Nope, not April Fool. :)

It really is a new story. I'd like to say it's a different New Moon spin-off than what it's out there.

We start about three years and some months after the moment the Cullens left. I'll let you discover more as you read.

The door of our apartment slammed shut and I knew that Jake was back. I didn't mind him, knowing he'd go to his room like always.

"You've got mail!" he shouted, coming in my room.

"Me? What? Bills?" I asked, rolling my eyes. "Why do I get the bills?"

"It's an actual letter," he told me, grinning. He threw the envelope at me, nearly taking my eye out.

"Watch out, idiot!" I snapped, taking the envelope from my lap.

On the back was my full name and on the front was written A.C. Bigfork, Flathead County, Montana. I would have said it was a mistake if there hadn't been my name, too.

"A.C.?" Jake asked, plopping next to me on the bed. "Is it your friend, Angela?"

I gave him a doubtful look. "Her last name is Cheney now, but she moved to Spokane," I explained, opening the envelope.

"Careful, we have limited amounts of band-aids!" he joked.

I punched him in the shoulder, groaning. I was glad that the whole werewolf thing had faded, but he was still strong.

"Maybe someone's joking. Bigfork?" he snorted. "You're attracting forks."

"Can you leave me alone?" I protested, pushing him with my foot.

"No way! You got an actual letter in the twenty-first century! I have to know how your great-great-great-grandparents are doing."

"People write all the time!" I snapped, taking the letter out.

"Emails, sure."

"Jacob, I swear…" I threatened him.


It sure was hard to find you. I'm breaking all my promises right now, but this is very important.

It's not something I can put on paper, so all I hope is that you don't ignore this and that you're smart enough to call the number at the foot of this page.

I wouldn't have done this, not in a million years, if it wasn't this important. It's vital for you to call me.

Hoping you're safe and well,

Your best friend.

PS: Don't stay out after dark and avoid crowds. I'm not a loony, I promise. You know better.


After I read the letter three times, the words started sinking in and my hands started shaking. My heart constricted and the long forgotten hole in my chest seemed to open up. I gasped for air, suddenly blind as black spots appeared before my eyes.

"Bells?" Jake asked worried. He tried taking the letter from my hand but I clutched to it tighter. "What's going on? You're scaring me!"

I took a huge gulp of air and swallowed thickly. "Leave me alone for a little," I managed to utter.

"Like hell! You're white like a…ghost."

"Jake, please," I insisted.

I had to call that number to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

He finally listened and left the room. On shaky legs, I locked the door and grabbed my phone before falling back on the bed. I was aware Jake was right on the other side of the door, hearing everything. I didn't give a damn.

My trembling fingers dialed the number then I put the phone to my ear, my heart in my throat. I became aware of my heart more than ever. It was beating. It was alive. I was alive.

Squeezing my eyes to keep from crying, I listened to the ringing tone in my ear.

Please, answer. I silently begged.

Howdy, it's me, Alice. I'll call you in a jittery.

I hated robots. But at least, my suspicious had been confirmed. A.C. was Alice Cullen. I was sure Jasper was proud of her voice mail.

The more I thought of them, the more anxious I grew. Something was terribly wrong. She hadn't contacted me in over three years. No one had. Why the sudden change? Why the worry? What was going on?

I tried calling her again.

Howdy, it's me, Alice. I'll call you-

Howdy, it's me, Alice. I'll-

Howdy, it's-

Howdy, it's me, Ali-

Why wasn't she answering? I was having a heart attack!

I could feel something was wrong.

As if we hadn't stopped talking, I just was my old self…having them around…

Had something happened with…? I couldn't even conceive that.

No. She was probably done with the no talking thing. I longed talking to her.

They had been ripped from me because Edward left.

A sob escaped me as I pressed re-dial.

"Hello!" Alice answered quietly. "I'll call you in three-five minutes. Promise." She just hung up. And I realized she wasn't alone.

