Chapter 33

Time was not their friend, but somehow Ana and Christian managed to get their marriage license, arrive at The Bellagio and prepare for their wedding. With a kiss and a hug, Ana left Christian with Elliot and Carrick as Mia, Grace, Kate and Gail spirited her off to an army of hairdressers and makeup artists. At the orchestrated hour, Raymond Steele was escorting his daughter in a cloud of ivory silk and lace down a grand staircase to the veranda of The Bellagio. Christian waited for her in his black Armani tuxedo with a smile that caught her breath. In the soft whisper glow of a sitting sun, her father gave her to him. Ray wiped away a tear after he kissed her through the veil on her cheek and shook Christian's hand. Ana lifted her blue eyes to gaze into the love-filled grey eyes of her soulmate. At that moment, any doubt that she may have had scattered onto the wind and blew away. Christian Grey was the one, the only man who could ever have the strength to be with her. She knew she was difficult, stubborn, and at times similar to her father, taciturn. Only an exceptional man would be worthy of her and this copper-haired Adonis was the one. She felt her insides tremble with excitement when her hand was placed into his and they turned to the minister that Raymond insisted perform the ceremony. She bit her lip and smiled at the Marine Chaplain who smiled and nodded at her. She looked back to Christian who leaned forward and kissed her forehead through her fingertip veil.

"You are the most beautiful woman in the world." He whispered. His voice was so soft and soothing.

"I was thinking that you were the most beautiful creature in the entire universe." She replied back.

They held hands as the Chaplain began the service. The guests stood around them, witnessing what most believe would never happen…The Christian Grey was taking a wife! Mia served as Maid of Honor and Elliot stood next to Christian as his Best Man. The rest of the family and a few guests made a semi-circle about the couple.

"Family and friends of Ana and Christian, we gather here this evening to join this man to this woman in Holy Matrimony. Marriage was first ordained in the Garden of Eden and is a blessing from heaven and not an arrangement to go into lightly. So, I ask both of you, do you of your own accord agree to commit to this union…if you do, please say 'yes, I do'."

"Yes, I do." Christian and Ana say in unison. She smiled as he squeezed her hand.

"Then, we shall continue." The Chaplain said with joy in his voice. "Christian, do you have anything you wish to say?"

Christian turned to face his lovely bride. Her beauty caught his breath for a few seconds. "Ana, the day we met I knew that you would change my life for the better. I have learned to live with you by my side and I am not afraid anymore….of life…of love…of having friends. You tore down all the walls that I built around myself and set me free. From this day forward, I want to make you happy…as you have and continue to make me happy. I love you Ana with all of my heart, and I am grateful that you are in my life forever and ever."

A tear slid down Grace's face when she heard her youngest son's words. She held onto Carrick for support. All she ever wanted was for Christian to be happy…to find peace in his life.

The Chaplain certain that Christian was finished turned to the bride. "Ana?"

Ana bit her bottom lip for a second as she found the words to say. "Christian, the moment we meet I knew my life was changed forever. I just didn't know how much. You are everything that I could ask for in a husband, a lover, and a friend. I will admit that I was scared of you for a while because you have the power to break my heart, but as I was taught…fear is unacceptable. You broke down my walls also, so here I stand willing to become one with you. I love you Christian and that love will last for eternity, even as I take my last breath on earth and my first breath in heaven."

Watching his little girl take another step into adulthood, Raymond Steele stood straight and tall showing no emotion except for the unshed tears in his eyes. All he could see was his little girl running through the yard laughing, or working on her dirt bike or at shooting practice. All the images of her growing and learning raced through his head. One moment Ana is this little babe in his arms and the next minute she is now a bride. Time passed so quickly! He took a deep breath to control his emotions. "Christian, repeat after me…." The Chaplain said drowning out Ray's thoughts and he concentrated on the words being spoken… "to love and to hold" … "til death do we part". When the Chaplain repeated the vows for Ana to say, Ray lost his control of his emotions and the tears rolled over his chiseled cheeks. He had to bite his tongue to keep from blubbering in front of these people. He felt a hand take his and he noticed that Grace and Carrick stood beside him with tears in their eyes. They were now family.

"With the power invested me as a called and ordained servant of the Lord, a Chaplain in the United States Marine Corps and the State of Nevada, I pronounce you Husband and Wife." The Chaplain closed his prayer book. "You may kiss your bride."

Slowly Christian lifted the sheer veil to gaze upon the woman that was now his wife. Her big blue eyes sparkled in joy and that smile made his heart leap. My God, she is beautiful! She is so precious…so extraordinary…and so mine! He let the veil flutter over her dark curls and his hands went to the side of her face, his long fingers caressing the softness of her skin. "My wife," He whispered, "whom I love with all that I am and all that I have." He bent down and softly kissed her trembling lips and then deepen the kiss as she opened up to him and accepted this public display of affection. Their families and friends cheered as the kiss went on until they had to come up for air. Ana giggled then threw her arms about his neck and they kissed again.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the honor and pleasure to present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Christian Grey." The chaplain announced over the cheers of the guests.

