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Chapter 1: Reasons

"Was there any reason to it?"

Gray stood overlooking a dark gray tombstone, 2 names caved fresh into its granite stone.

"My name is Gray Fullbuster, I was orphaned when I was just 10 years old. My parents died in a 'Accidental fire' set in our home"

He clenched is fist into tight little balls, his anger steadily rising.

"I was forced into multiple Foster homes, all of them sending me away eventually. Apparently about being able to Freeze things or something like that, but Gray never cared to listen to their pity excuses. To him, it all said the same thing; We don't want him"

The Sun overhead began to set over the darkening sky, and a small smile escape from his lips.

"But there was one family. The Heartfilia's. They never cared that I could do extraordinary things, they accepted me, and they took me in. They loved me despite being that of a freak."

A blur of blonde hair flashed in his vision, and Gray's heart lurched in sadness.

"They had a daughter, around the same age as me. Her beauty even at that age was unmistakable, with her large chocolate brown eyes and sleek hair as yellow as the sun. Lucy, was her name,….. And she….Well she was my best friend."

Memories past through Gray's eyes as he thought back to all their wonderful memories together. All those times they played house together in the secret garden they had. Those days where Lucy would feel sick and have to stay in bed, and when gray would come in and talk to her. Her smile could always make his body feel all warm on the inside, and strived to see it every day. Her laughter sounded like angles singing in the rain, and it made Gray heart skipped a beat.

Grays teeth clenched tighter as he remembered their promise.

"We will be together forever…Right Gray?" little Lucy asked next to him, smiling up at the blue sky

Gray nodded, copying her wide grin. He took hold of her small pinky into his.


Gray clutched hard to the tombstone, snapping back into reality.

"I knew our happiness wouldn't last forever…..but I never thought it would end so quickly."

Gray thought back to that dreadful rainy night, where the mansion had been broken into by a group of bandits. They moved so fast that no one could take them, and by the time they had realized Lucy was gone, she was already lost. Gray felt tears form in the corner of his eyes as he thought back to all the "Lost" posters that hung all over their villa, Lucys smiling picture plastered on them.

She was gone, Lucy was gone from Gray's life, and without her his life felt meaningless. Did Lucy ever realize how important she made this family?

"8 years later and she is still gone mother"

Gray said looking up at the evening sky. He was now 18 with a well fined body, his black hair messy, and his dark eyes cold with grief. He moved his hands so that it now rested on the strap of his fill backpack.

"But….I know she is out there…..I can just feel it Mother."

He pushed his backpack up father and walk to the side of the tombstone, resting his hand on the top of it, sending a silent prayer.

"Mother, Father, I will find her, I will bring her back to our now empty home."

He kissed the tombstone and revealed the names that had been freshly carved on the stone.

"Jude and Layla Heartfilia"

"Both Beloved parents who only want they dying wish for the daughter to come back home"

Dropping his hand, he continued to walk out of the cemetery, his eyes cold and hard with now a solid determination.

"Lucy.." he said out loud "I WILL find you…I promise"

"My Name is Gray Fullbuster, and I am searching for my lost heart."

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