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Dan: PJG-K does not own 39 clues, or Cahills vs. Vespers.

Me: Thank You Dan.

Dan: now do i get cookies?

Me: later

Dan: -groans-

Omegas VS. Cahills


A young teen girl looked around the gym, other 8th graders played Shoot-Out(aka Knock-Out from her other school), or sat on the floor, hoping not to be notice by their teacher, or just stood in a line along the bleachers for no reason.
A girl about her age walked up to the young teen, long brown-blonde ponytail, side symmetrical bangs, hazel eyes, red blouse, gray jacket, gray pants, and black & white converts. She handed the other girl a note, "there, happy?" She asked.
The girl smiled, she had a black jacket with a silver omega outline, faded gray jeans, and green fluffy boots, she took off her hood, showing short brown hair that was above her neck, and dark fierce brown eyes, "good." She said happily, then there was an evil look in her eyes, "first task. Seek the mansion that was once owned by 'Grace Cahill'." She said bitterly.
The girlnodded nervously, then walked away more nervous, hoping not to fail the mission.
The girl smiled, 'helping the world, eh? How is taking priceless artifacts helping?' They're the most powerful family in the world. But, that won't stop them from locking them up.