Mia pressed the wedding bouquet of cream-colored roses into Ana's hands as Ana shyly smiled at her husband. They stood for just a moment taking in the first moments of their life together. The joy and happiness of their day filled the area. Suddenly, the sound of marching made the semi-circle of guests move and The Team lined up before the bride and groom. Each member wore his or her dress blues. With precision so sharp, they drew their swords and formed an arch for the newlyweds to walk through. Ana had to laugh and shook her head.

"Are you ready?" She asked Christian.

"Baby, I've been ready for you all my life." He took her arm into the hook of his and escorted his bride underneath the arch of swords. When they reached the end, Christian was swatted on the bottom instead of Ana.

"Welcome to the Marine Family, Mr. Grey." Tank said with a deep chuckle. He then nodded to the Marine across from him who gave Ana a swat. "To remind you that you may be a Marine, but you are his wife."

"I am not a Marine anymore, Tank." Ana said. She rubbed her bottom causing laughter to ripple through the guests.

"Oh, Ana…once a Marine…you are always a Marine." Tank then nodded at her and his sword was held high once more for a photo opportunity.

After photographs, the wedding party went to a private ballroom where Mia arranged a sit-down dinner complete with champagne. Off to the side was a lovely three-layer wedding cake with cream-colored roses trailing over it. Instead of the traditional Bride and Groom cake topper an entwined gold "A" and "C" stood for all to see that Ana and Christian were connected forever more. The champagne flowed as the couple spoke with everyone receiving heartfelt best wishes and congratulations.

Ana found her way to her old college roommate who stood off from the festivities holding a flute of sweet champagne. "Katie, how are you doing?"

"You are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen, Ana." Kate gushed as she hugged Ana. "He must make you so very happy."

"He does." Ana said with a soft sigh. When her eyes fell upon her husband, she felt her insides tumble in excitement. Soon they would be in each other's arms making love for the first time as husband and wife. "So, what about you and Elliot? He asked for you to be here."

Katie let Ana go. "I don't know. One moment we are hot and heavy and the next he is cold as ice. I don't know where I stand with him."

"Have you asked him?" Ana took a flute of champagne from a passing waiter.

"When do I have a chance? We are either not talking or we are thundering in the bedroom." Kate took a swallow of her drink. "I am in love with him, Ana."

Ana could see the pain in Kate's eyes. "How did you meet him, Kate?"

"Well, you know about the infamous interview with The Christian Grey for my final assignment as editor of the school paper?" Ana nodded. "Afterwards when I was leaving Grey House, I was searching for my car keys and I walked into this solid mass of manhood called Elliot Grey." She brushed away a blonde curl that fell from her updo.

"Oh, yes…I remember the black hole you call a purse." Ana joked making Kate giggle.

"Well, he reached out to keep me from falling, and we introduced ourselves. He asked me out for a drink and I went."

"Just like that?"

"Just like that." Kate shook her head. "It was a mistake. I gave in to easy. I ended up just being a booty call for him when he was horny."

"How did…I mean…you know…"

Kate looked away and blushed. "It's so stupid…I feel like a fool." She shook her head still not believing that she fell so quickly under the "Elliot Grey" spell of charm and playfulness. "We were drinking, first in a little bar…then at the Fairmont in one of the rooms. That should have been my first clue…he got a hotel room instead of taking me to his apartment. We talked and joked around and drank some more. He stood up before me and asked me if I ever kissed a bunny between the ears."
"What?" Ana asked confused.

"He asked me if I ever kissed a bunny between the ears and when I said no, he pulled out his pants pockets and said, "You wanna?"" Kate turned red. "I was so drunk and hot for him that I fell to my knees and well…you know."

"OMG, that has to be lamest come-on line I have ever heard in my life…and you fell for it?" Ana had to laugh. She nudged Kate's side. "So, was it good…kissing the bunny between the ears?"

"Oh, Ana…it was the best ever. I am addicted to him like an addict to coke. I want him so much forever. When we are together everything feels right with the world…"

"And, when you are apart, you feel lost?" Ana asked softly. She understood Kate completely. It was "the Grey Effect". Once a Grey man got under your skin, you were his forever. Ana saw it with Grace, she felt it with Christian, and now Kate was suffering it with Elliot. There is no cure, no 12-step program to get over men such as the Grey men. "Either marry him, Kate or get the hell away from him. But, don't let him use you anymore."

"That's hard to do…he's so damn good." Kate finished off her flute of champagne and was about to reach for another one from a passing waiter, but Ana stopped her. "And, cool the booze. You can't think straight when you are drinking. If you want him, deny him all access to "paradise". Make him realize what he is missing. You must be good, he keeps coming back, and from what I am told, Elliot Grey does not do retakes…if you get my drift."

