Vampire urges are those little things that are hard to control. Every urge is different for each person. It's difficult to manage, but it's not impossible. They come and go, they can surprise you, or you know they're there. Most of the time, they're unexpected.

Sarah sat in her room, looking through a couple of magazines that were on her bed. Slowly, she became bored and looked over at her phone. 7:49.

'Crap…' She thought.

Sarah jumped off her bed and grabbed a pair of clothes, and took a quick shower. She slipped on her heels, applied a little bit of makeup, fixed her hair and kissed her mother goodbye.

"Be careful.." Her mother warned.

Sarah nodded and headed out the door. She pulled out her phone and saw a message from Erica.

"where r u going?" – Erica (7:50)

"My job, Erica."

"babysittin' the nerds on demand?" – Erica (7:52)

"Yes… have a problem?"

"a little. ur always with them, wen r we gonna have some fun?" – Erica (7:54)

"Erica, you know I have to work. And what is with your grammar? It's horrible.."

"i have to text quickly, i have a friend coming over. ;)" – Erica (7: 56)

"let me guess, it's a new guy from school…."

"nope.. well, i gtg. he's here…" – Erica (7:58)

Sarah scoffed and put her phone away just as she made her way onto the Morgan's porch. Fixing her outfit, she brushed off her skirt and then knocked on the door. As soon as the door opened, Sarah looked up into Mrs. Morgan's eyes.

"Hi Sarah…" Greeted Mrs. Morgan.

Sarah nodded and smiled. "Hello."

Mrs. Morgan moved to the side and let her in. "Ethan, Jane! Sarah's here!" Suddenly, after hearing the call, both of the Morgan children dashed down the stairs.

"Ethan, move!" Jane shrieked, shoving her brother out the way and wrapped her arms around Sarah. "Sarah!"

Sarah was surprised at the contact and then chuckled. "Hey Jane." She looked up at Ethan, who blushed.

"Okay, so, Jane's bedtime is nine. Ethan's is ten." Mrs. Morgan informed Sarah, who nodded her head in response.

"Mom!" Ethan exclaimed, 'causing both Sarah and Samantha to chuckle. After about 3 minutes, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan left for their 17 year anniversary. Jane continued to bug Sarah until she agreed to play Dance Dance Revolution with her, cook her dinner then watch Dusk.

Ethan sat on the couch while Sarah came down the stairs and collapsed on the couch. Sighing loudly, Sarah closed her eyes and tried to relax. Hearing the sigh, Ethan looked at Sarah and seemed curious.

"Hey Sarah, you okay?" Ethan asked.

Sarah didn't reply, she just shook her head. Her eyes fluttered open and she sat up, looking straight into the seer's eyes.

Caught off guard, Ethan sits up straight and moves closer to the sitter. "What's up?"

Sarah sighed again, and sat up straight, never losing eye contact with Ethan. "I'm just tired. I haven't had blood in a while so I'm little weak."

The seer thought for a minute, before he grabbed Sarah's hand and dragged her into the kitchen. "Woah, Ethan, what are we doing?" She asked. Ethan didn't say a word.

Ethan pulled out a small knife, and then slightly cut his hand.

"Ethan!" Sarah exclaimed as she watched the seer. Again, Ethan didn't reply, he just raised his hand up to the sitter and smiled.

"It's okay.." Ethan nodded, watching how cautious Sarah became as she lowered her lips onto his cut.

Suddenly, as her fangs injected into the wound, Ethan winced. Sarah's eyes closed tightly, pulling Ethan's hand closer to her. The seer slowly became scared, but he let her continue. He trusted her.

Pulling away from his hand, Sarah wiped the tiny drop of blood from her lips and looked down. "Sorry.."

Ethan took out the emergency first-aid kit and put a Band-Aid on the cut, giving a soft laugh. "It's okay Sarah. I don't mind. If you need blood, you can have mine."

"I know," Sarah responded. "But, it's a disgusting urge I can't get rid of."

"It's like I can't help myself whenever I smell it."

Ethan looked up from his wound to the sitter, and slightly smiled. "Sarah, it's not your fault. You can't blame yourself for things you can't control."

Sarah sighed and walked out of the kitchen then back into the living room, with Ethan following behind her. "Ethan, it's so hard to control this thirst. The urge to just plunge into someone's neck and drink them dry is so.. difficult."

Ethan shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. "Well, I can't say I know what you're going through. But, there are always ways that you can avoid those urges."

Sarah turned back around and looked at the seer curiously. "How?"

"Well," Ethan said. "You could always occupy yourself with things that interest you."

The sitter just stood there, looking at Ethan as he explained multiple ways for her to ignore her urges.

"Or, you could just give in to some of the urges. Sometimes, when you're so focused on one urge, the other just seems to disappear." Ethan replied, looking back down from the sky to Sarah.

She seemed to be getting closer. "So, if I just focus on one thing, all the others will disappear.. right?"

Ethan nodded, becoming nervous very quickly. "Y-Yeah, s-something like that.."

"It could be any urge, right?"

Ethan nodded again as Sarah grew closer and closer to him. "Y-Yeah…"

"Anything at all…?"

Again, the seer nodded, gulping loudly. Sarah smiled and ran her hands up Ethan's torso, placing them on his shoulders. She slowly pulled herself up towards his face and leaned in.

"Sarah…?" Ethan asked quietly, watching the sitter lean in, her eyes closed.

"Ethan…" Sarah whispered. SO not the answer he had expected, but before he knew it, Sarah's lips were attached to his, kissing them passionately. Soon after, both of them are swept off of their feet and fell back onto the couch, Ethan above Sarah.

Ethan broke away and looked down at Sarah, shocked. "Sarah, what are we doing?" He asked.

Sarah slightly giggled, leaning up and placing small, gentle kisses on the seer's neck, 'causing Ethan to groan softly. "What we've always wanted to do.."

"I-I don't know about this.. S-Sarah.." Ethan said, his eyes closed tightly.

Sarah pulled away and looked Ethan right in the eyes. "You told me, that if I wanted to get over the urge of drinking your blood, that I needed to focus on another urge that I want so desperately."

"I think you might be paraphrasing a little." Ethan spoke, 'causing the sitter to growl. "Wait, so I'm one of your urges?"

"You're not just one Ethan, you're all of them. You are my urge." Sarah replied, kissing him roughly, almost like if she didn't kiss him, she'd die.

Ethan slightly gasped inside of his mouth, 'causing them to break apart, and the Sarah to groan. "What do you want from me?" Ethan asked carefully, laying the sitter down on her back, staring into her dark eyes.

Sarah wrapped her arms around Ethan's body, pulling both of them closer together. If that was even possible. With her lips near his ear, she whispered one tiny word that sent shivers up Ethan's back. Something so unexpected. "….You."

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