I waited anxiously, twisting the phone in my hands. The digits on my phone seemed to change extremely slowly, like years passed until it turned into another number.

Suddenly, my phone buzzed to life and I dropped it in my haste to answer quickly.

When I finally pressed the green button, I was breathing heavily.

"Hi, Bella," Alice whispered.

"Hi," I breathed. It felt surreal.

"Can you be at the Starbucks in the corner in ten minutes?"

"Uh? What?"

"The one from the corner of your street," she said impatiently.

"You're kind of going back on your words. It's dark outside," I pointed out, letting out a nervous giggle.

"Don't worry. Jasper will be very close to you in case something happens. I'm waiting." She hung up. Again.

I didn't give a damn I was wearing my short pajama pants and a tank top. I just stepped into my flip-flops and grabbed the keys before I left the room. Jake was in the hallway, lurking.

"Going somewhere? Like that?" He laughed.

"Just downstairs. I'll…be right back."

"I'm not stupid Bella. What's going on?"

"I have no idea, but when I'll be back…you'll know everything. Promise."

I exited the building, looking left and right then moving quickly in the direction of Starbucks. I could hear someone walking behind me at some distance and when the nerves got the best of me, I glanced behind. I had to make sure it was Jasper.

I couldn't really tell since the person had a hoodie over their head and was jogging slowly, the wires of headphones going to their pocket. I looked toward the Starbucks, quickening my pace.

I pushed the door open and scanned the place that was quite empty since it was so late. Then I saw her. In the corner of the shop. But something was wrong about her. I couldn't put my finger on what was odd as I ran to her and caught her in a hug.

"Alice!" I moaned, hugging her tightly.

"Oh, Bella!" She rose and hugged me back. "It's so good to see you."

Then something occurred to me. She must be uncomfortable. I moved back and looked at her eyes to see if my theory was right or wrong. But what I saw made my eyes widen when I was met with a pair of deep blue eyes.

"Uh, Alice?" I asked tentatively.

"Hello, Bella." Someone put their hand on my back.

I turned to see Jasper, the hoodie on his back now. His eyes were a cloudy blue-grey.

"What?" I asked confused, my head was swirling.

My skin was burning on the spot Jasper was touching me. His hand was warm—not warm, it was burning.

"Sit down, Bella," Alice told me softly. "Do you like coffee?"

"Umm, yeah sure." I nodded, sitting in the booth.

"Jazz, go get her a coffee." She turned to me, swallowing before clearing her throat. "What do you see?"

"You and Jasper. Hu…mmm…aaan," I mumbled, stumbling over the foreign word.

She smiled, sighing. "Yes, we are."

"How? I mean, how did it happen? Are all of you…? Where are the others?"

"Oh, calm down, Bella. Are you sure you want the coffee?" Jasper asked teasingly, putting the cup in front of me. "You're really hyper."

I rolled my eyes watching him sit next to Alice and putting an arm around her shoulders. I'd never seen them exposing their feelings so freely.

"How is this possible?" I asked anxiously. "Tell me this is some joke."

"It's not, Bella. We're humans. I know it's a lot to take in, but please keep up. I have a lot to tell you," Alice whispered.

"Wait, Alice. I can't get over the fact that you're here and that you're alive!"

"Of course, when we were vampires, she didn't even blink. Now, she's full of questions," Jasper groaned.

"Jasper!" Alice shrieked, slapping his forearm making him moaned in pain.

It was still hard to understand what was happening. "Okay, why am I here?" I asked, sipping from my coffee.

"I don't even know where to start," Alice whispered, looking out the window.

"The coffee shop will close soon. Why don't you come over?" I blurted out. Jake was going to kill me.

"Are you sure?" Alice asked.

"Yeah, unless you have a hotel room or something." I shrugged, watching her blue eyes widen.

"No, we just got here. Lead the way."

I felt weird walking next to Alice toward my building. It was like she was some rare exhibit and everyone was staring…of course, the staring part was only in my imagination. After I opened the front door and we started ascending, I glanced at her and pinched her arm.

