

Jacob could faintly hear the leech whisper degrading words to him, but his body was too numb to respond, his wasn't there, not anymore. His mind had withdrawn into itself, protecting him from the torture he was experiencing from his mortal enemy.

Jacob wanted to scream, to cry out, anything at all to make this torture stop. But it wouldn't stop, not until the bloodsucker was complete with his task. Jacob just lay there, like a puppet, allowing himself to be taken without consent, to be-

Jacob hadn't realised it, but his eyes had opened at some point, and what greeted him was a beautiful clear sky, millions of stars, scattered across the sky, twinkling brightly, mocking him. Jacob would've laughed at the irony, such a beautiful night, and here he was being violated by his worst enemy.

Jacob let out a pathetically disgusting whimper as he felt the leech release his ice cold juices deep inside his thoroughly violated body. He gasped as he felt sharp teeth sink into his neck, but he didn't move otherwise, his body felt like dead weight. He just lay there, not responding.

Edward finally pulled out of Jacob none too gently, dragging out a pained whine from Jacob's lips. The vampire cleaned himself up before pulling his pants back on. He stood up and glared down at the wolf. "Pathetic!" he spat before disappearing into the woods.

For a moment Jacob just lay on his back, not moving, but then all the feelings slowly came back, the numbness that had taken over slowly faded and Jacob could feel the burning pain all over his body. He felt as though he'd be sick as he felt wetness slushing out his violated hole, even worse he could smell blood.

Tears returned with a vengeance as Jacob curled into a tight ball onto his side. Sobs rocked his bruised and hurting body. Jacob wanted to die. He could still feel the bloodsucker inside him, could still feel him moving, taking him without a care, taking away the only left, Jacob's innocence.

Jacob willed himself to lose consciousness, he tried, wanting to get away from the pain. But it wouldn't happen, his mind would not let him rest, instead it played those images of the leech over and over, the way his eyes look, the snarls and snide, the degrading words whispered as though they were sweet secrets.

A loud sob escaped Jacob's lips. He wondered why this was happening to him, why now. Did he have to lose everything dear to him? Did he have to have everything he loved taken away from him? What had he done that was so bad that made him a target to these things? Was he so bad? Was he really such a bad person?

Jacob just lay on the ground, curled up and sobbing, asking himself over and over: 'Why me, why did it happen to me?'


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