2 Weeks Later

It's been two weeks, and the gang hasn't found anything on The Master. Ethan's found small hints of why Master is afraid of him and Sarah's unborn child, but not enough to piece together the full puzzle. Also, Sarah's stomach is starting to show, and she's afraid that one Friday if she babysits, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan will find out.

Quite frankly, they're both scared. If they're parents find out, they're both dead. Which will be hard for Sarah, since she's already undead, but Ethan; if his mother found out, her punishment would be severe.

It's Saturday night and Ethan was studying the book that him and his friends found in the old library a few weeks ago. He sighed and closed the cover harshly, and leaned back in his chair, when his computer began to beep.

He hit the Accept button and suddenly, Benny's face appeared with a giant smile. "Hey Ethan. Anything?"

Ethan shook his head in frustration. "No. I've studied the book you gave me from front to back, and still nothing."

"Well," Benny's smile dropped when he brought up a piece of paper with an address on it. "I think there's a place we should visit."

Ethan and Benny stood in the middle of the forest, in front of an old cabin with candles lit in the windows. "Are you sure about this Benny?" The seer asked and looked up at Benny.

"The book that I gave you had an address on the back, I checked before I handed it to you. Apparently, this person is an old friend of Peter's and might know a thing or two." Benny replied, bringing out the crumpled piece of paper and nodded his head. "It says we can only ask him three questions. Sort of like a genie."

The seer rolled his eyes at Benny's failed attempt to make a joke, checked his watch, 8:54, and proceeded to walk inside, cautiously. "Um, hello..?" Ethan asked in the dark. He looked back at Benny, who shrugged in response.

"Who goes there…?" A strange voice asked.

"We have three questions we need to ask you." Ethan replies.

"Alright," The voice responds. "But that does not answer my question. Who are you?"

"I am Ethan Morgan, and my friend Benny Weir." The seer states and carefully takes a few more steps.

Slowly, a small figure walked towards the two and pulled back the hood that hid the voice's face. It was a young woman with dark black hair and bright blue eyes. "My name is Elizabeth. Elizabeth Kauz. But I'm mostly known as the Voice." She introduced herself.

"What have you come to ask me..?" She tilted her head to the side, and then led the two boys into her room full of candles and books.

"We have questions about a man named Peter Johnson." Ethan cautiously followed her, taking a seat slowly on one of the chairs behind him. "And the construction of White Chapel. I presume you know some things about it.." Benny added.

Elizabeth nodded. "I see."

"My girlfriend and I, we're having a child. And somehow Peter, or the Master is what most people know him as, is afraid that if the child is born, his plans will be destroyed." Ethan explained.

"Go on."

"Well, we read that Peter warned that building White Chapel over a hell mouth would be a bad idea, and when strange things started to happen, the townspeople blamed him. They burned him and his fiancé at the stake." Benny stated, glancing at Ethan.

"But other than that, we don't understand why he's doing that.." Ethan said, shrugging.

Elizabeth stood up and walked to the window behind her, grabbing a book, and then sat in front of Ethan and Benny. She slowly opened the book and a faded image appeared above it. "The child your.. girlfriend bares, is a remarkable creature. The child will bare powers of both her mother and her father. I assume you are a Visum, and the child's mother is a Lamia?"

Benny looked over at Ethan. "Visum is vision in Latin, and Lamia is vampire."

Ethan glanced back over at Elizabeth and nodded. "Yes."

"I cannot give away too much, but I can sense that the child's flame is about to become a very violent one." Elizabeth said. "Peter also senses it, because he and the child are of the same power."

"Then why is Peter afraid of my child? Why does he not want the child to be born?" Ethan asked quickly.

"The child possesses powers that are far greater than Peter's."

Benny and Ethan's eyes went wide. "Al-right… then why is he out for White Chapel?"

"There is a secret held deep within White Chapel, and if Peter can find three things that will reveal the secret, he will open the mouth of hell and unleash the one thing that the Gods have kept tucked away for the sake of humanity. A monster, a demon, so full of power that no one can stop him. What Peter does not understand, that once the demon is unleashed, it will kill all in his way, including Peter."

"And my child…?"

"Is the most unexpected thing I've ever seen. The child is a Protector."

"Protector?" Benny and Ethan ask in unison.

"I'm sorry," Elizabeth stands up and looks down at the two. "But that is all I can give you. Just please make sure that the child will be able to fulfill its duty and save the town."

In a blink of an eye, Ethan and Benny were standing outside of the house, the candles had been blown out and Ethan checked his watch. 8:56. Only 2 minutes had passed while they were inside, but it felt like an entire hour.

"So, we understand what Peter's after, but why?" Benny asked, glancing down at Ethan, who was staring at the house.

"And how do he and my child possess the same power..?" Ethan added.

Benny and Ethan thought for a moment before shrugging, and walking off. "You know Benny, that young woman looked familiar." Ethan stated, pulling the book out of Benny's satchel curiously.

"Hey, hey, hey! You cannot go looking in there willy-nilly! I have some really secretive things in there!" Benny exclaimed.

"Benny, I've looked through your satchel before. There's nothing in here that I don't already know.." Suddenly, Ethan felt three small packets in the satchel and pulled them out. "Condoms?"

"Just in case." Benny smirks slightly, and Ethan becomes slightly uncomfortable.

"Uh, Benny…?" Ethan tilted his head to the side.

"No! Not like that Ethan! God, your mind is revolting." Benny cringed in disgust. "No, Erica and I are…"

"ERICA?!" Ethan exclaimed, his eyes wide.

"Dude, shut up!" The spell caster slammed a hand over Ethan's mouth quickly.

"Erica and I are… well, we're together. But, we haven't told anyone. And some nights I come over, and things start to heat up, I want to play it safe. I'm not getting anyone pregnant.." Benny smirked slightly.

Ethan rolled his eyes and looked for the book, once he grabbed it, he opened it and found a certain page. "Benny! Look!"

The spell caster looked over his friends shoulder to find a blurred picture of a women, with black hair and blue eyes, being escorted to her trial. "That's…"

"That's Elizabeth. Peter's fiancé." Ethan finished Benny's sentence.

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