"Ow!" she squeaked glaring at me and rubbing the red spot that had formed on her arm. "What was that for, Bella?"

"I had to make sure…" I mumbled, fumbling with my keys to open the apartment's door.

"You didn't have to pinch me!" Alice reasoned. "Oh, my God! What's that noise?" she asked worried at the sounds of gun shots. She exchanged a panicked look with Jasper.

"Uh, it's just Jake…I mean the TV…Jake watching TV," I stumbled over my words. "I'm back!" I shouted toward the living room.

"Are you going to tell me where you've been?" he shouted back, not bothering to lower the volume.

I took a calming breath and nudged Alice and Jasper to the living room. The joy of living with Jake… Living with a boy rivaled living in a pig's pen. I was sure.

I flipped the light on making him groan in protest and finally lower the volume of his stupid movie. "Jake, we have guests," I whispered. Don't flip out! I silently begged.

"Oh, AC was Angela?" Jake asked turning to us. His eyes widened and he choked on his gulp of beer. Then anger flashed on his face and he was up before I could blink. "What the fuck are you doing here?" he shouted, striding to us.

I placed myself between them, with my back at Alice and Jasper. "Whoa, you crazed man!" I yelled, putting my hands on his chest. "Just look at them. They have to tell me something important."

"Why are you here? You're mistaken if you think you can waltz back in her life!" Jake snapped, hugging me his chest. "Leave, before I find a way to kill you both!"

"It will be easier than you think," Jasper told him seriously.

I tried to get out of Jacob's embrace but it was difficult since he was so strong. "Jake, just look at their eyes. Please," I whispered.

He tensed up and I knew that he realized something was different. His arms fell to his sides and I turned to our guests.

"Are you convinced now?" Alice asked softly.

"Wow! What the hell happened?" Jake asked.

"If you'd let us talk, I'll explain," she answered.

"Start talking. I'm really curious."

I rolled my eyes and led them to the couch. Lucky I had grabbed the coffee too. It was going to be a long night.

Alice sat next to me with Jasper by her side while Jake sat on the floor resting his back against the coffee table. Alice had her coffee too and was tracing her manicured fingers over it, deep in thought.

"Should I start, darlin'?" Jasper whispered, grasping her knee.

She jumped and gave him a startled look then shook her head. It was still weird to see them act so…human. She finally raised her eyes to mine and they were full of tears.

"I have no idea where to start, Bella."

"What did you do when you left?" I wondered. It had been eating me.

"We went to Cornwell," she answered with a blinding smile. "It had been great. First time in years when we were really alone."

"Yeah, for the first time, I understood why Rose and Emmett got married so many times," Jasper agreed with his own smile.

"Just you two?" I probed.

"Yes. Rose and Emmett went to Africa. Esme and Carlisle went to the house in Montana. And…Edward…he's been around," she finished in a whisper.

I thought I was prepared to hear his name, but I wasn't. It was like a knife pushing inside my stomach. "Around?" I finally asked, the curiosity getting the best of me.

"Exactly. He's been wandering around…until he crossed paths with Victoria."

"NO!" I shouted, my hands going to my mouth as my heart started beating frantically.

"He tracked her, but he always lost her. Either he was rubbish at tracking, or she was very good at hiding," Jasper continued. "He finally heard she was in South America and went there. Of course, she was long gone by the time he reached Brazil."

Jake met my eyes and I gulped. "When?" he asked harshly.

"Sorry?" Alice looked at his surprised.

"When did this happen? With the red-headed leech?"

"Around February next year after we left, I think."

My eyes widened and Jake rolled his. "Figures. She lured him away so she could come back."

I kicked him in the shin. That wasn't something I wanted to share with Alice and Jasper.

"Victoria came back to Forks?" Alice asked shocked.

"Yes. We almost got her but when she saw us…she panicked and fled. For good." Jake shrugged.

"We?" Alice snapped, glaring at me.

