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Chapter 15

Berwald was sulking. Tino was still ignoring him. Elizabeta had offered several suggestions, but Berwald had turned her down after the disastrous dinner, preferring to go with his own ideas.

He had tried a teddy bear; Tino had taken it, but when Berwald returned to the dorm a few hours later, it had been decapitated. Tino said that he accidentally threw a butcher knife at it.

He had tried flowers; Tino had taken them, but when Berwald returned to the dorm a few hours later, they had been reduced to a pile of ashes. Tino said that he accidentally lit them on fire.

Honestly, Berwald was starting to get impatient, even though he prided himself on his patience, especially when it came to his (he already decided this) wife. But this was ridiculous. It was such a tiny thing, but Tino was really overreacting, in Berwald's opinion.

The Swede truly had no idea what to do.


Grab Tino and just start making out?


Tempting, but no.

And then the idea struck Berwald like a bolt of lightning one day as he passed by an obscure store specializing in European foods.

"What's this?" asked Tino, taking the wrapped box that Berwald held out to him.

Berwald offered a tiny smile. "Guess."

Tino rolled his eyes impatiently and carefully peeled off the wrapping paper.

He froze.

"Do ya like it?" asked Berwald, hoping that this would be it.

Tino's voice was flat and devoid of life. "Where did you get it."

Berwald shifted his gaze to his laptop. "Some place. I'll get ya some whenever ya want it."

"... BERWALD!" yelled Tino tearfully, launching himself onto the taller man and hugging him tightly. "YOU'RE THE BEST! THE BEST!"

And Tino finally kissed the Swede.

Berwald was wide-eyed as he felt the Finn's mouth on his own; it was almost unbearably sweet. Berwald closed his eyes and smiled slightly, allowing himself to enjoy the sensation


"WHAT?" screamed Tino, immediately tearing himself away from Berwald and throwing a murderous glare at the bed, where Elizabeta's voice had suspiciously came from. "ELIZA! COME OUT NOW!"

The Hungarian giggled gleefully and slid out from under the bed, tauntingly waving a camera back and forth. "The whole gang's here. We've been watching all of Berwald's attempts to get you to forgive him, you see," explained Elizabeta. "Come on out!"

Berwald and Tino watched in disbelief as Eduard, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland all slid out from underneath the bed, followed by about thirty familiar faces from around campus.

"I don't want to know how they all fit under there," muttered Tino. "I'll snatch the camera, and then we'll run. Deal?"

Berweald nodded.

"Ready... go!" Tino darted forward, tore the camera from Elizabeta's vice grip, and backpedaled. Berwald grabbed the Finn and lifted him into his arms, running away while carrying Tino. The Finn laughed and hit Berwald's chest lightly, demanding to be let down. The Swede glanced back and saw a horde, led by a furious Elizabeta, chasing them down.

"Don't think so," replied Berwald, eyes twinkling. "Ya'll get run over."

Berwald twisted through a few paths to lose their followers, before ending up at a bench next to a few trees and some grass.

"Why don't we rest for a while?" suggested Tino, who had been industriously taking apart Elizabeta's camera while Berwald ran. "The memory card is broken, so is the lens, and most of the camera in general, I guess. I think we're fine."

Berwald nodded and set the Finn down, both of them seating themselves on the bench.

"Thanks for the salmiakki," said Tino, happily opening the box and popping one into his mouth. He offered one to Berwald, who declined.

"For you."

Tino shook his head fondly. "Okay. And... well, I'm sorry for being so stupid about that drawing. I know you probably "

"S'fine," interrupted Berwald. "As long as you're happy."

Tino sighed. "You're too nice, Berwald. And since you got me a gift, I should probably give you something in return."

Berwald glanced down at him. "Hm?"

A mischievous smirk was his answer. "You know. Something fun."

The Swede blushed. "Hm."

"Hey, Tino, Berwald, I got you a present for finally getting together," called Eduard, opening the door to the couple's dorm room.

He didn't really know that he was interrupting a heavy make-out session.

"S-SORRY!" shrieked Eduard, leaping backwards and slamming the door shut.

And from then on, everyone always knocked on the door before entering.

Well, everyone except Elizabeta.


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