The Management of Christian Grey



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Chapter One

Christian's POV

Andrea quit!

She just quit! She was tired of my shit and mood swings. She wrote out her resignation and threw it in my face.

"Mr. Grey, you are one fucked up son-of-a-bitch and I don't give a damn if you ever give me a recommendation. I have worked for you for over five years and not once have I asked for time off or even took a vacation. I am tired of your mood swings and temper tantrums! Good bye, Mr. Grey, and good luck in ever replacing me!"

With that little speech, Andrea Parker walked out of my office and out of my life. At first, I said good riddance, but after two days of trying to run my own office, I truly realize what a gem I had in that woman as my Office Manager and Personal Assistant. She knew every meeting and with who. All paper work was always ready for the meetings. She knew how to set up a conference meeting and keep everyone happy with food and drinks. I even miss her smile and her laughter at the end of the day when she said goodbye to Olivia, the other PA.

Olivia James was not strong enough to take Andrea's job, so I am forced to try out different temps in hopes that I can find one that will make my life easier. It's been two weeks, and I am at the end of my rope. Nothing is where it should be. My messages are never given to me, and meetings are nightmares. Damn, I wonder if I can get Andrea to come back. Would she return if I promised to be more amiable? What if I promised her a true vacation and a pay raise? At this moment, I would give her anything to return. I then learn from Olivia that Andrea had taken a job in New York with Trump and was leaving today. Well, shit…there goes that plan! I just lost the best fucking assistant I have ever had. My life is hell on earth!

The Seattle Coffee House where Anastasia Steele sat at a table enjoying a cup of tea and looking through the classifieds for a job was a pleasant place to spend the morning. Her first job after college had been at Seattle Independent Publishing, but she quit when her boss, Jack Hyde had tried to rape her one night in the break-room. Thank goodness for security and her ability to defend herself. Jack Hyde was charged with attempted rape and assault. After an internal investigation it was learned that Jack had sexually battered and raped his former assistants. The proof had been found on his computer at work where he stored the video files of the attacks that he recorded. Management gave each victim a six-figure payoff for their pain and suffering since all the assaults had happened on company time and property.

Ana was taking her time to find a job. She could have stayed at SIP and they made her a very generous offer with a promotion, but she didn't want to be known as the girl who got her promotion because she almost raped. She took the time off to go visit her Mother in Georgia for a week, then spent a week with her Father in Montesano, Washington fishing. Now she had returned to Seattle and to her little apartment that was a block from the downtown's business districts.

She didn't find anything in the classifieds and she really didn't expect to. She checked her phone to see if her head-hunter had called and her phone was empty. She sighed and took a sip of her tea. Ana sat back and enjoyed the soft sunshine that came through the window. She would people watch for awhile then make her way back home.

A collective chorus of female sighs broke through Ana's quiet time and she turned slightly to see what the ladies were in a titter about. At the counter was a gorgeous man with a head full of copper curls and the best looking face she had ever seen on a man. He had finely chiseled cheekbones and a strong jaw line. In his chin was the most delightful dimple. Her blue eyes trailed over his body. Even in his three piece business suit she could tell he was heavily muscled. He had to be over six foot four with the longest legs. She knew even in her five inch heels she would barely come to his shoulders. She turned her attention to her phone which vibrated.

"Steele." She said softly.

"Miss Steele, this is Penny Adams, I think I have found you a position but it's not in publishing. Would you consider taking the position of Office Manager and Personal Assistant to a Fortune Five Hundred CEO that is headquartered here in Seattle? The pay is excellent, with sick leave, a very generous insurance package which includes dental, two week paid vacation and there are other perks."
"Who is the CEO?" Ana asked interested even though the job was not in publishing.

"That is the kicker, I can't tell you unless you sign a NDA or a…"

"A Non-Disclosure Agreement, yes, I know what they are." She smiled lightly. She did have a double degree in English and Business Administration. It was her dream to someday own a publishing company. "I would be glad to sign the NDA and consider this position. When can I come by?"

"If you could come by in an hour, I would appreciate it." Penny said hoping that Miss Steele would be a good fit for this difficult client. Penny considered Ana Steele a patient and intelligent young lady. Maybe, this was what this difficult client needed. "I will see you in an hour?"

"Yes, Ms. Adams, I will be there." Ana finished her tea, grabbed her phone and purse and made her way out of the coffee shop. She never noticed the pair of grey eyes that had followed her every moment as she stood up and walked out of the door.

Christian's POV

Holy Fuck! Who is that goddess? She just appeared from nowhere and walked out of the coffee house. Her brunette hair was what first caught my attention. She had long, flowing locks of waves that nearly touched her waist. Her body was perfect for my tastes. She was slender but with good muscle tone in her bare arms and those legs are magnificent! I could see them wrapped around my waist as I plunged deep into the dark and wet recesses of her body. I shake my head to drive out the erotic images of this woman out of my mind. But, her angelic face haunted me. It was those blue eyes, so clear, so wide and big, and that little smile that played on her full lips. She was what I would call most beautiful, most kissable, and definitely most fuckable. I wonder if she would be interested in a little tryst in my playroom! Would she be open to being tied up and worked over with a flogger? Oh, Grey… calm yourself. You know the normal people of this word don't go that way! You need to stay in the community just like Elena taught you. Vanilla's or the straight people do not understand my needs and most would think I was a sick individual and should be committed for my sins against womanhood. Just forget that young, delicious petite goddess that got away and take a look at the new Submissive that Elena said that she had for me. I look at my watch. It's only ten in the morning. I have the rest of the day and part of the evening before I can meet this woman and see if she meets my needs and desires.