"Not me!" I shouted, rising my hand, almost putting the coffee on my top. "He and…"

"The pack," Jake explained. "When you left…the thing had started…we turned into werewolves just because you'd been there."

Alice looked dazed. "And you stayed around him?" she asked me. I smiled meekly and she groaned loudly. "Bella, do you have any sense of self-preservation?"

"It's called monster magnetism," I told her joking. Jake snickered at our little inside joke. "Really, Alice, I was safe."

"You were safe?" Jasper asked in disbelief. "I'd never seen one, but I heard from the others…and you know Emmett loves to exaggerate… If he was angry around you, he could have hurt you!"

"Jasper, Jake would have never hurt me. I saw him phasing," I hissed then clapped a hand over my mouth. "What happened next?" I blurted out, hoping they'd go on with their story.

"Where was I?" Alice asked after a minute; when she was done glaring at me.

"Uh, you know…Brazil… E-dw…Edward…" I mumbled.

"Oh, right! RIGHT!" she shouted, narrowing her eyes at me. What now? "I had promised him not look into your future. And I swear, I didn't. The vision surprised me…I was in my class when I saw you throwing yourself off a cliff. I kept shouting 'No, no!' and people thought I was having a panic attack because of the test the next day." She giggled.

"I jumped off the cliff. It was fun," I told her. "Everyone did it." I shrugged. That was the last time I had heard Edward's voice. The ultimate reckless thing I could have done.

"Well, I didn't see you after that…your future disappeared. I freaked and fled from the classroom calling Jasper to tell him I was going to Forks. He said he'd call Carlisle."

"I didn't understand a thing of her rambling," Jasper said with a laugh. "To me, it was like Bella, dead, cliff, Forks, call Carlisle, need to see, don't tell Edward, I hope she's alive… You have to admit that you don't see a confused vampire every day." He chuckled making me laugh. "I called Carlisle, but Rose answered. They had returned and were living with them in Montana. She promised to tell Carlisle, and I hung up."

With a sigh, Alice continued her part. "When I got to Forks it was noon and I've waiting around your house for hours. Your dad came home at some point and he looked devastated, dressed in black. I nearly went to him but thought better of it. When I was convinced you were dead and I was ready to call everyone, I heard your truck down the street. You sounded okay. You were with him." She pointed to Jake. "He stunk like a wet dog. Of course, I didn't think anything of that. All I cared was that you were alive. Then all hell broke loose. I decided not to interrupt your happy bubble especially when you nearly kissed in the car."

"We didn't!" I shouted. "What do you mean all hell broke loose?" I added, worried.

"Well, Rose called me to say she did something really stupid, rambling about promising to never be mean ever again and that she wanted her brother to be okay… She had called Edward and told him that you were dead then his line went well, dead." She took a deep breath, taking my hand. "I tried to call him, but they said it was out of reach…then, oh Bella! I had the worst vision I ever had. Edward in Volterra begging to be killed."

I gasped, remembering the name just like yesterday. A sob caught in my throat. "No! What happened?"

Alice squeezed my hand. "I called Jazz and told him I was going after Edward. I had to talk reason in his thick skull…and my next plan involved me handing Emmett a bag of Rosalie's ashes. I was furious."

"Did you make it? Did you stop him?" I asked worried. My breath was caught somewhere in my chest. I couldn't think of Edward…dead…gone. Forever.

"You can say that. I had a dozen visions of him during my flight to Venice. The Volturi refused to kill him because his gift was too precious. Edward was determined to die because he couldn't live in a world you didn't exist. He was set to go in the sun—an act the Volturi condemned without blinking. I prayed. I knew that there were little chances for someone to listen to me, but I prayed that something will happen and he'll change his mind, or he'll get delayed…or it will rain…or anything." She sighed softly looking down then her eyes met mine and she was grinning. "Bella, my prayers have been answered. All I saw just as I was speeding to Volterra was a woman going to his hotel room in the middle of the night and then together they'd go to the Volturi but with other intentions. I couldn't see anything clear because there was really no decision on Edward's part yet, but he didn't want to kill himself anyone. I felt hope."