Kate smiled. Elliot did keep coming back, breaking his own unwritten rule of not revisiting his fuck partners. He slept nights in her bed, and she had slept in his a few times. "Ana, I am going to marry that man." The girls smiled at each other and gathered closer to formulate a plan to get Elliot Grey to the alter!

It took only one look from Ana to tell Christian that she was ready to leave their wedding reception. The cake had been cut, they had their first dance as husband and wife, she had her "Daddy Dance" and all the photographs were taken. She wanted him! He could see it in her eyes that burned a hot blue for him. He did not say a word as he walked away from his brother who was discussing the Seattle Seahawks season. He went straight to his bride, swept her off her feet and carried her out of the private ballroom. They could hear the cheers from their families, but they didn't care as Christian carried her off to their private villa.

With one fluid movement, Christian shut the door and placed Ana down on her feet in front of him. He stepped back and took her in. "I like the dress."

She shrugged. "This ole thing…I've had it for hours." They laughed then she bit her bottom lip that made Christian groan. "So, Mr. Grey, you have me here all alone. What will you ever do with me?"

"Mmmm…I have a few thoughts." He took a half step towards her. His long finger traced the outline of his lips in thought. "First, I think I should peel this beautiful dress off you and kiss every inch of your body. And, then I will ravish you until you can't utter a single word."

Ana reached out and grabbed his tux lapels and pulled him close. "I like the way you think, Mr. Grey, but remember…I ravish back." Their lips met with complete abandonment. Within a few moments, Christian was slowly unbuttoning the dress and watching as it slipped over her body leaving her in an ivory colored silk bra and garter belt set edged with lace. He gasped as his hands trailed over the roundness of her bottom. He turned her around and stared deeply into those blue eyes that owned him.

"Ana." He breathed her in. She was every dream come true. "I love you so much."

"I love you, Christian." Ana whispered. She fell into his arms and lost herself in his embrace. She felt herself being lifted and carried. When their lips separated, she was on the bed with her husband standing on his knees between her legs shedding his clothes. She sat up supported by her elbows and watched as he struggled with the tie. She teased him with her silk clad foot by rubbing up and down his thigh. He growled as she giggled at his frustration. She moved to her knees to assist him. "Let me." She breathed onto his skin after she unbuttoned his dress shirt, then her hand trailed down over his well-defined abs, feeling every dip and ridge. She unclasped the belt buckle, unbuttoned the pants, and slowly brought the zipper down. Ana smiled when her hand gently caressed his length though his boxer-briefs. "What is this?"

Christian pushed her onto her back as he slid out of his trousers. "That, my dear naughty wife is what you do to me." He hovered over her body with his. "And, it's hungry for you, wife."

"Mmmm…we shouldn't let him go hungry that would be cruel." The blue of her eyes darken to a deep violet with desire and hunger of her own. She laughed aloud as Christian tore her silk panties from her body knowing that he would replace them with dozens more. She opened her thighs to him, beckoning him to satisfy them both. "Love me Christian…love me."

For a moment, the great Christian Grey could not breathe. He still couldn't believe that this beautiful woman-goddess was his forever. He was afraid to close his eyes in case this was just a dream and he would awaken to a nightmare of a life without Ana in it. "Anastasia Rose Grey." He finally said and then kissed her, lost in his desire and need for this woman. There was very little foreplay since they both were hungry for each other. They were joined as one with a single strong thrust, which made them both cry out. "Yes, Ana…oh god…you are tight…so tight…it's been…oh god…babe…don't move…please…"

It was too late. Ana was so hot for her husband that her orgasm came fast and hard. All the adrenalin of the last twenty-four hours seemed to settle in her womb and her muscles milked his cock hard. "I can't stop…Oh, god, Christian…yes…yes..yes…ooooohhhh…YES!" Her fingernails dug into the tops of his shoulder blades as she held onto him. Christian's eyes rolled back as he felt himself ripping apart from wanting to climax and wanting to give her more pleasure and making their first time as husband and wife last longer. His breathing was hard and deep as the veins in his neck bulged and throbbed. When her long legs wrapped around his waist and she spurred him on with the silk-clad of her heels, he lost it…plunging into her repeatedly. He grabbed her hips and pulled her up from the bed as his hot seed shot down into her body. "Fuck…Ana…oh…my…god…god…" He puffed out his breath, his heart racing wildly. "Ana."

Space and time came to a standstill as Ana felt her husband explode inside her. They were floating over the bed…they were not even in the villa…they were soaring into the blue expanse of the skies. She held onto him. "Don't let me go…never let me go." She cried out.

"Never." Christian replied as he held her close and kissed over her closed eyes ever so lightly. "I will always hold you close and keep you safe." His voice brought her back into her body. She smiled as he nuzzled into her neck whispering his words of love to her.
"My god…that was fantastic!" She heard herself say. She grinned as a sexy smile formed on her husband's face. "What?"

Christian only wiggled his eyebrows and nipped at her earlobe. "You ain't felt nothing yet, baby…we just got started."