Petey Piranha's Popcorn Parlor

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Seaside Hill seems to be that one particular place that's a major hit in regards to shopping and tourism. First it was Waluigi's Taco Stand, then it was Relicanth's Soggy Pretzels, and then it was topped off by Lilligant's Lemonade Stand. The first two were obviously me, the third one was done by Yoshizilla-Fan. But now we have a fourth one, and it's one that will compete with tacos, soggy pretzels, and fresh lemonade… popcorn, of all different sorts. And it's in a stylistically huge parlor that houses much of it, with it being ran by Petey Piranha. That's a lot of P's', come to think of it. But yeah, I dragged this stupid author's note on long enough. Enjoy!

Tonight was a huge day in Seaside Hill. From all the various race courses that were commonly raced on, to the tennis courts that were in areas designed to be similar to that of the Green Hill Zone, and to the original stage that was most famously used as the first stage in Sonic Heroes, Seaside Hill seemed to become more popular as time went by. And now, with its newest and most riveting addition, there was a big extravaganza to celebrate.

Located directly in the middle of Seaside Hill, being west of Waluigi's Taco Stand, east of the race courses, south of Lilligant's Lemonade Stand, and north of Relicanth's Soggy Pretzel stand, was Petey Piranha's new Popcorn Parlor, with vibrant colors of the entire rainbow everywhere as a huge building was erected to store all different sorts of popcorn. Of course, Petey was able to afford it – he literally spat out everything from within the hammer space that was his stomach.

"Ladies and gentlemen," A lone male, regular colored Piranha Plant in a green warp pipe exclaimed as he stood before Petey, moving to the side and introducing him. "Petey Piranha welcomes you to his... POPCORN PARLOR!"

There was a loud applause as the cheers were so deafening you couldn't tell whether they were cheers or the sounds of thunder. Arceus and his personal grey colored R.O.B. watched from high in the sky, both nodding their heads as they looked in one of Arceus' many small globes containing Seaside Hill to see the action.

"He surely made a name for himself now." Arceus commented on as his godly voice echoed throughout the white, puffy clouds.

R.O.B. nodded his head in unison. "I do concur, my lord. Now Petey has double the excuse to stay in Seaside Hill." He remarked in a monotonic, robot voice.

Back in Seaside Hill, Petey was doing several poses to make the humungous crowd that got bigger by the minute more exciting, with streamers popping out from the ground as balloons fell on him, Petey spinning about and posing as he nodded his head.

"Petey, you really outdone yourself!" Silver The Hedgehog exclaimed as he was in front of the huge crowd of completely different tourists, who all lined up to have Petey's popcorn.

Petey chuckled as he mumbled, though just about everyone understood what he said as he moved his big leafy hands about.

Toadette was giggling with glee as she bounced up and down and all around, clapping. "Oh Petey, this is so exciting! I guess now you finally have something to keep you occupied!"

Dry Bowser chuckled as he had his skeletal arms folded. "Yes, I will admit, this is pretty huge." He commented bluntly.

"I'll say!" Sonic The Hedgehog exclaimed as he pointed at Petey. "Now when I need a quick snack, I'll just come zip on over here on foot! It's a nice distance from the race tracks!"

Shadow The Hedgehog scoffed as he folded his arms. "It's not like there are other places to get a food fix, you know."

"Who cares?" Amy shouted as she held her hands together, being in her regular clothing. "I just want to have some popcorn right here in Seaside Hill whenever I need it!"

"Me too!" Princess Daisy exclaimed as she pumped her arms, also in her regular yellow dress. "Nothing says pop better than popcorn! Yeah!"

Space Ghost laughed as he was there too, with Moltar being brought along. "First my show goes back on the air, and now we have this great holding of popcorn in such a beautiful location!" He turned to Moltar as he kept laughing joyfully. "I don't know what could be better!"

Moltar scoffed as he lifted his head up. "A nice lava bath, I would say."

Dr. Eggman was twirling his big, burly brown mustache as he smirked. "First tacos, then soggy pretzels, then lemonade, and now different flavored popcorn! This might come in handy soon..." He chuckled quietly to himself as he was hatching another devious scheme.

Mario was there too, quite surprised as he rubbed the back of his head. "Mamma mia, I would not have expected-a Seaside Hill to get even bigger than it is..."

Luigi tapped Mario on the right shoulder. "Well, SEGA clearly loves this place, so it's only apparent that there would be a lot of new businesses popping up."

"Wah. Maybe I should open a new branch of WarioWare here," Wario muttered to himself as he chuckled, rubbing his hands together.

Bowser rolled his eyes as he had his burly hands behind the back of his head. "Yeah, right after I have one of my many castle situated here," He joked as he laughed, mostly at Wario's expense.

The young female Finneon that tagged along with Relicanth giggled gleefully as she bounced up and down. "Oh my, am I excited for this! Tacos and soggy pretzels with lemonade was delicious enough, but popcorn too!? It's like a dream come true!" She squealed joyfully.

Relicanth chuckled as he nodded his head. "My, well, yes, this is exciting. More competition is always a good thing. It helps spices things up and makes you try more."

"You can say that again!" Lilligant giggled as she, too, was bouncing gleefully. "I can't believe we all gathered here together! This is so great!"

"I know!" Whimsicott added as she was sitting on top of Relicanth, who didn't mind. "What kind of flavors do you think Petey will have?"

"Feh!" Waluigi exclaimed as he had his lanky arms folded together, shaking his head. "I can't say that I like this on the account that it'll steal my customers, but I'm sort of happy. It will make more people come here to Seaside Hill." He rolled his eyes. "That I'll do everything in my power to snatch. Heh."

Lilligant, Whimsicott, and Relicanth shook their heads at Waluigi as they continued to congratulate Petey, who took a bow as he clapped his hands, causing a huge batch of fresh, hot, buttery regular popcorn to completely bury them. Petey then popped out of the popcorn, cheerfully laughing as he chucked some in his mouth, with several of the others also popping out as they heartily laughed. In the back was King Boo, King Bob-omb, Goomboss, and Gooper Blooper, who were all invited to the event.

"Can't believe it took him this long to find something to do," Gooper Blooper commented as he had all of his tentacles folded. "I guess it can be boring just eating and snoozing all day without really being tasked to do something else for a change."

King Boo stuck out his tongue as he scoffed. "Eh! I don't care! He can have a crummy popcorn stand, I got an army of Boos who are loyal to me!"

King Bob-omb glanced at King Boo as he shook his head. "Do I sense jealously in you?"

Goomboss shook his head. "I can sense it. King Boo is just mad that he didn't think of this first."

"S-shut up!" King Boo remarked back as he blushed, placing his stubby white arms over his face. "I-I don't need this! I got other ways to make people pay attention to me!"

King Bob-omb, Goomboss, and Gooper all rolled their eyes as they watched Petey help clear of the popcorn, with dazzling fireworks appearing in the starry night sky as things got noticeably brighter.