I tried to keep up but it was too much. I decided to let her talk and then really think about it all. "So?"

"Next, she called me," Jasper joined the conversation. "She told me to tell everyone to come there because she had a good feeling about this."

I giggled. That sounded like Alice. "Who went to him?" I finally asked.

"Penelope is just about as old as us, Edward and me, I mean. She tried to find a cure, to be human again. Everyone that she asked, told her that she was insane. Of course, she was ambitious and she sought the whole world. And she found it." Alice beamed at me.

"I figured that," I mumbled, nodding to her.

She grinned. "She was visiting the city and she realized what Edward was…and she heard him talking to one of the Volturi guards about his intentions. She went to him to show him that there was another way. He wasn't convinced he wanted it until I burst in his hotel room telling him that you were alive—just incredibly stupid."

"Hey!" I gasped in mock-hurt. "What is the cure?"

"Patience, Bella," Alice told me playfully. "Penelope told us again what she had done and that being human was great."

"Wait, she was human when she went to him?" Jake interrupted scaring me. I had forgotten about him.

"Yes, keep up! We decided for everyone to come and go together to the Volturi to tell them of our decision."

"Why did they have to know?" I asked confused.

"To show them there was this option…if anyone wanted it. And we had Penny."

"Alice!" Jasper laughed. "I'm really glad she's not here or she would have killed you."

"Oh, right. She absolutely hates to be called anything but Penelope," she told me quietly. "The Volturi seemed interested in her story and even sent one guard along with Marcus with us."

"Where did you go? What is the cure?" I insisted. I was really curious. This sounded supernatural.

"It's kind of gross…" Jasper whispered, glancing at Jacob.

"Tell me," I pressed.

"You've been warned," Jasper joked. "We went to Siberia where the oldest tribe of shape shifters lives. They weren't exactly happy to see so many of us, but their eldest said something along the line 'the less of you, the better' and that he was happy we wanted to be humans again."

"And he was really proud of Carlisle's idea of drinking from animals," Alice added.

"The youngest pack member had to bite us in the same exact spot we had been bitten to be turned then we had to drink something…" Jasper made a face. "Lucky we were still vampires, but the thought repulsed us all."

"Piss?" Jake joked. Or so I thought. "There's one legend…"

"Yes." Jasper nodded. "Piss, blood and some plant that's found only there. Of course, Edward was the first to ask where the young pack member was, while Rosalie pretended to gag."

"She missed humanity more than any one of us, but the mere thought of that combination made her sick," Alice explained. "Emmett talked to her for days, making her see sense. We could taste the horrible thing, of course, but we couldn't be sick. It was just one time only and then we were humans forever…well, until we died."

"But, the elder werewolf told us there were risks," Jasper continued. "Penelope had been the only vampire they had helped turn back into human. So it could have been sheer luck. For all we knew, we'd become human then become dirt being too old to actually survive. That was Edward's genius idea and it came right after Emmett had convinced Rosalie. I was sure Emmett was going to kill him."

I laughed, remembering their wrestling matches and Emmett's quick temper.

"I broke down the fight before it began," he added. "There were other questions. Were our hearts strong enough to restart and keep beating? What about the other organs? Carlisle and Edward, the only ones with medical degrees, went through every possible scenario for the next few months."

"In June, around his birthday, Edward decided to try. He was the first one," Alice started saying. "I couldn't see anything…because only then I realized why you vanished after jumping from that cliff. He was around. I couldn't see where wolves were around."

"Oh." That was all I had as an answer.

"Carlisle pointed to the exact spots he had bitten Edward so long ago and the werewolf still in his human form, did as told."

"Human form?" I asked at the same time as Jake.

"That was how it worked. He could have killed him or ripped his throat with the fangs otherwise," Alice explained. "I asked how he felt once the young wolf had bitten him and Edward said he felt like something was boiling in his veins and kept scratching his arms. Then he drank that thing cringing and coughing. What happened next was the scariest thing ever."

