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Hellllloooo. So I'm having a bit of a blockage in the old writing area for HBNB and HV. I'm getting there but in the meantime, here's something I wrote while I was going through my epic cancer battle. Its finished so, yay me. Anyway, its Felix and Bella and is about 23 chapters long. I'll post chapters every few days.

This first one is a little short so I'll post chapter two today as well just to get you all started.

Big thank you to good friend Maria aka Macullen077 for helping me with the title and helping me bounce ideas around and reading this whole story through first to see if its crap or not lol.

Anywhoo, on with the story. I hope you all like it and please leave a review :)

Chapter 1


Forks Washington. The greenest, wettest, most boring place I have ever been in my long life.

The only good thing about this place was the fact that it was so dull and dark, we vamps can roam around freely in the daylight.

Was it possible for vampires to get tired? Because I was fucking exhausted.

Tired of travelling to each vampire on the long list in my pocket, to hand them an invitation to the ball at Volterra in a few months time.

Our last stop had been Denali, where the succubus sisters lived.

Demetri had a lot of fun with the sluts of the vampire world.

I'm a lot more picky. When I find someone worth having sex with, I will. I wont just fuck the first girl that offers it to me on a platter.

I wanted to actually feel something about the girl first. Or at least want her. When I find her, I'll know.

There were more than a few vampire scents around here. Also something disgusting! I didn't even want to know what that was.

I figured the vamps must be Carlisle Cullen's coven's scents.

Most were old but a few were recent.

''rock paper scissors for who goes to the Cullen's?'' Alec asked with a grin.

''Idiot.'' Jane rolled her eyes.

For twins, those two were nothing alike. It made me laugh watching the pair of them.

''You're on,'' Demetri smiled and raised a fist.

''Felix?'' Alec asked ''You in?''

I nudged Jane with my elbow and raised my own fist.

Of course I could always use my gift and cheat, but I don't

And I lose.

''Bad luck old pal.'' Alec laughed.

''Good luck to him, more like.'' Demetri smirked ''The good Doc will have you eating ponies before you can say 'carnivore.''

''Funny.'' I dead pan.

''Fancy a bite to eat before you go?'' he asked,

I shook my head ''You lot go ahead. I'll meet you later.''

''You sure?'' Jane asked ''I wouldn't mind going with you.''

I smiled and ruffled her soft blonde hair ''Its OK, kiddo. I'm good.''

She scowled at my nickname for her before running towards port Angeles.

''Later dude,'' Alec grinned and followed.

I turned to Demetri and raised one eyebrow.

''Are any of the gold eyes un-mated?'' He asked, deep in thought.

I shrugged. I didn't know or care.

''Fuck it. I'm still good from that Tanya chick.''

I snorted and shook my head ''Just as long as your dick doesn't drop off. That girl was nasty with a capital N!''

''Just how I like em.'' He laughed and followed the other two.

I walked at human pace the rest of the way into town, lost in my thoughts.

I decided to grab a bite anyway so I headed towards the small diner on the edge of town.

Blood always tastes better when the human is full and satisfied.

Demetri swears it tastes better when the human is turned on, but as I only drink from guys, I'll take his word for it.


Why do I only drink from men, do you ask? I don't like the idea of hurting a woman. I know, I'm weird. I can drain an innocent man but not a woman.

I walked round the back of the diner and waited behind a big rusty truck for my meal to come to me.

I was watching a spider crawl along the wing mirror when I inhaled.

I was hit with the most cock hardening scent. Seriously, this was deliciously mouthwatering and arousing at the same time.

Without realising what I was doing, I found myself sniffing the big rusty beast in front of me.

My jeans were uncomfortably tight and I prayed to god that this truck belonged to a woman and not a man.

This was the scent of a goddess!

A strong heart beat and footstep alerted me to a human heading my way.

I stepped back and watched as a middle aged man with Gray speckled brown hair and a killer moustache walked towards me.

A quick sniff told me he wasn't the goddess, thank god.

He was wearing a uniform and a badge. Sheriff maybe?

I've never eaten a sheriff before.


He walked over to his cruiser and patted his pocked ''Keys, Keys? Where the hell are my keys?''

I crept up behind him, about to make my move when he dropped something from his pocket. A candy bar?

''Dammit!'' he cursed and bent quickly to pick it up, only to hit his head on the way down on his car and knock himself out.

I couldn't help but laugh.

Clumsy little human.

I heard another heartbeat. This one was pounding though. No problem. I could always eat two. Or if its a woman, modify her memory.

The scent of the newcomer hit me as she gasped. My goddess.

I stood up straight and turned to face her.

Fuck me sideways.

I inhaled deeply through my nose, breathing in her heavenly scent.

She was holding something but I didn't care what. She could be drowning kittens and still look like a goddess.

''Hello.'' I said softly, stepping closer to her warmth.

I stopped and realised what she was holding. An aerosol can and a lighter.

''Don't come any closer, glitter dick!'' she spat.


Really wasn't expecting that!