"He turned human? Just like that?" Jake asked.

"No." Alice's face fell. "He fell back, his eyes rolled in the back of his head and it looked like he was having a seizure. Everyone turned to Penelope and she shook her head. That hadn't happened to her. Carlisle had no idea what to do and I wanted to cry because I couldn't see anything. Then Edward started screaming…the counter-course of the venom disappearing and being replaced by blood. We had to feed before this. From humans," she whispered.

"And the werewolves approved?" Jake shouted. "I don't buy it."

"They told us where to go and feed. There was the flu around and…some were really sick, dying already. They made me look and see who was dying." Alice sighed. "It had been pure hell…all those months were horrible. If I were human then, I'd have had nightmares. Not like I didn't have afterwards," she added.

"What happened to Edward?" I murmured, looking at my hands on my lap.

"Carlisle tried administrating him some morphine, but it didn't work…the needle twisted at contact with his still hard skin. We just had to wait and see what happened…and endure his agonized screams. Only two days later was Carlisle able to give him morphine that didn't have much effect. Esme sat next to him the whole time, talking to him like the wonderful mother she is," Alice told us. "On the third day, around dusk, Edward's body arched and he took a huge gulp of air then he was gasping. He sat up and clutched his middle gasping and looking around scared. We could all see and hear the changes. His heart was beating frantically and his skin was a pale pink. He was human. He looked terrified."

"Carlisle thought he had lost his memory, but once Edward was okay he told us that he experienced his first panic attack. That was the first time in months I laughed so hard," Jasper added with a chuckle.

"Wow," I mumbled. Edward was human.

"Rosalie went to him and started asking different things while touching him everywhere she could. We told her to wait a day or two, to be sure he was going to be okay. No, the stubborn girl wanted to experience that right then." Jasper laughed, shaking his head. "She was next to be turned."

"How did you know where you were bitten?" I asked Alice, knowing that James had turned her and she couldn't have known the exact same spots…unless she could see the past too.

She scowled. "It was tricky, but I remembered of what James had told me when I helped them kill him. He had bitten my breast across my heart."

Jasper hugged her to his chest, kissing her head. "I knew it was for her own good, but I wanted to kill the werewolf when he did it. Carlisle and I were the last to turn. I tried to keep their emotions under control and Carlisle was ready to help if medical care was needed."

"Being human again was the weirdest feeling in the world," Alice told me. "At first, I didn't know anything and my vision was foggy, I had a buzzing in my ears and I felt like something was stuck in my throat and I had to cough. Slowly, as I blinked and took everything in, I started to get control over my new body." She laughed. "When I saw Jasper, I hugged him tightly, but a second later I was in Emmett's arms and Jasper was gone. Turned out, I was his singer…like you and Edward."

"Like what? I'm, what?" I asked confused.

She was still a living ball of energy. Nothing had changed there.

"Oh, you don't know!" she exclaimed, her blue eyes widening. "Marcus, you know, one of the Volturi leaders? He feels relationships…and on the way he talked with Edward, a lot. He told him that you were his singer and nothing could keep you apart, no matter how much he wanted. He also told him it was stupid to tell you our secret."

"I already knew. He just confirmed it," I reminded her. "I bribed Jake here…" I grinned, nudging him.

"I was young and stupid," he muttered.

"Yes, Edward explained that you already figured it out, and that you weren't going to talk. Anyway, Jasper was next then Carlisle, finally," Alice finished.

"And now?" I asked her, afraid of her answer.

"Now…" she sighed deeply. "What do you want to hear? Bad news? Horrible news? Good news?"

"Good, bad, horrible," I decided.

"Wise decisions." Jasper nodded to me. "The good news is that Emmett and Rose are parents," he announced to us. But it didn't have the wanted effect, no one but me smiled. Alice looked incredibly sad. Something was wrong there… "She always wanted to be a mother," Jasper added.

"Bad news," Alice said loudly, closing her eyes. "Since no one was able to catch Victoria, as I heard…she found out about this being turned into humans…"

"No!" I gasped.

"Yes. Victoria wants revenge…on you and Edward."

"Why? What?"

"Edward killed James, her mate. She wants to kill you then Edward…or something." Jasper shrugged. "The thing is that she has a gun. Haven't you heard of the fire shots at Dartmouth?"

"Yeah, but…that was her?" I mumbled.

"Yes. She found Edward. The police are after her…she let herself been seen…"

"Is he okay?"

Alice gulped. "The horrible news…"

"No, Alice!" I covered my ears. "No! You didn't just tell me all that to end with… Please, tell me he isn't dead!" I started crying.

"Not really."

"What the hell does that mean?" I shouted.

"Rose and Em visited them for the weekend. Edward lives with Esme and Carlisle in Hanover. And he was sent to the park with his nephew…" Jasper said. "Victoria…she went head first in his car…on his side."

My heart twisted and there was a hole in my chest. He was hurt. I tried to locate my lungs and breathe, but I couldn't do it.

"She left the accident scene and witnesses said there was a redhead woman. The police would get her and sentence her for life for wanting to kill someone if they don't end up dead first," Jasper kept talking, but all I could think was that Edward was hurt. The thought was foreign since I could never conceive him hurt.

A few hours ago, I thought he was happy, living his life somewhere, having forgotten about the silly human. Then I learnt that he was alive. And now…he was hurt. My head spun.

"Are you okay, Bella?" Alice asked concerned, rubbing my back.

"How…What…Is he…?" I bit my lip, letting the tears wash over my cheeks.

"He's in the hospital. And so is Dave…Rose and Em's baby," Jasper told me. "Dave is really okay. More scared than anything else…but Edward's really hurt."

"That's why you came here?" Jake snapped. "He's hurt, so what? Lots of humans get into accidents!"

"He's been sedated and just woke up from his induced coma…" Alice tried to explain.

"Oh, and he thinks he's still in Forks. Newsflash! He's not. Bella's not going there!" Jacob yelled. "I listened to your fucked up story, now go."

"Jake!" I shouted. "Shut up already! I can decide what I want to do. Is it true?" I turned to Alice.

"No! Bella, when he first woke up…I was there with Penelope who had become our best friend…and he said your name. Of course, he was still out of it and was asleep before we could react."

"Don't fall for this shit, Bella. If you go there, I'm not talking to you ever again!" Jake threatened me. "Only I know what you've been through when he left and how I helped you return to normal."

I sobbed, feeling my heart aching. I had to see Edward. I knew I'd go the second Alice started talking.

"Bella, what do you want to do?" Alice asked, raising my chin.

"Come with you, of course. Give me a minute," I whispered, running a hand under my nose. "You, come with me," I told Jake and went to my room.

He slammed the door behind him and I covered his mouth before he could talk. "Jake, you know how much I appreciate everything you did. I love you, really, I do. But please, if you want me to be really happy, let me go. I need to go. I still love him even though I don't show it to you."

He pushed my hand down and hugged me. "If you come back broken, I'm not patching you up again. I'm afraid I can't. You know how much you mean to me and that I'd do anything for you…that's why I'm letting you go. That motherfucker better not screw up or I'd personally kill him."

"Oh, Jake!" I hugged him tightly. "Thank you."

I packed in a hurry, not carrying what I shoved in my backpack. After changing my clothes and catching my hair, I rushed to the living room.

"I'm ready," I told them.

"Don't you want to pack?" Alice asked shocked.

"I did. All I need is here." I pointed to my backpack. "Let's go!"

Her wide eyes went from my face to my backpack then she shrieked. "The poor clothes, Bella! Edward isn't going anywhere. Let me help you pack."

I tried to protest, but Jasper motioned behind Alice's back for me to listen to her. I grinned. Some things never change.

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